Origins Lodge Costa Rica

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Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
Origins Lodge Costa Rica
30 December 2021

In a place where time stands still, ORIGINS exists. Suspend your ordinary life and dive into a spectacular adventure into the alchemy of the mystic in the high valley jungles of Costa Rica. Let the volume of nature place you in a world both raw and luxurious.

ORIGINS offers a chance to rediscover the world that is in front of you, to ally your thoughts and wonder in a connection to what you like, old and new. So castoff and cast away on a vacation that will renew how you see your world.

ORIGINS is the ultimate body & soul paradise, taking you out of the everyday reality. Dive into an extraordinary realm of calm & curiosity, as you explore the magic behind the pure beauty of Nature’s luxury while ensconced in the lavishness of our hospitality.

Amaze your taste, relishing the gastronomical artworks created by our ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ and Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Luc L’Hourre and his team on site. A high-end Cuisine reinvented daily, according to the fresh ingredients available in our garden.

Immersed in Costa Rica’s mystic elements, ORIGINS is th only hotel in the word that captures the wild opulence of nature along with precolumbian history, making ORIGINS a truly rare place to connect with breathtaking part of Costa Rica.

High up on a mountainside, overlooking the out stretched valley below, ORIGINS offers an exclusive escape into a World shaped by Nature and tamed by Luxury.

An incomparable opportunity for serenity within the wilds of the rainforest is an experience like no other. Where tranquility is part of our hospitality and adventure is in every possibility. ORIGINS is the vacation you have always dreamed of taking!

Tucked up high on a mountainside with a 180º panoramic view of the valley laid out before majestic Lake Nicaragua, ORIGINS is in the heart of Northern Costa Rica’s pristine mountainous rainforest.

With Costa Rica being home to over 6% of the world’s biodiversity while taking up only .03% of the world’s landmass, you are bound to see flora and fauna that will marvel the eye and enchant your soul or in some cases, startle a scream out of you.

Whether standing on a rainforest plateau deep in the jungle or relaxing in your personal terrace jacuzzi, our views and surroundings will inspire you!

The picture-perfect and still active Tenorio Volcano reigns over one of the most beautiful secrets in Costa Rica, Tenorio National Park. Hike to the volcano summit along the Lago las Dantas Trail which winds its way through rain forest to cloud forest.

This region serves as home to Ocelots, Jaguars and Cougars along with Tapirs, Howler Monkeys, Toucans and Sloths.

Relax on a handcrafted canopy bed while you relish a unique 180° view & enjoy a sunset soak in your wood-fire heated terrace bath.

Suspended amongst the treetops, overlooking the tropical valley, the Volcanoes & the grandeur of Nicaragua Lake, Villa Vertigo nestles you in 220 square meters of aerial living.

Our chef’s desire to produce Haute Cuisine that embodies our local surroundings is at the core of our restaurant philosophy. By focusing on the versatility of one ingredient and using it different ways throughout the menu, our cuisine will impact your palette, as well as, evoke a feeling of Authenticity.

An enthusiasm to share and enjoy good food with friends, old and new, flows into the entire concept of our restaurant. From the breathtaking view, the restaurant lounge and phenomenal food, a meal at ORIGINS is a connection back to the source of intimate dining.

From the French seafaring heritage of Brittony, Michelin-starred and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (M.O.F) Chef Jean-Luc L’Hourre is a consummate explorer, in life and in his cooking.

Even with the sea as his specialty, he uses the roots of the land he is cooking in to add truth to his culinary craft bringing soul and flare to each dish he creates.

Carefully picked from our organic garden. Our cuisine is about savoring each individual flavor, so we use fresh ingredients, whether from our gardens and lakes or cultivated from the wild with flowers and forestalls not normally used in cooking.

Our Skyview bar & El Salto restaurant is a true haven of peace & leisure. Spend both joyful and relaxing moments in the best company, facing our 180° stunning view. El Salto restaurant is the perfect setting for all kind of events: weddings, corporate seminars, private parties, celebrations or conferences.

Pre-select your favorite wines for your arrival or find a new favorite with our onsite pairings created by our expert sommelier. You’ll find aromas & cepages coming from all around the globe.

For foodies and cooking lovers we feel pride to share our culinary knowledge and some good French tips too and learn the core of our Origins cuisine, combining the freshest of our organic products along with our latin flavors and super food secrets.

ORIGINS is the ultimate body & soul paradise, taking you out of your everyday reality. Dive into an extraordinary realm of calm & curiosity, as you explore the magic behind the pure beauty of Nature’s luxury, while ensconced in the lavishness of our hospitality.

At ORIGINS, our team is sincerely committed to looking after each and every guest with extreme care. To do so, we deliver more than decadent details and breathtaking vistas.

We strive to provide a nourishing experience richer than world-class cuisine and more profound than personalized pampering. The essence of ORIGINS, at its very core, is to offer a nurturing environment in which one can uncover the true meaning of wellbeing.

Secluded from the stress of the outside world and in harmony with its natural surroundings, ORIGINS serves as a warm and welcoming sanctuary delicately designed for guests to seek and find inner peace, optimal health and ultimate happiness.

A serene space in which the wilderness calls upon one to retreat and reflect, to escape and discover, to restore and explore. An opportunity to connect with the earth and oneself to rest the mind, rejuvenate the body and reawaken the soul. Discover how life is meant to be lived at ORIGINS.

Treatments and therapies are available à la carte or combined via our Signature Wellness Package, an all-encompassing experience designed to heal mind, body and soul and to inspire a meaningful life filled with passion and purpose.

Rejuvenate with our yoga and meditation classes included in our daily activities in our yoga shala! Private sessions are also available subject for an extra charge

Holistic therapies have been effectively used for centuries and can play an important role in maintaining good health and overall well-being.

Rather than addressing individual symptoms, a holistic therapist will look for the underlying cause by considering physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and well-being

The delight in the human spirit is at the core of a stay at ORIGINS. Choose from either a warm bamboo massage, a relazing seashell massage or our hot stone massage and many more at Laka Tii Spa Suite

Discover innovative dining that infuses the elegance of French gastronomy with the abundance of the lush landscapes, lakes and serene shores of Costa Rica.

Rich flavor combined with fresh, organic ingredients grown and harvested on the grounds of our estate. Haute cuisine that embodies the flair of faraway lands and soul of ORIGINS

Origins is rescuing and recreating the new “ancestral food”. It is our pride to bring to the table the art of the fine cuisine, gastronomical exquisite experience along with the fusion of Latin ancestral seeds, editable flowers, green leaves, roots, an explosion of colors and superfoods used in a slow cooked technique on the fire as our ancestral families did once many years ago

At ORIGINS, we invite you to return to your roots – your origins – and join us on a gentle journey of holistic healing in which we turn to the elements of the earth and the wisdom, traditions and rituals of our heritage to achieve ultimate wellbeing. We provide a variety of holistic therapies inspired by our ancestors.

These include yoga and mindful movement practice, massage therapy, reflexology, nervous system release therapy, meditation, energy healing, sound and vibration therapy, emotional release therapy (sometimes known as biodecoding) and more, through one unique and complete Wellness Program.

It is time to invest in yourself and be sure to promise a total rejuvenation connected with a cleaning of your soul and reward you with a one of a kind wellness experience.

You can follow the wellness program we specially designed for you or create your own retreat with us. Book your stay or contact us to create the ideal wellness journey. Origins would be your place to disconnect and connect with your spirit and focus on what really is important for you.

Immersed in Costa Rica’s mystic elements, ORIGINS is th only hotel in the word that captures the wild opulence of nature along with precolumbian history, making ORIGINS a truly rare place to connect with breathtaking part of Costa Rica.

Ignite your senses, feel the call of the wild and find your inner balance amid the raw luxury of ORIGINS and the riches of the rainforest.

This tour allows you to witness an abundance of wildlife along the way, such as iguanas, tropical birds, and monkeys. This unique rafting trip finishes with a super exciting 12-foot waterfall drop called “Cascabel Falls”

Enjoy a half-day tour riding one of our horses, going through different farms, crossing the Tigra river, and plantations

Sign up to our general flora tour, night nature walk, medicinal plants tour, sensorial pathways or one our many activities that will connect you with nature

The river Rio Niño is one of the most important in the northern lands of Costa Rica. It’s home to meany species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fishes that feed other species that reside here

Explore the process of these delicious seed called cacao done by Costa Ricans. Enjoy this unique and fun local activity by testing and learning all the different steps of the cacao tree, savor this seed from its process of growing in the tree, to its final shape of chocolate bar

Located high up on a mountain, the scenery ORIGINS offers is like no other. The Oro Waterfall, feel the fresh air, the beautiful view, being connected with the plants and animals surrounding you

Descend the small rapids of Rio Pizote standing over a SIP board. This is one of the most amusing adventures you can do during your visit to the Tenorio Volcano area. Easy, safe, and refreshing for all the family

Discover your talent with our chefs from El Salto Restaurant preparing a local dish from the start to the end, savoring their freshness and orginic flavor from our garden and farms

Imagine yourself walking on the ORIGINS pathways where around a hundred and fifty species of birds have been identified; surely you will be able to appreciate a good amount of these ones

Have you ever wondered about how the sugar cane can be converted into a strong and Tico spirit? Enjoy this unique and loal activity by tasting and practicing all the different uses of this amazing plant

The most fun activity to do in Costa Rica is white water tubing. Class II and III rapids will provide the highest levels of adrenaline, ensuring you a perfect day of fun

Rooms: 6
Price: from 662 EUR per night


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