Amomoxtli Tepoztlan

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Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
Amomoxtli Tepoztlan, Morelos - Mexico
24 September 2023

Walk under ancient trees, which shelter Amomoxtli, the hotel in Tepoztlán that will soon be engraved in your heart. You cross the bridge that has been there for over 200 years, when it was the only way to go from one side of this valley to the other. You can hardly believe what is unveiled: lush gardens, dozens of shades of green among trees, plants and flowers.

A pristine pool. And in the background, one of the best views of the beautiful El Tepozteco mountain range, mystical nature that starts you on a journey of self-knowledge, relaxation, romance and tranquility.

At the Spa, the Temazcal reunites you with Mother Earth, affirming your most essential connection. The main house and the restaurant confirm that by staying at Amomoxtli you are enjoying the most authentic hotel in Tepoztlan. Amomoxtli is a hotel only for guests over 13 years of age and we do not accept pets.

Amomoxtli was born from a heart longing and the original house is proof. We welcome our guests as at home, the house is the meeting point and an ideal place to have a drink and enjoy this hotel in Tepoztlán. Discover its bar, the library, the terrace and the living room, to have an authentic home in the country experience.

The gardens of Amomoxtli, our beautiful hotel in Tepoztlán, you will find plants endemic to the region, such as ahuehuete or amate trees; an important selection of cacti, bougainvillea and various herbs that we use in our kitchen and in the treatments of our Spa and Temazcal.

We have the pool with the most spectacular view of the Tepozteco, amid our garden’s relaxing atmosphere and the joy of silence and nature’s music. Our pool is heated and has two whirpool baths, comfortable chaises, pool bar and restaurant service during the day.

Amomoxtli has the vocation to celebrate regional cuisine. Mesa de Origen, the restaurant in Tepoztlán, is faithful to our philosophy of honoring local culture, we use only regional products and recover the town’s homemade recipes.

All the dishes are based on ingredients from the State of Morelos and local produce found on the market. For our guests, local cocktails, wood-fired pizza and regional fare are served on the pool area.

Our Spa in Morelos has recovered ancestral techniques, the teachings of local grandparents, using native herbs and therapists with ample experience that integrate Tepoztecan hedonism, balance and beauty. Our hall for yoga and energetic arts. It is also a perfect site for meetings where creativity and team bonds are motivated by the ample beautiful space.

Amomoxtli is a magical site, a boutique hotel in Tepoztlán that celebrates rich local tradition. Our rooms are designed with luxury that inspires all the senses. Down filled duvet, 350 thread cotton linens and local elements set the tone for wonderful rest.

An enchanted corner, exclusive and magical, ideal to enjoy with family or close friends. Discover a luxurious country cabin with 3 rooms with private bathrooms, living area, and a terrace where you can relax with absolute privacy.

At Amomoxtli we only use ingredients from Morelos to create an unrivalled gastronomic experience. Starting in our restaurant Mesa de Origen, a reference when looking where to eat in Tepoztlan, and following with our Pool Bar with exquisite snacks and our culinary experiencies, the gastronomic journey in Amomoxtli is one of the best in Morelos, focused on restoring the soul and the body.

At Mesa de Origen, our restaurant in Tepoztlán, we use only ingredients from Morelos. Many of them are the day’s produce in the village market. We rescued ancestral family recipes and used traditional cooking methods such as tlecuil and the wood oven, to fill our kitchen with those aromas and flavors that remind us of our childhood.

It is finding joy in simple things. We understand the life cycle of production, the relationship between the seasons, the land, the seed and the territory. The dishes, the architecture and the service make Mesa de Origen one of the best restaurant options in Cuernavaca and its surroundings.

Morelos is a state rich in culture and history. Gastronomy is a reflection of such wealth: mushrooms when in season, Cecina salted meat, and corn, which is grown in all areas of town, including the communal lands of Tepozteco neighborhoods, have its roots in the pre-Hispanic past.

Our restaurant in Tepoztlán, a magical town of Morelos, honors this wealth, from which dozens of delicious dishes are born, such as pepita mole, Coatetelco bream, mole from Tlayacapan, tamales with coral tree flower and the delicious itacates (corn empanadas) of Tepoz.

For decades, Tepoztlán has been a magnetic pole for awareness and spiritual growth. Many consider that the mystical energy that is felt in this magical town of Morelos, is due to its subsoil’s mienrals, as well as to the imposing mountains of El Tepozteco range, that invite introspection and discovery.

The land where this hotel and spa in Tepoztlan was built has amazing vitality, which contributes to the regeneration of our guest’s energy. Our therapies, ceremonies, wraps, energetic cleanses, temazcal baths, yoga and energetic arts classes will lead you to feel all the energetic benefits of this mystical place.

Let your spirit guide your body when choosing a treatment in our spa in Tepoztlan. The ritual begins in a beautiful cobbled road, hidden between the lush vegetation, then at our cabins, which are integrated with nature and next to a stream.

The Spa at Amomoxtli absobs the beauty of our gardens, the Earth’s and the Tepozteco’s energy and the flowing of the rivers to take our guests on a journey of therapies ranging from Tepoztecan hedonism, the search for balance, the rediscovery of our origins and all the benefits of wellbeing.

Enter the warm shelter of Mother Earth to receive purification and healing from her. The Temazcal bath is a process with medicinal and spiritual qualities that invites a rebirth through steam, darkness and herbs. This Temazcal in Tepoztlan is guided by a Ceremonial Guide, expert in this ancestral Mexican therapy.

This cleanse removes what no longer serves, and allows for vitality to flow. The healer performs different rituals that discard fears, insecurities and sadness creating an energetic space that attracts the good and necessary to our path.

Amomoxtli means place of magic. Such are weddings in this scenario of great beauty and mysticism. Our Wedding Planner can organize a shamanic spiritual union, a traditional ceremony and an unforgettable party, respecting the local customs and creating for the bride and groom a celebration where every detail is supervised with love and dedication.

A maiden saw a feather drop softly on the floor. Without thinking, she put it in her womb. It did not come from a bird, but from one of the Mexica deities, who magically created a child in her womb. Thus was born the lord of Tepozteco, a semi god who

protected his people from various invasions. Its gallant figure cut in the mountain receives inhabitants and travelers, in his honor the pyramid of the Tepozteco was constructed and is known like Ometochtli-Tepoztécatl, the one of the iron ax.

Tepoztlán has been populated since at least 1,500 years before Christ and later, by Xochimilca, Tolteca and Chichimeca cultures. The Spaniards built one of the most beautiful convents in the center of the country, ruled by Dominican friars and later Franciscans.

This magical town of Morelos offers many amazing experiences. Enjoy its gastronomy, which goes from the popular market, to ponches, and typical restarurants to the exquisite cuisine at Mesa de Origen restaurant in Amomoxtli.

Discover the incredible nature of El Tepozteco National Park, with trekking paths, a zip line, bike or horseback riding, rappelling and hiking through the natural tunnels in the Chichinautzin mountain range.

Our walks are guided by local hikers knowledgeable in tradition, history, legend and mystical Tepoztec culture, through trails unknown to tourists. Our guides will transfer you by vehicle to each route’s starting point.

We begin our hike in the Camino de Los Conejos until we reach a 25 meter high canyon, which we ascend with the support of branches and stones, up to 2,200 meters above sea level, to a privileged viewpoint with the Pyramid of the Tepozteco below us.

25 minutes from Amomoxtli by car, we begin the journey to the highest point of Tepoztlan, touching base in 4 viewpoints, and reaching the largest volcanic tunnels in Latin America.

Interesting tour of the Cerro de los Venaditos, a beautiful hill, passing 4 viewpoints and crossing the reserve where some days it’s possible to observe deer in their natural habitat; the discovery of cave paintings is something exceptional.

We will travel by car 25 minutes to reach the starting point. Relatively simple ascent with view from 3 viewpoints, with a challenging descent on steep slopes and access to natural pools during the rainy season. We return around the back of Tepoztlan.

We start by walking through the Center of Tepoztlan, passing through the former Convent, the Carlos Pellicer Museum, the Parish of the Nativity, and the Artisan Market, to finish in the craft workshop of your choice: Pochote wood decorative pieces, typical bakery or Palos de Lluvia, musical rain sticks.

Considered one of the points with more energy and magnetism worldwide and an ideal place to meditate. Along the way we can see recently discovered rock paintings.

Considered one of the points with more energy and magnetism worldwide and an ideal place to meditate. Along the way we can see recently discovered rock paintings. When we reach the mystic Árbol del Oso, we change paths until we reach the Tepozteco pyramid.

Our first stop will be the Cerro de la Luz, then we advance to enjoy 3 viewpoints, and we go down the old road to San Juan, passing through the energetic Paso del Aire, from there we go towards the Árbol del Oso, until we reach the archaeological zone of the Tepozteco with its pyramid.

We ride, like the Plateados, a legendary revolutionary band of rebels, to MonteCastillo and around the Cerro Chalchitepetl until we reach the freeway.

We ride through the lower part of the Tepoztlan, on the Cordillera de los Venaditos until we reach the Paraje de la Presa, a beautiful site, and then we take the mandatory passage crossing rivers to La Canasta, renowned for its beauty.

From 1 to 1.5 hours, leaving in ATV from Amomoxtli. We ride to the outskirts of Tepoztlan and enjoy its unique landscapes. The route is for 2 people per ATV.

Rooms: 37
Price: from 320 EUR per night


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