Sierra Lago Resort & Spa

America Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Jalisco - Mexico
23 September 2023

Can you imagine a place that still remains far away from civilization, where you are so close to the sky that it is like you could touch the clouds and feel them gently envelop and embrace you?

Such a place exists nestled within the magnificence of the Sierra Madre, where time seems to have stopped completely, where everything is tranquil, peaceful and quiet, a place that just waits for you to experience and enjoy its beauty and eternal peace.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in our luxurious cabins located in the wooded heart of the Sierra Madre, while you are lulled by the calm waters of Lake Juanacatlan, and protected by a sky full of stars.

Sierra Lago’s allure is both intangible and spellbinding. Each activity you encounter at this unique Mexican mountain retreat will leave you breathing more deeply, sleeping more profoundly and left with a more ardent appreciation of the outdoors.

Each Cabin at Sierra Lago will embrace you with its cosy luxury and snug comfort so you can relax after your adventures in the the Sierra Madre Mountains. Perfect for sweet dreaming and refreshing relaxation.

Ideal for families or groups of friends, our 2 Bedroom Master Suite offers the best views of the woods and the lake. It is equipped with modern comforts and a contemporary auteur design that takes the concept of vacationing in the woods to a new level of luxury.

This new concept of cabins comes equipped with an expansive living room so our guests can enjoy and relax. The main bedroom has a King size bed, a bathtub, and an ecologic fireplace in the room.

The second bedroom has 2 Queen-size beds, a bathroom, and an ecologic fireplace. Furthermore, each room of the 2 Bedroom Master Suite comes with a terrace with lake views.

The Two Bedroom Cabin is a cosy option for friends or families that wish to share a cabin with two bedrooms. Just like the standard cabins, its decoration is inspired by nature and adorned by colonial hacienda details such as wooden-beam ceilings and floorboards, featuring a private terrace with furniture from where you can enjoy nature in tranquil privacy.

Each en-suite bedroom is divided by the living area, real flame effect log burner, and areas to sit and observe the views of the lake. Perfect for sharing – in one bedroom there is a king size bed, while the second bedroom offers two double beds. Both rooms feature deluxe mattresses and linens, bedside tables, TV and closet space, leading to an en-suite bathroom with tiled shower.

Whether you are arriving for a honeymoon, a romantic escape, anniversary or to get married at Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, this is the perfect suite for you and your partner. The romantic scene is further enhanced by views of the lake and the lush mountains, starlit nights, fresh air and the tranquility of the lake that will keep all your romantic secrets safe.

Experience a first class encounter where natural beauty and comfort dance to the tune of elegance and offer you an unrivalled experience for two. This limited edition cabin offers the finest accessories and soft furnishings, complemented by rustic details that honor the natural surroundings while keeping the atmosphere light and fresh for romance.

Rustic charm and quaint relaxation are guaranteed in these spacious Cabin Suites. The open plan design, framed by large patio doors opening to a private terrace that overlooks the lake

In addition to stunning lake views and elegant furniture and decor, one of the highlights of the Suites is the whirlpool tub that stands embraced by four posters, from where you can bathe and enjoy the views all at once while your real flame gas burner warms the ambience and sets the tone for a magical moment. The Suites also have electric heating to ensure that all areas of your Suite are kept warm.

Cosy relaxation comes fully included in your escape to this unique mountain sanctuary. The cabins take their inspiration from nature, with the warmth and friendliness of Mexico’s highland communities reflected in each of their details.

Each cabin offers either one king-sized bed or two queens with deluxe mattresses and fine linens, plus warm blankets to keep you toasty and warm in the crisp mountain temperatures. The Cabins also have a real flame effect gas fire in addition to electric heating to make sure your toes are warm throughout your stay.

The most relaxing way to fully indulge in the heavenly experience that is Sierra Lago. Pamper yourself with a Farmhouse Gourmet All-Inclusive Package and take the element of stress out of your lakeside mountain retreat.

Wholesome, fresh, delicious cuisine is prepared and served in abundance with respect for traditional recipes and local produce. Where possible, local ingredients are key components on the menus of Sierra Lago’s restaurants as well as produce that is grown on site.

Alcoholics drinks and wines by the glass are included from a select variety of local & international brands at the resort restaurants and bars, as well as flavored water and regular soft drinks, standard tequilas, house brands, soft drinks, chilled juices and local mineral water.

Bottled drinks are not included. Only house wines and House Premium liquors are included in the packages. Other wines and Golden Premium or Elite Brands will be charged accordingly.

Sierra Lago’s allure is both intangible and spellbinding. Each activity you encounter at this unique Mexican mountain retreat will leave you breathing more deeply, sleeping more profoundly and left with a more ardent appreciation of the outdoors. Explore our activities below to see what lies in store for you at Sierra Lago.

You can enjoy a relaxing soak in the spa’s piping hot outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking a glorious view of the lake before heading to the steam room to detox your skin and get your blood circulating – or vice versa. Towels are provided.

Relaxing in the steam room and Jacuzzi is also recommended before indulging in a spa service, like a relaxing holistic massage or hot stone therapy (see price list*). Always remember to shower before and after using the Jacuzzi and steam rooms.

The steam room and spa Jacuzzi are scheduled for guests to use from 5pm – 7pm. To use the Jacuzzi and steam rooms outside these times, ask at reception for availability or reserve a spa service. Alternatively, use the Jacuzzi next to the heated infinity pool.

The newest addition to Sierra Lago, the heated infinity swimming pool is a delightful feature to ensure your retreat in the Sierra Madre Mountains is totally idyllic. The warm temperature of the pool and steamy temperature of its adjoining hot tub are very tempting to contrast the often cool mountain air of Sierra Lago.

When the sun shines, you might also want to catch some rays lounging by the pool before engaging in more active pastimes at the resort & spa. There really is something for everyone at Sierra Lago.

With a water surface of 24 hectares and depth that is unknown (due to how they can’t find its bottom!), Lake Juanacatlán at Sierra Lago is a great spot for recreational fishing. Experienced fishermen can borrow fishing rods and gear from reception, children will need to be accompanied by an adult. Fishing lessons can also be arranged.

As is customary, we ask you to return small fish to the lake and take only larger fish. Any fish that you catch can be prepared by Sierra Lago’s chef or taken home, as you wish.

As part of our commitment to protect the environment and foster respect for nature, our plant a tree activity and on-going program is designed to contribute to the reforestation of the natural forest that surrounds Sierra Lago.

As well as being a fun activity, the program at large is intended to raise awareness of the need to plant trees and protect the world’s forests as a means of limiting desertification in vulnerable countries and ensuring the essential life-giving supplies of oxygen that our world’s forests bestow on the world.

Next time you visit Sierra Lago, you will be able to check on how quickly your tree has grown since your last getaway in the mountains.

A seasonal activity at Sierra Lago, learn how to preserve fruits the traditional way, following instructions from our chef in a delightful demonstration. Each year Sierra Lago enjoys abundant harvests of apples and peaches, amongst other fruits, which find themselves on the menu in various forms.

The excess fruits that hang on our trees are preserved into jams, compotes and a traditional Mexican preserve known as ate. Ate is best described as a hardened jelly, and is available on the menu throughout the year, customarily served with cheese. Take advantage of this year’s apple and peach harvests to enjoy a special demonstration, perfect for taking some tips back home.

Horseback riding for newbies and “old-hands” alike is set to enchant and captivate your imagination. Experienced riders can take one of our excellently groomed and cared for horses for a ride around the lake, or explore some of the woodland with a guide.

Children should be accompanied by an adult or escorted by a guide with horse in tow, all of which can be arranged by speaking to the stable-hand or activities team.

If you are wary of riding a horse but would like to try horseback riding for the first time, take a moment to visit the stables and get to know our horses before arranging to join a guide to take you on a round of the lake. We have some of the most friendly and well-kept horses; it would be a shame to miss out on meeting them.

Lake Juanacatlán is the perfect setting to take a dreamy horse-driven carriage ride. Frequently chosen as an enchanting addition for weddings at Sierra Lago, guests can enjoy a turn of the lake by horse and carriage daily from 10am – 5pm, making sure to inform Reception to reserve a place.

The horse and carriage will take you to the chapel and back, passing the Margaritas Games Room and many sculptures on the way. This is certainly one of the resort’s most magical activities you won’t want to pass up.

At Sierra Lago, there is no chance for you to get bored. If the bewitching surroundings were not enough to keep your hypnotized, then you may wish to enjoy some team sports or a game of tennis. Near the games room, you will find a multi-use court for tennis and basketball, while near the swimming pool and Terrace Restaurant, there is a soccer pitch.

One of the top attractions at Sierra Lago is the free use of non motorized water sport equipment for guests staying at the resort & spa. Spending some time having fun on Lake Juanacatlán is the perfect way to discover the true magic of Sierra Lago, whether trying your hand at paddle boarding, peddle-boating or kayaking.

All water sport equipment should be returned to the water’s edge near the Reception building when you have finished having fun on the lake, and is subject to availability. To make sure that everyone has a chance to use the equipment, intervals of 45 minutes are recommended during busy times.

Please use the life jackets provided and read the Lake Safety Rules on display alongside the equipment. We kindly advise you that swimming in the lake is not permitted for your own safety and you are asked to save swimming for our heated pool.

For those in good shape and eager for an adventure into the Sierra Madre Mountains, our Mountain Hike activity that takes place every day (except Wednesdays) will get your blood pumping at high altitude and your limbs fully exercised.

The idyllic Mountain Hike is guided by an expert in the natural surroundings at Sierra Lago, who will lead you through the majesty of mother nature as far as La Bufa at the top of one of the most picturesque mountains.

The length of the hike will depend on the fitness of those who wish to take part in the free activity and can be made shorter to accommodate guests’ preferences, bearing in mind that it can be quite steep in places. Likewise, when planned previously with the guide, you can reach the top of the mountain by climbing, which will take about half an hour longer

On the Mountain Hike, you can expect to see a range of harmless wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, birds, red tailed eagles and woodpeckers and also enjoy extraordinary views of Mascota, Valle de Galope and volcanoes in the distance.

One of the stunning features of Sierra Lago is just how dark it gets at night. Far from the light contamination of urban areas, the stars and moon are impressively clear, even with the naked eye.

During our Night with the Cosmos activity, you will be able to use the telescope to take a closer look at the constellations and planets that make their transits across the heavens, as well as, the surface of the moon. Our guide will help you locate the planets that are visible and name the constellations that you can see.

This activity changes location and time depending on when and where the moon rises, as well as, the position of the most interesting planets – you will be informed by the activities team of the location each Thursday. Remember to bring a scarf for the cold and to protect your neck when looking upwards.

Bikes are available for guests to use on the path that circuits the lake all day until nightfall. Delight in the cool mountain breeze blowing through your hair as you converse with nature on a leisurely bike ride, taking care when you see horseback riders or the horse and carriage.

Guests can borrow bicycles from the bike shed half way between the Reception building and swimming pool, next to the fire pit where the bonfire nights take place.

For the comfort and convenience of everyone, we ask you to return the bicycles to the shed once you have finished your bike ride, so that other guests may use them. If you have a problem with the bike chain, please inform a member of staff so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 346 EUR per night


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