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Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel
Vik Chile Hotel

Our retreat with its impressive architecture sits at the top of a hill, offering panoramic views of Vik Natural reserve. The luxurious, original rooms invite you to rest and indulge all your senses in a one-of-a kind experience.

VIK Chile, the most luxurious hotel in Chile, will inspire you to switch off and unwind. Located at the top of a hill in the middle of the valley, very close to the Andes Mountain Range, Vik Chile boasts 360º panoramic views of the vineyards, the striking VIK Winery and our natural surroundings.

The floating, structural roof of titanium and bronze in a windswept, mountainous setting provides an exceptional view of the valley. Immersed in a 4,450-hectare nature reserve, this is a one-of-a-kind destination in Chile.

Transparent spaces full of life and a central patio with a Zen garden surrounded by colourful flowers welcome our guests. The living room invites people to gather and relax with its notable artwork, including paintings by Roberto Matta and a diptych from Anslem Kiefer’s iconic series The secret life of plants.

Experience Milla Milla, a signature glass-walled restaurant with a majestic wine cellar and a phenomenal view of the valley and infinity pool. Discover the 22 themed rooms and 7 private glass-walled bungalows.

This is the perfect fusion between humans and nature expressed as a whole. At VIK, we use the concepts of science, technology and knowledge as our foundation. All of our synergies focus on the whole, with a special sensitivity to the environment that creates a great wine – the best wine our magnificent terroir can provide.

Our holistic wine is the result of the magnificent dynamic terroir together with viticultural and vinicultural best practices, excellence in environmental stewardship, development of human and social capital as well as architecture and the arts.

The viti-vinicultural concept at VIK is based on the technique of optimizing each stage of grape growing and wine production, with an important focus on science and technology, all of which is adapted to each of our valleys in order to achieve the optimum maturity levels in our fruit and to create the best wine.

At VIK, sustainable development is another fundamental pillar that comes from our concern for the environment where our grapes grow. Our actions are focused on measures to mitigate, recover and improve the land. Having a highly sustainable state-of-the-art winery, which uses free cooling, solar energy and natural insulation is one of them.

VIK’s terroir offers a majestic and natural landscape composed of 12 valleys, each one with its own micro-climate, distinct exposures, all within a wind-tunnel cooled by Pacific coastal breezes and winds from high up in the Andes mountains that provide VIK with enormous complexity and exceptional variety.

VIK is a highly sustainable state-of-the-art winery, which uses free cooling, solar energy and natural insulation: the water mirror cools the room temperature of barrels without using energy, and the same humidity allows the temperature to rise, achieving optimum energy usage.

The translucent roof permits day work without requiring artificial light and the insulated cellar naturally maintains minor temperature differences at the time of cooling and heating, requiring less energy overall.

Since its opening, Vik Chile has enjoyed international admiration. Travellers from around the world come to enjoy this innovative travel experience, unmatched anywhere in the world.

The 4,400 hectare private park celebrates Vik Chile’s singular location and the resort features unprecedented architecture and design, art and décor, environmentally respectful practices, warm and attentive service and a broad array of activities for guests. A must-visit destination.

This suite features characteristically Chilean materials. The door, headboard and bedside tables are made of cactus wood and the floor has gold overlays. The artist who designed the bottle for our La Piu wine replicated that artwork in this room. Cardozo painted the bathroom to represent a wine cellar.

One of the most spectacular views of the valley and the vineyard. The bathroom features a magnificent hammock-shaped bathtub by Splinterworks. A must-see!

Hologram paintings, colourful furniture. An explosion of colour, especially the Mondrian-style rug. Living room area with a desk. View of the hills, vineyard, mountains and reservoir.

Initially built for Alexander and Carrie Vik and their family by Smiljan Radic, VIK Lodge is composed of two long terraces, four double suites, a common space with a kitchenette, where an elongated concrete table stands out in the center of the room to share extended conversations, and a fireplace, perfect to strengthen a cozy atmosphere by sharing a bottle of VIK wine.

VIK Lodge has 4 private suites and a privileged view of the valley. It also has a fully equipped American kitchen with dining room and living room, plus a unique terrace.

Enjoy the finest cuisine in a restaurant with stunning architecture and design. Signature dishes made following the concept of “from the garden to your plate” in a superbly designed environment with a privileged 360º view of the vineyards, wildlife and mountains.

Unique colours and mixtures harvested directly from our kitchen garden, enabling you to enjoy and explore all your senses through perfect, well-balanced combinations that get the most from the land in the valley.

Enjoy a modern, seasonal menu based on honest, fresh and natural cuisine that is in harmony with the foods produced in the valley. Accompanied by a unique pairing where the wines are chosen to be in tune with the season and the moment, coordinated by the chef and the winemaker.

Enjoy lunch during daytime in the valley. Experience the flavours of our most refined cuisine, the unison of seasonal fruit and vegetables in our ample, well-lit space, where you can fully explore your senses of sight, taste and touch. A three-course meal, with 2 options for each course, with a pairing guided by our chef and winemaker.

Enjoy a modern menu based on honest, fresh and natural cuisine with delicate gourmet touches, making for a unique evening in which you can savour your favourite blends with your companion of choice.

An evening with a difference in the peace of the valley, accompanied by our signature dishes that will delight your senses and enable you to explore new sensations, while bathed in the natural evening light streaming into our kitchen. Every evening at our hotel, along with a pairing guided by our chef and winemaker.

Enjoy a typical barbecue in the VIK Lodge; an exclusive and intimate experience with an amazing view of the Millahue Valley, in which you can take in the peace of the natural world at your own pace.

Enjoy an exclusive picnic with fresh, organic food that is typical of the area, complemented by a landscape with unique attributes that will allow you to enjoy the natural harmony of your surroundings.

Venture into the Millahue Valley with some of its main seasonal products, which will accompany you among the mountains and native wildlife, enabling you to explore simple and natural wellbeing.

You are warmly invited to try out holistic cuisine in a process that begins with gathering the ingredients and ends with tasting the dishes along with their wine pairings. Our kitchen garden is a sustainably managed, pesticide-free agroecological garden.

We grow more than 80 varieties of vegetables and have our own laboratory for seeds gathered from our own plants and exchanged with seed guardians in Chile’s O’Higgins Region. The experience begins when you harvest and select the ingredients directly from VIK’s Organic Garden. You then prepare two gourmet dishes featuring the ingredients you harvested.

The experience begins when you harvest and select the ingredients directly from VIK’s Organic Garden. You then prepare two gourmet dishes featuring the ingredients you harvested.

We invite you to discover Millahue, “the place of gold,” in the Cachapoal Valley, home of the remarkable winery designed and built by architect Smiljan Radic in collaboration with Alex and Carrie Vik.

Includes a glass of Milla Cala, a glass of La Piu Belle red, a glass of our iconic wine, VIK, and 2 varieties from the barrel (Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere). Every day at 10:00AM and 12:00 PM

Enjoy a hike around the VIK park to contemplate the native flora and fauna, and at the end of your trek enjoy a glass of La Piu Belle red and a glass of La Piu Belle Rosé. Offered at 10:00 a.m. only.

The world of art and passion is part of VIK’s holistic concept. This unique tasting includes a glass of La Piu Belle Rosé, a glass of La Piu Belle red and, to wrap up the celebration, a glass of our exclusive La Piu Belle Champagne Millésime 2009. Every day at 10:00AM and 12:00 PM

Venture into the versatility and greatness of the “Place of Gold”. The different trails make it suitable both for relaxed cycle rides and more challenging rides for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Explore VIK’s magic terroir and its incredible biodiversity through guided excursions, in which you can enjoy the valley, exploring all your senses and gaining a sense of complete peace, in the area surrounding the vineyard and the mountains.

An experience in the heart of our vineyard that will enable you to interact with the concept of holism, visiting every corner of the vineyard that nourishes this concept and brings it into our blends.

Explore VIK’s magic terroir and its incredible biodiversity through a peaceful ride on horseback along trails with immediate views of the vineyard and mountains.

Enjoy a natural bath in wine, filled with unique benefits that will nourish you in every sense, enabling you to experience a complete sense of wellbeing, peace and natural harmony, and really appreciate our unique, seasonal harvests as their antioxidant benefits soak into your skin.

A unique anti-aging treatment created specifically to combat the signs of tired skin. A fresh approach to revive your senses and restore radiance and life to your skin, reducing the signs of aging.

Begin your treatment with a gentle body scrub prepared with natural grape seeds, followed by a wine wrap with antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Finish with an invigorating back and leg massage.

Relieve fatigue after a day in the vineyard by relieving sore muscles in the legs and feet. This treatment helps balance fluid retention, stimulate lymphatic flow, and helps energize tired legs and feet. Finish with the cooling sensation of the homemade aloe vera and mint gel used during this treatment.

Rooms: 22
Price: from 559 EUR per night


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