Hotel La Piazza Panarea

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Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
Hotel La Piazza Panarea, Sicily - Italy
30 September 2022

The “La Piazza” Hotel, located in the most exclusive part of the east coast of the island of Panarea, offers unequalled, breathtaking views.

It is immersed in a beautiful garden surrounded by the luxuriant vegetation typical of the Aeolian Islands. Its fine position in one of the most attractive and quiet areas of Panarea will make your stay very relaxing indeed.

The structure of the hotel reflects the typical styles of Aeolian architecture. The swimming pool, filled with sea water, is reserved for the guests and it is furthermore equipped with jacuzzi and any comforts you may wish. It overlooks the charming Caletta bay. The restaurant, managed by the owners, offers a wide range of delicious dishes.

The interiors of the hotel are decorated with the greatest care for detail. The excellent furnishings are embellished with the most precious ceramics by renowned Sicilian artisans from Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra.


The Hotel has 34 comfortable rooms equipped with spacious terraces, air conditioning, refrigerated cocktail cabinet, satellite TV, telephone, hair dryer, safe and other modern comforts. Most of the rooms offer marvellous views owards the islets of Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Dattilo, Basiluzzo and Le Formiche


The swimming pool, a feature of our Hotel, has private access to the seashore. It is located on a panoramic and very beautiful terrace sheer above the sea. It is equipped with a spacious solarium and overlooks the open expanse of the sea.

The private slope leading to the sea enables access to the rocky beach. For those who wish to enjoy the island on a boat, it is possible to reach easily the hotel and to enjoy an aperitif on our terrace or taste the delicious dishes prepared by our chef.


Kore, our wellness center, has playful-thermal pools in Caltagirone enamelled lava stone, with thermal -salmastra water and a level garden of “camaeops humilis”; Turkish bath with bisuòlo seat, the ancient Aeolian seat in enamelled lava stone. The wellness center is available to hotel guests and upon request for desired beauty treatments

  • Mysore Yoga: a practice focused on improving postural problems or asymmetry of the pelvis, freeing the spine from tensions and restrictions, opening the hips to obtain the right activation of the core, freeing the chest and shoulders area to give space to the heart, breath, to the flow of life.
    It is a class designed for all levels
  • Mobility & Flexibility: simple and effective class, you will feel the benefits immediately. Here the 4 directions of movement of each joint are explored, with the main focus on the spine .. you will be pleasantly struck and fascinated by how many unexplored movements our body is master!
  • Myofascial release: The fascias are those connective tissues that, like a web, expand far and wide in our body. They have a memory and follow our habits. We need to remind them that there is openness! A nice and dynamic class, to the rhythm of music. We will explore the Facia to create strength, flexibility, freedom and space, freeing the imprisoned emotions, ancient traumas and stagnant energies. Immediate benefits guaranteed
  • PawanMuktAsana Yoga: Sequence of specific Yoga asanas (positions), aimed at restoring the right ‘oil’ to each joint, strengthening muscles and tissues. Practice carried out mainly while sitting or lying down. It releases stagnant energies, giving greater mental clarity and physical lightness, and a new awareness of our bones. Helps prevent arthritis and pain. You will feel like you are flying!


The island offers charming and panoramas and pathways: Cala Junco, Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Basiluzzo, Dattilo, view on the fumarole and thermal waters, visit to the neolithic village. For those who instead love the mountains, Panarea offers interesting itineraries.

The Italian Alpine Club has recently published a booklet called “Andare per sentieri ” (Walking on pathways, issued by the Italian Alpine Club). From Panarea it is possible to reach easily by boat all the other islands in the archipelago for day trips and visits

Rooms: 35
Price: from 200 EUR per night


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