Esperanza Resort

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Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
Esperanza Resort - Lithuania
19 October 2021

Esperanza Resort is designed to help guests relax, escape, and be pampered. This Luxury Eco-friendly resort is a stunning place to discover the natural beauty of Lithuania with an immense variety of year-round activities to enjoy.

The 5 star luxury hotel near Vilnius will ensure a great stay for any kind of guest. You can dive into deep relaxation and get treated like a King or Queen with the resort’s spa area, which includes a Finnish sauna, steam bath and numerous beauty and body treatments.

Surrounding the luxury hotel is a lush private forest and it is situated just 13 km from the centre of a historical town of Trakai, and 40 km from Vilnius city centre. It features a private sand beach area as well as an indoor pool, making it the ideal place for complete relaxation and a getaway from the noisy city scene.

The resort encompasses just about anything you might wish for a perfect get-away. It is like a Genie in the bottle, unlikely to disappoint even the pickiest of wishers.

You can embark on an immense variety of activities without ever needing to leave the resort’s territory. You will find high-end bars, restaurants, a luxury Spa centre and all kinds of sports and games activities, all the while being cradled by the stunning and tranquil Lithuanian scenery.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an active family holiday, a space to hold a meeting or an event- Esperanza hotel & Spa will ensure you get the most out of your time spent here.

Hand-crafted masterpiece was designed and created from special logs imported from mountains of British Colombia in Canada. The age of special round wood is up to 400 years.

This Luxury Eco-friendly resort is a stunning place to discover the natural beauty of Lithuania with an immense variety of year-round activities. Hotel is perfect for small groups or families and can accommodate over 80 guests.

Esperanza Resort offers 34 tastefully designed non-smoking rooms. All rooms are equipped to a high standard and furnished in exquisite style.

The Exclusive Villa presents our guests with the most luxurious features and standards. Bedrooms represent classical luxury, offering a warm and inviting ambience throughout the spacious rooms.

An 8-seat table is perfect for enjoying a relaxing dinner for either groups or couples. Private terrace and two elegant fireplaces for perfect evening.

The Culinary journey at Esperanza Resort features: 3 lakefront restaurants. Inspiring, delicious, and gourmet food, combined with an intimate atmosphere and superior service goes hand-in-hand with our seasonal menu.

Our master chef, Ernestas Viršilas, is truly one of kind, and is known to match his dishes with our harmonized and exclusive wine selection. Our restaurants will win the hearts of many gourmets!

Tempting smells, unique, mouth-watering flavors, and a cozy atmosphere make a perfect setting for our luxurious and delicious specialty dishes. We always order fresh ingredients from “Michelin Star” restaurant suppliers, and our chefs feature organically grown food from our gardens.

During the hot summer nights enjoy one of our patio tables, set on an open-air terrace surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. If the weather is slightly chilly, bring your party into our indoor restaurant famous for its breathtaking view of the lake.

Our fine-dining restaurant offers you a variety of flavors and dishes. Fine cuisine is an integral part of the Esperanza Resort experience. Our talented Chef offers a European cuisine which combines elements of French, Italian, Mediterranean and Lithuanian traditions.

This restaurant features a world-class wine cellar, with wide variety of international wines from: France, Italy, Australia, Spain, Israel, Chile, California, and many more. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the chef’s recommendation!

Enjoy our gourmet breakfast experience with an extensive morning buffet, featuring a wide selection of homemade bread, pastry, and croissants.We make delicious omelets, freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits, and some of the finest sweets and coffee.

La Costa Summer is grill time! The grill restaurant “La Costa” offers a delicious dining experience by the lake. Steak, fish, ribs, seafood, and organically grown fresh vegetables, are just a few of the dishes that are cooked to perfection on our grill. The grill restaurant serves unique cocktails till midnight!

Our private, world-class wine cellar features some of the world’s most exclusive and exquisite wines. Capasity of over 3000 bottles and over 300 of the finest vintages on our list, you are assured to find exactly what you are looking for.

Our list includes traditional popular wines, as well as some of the rarest bottles in the world. Esperanza Resort offers international wines from: France, Italy, Spain, Australia, California, Israel, Chile, and more. Wine-tasting inside of our wine cellar is available upon request for singles, couples, and groups.

The place where everyone gathers and the place to meet for a glass of Champagne, wine or beer, or to sip an aperitif or classic cocktail and will find wide menu to choose from.

SPA Esperanza is an oasis of relaxation for you, where you will forget your troubles and dive into heavenly pleasures. Hidden in a private corner of the thick green forest of Aukštadvaris National Park, SPA Esperanza offers exceptional peace and luxury to anyone seeking to avoid distraction and dedicate some time to oneself.

A hot bath or a parlor massage grant only temporary relief – the moment you are out, you are once again submerged into a noisy environment and a tense daily life. That is not what your body needs.

It requires deep and true rest, which would give it peace, inner strength and fresh energy, return your healthy vitality. Once you have relaxed truly and deeply, you will feel your mind relax as well.

This is exactly the kind of profound relaxation that you can experience with us. We will offer you unique treatments to which we apply exceptional devices only we have in our entire Eastern European region.

Innovative, using special technologies and adapted to the natural traits of the human body, they will make your rest unforgettable, leaving you with only the best impressions.

At SPA Esperanza you will have an unprecedented experience of true relaxation, refreshing your body and mind and granting new and positive energy.

SPA experience begins when the essences are applied all over the body. Then wrapped in a soft blanket. That’s when the amazing relaxation effect happens – the bath rises up, allowing to float on a beautifully warm-water bed, in the seventh heaven of wellness.

A wonderful wave massage further enhances this feeling, with the bath serving as a resonating chamber. Helps to reduce 1-4cm per measured area in only 60 mins*! Dramatically decreases the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 47% and helps decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

Luxury Bellefontaine Switzerland body wrap – uniquely for all skin types. This treatment tonifies, regenerates and protects the skin from external agressions. Skin recovers suppleness and comfort. Skin is visibly smoother and firmer.

Warm hammam bed and special horizontal shower treatments: balancing, energising or relaxing.

Different temperature of water currents stimulate blood circulation, relieve the body, and revive the spirit. Senses are enhanced by selecting a ritual with special scents which also includes exfoliation, massage and full body mask.

The healing properties of hot sand were already known in Antiquity: when it is hot, it activates the flow of blood and lymph, encourages sweating, aids weight loss, stimulates oxidation processes and enhances kidney function, removes facial swelling and improves metabolism.

Psamotherapy (hot sand therapy) helps treat traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as poorly flexingjoints and the peripheral nervous system.

„Cloud 9“ is otherwise called the mother’s uterus because of a similar position of the body in which no stress and tension can be felt.

The device which allows experiencing the special deep relaxation was created by an artist who combined philosophy studies and holistic therapy. A combination of image, light, colours, sound and swaying produce a feeling of resting on a cloud. Twenty minutes in Cloud 9 is equal to two hours of deep sleep.

A massage is not merely a pleasant way to relax. It is also a great way to cure an aching body, revive and rejuvenate it and supply the energy we so often lack.

Every touch of the massage master takes you in that direction, so it is important to choose not only the best professional, but also the appropriate method of achieving the desired result: classical, aromatherapy or authentic Thai massage.

Each of them is based on ancient traditions, subtle psychology, and deep medical knowledge, and is therefore a great tool to perfecting ourselves inside and out.

Amphibia or Spa.Wave – The Binaural Acoustic & Dynamic Stimulation – combines the gentle sound waves of a special music with a highly efficient vibration massage system integrated into the lying surface.

While the special sounds slow down the mental activity, the vibration massage acts specifically on the energy centers (chakras) of the body. This innovative sound massage system combines the effects of deep relaxation techniques as well as meditation and mindfulness.

Heat brings a sense of well-being. The infrared rays ensure that we feel good. Thay cant not be seen, but they can certainly be felt: especially by our backs – in the infrared cabin.

The great civilization of antiquity worshipped the sun as a god. This is not hard to understand when we consider the positive effect that warmth and sunlight can have on our psyches. When the sun shines, people simply feel better. We become more vital and relaxed and our spirits soar.

Vit D lamp is for a natural, long – lasting tan. It is complementary Vit D resource. Collagen- forming warm rays to regenerate the skin, which afterwards feels smoother and firmer.

Our heated indoor pool is the perfect place for a morning swim before an exciting day. Gather your swimwear and come along to take a dip!

For hundreds of years the sauna has been seen as a one of the best of places to relax and to detoxify and cleanse. You can have a quick dip or you can put sufficient time aside and really enjoy the experience of unwinding and pampering your mind and body.

Our sauna is professionally built from special red cedar wood which gives you the flavour of nature. At temperatures of 90°C you will experience holistic recreation for body, mind and soul.

A positive side effect of a sauna is how it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation and the cardiovascular system. The lungs’ capacity will be improved and the blood vessels expand. The high level of fluid depletion boosts the detox effect.

Top up your energy and strengthen your immune system. What is more pleasant on a rainy autumn day or in the icy cold of winter than the feel of pleasant warmth on your skin in the steam bath? In our steam bath you can practically feel the pleasant warmth of the sea breezes.

The extra fine spray fills the whole room with an incomparable aroma of the fresh crystal-clear water. The soothing effect on skin and the respiratory organs unfolds at a radiant heat of 42 to 45 degrees.

Steam bath heightens your physical and mental wellbeing. The high humidity has a positive effect on skin and the respiratory tract. Enjoy the positive effects on body and soul.

Taking time to relax and destress is an important element of maintaining a balanced life. Being immersed in warm water has been proven to help you relax both physically and mentally, and even helps your body turn down the “fight or flight” response we have to stress.

Like meditation, hot tubbing is another tool that can help promote mental health and wellbeing. And, a hot tub can provide the perfect environment to practice your meditation skills. Use your jacuzzi time to practice meditation to capitalize on your “me time” or just lay and relax the sparkling water.

A day of memories to cherish forever! It deserves the ultimate care from planning and execution, down to the very last detail.

With superb venue, impeccable service and the finest food and beverages, these perfect elements are what you would want to celebrate weddings and special occasions in with your families and friends – a place of comfort and style.

Esperanza Resort creates a special wedding mood in luxury and elegant, breathtaking natural surroundings. Impressive natural imagery, no less spectacular interior of our restaurants and rooms, gourmet food, privacy and lovely warmth that our employees share, make your event memorable for you and your guests.

Esperanza Resort’s ultra-modern conference centre offers a unique and inspiring venue from two to 120 delegates. From the intimate VIP Room to the Grand Conference Room, your meeting is destined to become a remarkable event to remember.

This location is perfect not only for business meetings and conference but it is also the perfect choice for entertaining key clients, showcasing new products, team building or a simple thank you as there are few places more indulgent or impressive to host a private celebration or meal.

With a variety of versatile meeting rooms available, all equipped with the latest conference facilities and AV technology, we will ensure your event space is configured to your exact requirements.

Not only can delegates enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding lake and forest, but can experience a unique luxury dining experience at our restaurants.

Esperanza Resort features a wide variety of year-round entertainment! Our recreation center offers plenty of activities – from tennis, basketball, and bowling, to ice fishing and snowmobiling – to allow you to escape your daily routine and indulge in a world of enjoyment and pleasure.

In the recreation room you are welcome to use our fully equipped fitness center, bowling lanes, table tennis (ping-pong), billiards, chess, dominos, Monopoly and other board games. Supervised by one of our staff members, our children’s play area has a great variety of toys to keep your little ones entertained.

Esperanza Resort features a wide variety of year-round entertainment! Our recreation center offers plenty of activities – from tennis, basketball and bowling to ice fishing and snowmobiling – to allow you to escape your daily routine and indulge in a world of enjoyment and pleasure.

In the recreation room you are welcome to use our fully equipped fitness center, bowling lanes, table tennis (ping-pong), billiards, chess, dominos, Monopoly and other board games. Supervised by one of our staff members, our children’s play area has a great variety of toys to keep your little ones entertained.

Let your worries melt away as you let the combination of sauna, oak leaves and a dip in the lake relax your body. The Russian bath house is our pride and joy, an Eastern European tradition going back to the Middle Ages.

Come experience our world-class certified specialist who will make you feel truly reborn after he is finished with any variety of treatments we offer that focus on relaxation, therapy and healing. We highly recommend this activity to all of our guests.

We encourage an active lifestyle at Esperanza, and if you want a traditional work-out gym, we got that too! Modern, state of the art equipment, offers our guests the chance to stay fit, while on vacation.

We provide our guests with towels, robes, and bottled water. Yoga, and personal training sessions are available upon request.

Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, has an Old Town with wonderful architecture, and lots of beautiful churches. Explore nearby Trakai, and see its beautiful island castle. Tours can be organized to your personal taste and are great for experiencing the local culture.

Our playroom is fun for kids and adults. With ping-pong, billiards, chess, foosball and air hockey tables, this room is guaranteed to bring out the competitor in you. Consistent with our luxurious theme, all of the equipment consists of top brand names.


We offer our guests two top-of-the-line bowling lanes to ensure that kids and adults can enjoy bowling together. A hi-tech scoring system allows up to 10 players per lane. Side bumpers are available for small children.

Bowling is a lot of fun for the entire family, and fosters friendly competition amongst colleagues. Our bowling balls are available in different sizes and weights, and bowling shoes are provided for your use.

Our Kids Club is the perfect place to leave your children and enjoy some alone time. The Kids Clubroom has two bowling lanes with lighter bowling balls for them to use, lots of toys, a wide selection of board games such as Monopoly, chess, checkers and more.

We also offer “movie nights”, a PlayStation 3 with a wide selection of games and babysitting services to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.


The indoor pool is conveniently located next to the spa. It features a wooden sauna, comfortable chairs, and a magnificent view of the countryside. Towels, robes and slippers are provided for our guests’ convenience.

Our private, world-class wine cellar features some of the most exclusive and exquisite wines to be found anywhere. With over 700 of the finest vintages on our list, you are assured to find exactly what you are looking for.

A wine tasting in our cellar makes for a memorable group activity and for a more intimate group of two it is one of the most romantic.

In the wintertime, our recreation center offers many exciting cold weather activities, including cross-country skiing and ice fishing. Indoor and outdoor activities as well as high-end spa treatments make the recreation center an ideal place for both relaxing and restoring your energy levels.

Our qualified staff will do their utmost to ensure that you will enjoy the experience, and receive the maximum benefits to your health.

Take a cross-country ski trip through the forest and discover the hidden jewels that nature has created. A great experience for couples and families, it presents the chance to take some amazing pictures.

The trails are specifically designed for cross-country skiing and are very safe. Our equipment includes top brands and we provide all necessary protective fear. Ski lessons are available upon request.

When our lake freezes, the lights and skates come out. Children and adults love this winter activity at our resort. Music, delicious food and incredible lights are all on the menu when you skate with us. Interested in ice-skating lessons? We can arrange it with some of the top professional instructors.

Bundle up and enjoy the incredible experience of ice fishing on our lake. We supply everything you need to enjoy winter fishing with your loved ones. All you need to do is catch the fish! All of our fishing rods are made by top brands and offer clients the highest quality experience.

If you would like to enjoy the fresh air, we offer outdoor summer activities that include two professional grass tennis courts, a basketball court, soccer field, volleyball, beach volleyball, and badminton courts.

We have bicycles too! Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of our resort while taking a leisurely walk through the forest gathering wild berries and mushrooms. For those who love fishing, we offer all the necessary equipment for this fun hobby.

For water sports lovers we offer swimming, catamaran and boat rides in the lake. For golfers we offer a professional 18-hole Capitals Golf Course, located just 30 minutes drive from the resort. Finally, you may finish off the day by enjoying the Russian Banya (sauna) heated by natural firewood.

Our high-end tennis courts are built on grass, are outdoors, and will be a lot of fun for both amateur and professional players. All the lines are clearly marked, and the courts are lit up so you can play singles, doubles, and at night.

You can fish directly from our dock, or with one of our many ecofriendly rental boats. Our lake has over 20 species of fish, and once you catch it, we will gladly cook it for you. All boats are modern, well-maintained and non-motorized.

Explore the lake with one of our non-motorized, eco-friendly boats or catamarans. We provide you with everything you need to make this trip a memorable one. Take in the fresh air as you make your way around the natural paradise that surrounds you.

The professionally designed and frequently maintained soccer field is a proud part of our resort. An indoor-size field with painted lines, it is gated and perfect for group competitions or for practicing your shots on goal.

Many athletes, ranging from young kids to professional players, have laced their shoes on our full-size, outdoor court. You never know whom you will play with when you step onto our court. It is gated, frequently maintained, and well-lit to allow for nighttime competition.

Guests of all ages are amazed by the stunning nature that surrounds our resort. Professionally designed, world-class trails will take you on a breathtaking journey. Biking and hiking are two of our guests’ favorite activities; we recommend you go for a walk or a ride during your stay as well.

Esperanza guests can relax by our private lakeside beach free of charge (for outside guest the price is 35 Eur per person), which features over 80 comfortable and luxurious reclining chairs, beds, and a kids’ playground. Surrounded by stunning beauty, the beach is one of our guests’ favorite places to unwind.

Rooms: 34
Price: from 147 EUR per night


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