Galapagos Safari Camp

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Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
Galapagos Safari Camp - Ecuador
30 December 2021

Located in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz Island, in the heart of the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Safari Camp is the ideal base and perfect springboard for discovering the other-worldly landscapes, amazing wildlife and spell-binding magic of this remote archipelago, made famous by Charles Darwin nearly two centuries ago.

With only nine safari-style tents, a family suite, lodge, pool and viewpoint spread over 55 hectares of land roamed by wild giant tortoises and bordering the Galapagos National Park, we are small by design and exclusive by definition. Our size allows us to be flexible, to customize your experience.

Enjoy a dip in our plunge pool and maybe a nap beneath its moss-laden trees. As the bright equatorial light fades, follow the trail to our rustic Viewpoint. The setting sun turns the western skies into a pink and purple canvas dotted with the misty islands of the archipelago.

Order a drink, swap stories or exchange pictures with like-minded fellow travelers. Savour some tapas and snacks. Sit back, be present. Love yoga? Tomorrow, take your mat to the Viewpoint to greet the dawn.

Choose a chair outdoors to read a book from our library. Sink into an armchair. Ask us to mix a drink from our bar. Discuss how you want to spend the following day with your host. Like all our guests, you’ll soon enough feel the Camp is like your second home.

A Journey of Purpose and Passion
Our Camp was built on a dream. When we first arrived at the farm in 2003 and scrambled up a tree to get a better look at the lay of the land, we were captivated by the incredible views, our immediate intimacy with nature, the unspoiled and raw beauty of what our senses were experiencing.

It was intoxicating and overwhelming in its uniqueness: a Galapagos experience that defied description.

We bought the land and started living on the farm. It became a way of life that connected us to incredible Galapagos experiences and defined the pillars of our philosophy: Purpose, Personalisation, Experiential, Honest Dining, Seamless Journey, Balanced Disconnection.

Creating Meaningful Experiences
We had always been part of a travelling culture, and most of those adventures to exotic destinations were defined and made memorable and remarkable by the people who welcomed us with a smile and a commitment to service.

Through simple but comfortable surroundings, farm to table cuisine and mindful attention to detail, we decided to create Galapagos experiences for likeminded travellers who are inspired by nature and seek meaningful life experiences.

Begin Your Journey with Us
As we realised as we climbed down from the tree and began making our dream a reality — and just as you will realise when you explore with us — the Galapagos challenge us all on many levels. They are powerful in their raw, volcanic beauty.

Their legacy has lessons for us all. Their creatures’ fearlessness is unlike anything you will have experienced. Challenges await, adventures too, in our company, and stories to pocket and cherish, share and inspire.

In the Heart of the Archipelago
Bordering the pristine lands of the National Park and nestled into the wild highlands of Santa Cruz Island, in the heart of the Galapagos Archipelago, our family-owned Camp is ideally located, private, quiet, and far from the crowds of Puerto Ayora.

At One with Nature
We first fell (irresponsibly?) in love with the wild, raw beauty of this 50-hectare farm. Then, our deep sense of responsibility for and connection with this place, these islands and their creatures led us to create our Camp.

With just 9 stylish African-style tents immersed in lush vegetation and a family suite close to the main lodge, the feeling is discreet, unpretentious, familiar and wholly appropriate to our natural world.

The Galapagos Safari Camp experience is all about close intimacy with nature, a true sense of place, warm sincere hospitality and outstanding Ecuadorian cuisine, all within a unique setting.

A Place to Call Home
From the moment you pass through the elegant doors and into our tall-ceilinged main lodge, you’ll be captivated by the sweeping views of the forests, coastline and nearby islands which stretch out before you.

The lodge’s position on the rim of an extinct volcanic cone inspired our lodge’s design, an elegant arc that greets the sun in the morning to the east, and is bathed in golden light at the end of the day.

The surrounding trees sway, finches and mockingbirds flit, the hills tumble down to the ocean, with not a human in sight. Step through the glass doors and out onto the veranda. You’ve arrived

Luxury Tent Safari
Arrayed in an arc on a hillside with views that stretch off towards the coast, seen from above our tents look like little canvas cocoons nestled into a vast natural sanctuary — which is essentially what they are.

Our safari tents are covered by three layers of canvas for comfort and shelter. Their private balcony decks, perfect for some hammock-time, give way to spacious, stylish rooms decorated in tasteful safari-style simplicity.

All our tents have several electrical sockets for charging cameras and devices. Stretch out on your comfortable bed and enjoy the views. Take a sun-powered hot shower in your en-suite bathroom before heading to the viewpoint for sunset drinks.

Our spacious tent bedrooms can be set up as double, twin or triple, and are included in your Safari experience.

Family Suite
Ideal for multigenerational families and those travelling with younger children, our Family Suite sleeps six. It features a master bedroom and two twin rooms, all with their own bathrooms.

Its wooden furniture and floorboards blend perfectly with the natural environment and give it a warm, homely feel, perfect for travelling broods.

Secluded from the lodge and tents, the Suite’s expansive deck, makes the perfect spot for enjoying the view, sunset and making friends with visiting finches, while listening to the rustle of the breeze in the trees. While parents unwind upstairs, little ones can have fun in the playroom downstairs.

A Culinary Journey
Our four-course tasting menu offers a nightly journey across Ecuadorian cuisine and beyond, with local recipes and traditional dishes reimagined with refined simplicity, using locally-sourced products whenever possible. A carefully-curated wine list offers a tour of South American wines to complement the experience.

Think quinoa pesto salad with roasted carrots, vegetables & yogurt… Grouper in an Ecuadorian coastal-style coconut sauce… Wahoo ceviche with sweet-potato cubes… Pork leg, marinated in beer, lemon and butter, roasted, accompanied by a passion fruit sauce, steamed corn in a leaf, avocado and spicy pickle…

Dining in Nature
You can choose to have dinner al fresco on the veranda or indoors at our long, hardwood table. Whether relaxing at the pool, sharing conversation and drinks at the Viewpoint or by the fireplace, or even enjoying a quiet game of chess, we’ll always be there to anticipate your needs, before you even realized you had one.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, need gluten-free, or have allergies, just let us know — we’ll ensure your needs are cared for.

Taste the World’s Finest Chocolate
To add another layer of experience at the Camp, we can arrange a chocolate-tasting session. Not only will you have the chance to taste To’ak Chocolate — regarded as the world’s finest and rarest chocolate — you’ll learn about the history and health-giving properties of this bean — which is originally from Ecuador.

Moreover, you will get to sample the world’s first Galapagos chocolate bar, made with our very own cacao.

An Explorer’s Picnic
Imagine a private picnic up in the wilds of the Highlands or inside the mysterious tubes of a lava tunnel, all set up for when you arrive from your adventures. Contact us to plan this special experience.

Catch your Dinner
Personalise your safari with our artisan fishing experience and we can prepare your day’s catch for dinner – whether you like your fish steamed in a leaf, battered, fried, baked or raw as sashimi or sushi. It’s up to you!

Starry Nights
After dinner, curl up by the crackling fireplace. As sleep gets the better of you, wander outside. The night sky shines with bright constellations, your faithful companions as you stroll off for your night under canvas…

Celebrate with Us
Let us know in advance the special occasion you’d like to celebrate while staying with us — whether a seven- or seventy-year-old birthday, an anniversary, honeymoon — or you just want to surprise your loved ones. We love a good challenge and creating cherished moments.

Working with Nature
Are you willing to forgo the trappings of traditional luxury, reawaken your senses and experience nature in an intimate, transformative, appropriate way that fills you with memories and leaves no trace behind?

As you plan your journey we urge you to keep this important question in mind: how appropriate is my tour?

At Galapagos Safari Camp we fully embrace your soul-searching quest for meaningful answers when you set out to explore the planet: What will my impact be? Will I be respecting the natural and human environment while traveling? What will I have to give up for the sake of the planet?

Do you care?
In itself a large and heavily protected area -97% of land and the surrounding marine reserve are under Galapagos National Park authority- the Galapagos remain one of the last pristine natural sanctuaries, and amongst the most fragile in our planet.

Living in the Galapagos we felt the urge to respect and protect this fragile ecosystem. From the very beginning we strove to balance the expectations of our guests with the responsibility of looking after this swath of wilderness we chose to call home.

Despite the archipelago being considered one of the best managed nature-based tourism destinations, there are still many ways in which tourists’ footprint can be lessened.

What is the Appropriate way of visiting the Galapagos?
We believe we all need to adjust, to attune our expectations, to embrace the uniqueness of each destination we visit; to be aware and mindful of all that travel implies and the consequences of our choices.

Going beyond Galapagos National Park restrictions, we choose to work with nature, -rather than against- creating opportunities for you to discover -and enjoy- the endless source of wellness that comes from being in direct, unrestricted touch with the natural world.

Tread Lightly
It is with intent that the layout of the camp follows the land; little to no alterations were required during construction as we adapted to the terrain.

Indoors and outdoors blend; tents stand nimbly on stilts, fanning into the forest. Uncluttered spaces, fitted with warm earthen colours and comfortable furniture that highlight the views.

Awaken Your Senses
Strategically oriented canvas and netting allow the natural breezes of the Highlands to run unimpeded, cooling the tents and lodge and bringing in the scents and sounds of the forest.

Low-intensity lighting creates an intimate atmosphere that doesn’t intrude on the habits of nocturnal wildlife and allows unhindered view of the starry skies of Northern and Southern hemispheres.

No Water, No Life
That fresh water is scarce in a volcanic island will come as no surprise. Native and endemic species have evolved in ingenious manners to adapt themselves to this restriction, but human demands put endless pressure on this life-sustaining resource.

Collecting rain water was a priority when designing the Camp. A clever network of gutters and a huge reservoir that can sustain our yearly needs allow us to collect fresh water, which is then filtered and treated for human consumption.

The reservoir creates a wildlife-friendly humid area as well, in which frigates have been seen to come from down the ocean to wash out the salt from their feathers.

Food for Thought
Farm-to-table cuisine is full of nuances in the Galapagos, as farming puts pressure on land and water that are essential for ecosystems to thrive. Local is not always the most sensible solution.

Fine dining, on the other hand, also requires a fully-stocked pantry to cater to open menus full of endless choices that involve frequent sourcing from the mainland and notable waste of unused produce.

At Safari Camp we believe in Honest dining: carefully crafted tasting menus that combine what is readily available in the islands -and safe to consume without creating extra demand- with Ecuadorian ingredients and recipes, reducing the waste and the pressures of a larger selection while catering to any type of food preferences or restrictions.

The Galapagos Islands
Galapagos… its name echoes with enigmatic promise. A place not quite on the map but somehow firmly planted in our imaginations.

Born of fire 1,000 km / 600 miles out in the Pacific, the volcanic archipelago is world-renowned, famed for its amazing, fearless creatures who inhabit its 13 larger islands (four of which are inhabited) and hundreds of islets, rocks and outcrops.

It’s influenced by no less than four ocean currents which drive its species’ diversity and its natural cycles.

A Living Museum and Showcase of Evolution
Protected by a national park across 97% of its landmass and by one of the world’s largest marine reserves, it remains a remarkable example of conservation and sustainability.

Evolutionary Theory
Inspiration for Charles Darwin and the scientists who have followed in his wake, the Galapagos archipelago is the birthplace of evolutionary theory.

These islands teach us how life adapts, thrives or fails, change our conception of Man’s perch in the great Tree of Life, help us to experience a deeper connection with the natural world, to discover something new (or forgotten) about ourselves.

A Place for Firsts…
The Galapagos are an endless source of wonder. To roam their captivating landscapes, or swim among their teeming waters, while wildlife goes about completely unperturbed by our presence never fails to move, to touch, to transform the way we think about ourselves and nature.

We invite you to broaden each of your senses, to open up to these islands’ magic. We promise you you’ll return home changed, refreshed, inspired, more attuned to nature and to your inner self. The Galapagos is a place for firsts…

Among the Wild Things
From our Camp on Santa Cruz Island, in the heart of the archipelago, you set out on our Safaris to encounter amazing, often endemic and sometimes very curious creatures who have adapted to the demanding conditions of these remote islands, stranded in the vast blues of the Pacific Ocean.

No Two are the Same
Their volcanic origins mean that each island is different from the other: some uplifted from the ocean floor by titanic forces, others seemingly only recently frozen in time in mid-eruption.

Even their vegetation is peculiar and contrasting, with pioneering plants clinging to the slopes of ash-laden hillsides, forests of ghostly-grey palo santo trees, carpets of bright scarlet sesuvium that seem dabbed to life by an Impressionist painter…

Galapagos Islands Tours
Our Safaris are faithful to our vision of authenticity and hospitality, personalized and exclusive, appropriate to our environment and respectful of the Galapagos National Park and its creatures.

Choose a Land-Based Safari to create your own wildlife adventure, sleeping on land while exploring Santa Cruz and neighbouring islands during the day.

Classic Safaris
Designed with our years of experience living, travelling and hosting friends and guests in the Galapagos, our Classic Safaris are our best-seller.

They are much more than land-based tours: they combine experiences on Santa Cruz Island — including private transfers to/from the airport, discovering the Highlands on arrival and a full day of further exploration — with two days of boat excursions to beautiful, uninhabited neighbouring islands.

Based on your interests, you can add more days and activities as you wish.

Family Safaris
We designed our Family Safaris over land and sea to enable your family to have fun together, to connect with each other, and fall in love with the extraordinary natural world of the Galapagos.

Our small size and the fact that we lived and raised our family here over many years means we can craft your perfect family adventure, that is at-once exciting, engaging and educational.

The Galapagos combine these elements like few destinations in the world and we’re passionate about getting it right for you — from our private land-based activities, child-friendly guides, pool and menus to our ability to adapt activities on the fly to your needs and interests.

During school holidays, your children can enjoy our Kid’s Club with a series of creative activities at the end of the day.

Dive Safaris
The Galapagos Marine Reserve is among the largest in the world, a sanctuary for hundreds of different species, many highly endangered. One in four marine species is endemic, found nowhere else on the planet. As a result, SCUBA diving in the Galapagos is considered one of the world’s finest underwater experiences.

Isabela Island Extension
Combine one of our safaris on Santa Cruz Island and extend your stay in the Galapagos Islands by taking an exciting flight by small plane to the largest island in the archipelago, Isabela. Stay at one of our recommended beach-front properties while discovering Isabela’s charming sights and intriguing creatures.

Spend your days hiking volcanoes, snorkelling with sea lions and penguins, swimming off the beach and visiting historical sites. You will be accompanied by your private guide throughout the journey.

Pre- & Post-Cruise Safaris
An Island-based stay at Galapagos Safari Camp is the best upgrade to a Galapagos Cruise, and can be taken either before or after your cruise. Choose from our Relaxing or Active Pre- or Post-Cruise Extensions — and don’t forget we can personalize any option.

Luxury Galapagos Islands Cruises
There are a bewildering number of luxury yachts and ships with permits for luxury Galapagos cruises, all offering differing services and itineraries. We can guide you impartially on making the best choice possible for your party.

We’ll take into consideration aspects such as the size of the ship (is there a doctor on board?), family friendly activities, extra activities (like kayaking and paddle-boarding), itineraries and islands to visit and species to spot.

Amazon Tours
Rise at dawn. Paddle out across a silver-tinted lake. Meander among the buttressed routes of towering rainforest trees. Listen to the calls and squawks of dozens of different bird species. Meet and learn from indigenous forest denizens. Marvel at a million forms of life.

Climb to the queezy heights of an observation tower beside a giant kapok tree. Understand the incredible connections and cycles that make an Amazon rainforest tour so special. Watch the dawn or sunset paint the horizon in brilliant fuchsias, oranges and pinks. An experience in Ecuador’s Amazon is a true privilege.

Andes Tours
The Andes run like the fossilized spine of a dinosaur through Ecuador, as they make their way from the Caribbean down to the wilds of Tierra del Fuego: the longest, grandest mountain range in the world.

Ecuador’s share is fascinating, home to snow-capped peaks that shine impossibly bright beneath the Sun’s equatorial rays, fuming volcanoes cloaked in mists and skirted by wild paramo grasslands and green forests, small towns full of crafts, markets and traditions, and no-end of experiences to enjoy no matter what your idea of a perfect day might be.

Cloud Forest Tours
Less-known than the rainforest, the cloud forest is in fact thought to be even more biodiverse, home to millions of species such as the Andean Spectacled Bear, pumas, ocelots, frogs, toads, insets and mesmerizing numbers of bird species.

It’s an ecosystem still giving up its secrets to science, a place to treasure and protect. Wander this land of incredible connections, full of life, full of mystery, with expert guides and enjoy how it comes alive with every step.

City Tour Extension
Quito and Guayaquil are the main points of entry into Ecuador and the Galapagos. We recommend that you plan for at least a couple days to discover what they have to offer.

Quito’s beautifully preserved colonial quarter is one of the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage sites and full of history and character. It also has a lively food and artistic scene worth exploring.

Guayaquil is a lively port town. It’s beautiful riverfront is flanked by historic buildings that bore witness to the city’s golden age in the cacao trade.

Quito Tours
Ecuador’s capital is a fascinating destination and should definitely be included in your plans. Quito’s Historic Center, varied restaurants and bars, art and music scene and history lend themselves to fun days of urban exploring.

Its church-filled Old Town is a pleasure to explore by foot while its modern neighbourhoods and cultural life can prove equally engaging. We can help arrange accommodation and activities that highlight both the capital’s heritage and present.

Discover Guayaquil
Guayaquil is a bustling, busy and dynamic metropolis, historically the engine-house of Ecuador’s economy: from here the nation’s wealth is shipped abroad and the world’s goods enter the country. As a result, it’s a proud port city, in complete contrast to the chilly nights of Quito in the Andes.

You’ll find an attractive riverside walk, good museums, handsome plazas, fun parks, some historic quarters, fantastic seafood cuisine and a dynamic cultural scene, all complimented by an irrepressible coastal joie-de-vivre.

Our Guayaquil extensions include airport transfers to and from a hotel of your choice. We recommend the handsome Hotel del Parque for its elegant rooms and facilities, first class service, and gourmet cuisine. We can also find other hotels that work with your itinerary and needs.

At one with the Galapagos Islands
Environmentally- friendly practices have been at the core of our business since the Camp was just an idea in our minds.

Appropriate luxury for us means working with nature to ensure little impact while enhancing guests’ natural experiences. This is our ethos, what we pursue and believe in. And, it has to be said, it is simple common sense.

From choosing tents over concrete buildings to restoring a former cattle-farm bordering the National Park back to its wild, native forest cover, at every opportunity we deliberately choose to do what is good for nature while ensuring that it will also be good for you.

Learn how your stay will contribute to the sustainability of the Galapagos Islands.

Balancing the needs of the human population in the Galapagos with those of nature conservation requires a thoughtful approach that ensures community’s wellbeing without placing costly demands on the environment.

Being responsible members of the Galapagos community is an integral part of our way of doing business. We fulfill that commitment by creating a network of local suppliers, supporting local households and helping strengthen the local economy in a sustainable way.

A pool of over one hundred suppliers are involved in creating and delivering the experiences that will make your safari a life-changing one, while happily sharing their knowledge with you. They are always willing to share their knowledge and tales with you!

At the camp, 60% of the dedicated staff anticipating your needs are also our neighbours in nearby Santa Rosa community, and some of them also supply us with fresh produce.

We regularly cooperate with local schools. When guests request it -usually families with young children- we can arrange “meet&greets” that allow local and tourist kids have fun together around a ball game or planting trees as part of our reforestation program.

We strongly believe that environmental education and awareness are the key to the sustainability of the Galapagos, and we take every opportunity to support like-minded organizations and projects.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 834 EUR per night


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