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Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives
10 June 2022

Turquoise waters lap at white-sand shores. Towering palms rustle overhead. Welcome to Baros, a natural paradise with a lush island canopy, just 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives’ international airport.

We’ve been welcoming guests since 1973, and have spent decades honing our services and cultivating our environment, crafting what we believe is a legendary resort. Today, we’re one of the most loved Maldives resorts, and we’re excited to show you what makes us so special.

The island of Baros is located in the Republic of the Maldives, at the heart of the Indian Ocean. A tropical paradise amidst turquoise seas, our Maldives beach resort lies in the southern reaches of North Malé Atoll – a beautiful seascape like nowhere else on Earth, yet within a short speedboat ride of the Maldives’ international airport.

The Baros sun warms your deck. An ocean breeze ripples across your pool. Baros is one of the top resorts in Maldives, tucked away in a natural jungle, leaves rustling overhead, sounds of the sea and splashing waves.

Whether you stay over the water or on our jungle-covered shoreline, you’re surrounded by our greens and blues, with all of Baros within close reach. Rise early to greet the day and experience our early-morning hours in their perfect stillness.

Stay up late and watch the stars from your deck. Spend your days exploring our flourishing house reef, a quick paddle away. Privacy, serenity and comfort; each of these villas at Baros Maldives is a world of its own, with everything you could possibly need.

Dotted along the shorefront, dappled in the shade, Deluxe Villas shelter you beneath the natural jungle canopy that defines Baros. Enjoy lazy days on your beachfront deck, or wade into the lagoon and explore our teeming house reef.

Retreat inside to a cosy space of rich woods and warm hues, with a king-sized bed that provides the deepest sleep. Out back, you’ve got a tropical garden and exotic open-air bathroom all of your own, complete with sun loungers, a deep free-standing tub and an outdoor shower, so you can bathe under the heavens, surrounded by tropical trees.

Baros is one of the top resorts in the Maldives, tucked away in a natural jungle, leaves rustling overhead, sounds of the sea and splashing waves. Baros has some of the best beach villas in the Maldives, where you can enjoy ocean views from the cooling shade of your beachside deck.

On the sand, private sun loungers and a thatched parasol let you while away your days in comfort, with the blue waters of the lagoon just a few short steps away. Inside, retreat to warmly cosy furnishings, rich timber hues and every amenity under the sun.

Your own personal retreat perched above the lagoon, these water villas at Baros Maldives are warm timber cocoons of tranquillity. Our lagoon lies just beyond your canopied daybed, waiting for you to jump in and explore, while a wide timber deck lets you drink in endless ocean views.

In the evenings, relax amid spectacular sunsets, and watch as the sky transforms into a light show of constellations. Inside, enjoy a private world of elegantly cosy furnishings and plush amenities, with thoughtful touches of indulgence everywhere you look.

A private beach garden, a shaded pool beneath tropical trees – Baros Pool Villas provide peaceful repose within steps of the lagoon. On your deck you’ve got a canopied daybed and sun loungers, where days can be spent bathed in ocean views.

White sands, turquoise waters and the wonders of the house reef are just metres away. Inside, spaces that envelope with effortless charm – a comfortable bed, rich wooden furnishings and bespoke Baros amenities.

The turquoise of your plunge pool blends with the blues of our lagoon. Behind the daybed on your sun-soaked veranda, a stairway descends to crystal-clear waters, the house reef ready and waiting for exploration. Life at Baros is glorious, outside and in.

You will find every comfort in your private cocoon over the water – rich teak floors, comfortable furniture and luxurious bedding, a library of books and indoor games, and every modern convenience. Your tropical overwater haven gives you the perfect balance of privacy and access.

These Suites are designed to provide a haven of seclusion, specially created to maintain the utmost privacy and tranquillity with classic design, for guests to enjoy the freedom of space as well as the inspiration of tropical tranquillity and a chance to relax in solitude.

The Baros Suites are located on the eastern shore of the island, within an easy walk to all facilities, yet perfectly private.

The singular Baros Residence invites you into a secret world. You’ve got your own stretch of Baros beach out front, and a wide timber deck where you can relax in total privacy. The trees of our towering canopy lean over your patio, providing a shaded retreat.

Inside, a separate bedroom and living room give you all the space you need to feel at home, while an expansive bathroom pampers you with luxurious amenities. You’ve got designer toiletries, an indoor shower, a deep free-standing tub and an outdoor shower with palms overhead and plants at your feet.

Comfy furnishings, rich timber spaces and bespoke artworks create a secure and intimate haven, while a 24-hour butler provides all you need. In your courtyard, you can swim in your own private infinity pool, enjoying the peace and silence of a walled garden oasis.

Step aboard a dhoni for a dinner cruise for two. Or head to the Piano Deck with your own private chef, for an exclusive gourmet meal. Or settle in at The Lighthouse to watch the sunset with cocktails and canapés.

At these gourmet Restaurants in Baros, every meal is yours to savour, every bite designed to inspire. We’ve been creating culinary magic here for more than 40 years, taking the time to perfect classic dishes, while innovating with new techniques and ingredients from around the world.

From lavish buffet breakfasts by the pool to fine dining at the legendary Lighthouse, every meal is another opportunity for you to relish a favourite or try something more daring.

Another day begins under the brilliant Baros sky, as Lime Restaurant starts you off deliciously with an indulgent buffet breakfast. Chilled Champagne, succulent seafood, Maldivian curries, Asian plates and classic cooked breakfasts begin your day as decadently or as wholesomely as you please.

Sit inside in Lime’s cool interior or take your place outside on the deck for views across the lagoon. For lunch, try a hearty highlight like the massaman tuna, or choose from curries, snacks, salads, pizzas and sandwiches for something in-between.

In the evening enjoy international and Maldivian cuisine served against the backdrop of an enchanting Baros sunset.

Perched over the lagoon, Cayenne Grill dazzles with stirring ocean views, echoing the stunning aesthetics of nature. An open sided thatch pavilion with teak decking brings a warm touch to the modern alfresco grill house dining experience.

Gaze upon the shimmering, turquoise water below and satisfy your appetite for romance and food. Creative flavours bring Baros’ culinary brilliance to light. Try pan seared scallops or beef short ribs, oven braised in red wine, and paired with confit artichoke.

Our grill inspires incredible meat, fish, poultry and vegetable dishes, all rounded off by an impressive selection of wines and cocktails.

Beloved for its rich marbling, unequalled tenderness and delicate, buttery flavour, pair the sophisticated flavour of Japanese Wagyu tenderloin with a full-bodied, fruity Zinfandel. Or share our pan-roasted lobster with black truffle sabayon and vegetarians can opt for tasty black fettuccini and celeriac risotto dishes.

An icon in the Maldives, The Lighthouse Restaurant rises over the lagoon, its towering white sail a beacon on the seas. Reserve your table under the stars for an unforgettable dining experience, perched over the water, with views that reach to the twinkling horizon.

Enjoy the most succulent local seafood, tender steaks and modern classics infused with exotic flavour. For the ultimate in fine dining, have our resident sommelier recommend the perfect wines for your meal.

Intimate and magical, The Lighthouse at Baros has become a legendary name in the Maldives. You’ll return again and again, both for the delectable cuisine and the breathtaking views over the Baros seas.

Amble along a sandy trail to Sails Bar for drinks or snacks in an intimate and peaceful place. Sway in a hammock as the lagoon sparkles beyond the trees, or relax in a lounger as smooth music melts into the starlit sky.

A gentle evening breeze rustles palm fronds overhead. A million grains of sand feel soft underfoot. Your steward brings you an ice-cold cocktail, the perfect toast to another entrancing day at Baros.

A kaleidoscope of colour greets you on the deck. Sea and sky meet on a horizon of bewitching beauty. While you relax in the shade of The Lighthouse’s iconic canvas roof you can enjoy the best sunset views on the island as you’re served in signature Baros style.

You’ll want to come here at least once during your stay with us. By day you will glimpse schools of fish glinting in the lagoon below. Then celebrate the evenings caressed by gentle breezes and the mellow rhythm of a live band. All accompanied by the finest wines, cocktails and canapés.

Waves lap against the hull of your private dhoni, a gentle evening breeze carrying the scent of fresh seafood cooked just for you. Or ensconce yourself in your own private cocoon of comfort with our most delicious dishes served in your villa.

Indulge in the finest among Maldives romantic resorts. Our purpose-built Piano Deck is our most exclusive spot among honeymoon couples. Perched over the lagoon, with a private chef and waiter, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime setting for romance.

Or, if you’d rather, set up a gourmet picnic on our sandbank, surrounded by turquoise waters. Or ask us for a barbecue on the beach outside your villa. Or wine and cheese tasting on your deck. Treat yourself at the finest of Maldives romantic resorts – dining experiences are an essential part of the Baros legend.

Pure-white sand sits on crystal-clear waters. Here it’s just you two, on a secluded sandbank exclusively for you, with a discreet chef and steward on hand to cater to your every need.

Witness the Maldivian sunrise over a breakfast of salmon and prawns, savour succulent sushi with a picnic lunch, or enjoy a barbecue amid the rich hues of the Baros sunset as you experience the most romantic dinner imaginable. Sandbank Dining off the shores of Baros is a culinary experience you’ll remember forever.

A gentle breeze soothes and caresses as sand crumbles underfoot. A dedicated steward sets your table on the beach, just metres from gently lapping waves – another perfect Maldives romantic dinner.

You can dine anywhere on the island – in the cocooning comfort of your villa, on your deck, on the beach or beneath the trees along the shoreline. Arrange a dining experience just for you, wherever the mood takes you.

Savour the sundown and dine under the stars with our Sunset Dinner Cruise. Tended by your own butler, you can feast on a gourmet menu prepared exclusively for you by our chefs.

White sheets billow in the Baros breeze. Sunlight glints on a sea of blue. A wooden deck sits on the lagoon, water below and all around. Just minutes from the Baros shore you will find our Piano Deck – a wooden platform especially made to give you a unique dining experience.

Rise early to witness the Baros sunrise over a Champagne breakfast on the Piano Deck. While away an afternoon with a seafood picnic.

Or treat a loved one to an unforgettable sunset dinner of reef fish and prawns seasoned with Thai herbs. A magnificent setting paired with outstanding cuisine – a Baros experience through and through.

Sometimes to enjoy not bother about anything but what your gut tells you. Order what you crave for to your villa’s doorstep and enjoy your meal in the privacy of your villa – in bed, on the deck or in the lounge amidst the most beautiful natural backdrop.

A haven of relaxation, a sanctuary hidden in the trees – Serenity Spa invites you into a world of indulgent spa and beauty rituals. You can come here to escape for a few hours, or craft a personalised journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments.

Everything here is designed to help you restore your balance and find your calm, from daily yoga sessions to therapeutic massage. For something beyond the ordinary, request a yoga session anywhere on the island, or enjoy a pampering treatment in the seclusion of your comfortable villa

Waters babble, wild lavender wafts through the air – welcome to an experience designed to soothe your soul. On a wooden deck surrounded by sparkling waters, or in the cool, calm suites of Serenity Spa, we invite you into a realm of holistic wellness experiences at one of the best spa resorts in Maldives.

In our quiet haven of bliss among the trees, we have a range of treatments designed to restore your inner energy and boost your outer glow.

Tailored programmes revitalise you over the course of your stay, with massages inspired by the ancient wisdoms of Asia and the healing traditions of Africa, from classic Balinese massage to our TheraNaka East African Wood Massage.

Complete your wellness journey with modern beauty treatments and premium boutique products. Replenish your skin after a day in the Baros sun with our COOLA Sun Massage or deep cleanse with a Thousand Flowers Detox Wrap by Elemis.

Beyond the horizon, the sun floods the sky with colour ahead of another Baros day. Waves lap gently on the sandbank shore as you stretch and breathe. Inhale, exhale.

Our resident Yogi will lead you on a journey of wellness, from gentle stress-releasing stretches to the most advanced yoga poses. In your villa, on your deck, or surrounded by crystal-clear seas, our yoga and meditation classes are the perfect accompaniment to a blissful Baros stay.

While you’re here, Baros is your home. Our luxury hotel in the Maldives has all the world-class facilities and services you need to make the most of your stay in paradise, and to sink into island life without a care in the world.

Baros Maldives has been named the “Most Romantic Resort in the World” for eight consecutive years by the prestigious World Travel Awards.

We constantly strive to live up to that promise with extraordinary and personalised service, private and elegantly luxurious villas and exquisite culinary offerings. We also offer a plethora of memorable romantic and intimate experiences that can be arranged for you on your special trip to paradise.

A haven of relaxation, a sanctuary hidden in the trees – Serenity Spa invites you into a world of indulgent spa and beauty rituals. You can come here to escape for a few hours, or craft a personalised journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments.

Everything here is designed to help you restore your balance and find your calm, from daily yoga sessions to therapeutic massage. For something beyond the ordinary, request a yoga session anywhere on the island, or enjoy a pampering treatment in the seclusion of your comfortable villa.

Choose an intimate ceremony or bring your family and friends to celebrate your love for each other once again. The natural beauty of a ceremony by the sea, the pure romance of a wedding in the Maldives. We’ll craft a perfectly tailored event for your renewal of vows, designed just for you and your beloved.

You can renew your vows on a private sandbank or on the jungle-fringed beaches of our tropical island – a photographer in tow to catch every moment. After a day of celebration, share a candle-lit dinner for two on your own private terrace, nothing but the stars overhead and romance in the air.

The lagoon beckons you to jump in, to swim with turtles and glide over corals. A sailing adventure tempts you across the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. Champagne fizzes in your glass as you toast to another unforgettable Baros moment. A million experiences await you on and around our legendary isle.

Moments like these abound at Baros. From daytime excursions on land and sea to intimate ceremonies and bespoke destination dining, Baros inspires blissful memories that will linger long after you have left our shores.

Salt spray flicks across the hull. Your boat cuts through a sea of Baros blue. You set out on another day of adventure, exploring above and below the surface of the sea. Baros is unique for a number of reasons. You’ve got a world of beauty right at your doorstep, with the house reef shimmering just offshore.

You can paddle out and snorkel around our house reef, you can hop on a boat and explore the rich culture of Malé, the capital island, or take in another stunning Baros sunset from the deck of your private dhoni.

Our Guest Experiences Team is here to arrange the ideal island adventure for you, whether you join a group excursion or opt for a private experience.

Whales breaching, dolphins spinning and dancing at the prow – a seaward excursion at Baros gets you up close with nature.

Set out early for a full-day of dolphin or whale shark watching, take off on a fishing expedition, or bask in the Baros sunset on a romantic cruise. Our Atoll is a wild blue playground for all sorts of encounters and excursions, with a new path of discovery to follow every day.

Sail billowing in the breeze, wooden prow pointed towards the horizon – Nooma, our Maldivian dhoni, gets you out on the water in the traditional way.

Reef snorkelling adventures, sunset sailing or romantic dinner cruises for two, our little Nooma is the perfect vessel for an authentic local experience. She features a sundeck, a private saloon lounge and an air-conditioned double bedroom – everything at your fingertips for a jaunt across the waves.

Experience freedom on the high seas aboard our luxury yacht, available to be chartered for majestic cruises in the Atoll. The Yacht has a private saloon, a cabin for two and a friendly and helpful crew ­– just right for daylong adventures, and as plush as you please for those romantic sunset trips.

A shoal of barracuda glides gracefully on a tropical current. A turtle rises languorously from the depths. When you’re at Baros, you have a world of incredible marine life within a short swim of your villa.

Wade into the lagoon and discover a world of bewitching beauty, with colourful fish and turtles drifting through the house reef, just 20 metres from shore. Or choose from the dozens of world-class dive sites less than an hour away from Baros – a boon for divers and an incredible bounty this close to Malé.

There are many ways you can explore the Baros waters. Glide along the surface on a paddleboard or transparent canoe, plunge into a neon-coloured world of corals during a night dive or let our resident Marine Biologist guide you on a personalised journey of underwater discovery.

Float above a world of vivid colours, just metres from your villa. See corals, turtles and sharks in their natural habitat as you explore one of the most spectacular house reefs in the Maldives.

In a destination famous for its snorkelling, nowhere in the Maldives matches the convenience and beauty of the Baros house reef – located so close to shore that it can easily be explored by beginners.

If you would like to try something different, our Marine Centre team organises a number of snorkelling adventures you can join:

This tour begins at the Marine Centre with a 20-minute class covering the different kinds of marine life you are likely to encounter.

Once you have explored the wonders of the Baros house reef, you can join our Marine Biologist on safaris to visit other reefs.

The Baros house reef comes alive with a different kind of marine life after the sun sets.

With just an hour in the water, a Private Snorkelling Lesson will show you everything you need to know to get the most of the Baros house reef.

If you would like to play your part in protecting the Baros marine environment, you can support our Coral Reef Regeneration Programme by sponsoring a coral frame.

Drop by the Marine Centre anytime to arrange individual, personalised snorkelling experiences on the house reef or boat trips to explore other reefs.

The sun glints off the surface above as you dive into a realm of blues. Fish dart and flit through the depths, each more colourful than the last.

At Baros, you will swim with harmless reef sharks and turtles, see moray eels and mantas and encounter protected marine life like you’ve never seen before. Diving around our reef and beyond, you’ll find one of the most unspoilt underwater habitats in the world.

Divers Baros Maldives is one of the archipelago’s original dive centres, having opened in 1979. A PADI five-star Gold Palm Dive Centre, we immerse you in a rewarding dive experience every time by keeping group sizes small and paying careful attention to each diver.

At Baros, we are passionate about protecting the underwater environment of the Maldives. Our dives are designed to preserve this precious world and ensure minimum impact on the environment while guiding you to unforgettable underwater experiences.

We were the first EcoDive Centre in the Maldives to be certified by International Reef Check, which scientifically monitors, restores and maintains the health of coral reefs around the world.

Drift into a Baros dreamscape, or go beyond our waters for a Maldivian diving odyssey. Our dive instructors will help you design your dream diving experience.

With more than 30 world-class dive sites to choose from and one-, two- or three-dive options, you can tailor private diving experiences exactly to your liking. Between dives, you can relax in the lounge or the sundeck roof of our luxurious 15m dive boat as you take in breathtaking views of the atoll.

You can choose from our à la carte offers with over 30 dive sites; cruise to the sites on our private 15m luxury boat with all comforts offered onboard. Simply relax in the boat lounge or on the sundeck roof before and after your dive.

Heading to the Maldives? Grab this unique Maldives diving package and transform your night diving experience into one of natural beauty using special diving lights and masks. It is simply magical! Fluo Night Diving at Baros Maldives gives guests a spectacular diving experience that is out of this world.

With Fluo Night Diving you will be equipped with blue lights and a yellow barrier filter. Certain marine life absorbs part of the blue light and emits a different colour.

This effect is called fluorescence and reveals unusual yellows, greens, pinks and blues when a special light is shone in the water. With a yellow barrier filter fitted over the mask, the effect becomes spellbinding.

Float over fish and black-tip sharks in your clear-bottom kayak. Hear the wind whistling past as you slice up the waters on a wakeboard.

There are so many ways to experience Baros’ waters – from serene adventures on the sea to exciting offshore escapades. Just let us know your tastes and your skill levels and we will find the perfect offshore adventure for you.

Age-old palm trees arch overhead. Thick green foliage provides cool reprieve from the Maldivian sun. Beyond, the lagoon harbours a thriving coral reef. Baros is, and always has been, an enchanting natural wonderland.

We invite all our guests to learn more about our precious environment, and help us preserve it for generations to come.

Just a few decades ago, this was an uninhabited wilderness of coconut palms and tropical undergrowth, surrounded by an untouched beach and a pristine coral reef. For more than four decades, we have carefully nurtured the natural eco-systems of the island, the lagoon and the majestic underwater world beyond.

There are so many things that make Baros unique. While staying at Baros, you are invited to meet our on-site Marine Biologists.

They’ll not only tell you about all that makes Baros special, they’ll give you first-hand information about the currents, tides and marine life, to help you make the most of every visit. Stop by the Marine Centre and have your complimentary snorkelling gear and flippers fitted to your size.

The centre is open every day between 9am and 6pm, for fittings, bookings and informal discussions about whatever you’d like to know more about: environmental topics, fish, invertebrates, creatures you’ve encountered while diving, and how to identify our resident sea turtles.

Corals are colonies of tiny animals that reproduce only once a year by releasing their eggs into the water. During the rest of the year they simply create clones of themselves.

In 1998 and 2016, we witnessed the devastating effects of an unusual increase in sea surface temperatures, with 90 and 70 per cent of corals in the Maldives being affected in both years respectively.

Global warming has become a serious threat to the world’s coral reefs and our Marine Centre Team at Baros is keen to understand the processes that lie behind it and help encourage regeneration of the corals on our house reef.

To achieve this, we use the ‘coral propagation’ method, where fragments of corals are transplanted to a hard substrate to create coral nursery areas around Baros that aim to reproduce corals and establish homes for various fishes and invertebrates.

Our resident Marine Biologist teaches the coral propagation method at our ‘Coral Gardening Workshop for Sponsors’. Our guests can learn and participate by collecting broken, but still living, coral fragments from the seabed and attaching them to our island-made coral tables.

It is also possible to contribute to this environmental programme without participating in the transplantation process. A personalised name tag is attached to record the sponsor’s contribution to this sustainable activity. Participants then receive half-yearly updates for two years.

Divers Baros Maldives was officially certified in December 2010 as one of the first resort Eco Dive Centre in Maldives. The centre is dedicated to guarding and conserving coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to protect the marine environment for future generations.

Rooms: 75
Price: from 923 EUR per night


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