Palazzo Gattini Matera

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Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera
Palazzo Gattini Matera

The Palazzo Gattini in Matera, after its ancient and noble scenario, has been renewed and has opened its doors to the town as well as to travelers.

Keeping up its luster in its new life, the architect Mr. Ettore Mocchetti turned Palazzo Gattini into a historic place of value, giving it new life, sophistication and refinement. Suffused and gentle lighting invites you to slow down the pace, and gives you the pleasant relax and creates warming moments.

The furnishings have turned out to be the result of the best local craftsmen’s creations, who helped to enrich and embellish the palace. The mazzaro, a local stone used for indoor environments, keeps the guest close to the matter and brings him back to ancestral old times, diving into the stories of the ancient streets of Matera.

Bright colored curtains, contrasting the limestone, bring back to the celebration lavish decorations which the Gattini family enjoyed to be exposed to.

A luxury for the few! Twenty rooms, each unique in its own way. Every open door tells a story, a legend. They twist themselves round inside one another and tells the memories of the family that lived for years these places.

Linen smells pleasant old laundry, bathing towels are soft and warming. Everything around here reminds women who patiently would devote themselves to the care and cleaning of the Gattini Count’s room. The taste of past centuries is tied up with the technology and modern comfort.

Simply your own special corner. A swimming pool just for you on a terrace overlooking the Murgia of Matera where comfort, relaxation, wellbeing and privacy are tied for a unique experience.

From breakfast to lunch, from aperitif to dinner. At any time, Palazzo Gattini offers precious spaces to savor emotions. From season to season, ingredients change to give you the best quality, taste and tradition.

Just walk down a few stairs to immerse yourself in the taste, coffee and tea aroma will capture you and fresh juice and centrifuge flavor will help you getting start the day in a healthy way. If you love savory breakfast, then simply enter the ancient cheese rooms of the palace and taste local meats and dairy products.

Everything will be well matched with the traditional Matera bread, which goes great with the honey and jam made by a reliable local producer. And if you have a specific desire, need, just ask, we will try to help you in the best way!

The knowledge of the places moves also through flavors, aromas and through the pursuit of culinary experience for all our senses, for an unforgettable experience.

From season to season our recipes change and the high-quality product selection allows us to serve quality, taste and tradition in every dish. Every palate will be satisfied and all needs will be met: gluten-free recipes, vegetarian and vegan meals and menu for our young guests.

Just next to the Palace, the Duomo Cafè is the only and exclusive place in the Cathedral’s square, an intimate and sophisticated café where you can take a break at any time, from breakfast to lunch to aperitif.

Out there local people enjoy warm summer evenings and the music during the long aperitifs, the ideal place where to mingle with people and enjoy easy talking.

This SPA evokes ancient noble bathrooms. Hammam, massages and treatments, whirlpools for wellness treatments.

One of the aspects that we take care of with greater attention and that we put to the first place in our activity it is the comfort of our guests. We are always searching new elements to enrich our offers and to contribute to add further value to the experience that is possible to make at Palazzo Gattini Hotel.

A very important novelty enriches our offer SPA, the guests and the visitors now can dive into the “swim-pull of float therapy” and having an experience that gives relax and relaxation to their body and their mind.

In “swim-pull of float therapy” we melt 250 sulfate kgs of magnesium a component which allows an easier floating and make pour guests to abandon himself completely and in total calm to the strength and the power of the water.

The architectural context in which the tub is situated is suggestive: it is a cistern where the silence, the slim light and a sense of warm reception predominate in a warm and pleasant environment which favors, stimulates and reconciles the sense of abandonment.

In this place and with the body fully immerged in the water it is possible for our guests to reach a state of deep intimacy, to feel their own cardiac pulsation and to perceive the ancestral feeling of protection as if he were inside the maternal amniotic fluid.

In the lower floor of the Palace, among cisterns and caves carved into the stone, you can enjoy the silence and calmness of a Spa evoking ancient noble bathrooms.
The area is divided into two paths: dry and wet.

Beyond classic beauty cabin treatments, you can enjoy either individual or couple massages. The hammam is a charming room with shower and reserved services, with an emotional shower with chromotherapy and aromatherapy as well.

We therefore provide a large swimming pool with Jacuzzi, two sun beds with Jacuzzi jets and a waterfall jet for vertical massages. The tea corner gets you relaxed once more and taste herbal and fruit teas.

Out Roof Garden is unique and magic, a terrace overlooking the whole Natural Park of the Murgia. The Malvini-Malvezzi Church, an unusual and outstanding beauty. A special place for special events.

Palazzo Gattini never fails to amaze, every corner is a charm and the Roof Garden is unique and magic. A terrace looking over the Murgia Park where evenings turn into a perfect venue for exclusive events, for a lovely wedding or an unforgettable birthday.

And in spring time, enjoy the warmth of the first rays of sunshine before stepping outside and to discovering the town.

The Sassi di Matera, the most surprising sculpture in the stone ever realized in human history, already UNESCO World Heritage site, are the unique landscape surrounding Palazzo Gattini, a fresh background for your destination wedding in Italy.

A historical residence, the former seat of Counts Gattini, where every room reveals a history, a legend to tell, to live a tale experience.

Among the soft lights and the warm colours of the mazzaro, a local stone used for inner coating, this ancient residence will introduce you to the discovery of its precious details.

With your guest you will go up to the Roof Garden, to start your party: here the beauty of the Murgia will win your hearts. Wrapped up in a breathtaking view, the event becomes exclusive. The best of Lucan tradition for quality and good tastes will be only for you.

Before the party, you can have a moment for your own: the SPA of Palazzo Gattini reminds ancient noble bathrooms. Among tanks and caves carved into the rock, you will find the hammam, massages and paths of comforting relaxing.

Waking up, warmed by the first rays of the sun, you will discover the city of Matera, among narrow streets, little squares and humble house literally carved into the stone that will capture you.

Continuing your Basilicata tour, you will try landscapes and naturalistic routes among the most impressive small villages of the Region: from Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, two very little towns carved into Lucan Dolomiti, to Castel Lagopesole, Miglionico or the city of the seven “M” and the Benedictine fortress of Montescaglioso.

Landscape and nature itineraries, through Mediterranean flavors and taste, literary and artistic places telling us the history of Southern Italy. Matera and Basilicata, the lands to explore.

From a shame place to our national pride. The dramatic and fascinating story of the town of the Sassi. Glimpse into an exciting strolling living human events, architectural and landscape that saw Matera, once the “scandal” of Italy, reborn from its ruins and came back to being the most amazing stone sculpture ever made in the human history.

A peerless setting inside the Italian and Hollywood cinema history, the Sassi of Matera have been the spectacular prominence of star actors like Mastroianni, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson and directors like Pasolini, Rosi and Tornatore who “projected” it within the most exclusive world’s cinema capital.

We will touch the same places that conquer us all thanks to the grandeur of nature and the human creative genius.

On the evening of the Sassi become a poetic glow of torches and lanterns, streets, squares and little cottages literally carved into the rock that looks like the moon, while the tourist enjoys friends through a fairytale journey, told, if you wish, by those who know and love this town.

seven exciting days to discover up the principals of civilization, art, and nature of Basilicata and Apulia. The most sought sites for great travelers and explorers of the world.

From villages on hills and clay soils of Basilicata, the megalithic Apulian constructions. From the recipes of the ancient Lucania, core of the Mediterranean diet, wine and fine oil of the Otranto Land. Art and flavors for those with “taste”!

Adventurous hiking experience in the canyon of Matera. Mysterious places, fascinating and enigmatic masterpieces surrounded by rock cavities. Step by step, you will open up your eyes and get fascinated and amazed. In addition, trekking, art and mystery!

Three days of exciting excursions through the most beautiful Basilicata villages: from Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa villages, literally sculpted by the force of nature in the Lucan Dolomites to the phantasmagoria of lacustrine Castellagopesole; then the town of the seven “M” Miglionico and the Benedictine Montescaglioso fortress.

And much more. Not only landscape routes, but also literary and artistic places that tell about the history of Southern Italy.

Rooms: 20
Price: from 227 EUR per night


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