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Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia
Ongava Lodge - Namibia

Ongava Lodge is one of Namibia’s premier lodges on one of the country’s most important private game reserves. The well-established Ongava Lodge is situated in the privately owned Ongava Game Reserve along the southern boundary of Etosha National Park.

Placed as it is close to the top of a hill in the foothills of the Ondundozonanandana range, the vantage point is beautiful and overlooks a well-frequented waterhole and the plains beyond. Ongava Lodge offers luxury accommodation in 14 rock-and-thatch en-suite chalets.

There are impressive views over the camp’s waterhole from the main lounge and dining areas and there is also an inviting pool to cool off in the heat of the day. Meals are either served in the main dining area under thatch or on the dining deck under the stars.

Activities include game drives into Etosha, spending time in the camp hide, and nature drives and walks on the reserve. Ongava has resident white and black rhino, giving guests staying at Ongava the opportunity to see both species.

Set on a hill with a beautiful vantage point overlooking miles of African scenery, 30,000-hectare private reserve with convenient access into Etosha National Park. Well-placed hide to look onto the productive waterhole near camp. Monitoring the black-faced impala, and reserve has high densities of big game including lion, white and black rhino and plains game.

In 1991, several families invested in the future by turning four unproductive cattle ranches in Northern Namibia into a prolific 30,000-hectare private game reserve that is now a haven to large concentrations of wildlife.

Where lions were once shot on sight, Ongava is now home to several prides that are the hunters, not the hunted. Rhino populations are not only protected, they are understood, with a major genetics study revealing paternity and guiding decisions that encourage the prosperity of the species.

Sharing a common boundary with the Etosha National Park, Ongava is considered one of the finest private game reserves in the region, enjoying global recognition for exceptional conservation, ground breaking research and exciting safari adventures. Experience Ongava – eco-tourism for the next generation.

Soft air, crackling with bird song and a chorus of lion roars, this is just a small, spectacular part of the Ongava experience. Rhino approaching on foot, game drives into the fabled Etosha National Park, nights spent around the fire, watching as some of the world’s most illusive and endangered animals drink at at subtly lit waterholes. This is your chance to be immersed in the wild.

Ongava Game Reserve provides our visitors with the ultimate in accommodation, offering comfort, luxury and a connection to the earth. Each lodge on Ongava has its own unique style, layout and atmosphere; but all offer the same wonderful sense of luxurious seclusion.

Built from local materials in traditional fashion, they blend tastefully into the surrounding landscape, allowing visitors to feel at one with nature. Spacious lounge areas, reflecting the colours and textures of the African bush, invite guests to relax, enjoy a drink from the bar, or simply gaze out into the distance and be surprised as Ongava’s spectacular wildlife emerges from the bush.

Every guest suite is individually designed and appointed to the highest levels of quality and comfort, and our dedicated guides and catering staff are always available to ensure that your stay at Ongava is unforgettable. Our experienced guides are carefully selected, fully trained in first aid and firearms use, and ensuring safety at all times.

With an intimate knowledge of the land and its wildlife, including 100 different mammal species found at Ongava, our guides share their understanding and love of the wild. Their passion for the wild is contagious, helping our guests to create a renewed sense of wonder and a wealth of unforgettable memories.

Ongava Game Reserve in Namibia is home to some of the most rare and endangered species of wild animals on the planet. Our mission at Ongava Research Centre is to help protect them.

Cutting edge research into the genetics of Ongava’s rhino population is just one example of how the work being done at Ongava Research Centre is making a difference to conservation not only in Namibia but also throughout Africa.

Through our parentage analysis of Ongava’s closed white and black rhino populations, we are continuing to play a leading role in the conservation and recovery of these species.

Together with research and habitat management, we aim to manage Ongava Game Reserve’s precious natural resources for the benefit of all the wild creatures that share this fragile environment, protecting them now and for generations to come.

Committed to protecting and savoring life in all its natural wonder. Restoring the land and reintroducing wildlife, sharing laughter and a sense of wonder with our guests, creating a partnership for protection that is vital for the health of the planet and our souls. Authentic. Essential. Ongava – eco-tourism for the next generation.

The surprising mix of peace and adrenaline, the quiet of the bush and the sudden burst of energy as wild animals congregate at waterholes; this is the magic of the African bush, where you experience the unexpected.

Ongava is one of the largest private game reserves in Namibia, with over 125 square miles to explore. Climb into an open vehicle for game drives on Ongava and into neighbouring Etosha National Park to view the astonishing variety of life found in this spectacular environment.

Lions, black and white rhinos, elephants, giraffe and several stunning species of antelope, including rare black-faced impala, are at home on the reserve. Our experienced guides share with their guests an intimate knowledge of the wildlife and the land that is part of their natural heritage.

Rhino approaching on foot in the company of your trained guides is a part of our quintessential African adventure. Nature walks, photographic hides, lounging by the pool, or relaxing on your private deck are all wonderful ways to enjoy and reflect on your journey of a lifetime.

Rooms: 14
Price: from 456 EUR per night


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