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Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano, South Tyrol - Italy
24 August 2023

The Ansitz Plantitscherhof is a special place in the residential area of ​​Merano, a welcoming town of 40,000 inhabitants. Welcoming and humane, it has everything guests need in a light and friendly atmosphere.

The focus is on the finer things in life: fine wines, noble whiskies, unique gins, fine cigars and stylish vintage cars. Relax in our flower garden, dine in our open-air restaurant – or privately as a couple in the wine cellar.

Here in Merano you can experience your holiday as you like: do yoga on the roof terrace, swim in the exclusive pool of the Penthouse, immerse yourself in the world of wellness in the Golden SPA, take part in painting courses with a professional artist, stay under the starry sky… this and much more is possible at the Hotel Plantitscherhof. Just special holidays for special guests.

Find with us the space you need to rest and relax. Prefer to be in the center of the action? Then we also have the right room for you. The rooms shown are examples only and may vary. Tell us your wishes when booking. Offers & packages cannot be combined with other discounts. The booked services are binding and cannot be modified after the definitive booking.

Our chef Norbert Hanifle (left) has been living and cooking with us at the Hotel Plantitscherhof since 2004. Together with his kitchen team, he creates extraordinary dishes with influences from South Tyrolean, but also international cuisine. When preparing dishes, the quality of the ingredients is the most important thing to him. Select your basic products carefully.

The dinner in the garden restaurant has a noble setting thanks to the panoramic roof and the generous window facades that can be opened. This gives our guests the opportunity to dine under the starry sky. Gourmets with special preferences or food intolerances can look forward to a sophisticated and varied cuisine that fulfills all your wishes.

Very special in South Tyrol is our garden restaurant. Enjoy a gourmet dinner with delicious dishes, outstanding wine and of course the right atmosphere at the Ansitz Plantitscherhof hotel in Merano, Trentino – Alto Adige.

The panoramic glass roof of our restaurant can be opened, just like the large glass facades. We do it whenever the temperatures allow it – and in Merano, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, it is like this almost all year round.

Our guests feel like they are sitting in the garden and love it when inside and outside merge. We know: Al fresco dining is something special. And we make this luxury possible for you whenever you want. Alternatively, you can enjoy the pleasant surroundings of the Plantiz restaurant, which is also ideal for small parties who want to be alone.

A perfect place for an anniversary, an important question or just an evening with your loved one. More romanticism than this is not possible: four eyes, two people and an exquisite tasting menu by candlelight.

The courtesy of the service and the enchanting atmosphere of the smallest restaurant in South Tyrol in the historic cellar of the Ansitz Plantitscherhof, will give you an unforgettable moment. A perfect venue for a birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal or simply because a loved one deserves a special night out. Simply, a special place for a special occasion.

In the cellar of the Asitz Plantitscherhof, wines from all over the world await you for a wine holiday in Merano. This is what wine means to us: South Tyrolean cultural heritage and passion, dating back to 1277 when our house was first mentioned in a document as a „vineyard in the Plantiz“. Today, 21,000 bottles of wine from our region, Europe and abroad are kept in our cellar.

There are around 2,000 bottles of South Tyrolean whites and reds from the 1277 vintage: real South Tyrolean specialties such as the Blauburgunder di Terlano from 1975, all the Sauvignon St. Valentin vintages from 1992 onwards and the Löwengang Chardonnay from 1992 onwards 1990 as the „Reif“ from 1995 and many other exciting wines.

With its wooden floor and its fountain, you will find around 500 Italian rarities: Amarone Dal Forno, Romano, Barolo monfortino, Sassicaia, Ornellaia; but also French Burgunder and Bordeaux. Those who glance inside the first grid discover great treasures such as the 100 Magnums and double Magnums with important names and from different vintages.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here, at the Ansitz Plantitscherhof in Merano, it becomes a small experience. From 7.30 am we spoil our guests with a buffet that leaves no room for other wishes; and to allow you to enjoy this moment in the most relaxed way possible, our breakfast ends at 11:00.

If the weather permits, it is also possible to have breakfast outdoors. Our breakfast master Markus is at your disposal to satisfy your plate: ask to prepare the eggs as you prefer or if you want a little creativity you can order the avocado-eggs.

There is a wide choice at the buffet: countless types of bread, cakes, homemade jams, pies, donuts and croissants for those who love sweet things. For those who prefer salty foods, they will find bacon, ham, cheese, spa creams, various products and much more.

For healthy breakfast lovers, choose from fresh fruit, porridge, muesli and various cereals as well as nuts and seeds of all kinds. Start the day in a very special way. As? By booking the breakfast with Champagne. Sit down and let your breakfast be served at the table: Caviar, fresh salmon and of course Champagne.

For our hotel guests breakfast is included but outsiders are also welcome. Whether it’s a surprise for your partner, a feast in company or simply a pleasant start to the weekend; Start your day with our rich breakfast buffet.

“We want every guest to get what they like. Each of our whiskeys and gins has its own character… like our guests. They just have to find each other“ says Johannes Gufler.

Our bartender is not only a whiskey connoisseur but also knows how to recommend the right gin and rum. Our most demanding guests love to stop at the bar for an aperitif before dinner.

60 different gins, various international tonic waters and a large selection of rums. Can you find something better? In addition, a tasting with six different 1cl types. to try with its detailed description, will help you in your decision. Choose from our 9 whiskey packs

Whisky, rum and gin connoisseurs find heaven at the Ansitz Plantitscherhof. After all, there are more than 350 different whiskeys and rums in the bar. Not to mention the impressive selection of cigars.

The hotel bar is one of those places where guests often stop during the day. Starting from a cappuccino in the morning to a digestif at bedtime. Hardly anyone avoids the stop at the bar.

Whiskey and cigars: an inseparable duo for connoisseurs. In our Bar & Lounge you can taste the finest tobacco specialties from overseas: cigars from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Nicaragua. Our specialist cigar tender will help you choose from our humidor.

For a complete tasting experience, our bar offers you specialties from our café and liqueurs. Four times a year you have the opportunity to take part in a cigar tasting in a relaxed environment.

At the Plantitscherhof hotel we have the perfect pool for all preferences and the right opportunity to dive: Ambitious swimmers find the year-round heated outdoor pool (15 x 6 metres, temp. 32°) – refreshing in summer, a special experience in winter. But the best thing is the view of the garden surrounded by the mountains of Trentino-Alto Adige.

Our unique indoor oasis of calm invites you to relax in a peaceful atmosphere while reading a book or floating in the water. Even on a rainy day, pure relaxation is guaranteed here. In the indoor marble swimming pool with salt water, you can let yourself be lulled by the 32° hot water and enjoy a pleasant bath that relaxes muscle tension.

A beautiful 38° bath with a magnificent view over the roofs of Merano is what you need to relax, and for this you will find the whirlpool on the roof terrace. What more could you want?

At the Plantitscherhof hotel there are various saunas available: starting from the classic Finnish sauna between 80° and 90° degrees. Our trainer takes care of the infusions. The sauna promotes blood circulation, improves the immune system and purifies the skin. Pure relaxation. Professionals cool off in the plunge pool before moving on to their next sauna session.

After a Turkish bath with 100% humidity and a temperature between 45°-55°, you can breathe deeply. The steam opens the pores and helps the airways. Beneficial and gentle on circulation. The family textile sauna, a brine steam bath, helps to relax with a pleasant temperature of 45° and high humidity.

After the sauna, our guests unwind in one of the relaxation rooms with fireplace, on the water beds or on the comfortable deck chairs – holidays at the Hotel Plantitscherhof in South Tyrol are a truly relaxing experience.

Our training units have been specially designed so that everyone can find the right activity. The program is also performed with only one participant.

Since 2021, the Body Scan, the Body & Mind Balance and the autogenic training for your mental strength, which must be developed well, especially in this period, are also part of it. Let yourself be surprised. We look forward to motivating you during your vacation.

Who wouldn’t like to feel calm, self-possessed and therefore regenerated? Is it possible for everyone to achieve these goals in their own life, at work, in their free time? The answer is

What is it about? It’s about your own mental strength. Using mental toughness is a skill that anyone can learn and improve. To do this we need above all skillful and targeted strategies. It is therefore necessary to know these strategies in order to put them into practice correctly, precisely and effectively.

The nature of what you want to change or improve doesn’t matter: whether in everyday life or in your working life; everything requires first a change at the level of the mind and the way of thinking and acting. It is the “old” mental patterns that prevent us from finding the “new” ways.

Mental – we know this word for example from sport. Examples of this are sportsmen and women who mention their mental trainer, among others, in their thank-you speeches.

Physical training is not everything: victory cannot be achieved without the necessary mental strength because nervousness and insecurity can take over and thus prevent the athlete from successfully reaching the finish line.

For this reason it is so important that the athlete also trains his spirit, the MIND, correctly, learning to control the nerves in decisive moments, to maintain focus and concentration on himself, overcoming obstacles. This attitude applies to any area of ​​life: the Mental Coach will explain how to do it.

Pure skiing pleasure and idyllic Christmas markets in winter, the awakening of nature in spring, wonderful walks in the mountains in summer and mild evenings in autumn. Merano has its reason for all seasons.

The Ansitz Plantitscherhof hotel is a good starting point for your active holidays throughout the year. Winter sports enthusiasts can reach the Merano 2000 ski area in just five minutes. Coming out of our door, you immediately find the mountains and vineyards for walks and bike tours from spring to autumn.

Always recommended are short walks through the lively center of Merano with its various cultural exhibitions and shopping opportunities. Here you can stroll on the Kurpromenade and sit in the sun to eat an ice cream even in November.

Summer holidays in South Tyrol means moving in unspoiled nature, good weather and more time for your passions. In a nutshell: having fun and keeping active. Summer holidays in South Tyrol are a dream for those who love outdoor activities.

Nature, here in Merano, is perfect for various activities. the Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof, apart from walking, playing golf and cycling, offers various alternatives for an active summer experience in South Tyrol.

Have you ever tried to tackle rivers on a dinghy? Rafting is an activity suitable for everyone, even children with more peaceful routes. All the guides know exactly which are the safest routes and the right water level.

Rope climbing is another popular activity lately for both adults and children and offers a special experience for the whole family with its various levels of difficulty. Or try archery or pay a visit to the educational farms. If you prefer speed instead you can try the Quads or the Buggy.

Another unique experience is that of the Alpin Bob. The descent lasts a few minutes and is pure fun for the whole family. You can also request souvenir photos. The cable car leaves from Piffing station.

Our guests, who want to explore the region, have a wide choice of numerous routes around Merano characterized by picturesque valleys and hills. It does not matter if you prefer to explore adventurous paths, follow the ancient waterways step by step or let yourself be enchanted by the fairytale landscape of castles and villages; surely, you will return completely satisfied.

Go up and down the valley with E-Bikes, mountain bikes or a light pedal. For everyone, different routes to explore around Merano for those who love cycling. Cycling up and down the valleys or choosing mountain bike trails there are countless routes to explore. Or let our expert guide recommend the most beautiful places.

With us everything is possible. Leaving our door, you will immediately find breathtaking routes with rapid descents and phenomenal landscapes of the surrounding mountain world
In the Bike Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof, you will not only get the best advice from us, but also the necessary equipment for your cycling experience.

Even golf lovers will find the ideal destination for their passions: pitching, putting and chipping on the best golf courses in the area.

Each with its own characteristics and different degrees of difficulty. But the thing that unites them is the fascinating mountain landscape that surrounds them. The quality of the golf courses and the possibility of playing almost all year round make South Tyrol one of the most popular golf regions in Europe.

When the first spring flowers bloom in the valley and the days get longer, you will still find the winter pleasure of skiing in the mountains – the perfect time to enjoy all the facets of Merano and surroundings. An unforgettably beautiful contrast for your winter holiday near the Merano 2000 ski area.

In the Merano 2000 ski area you can experience the magic of winter from mid-December to the end of March. In just 12 minutes (5 minutes by car, 7 minutes by cable car) starting from the hotel you will reach an altitude of 2,300 metres, where winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the snowy paradise. An exceptional winter holiday.

It is said that the Christmas markets in Merano are the most beautiful in South Tyrol…and we say it’s absolutely true. The wintry Kurpromenade is the perfect backdrop for the markets, where regionality has top priority. Original South Tyrolean craftsmanship and authentic typical specialties make a visit to the Merano Christmas markets a special experience.

Enjoy the Merano Advent with its scents, lights and sounds in an intimate setting or in company and let yourself be enchanted by the Christmas atmosphere. The many small “Christkindel” markets around Merano are also particularly beautiful, with an authentic and unique Christmas atmosphere.

A tour to discover this city of enchanting charm – far from the stress of big cities, but still lively and cheerful. In the streets there is laughter. We talk and chat cheerfully in Italian and joke in the South Tyrolean dialect. The best of both is combined in Merano, serenity and fun, hospitality with openness.

Here, fascinating, historical, epochal but also modern architecture, numerous cultural events and a lively atmosphere along the streets and alleys full of history await you. Exciting attractions and adventures draw visitors year-round.

Merano is located in the Burgraviato area. The region did not take this name by chance, but rather from its characteristic of possessing numerous castles, villages and monuments, which silently await to be visited.

The princely castle of Merano dates back to the 15th century and invites you on a journey through time through the medieval history of South Tyrol among weapons, paintings and furniture from this period. In the 13th century Rametz castle, once a manor, you can visit the wine museum and taste fresh wines.

Rooms: 35
Price: from 349 EUR per night


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