Aethos Saragano

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Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
Aethos Saragano, Umbria - Italy
24 August 2023

Church bells have tolled for centuries in Saragano, a medieval stone village nestled between olive groves and vineyards in the Umbrian countryside.

Aethos Saragano has renovated 15 suites throughout the village, preserving their medieval character and adding elements of contemporary design. Many suites have terraces that look across the vineyards surrounding the village and fireplaces for crisp autumn nights.

Today, the age-old storehouses of the town host CECI restaurant, the epitome of the Aethos food philosophy “conscious food for conscious people”.

The majority of our ingredients come from our very own garden or are regionally sourced from producers that abide by the ethos of better eco practices. This combined with some of Umbria’s most celebrated recipes, creates a food experience which is authentic, healthy and delicious.

We want our guests to learn as much as possible about the history of the village and the traditions of the community from the people who live there — some of whose families have been in Saragano for centuries. Opportunities abound for meaningful connections, from a pasta-making workshop with local artisans to a hike in the hills with a shepherd from a nearby farm.

Our pool, a secluded oasis away from the main part of the hotel and village, is only accessible to members and guests. Practice yoga at sunrise or recharge to relaxed tracks and chilled beverages from our honesty bar.

Our unforgettable location, with its natural beauty and flexible event spaces, can be adapted for any occasion, from cocktail parties and weddings to team events, yoga retreats and all-day photoshoots. Among the green hills of Umbria, Saragano is nestled between olive groves and vineyards, immersed in authentic Umbrian charm.

Aethos Saragano is an entire village that was completely restored and brought back to its original splendour to accommodate nature and refuge-seeking travellers. Step back in time as you explore the thousand year old streets encompassing Roman walls and ancient buildings.

For those seeking extra space and comfort, our Aethos Suite is the perfect choice. This suite offers two spacious bedrooms, each featuring a king-size bed and an en suite bathroom with a rejuvenating rain shower. The main room, known as the Panorama Jacuzzi Suite, boasts a large jacuzzi bath and a private terrace with breathtaking views of the hills.

Adjoining this room is a deluxe room, which can be converted into a spacious lounge if you desire additional living space. With its stunning views and ample space, this suite provides the perfect setting for a memorable stay.

Indulge yourself in the ultimate relaxation at our Panorama Jacuzzi Suite. Immerse yourself in the large jacuzzi bath while enjoying the incredible hillside views that stretch for miles and miles. The suite also boasts a private terrace, where you can unwind and soak up the beauty of your surroundings.

Inside, you’ll find a comfortable king-size bed, sunbeds, and an en suite bathroom with a rejuvenating rain shower. The elegantly adorned interior, inspired by Danish design, adds a touch of luxury to your stay.

Welcome to our Panorama Terrace Room, where you can experience breathtaking sunsets from your very own private terrace. Equipped with comfortable sunbeds and a spacious table, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and soak up the views.

Inside, you’ll find a beautifully designed room inspired by Danish interiors, featuring a king-size bed, cozy sofa, chair, and a refreshing rain shower. With its unparalleled panorama, this room is sure to leave you in awe.

Offering a large private terrace with dining table and sunbeds and unparalleled views of the Umbrian hills, our Terrace Apartment gives you an experience of living in the heart of this special region.

Perfect for two guests, the interior provides a bedroom with a king size bed, bathroom, lounge, equipped kitchenette and dining area. This room is a room to really spoil yourselves and enjoy the view, space and light that this space exudes.

Embedded in the heart of the medieval village these rooms offer the perfect mix of charm and comfort. With a king size bed, arm chair, Danish furniture and modern bathrooms with a rain shower, this room is perfect for one or two guests.

Our chef Delfina has been living in Saragano her whole life and brings to CECI’s kitchen Italian recipes and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation — and mixes in global influences.

The majority of our ingredients come from our very own garden or are sourced to local farmers who grow their crops sustainably and raise their animals humanely. Our menu changes with the harvest every season and is complemented by regional and natural wines hand-selected by our sommelier.

Discover the essence of Umbrian cooking not only in the dining room but also in the kitchen. We offer a variety of cooking workshops, from making your own pizza to producing Umbria’s famous pasta called “strangozzi” to cooking with the “roveja” pea that was once thought to be extinct.

Aethos Saragano has everything you need for a romantic and memorable wedding: a medieval chapel, an old stone town square, a banquet hall overlooking the vineyards in the valley and a swimming pool in the olive groves. Any place in town can be used for cocktails, the banquet or the ceremony itself.

Let our team of experienced hosts and wedding planners help with everything, from choosing party favors from the region to finding a band or coordinating transportation for international guests. We can host events for up to 120 guests.

Makers of chocolate since 1907 this is a visit to the home of Perugina chocolate in Umbria. You will learn their history and of course, taste their delicious chocolate. There is also time to indulge your taste for chocolate in their store. For those who wish to deepen their exprience, there is the chance to partake in their chocolate course.

Visit the direct factory boutique located 45 minutes from Saragano. Be met by experienced Panicale staff as they show you around the boutique and create a true personal shopping experience

One of the oldest cashmere and fabric producers in Umbria, Panicale offers the chance to visit their factory boutique – offering high-quality clothing and accessories in cashmere, linen, cotton and wool – all at prices 40% less than store prices.

This is not an outlet store selling previous season stock but instead is a boutique selling current and future season clothing at discounted prices. Please note that the store is closed Sunday morning.

The starry night sky in Umbria is a breathtaking sight to behold. Far from the light pollution of major cities, stargazing at Aethos Saragano offers a unique opportunity to witness the majesty and beauty of the cosmos.

With clear skies and minimal atmospheric interference, it’s easy to spot constellations like Orion and Cassiopeia, as well as catch glimpses of meteor showers and other celestial events. This experience is dependant upon weather conditions. Please contact us for Paulìs availability and timings – it usually takes place around 11.30pm.

Come and experience the beauty of Tenuta di Saragano with our exclusive vineyard tour. Discover the secrets behind our award-winning wines as you explore our cellar and cave, and indulge in a tasting session that will leave your taste buds tingling. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Italy’s wine country.

Join our head chef Delfina Vincareti on a serene stroll through the forest to learn how to identify and gather the finest mushrooms that grow in our woods during October and November. You’ll also have the opportunity to forage for wild herbs in the nearby meadows and discover their aromatic qualities.

Experience the authentic culture of Umbria with a truffle hunting adventure. Enjoy a break in a panoramic spot with freshly dug truffles and a glass of Prosecco before indulging in a typical Umbrian truffle lunch paired with local wines. An unforgettable experience.

Experience the authentic Italian countryside by joining local farmers in harvesting olives by hand this November. After a day of picking, enjoy a delicious outdoor picnic amidst the serene Umbrian landscape.

Witness firsthand the traditional milling process that transforms your freshly picked olives into premium olive oil – a highly coveted product both in Italy and around the globe. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity, available only in November.

Learning the relaxing art of painting with Francesco. A Saragano native, his patience, wealth of local knowledge and artistic skills are wonderful to experience. Put down the camera and pick up a paintbrush to create your own picture of Saragano.

Our painting classes are open to guests of all ages and abilities – It is better to commit to two sessions as you can truly immerse yourselves and see the results of your progress. Dates of Francesco’s classes are scheduled according to his availability.

Rooms: 15
Price: from 199 EUR per night


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