Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest

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Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest - Romania
21 October 2021

Grand Hotel Continental is a boutique 5 star hotel in Bucharest, centrally located on the most beautiful boulevard – Victoriei Avenue. The luxury hotel is not just a place for accommodation in Bucharest. It is a 5 star hotel in Bucharest that offers a unique experience.

Grand Hotel Continental has a quiet and calm atmosphere in the heart of Bucharest. It is a building with character, where history and vintage furniture creates a special place for accommodation in Bucharest.

There was a time when the city was adorned with oriental scents, in which gentlemen with jobs and ladies in elegant dresses walked, in beautifully decorated carriages, on the boulevards of Little Paris. Our story does not begin now, but in a distant past, when La Belle Epoque represented the present.

At number 56, opposite the National Theater, 19th-century travelers could find the Grand Hotel Broft. A chic little hotel built in the chic style of Parisian hotels.

Precisely due to this air of French elegance so appreciated by the Romanian society of those times, the Broft Hotel became one of the meeting points of the Bucharest aristocracy and elite.

Among the most famous guests is Prince Napoleon, Napoleon III’s cousin, who was on a diplomatic visit to Charles I of Hohenzollern. And the famous French merchant Jobin was accommodated at the Grand Hotel Broft.

His imprint on the fashion world of those times was so strong that, even today, Romanians call the high hat he brought from France – joben. Grand Hotel Broft and number 56 of Mogoșoaiei Bridge played a symbolic role in the history of modern Romania.

At the end of the Russo-Romanian-Turkish War, with the defeat of Ottoman troops in Pleven in 1877, Osman Pasha, the leader of the Ottoman army, was detained in apartment 104 before being deported to Russia.

An old story says that during the victory march, when Prince Carol I’s troops were crossing the Mogoșoaiei Bridge, Osman Pasha greeted Carol from the window of his apartment. That march would leave its mark on the history of Bucharest, changing the name of its most important boulevard in Calea Victoriei.

Rooms & Suites

Grand Hotel Continental has 59 completely restored rooms, decorated with furniture pieces that offer the space a unique bohemian feeling.

During your stay, the rooms ambiance will offer you a unique experience by skilfully combining modern utilities, worthy of a luxury 5 star hotel in Bucharest, with the nostalgia of a 19th century building.

The furniture was carefully chosen by the most prestigious auction houses in Europe, making Grand Hotel Bucharest the perfect choice for a downtown hotel in Bucharest.

The unique combination of elements that can be found in the rooms of Grand Hotel Bucharest will transform your stay in, maybe, the most special experience you can have when it comes to being a guest of a luxury hotel in Bucharest.

Senior Suite
The three Senior Suites represent the culmination of elegance and sophistication for those who desire an unforgettable experience in a discreet, refined atmosphere. The Senior Suites are the expression of luxury, elegance and sophistication when it comes to 5 star accommodations in Bucharest.

Being the most luxurious units of Grand Hotel Bucharest, the Senior Suites are divided into a living room and a bedroom and they distinguish themselves by the unique design of their furnishing.

The perfect setting and the view towards Victoriei Avenue creates the feeling of a trip to the 19th century. This suite is a unique appointment with history and with the elegance of a bygone age.

Junior Suite
Visitors who appreciate the beauty of decorative elements representative of the Golden Age and in search of comfort and sophistication during their Bucharest trip, will discover that our Junior Suites are ideal for business trips as well as for leisure.

If you are searching for a luxury hotel in Bucharest and wish to experience a five star apartment, Grand Hotel Bucharest offers you the perfect choice. The Junior Suites are decorated with classic wooden furnishings, with an art level design.

All furniture and decorations were purchased from renowned auction houses in Vienna and Parma making Grand Hotel Bucharest the perfect choice for a 5 star accommodation in Bucharest. Thus, the Junior Suites being divided into one living room and one bedroom elegantly furnished, offer a very spacious environment.

In addition to that, our Junior Suites represent the perfect choice for newlyweds that wish for a photo session in a romantic, elegant, imposing scenery.

The list of amenities for this type of room include: separate living room and bedroom, office desk, glass-walled bathroom with a shower or a bathtub, two LCD television, air conditioning, tea and coffee, espresso machine, safe, hairdryer, minibar and free Wi-Fi.

Deluxe Room
Looking for a 5 star accommodation in Bucharest in a downtown luxury hotel where you will benefit from an elegant reception? If that is the case, Grand Hotel Bucharest provides you with the Deluxe Room.

These rooms offer a more generous space, appropriate for a touristic visit as well as for a business trip, and they represent the perfect choice for anyone in search of a 5 star accommodation in Bucharest.

Modern amenities are present, featuring a resting area as well as a work desk, air conditioning, tea or coffee as well as a minibar and free WiFi, and a glass-walled bathroom with a shower or a bathtub. Therefore, for those in search of a luxury room in Bucharest, the Deluxe Room represents the perfect choice.

Our guests are invited to a gourmet experience at one of our two restaurants in Bucharest. Choose Concerto restaurant if you want a fine dining experience or Bistro Continental for a culinary experience.

Also, our hotel bar offers you the traditional “five o’clock tea” experience and if you are in need for something sweet, come to Continental Pastry Shop! We take pride with all our pastry products.

Concerto Fine Dining
The modern approach of French cuisine and the focus on light and fresh ingredients, along with the elegant atmosphere, turned Concerto restaurant into one of the top fine dining options in Bucharest.

Concerto is a fine dining venue in Bucharest where dishes are made under the careful guidance of Executive chef Roxana Anghel, who acquired her cooking experience by working with renowned Chef Jean Louis Leon.

The “nouvelle cuisine” concept, in addition to the special crafted ambiance along with the porcelain and the silverware offer a distinctive note to Concerto restaurant, imposing itself on the fine dining venues map in Bucharest.

This fine dining restaurant will take you on a journey of flavours, taste and colours, transforming cooking into a form of art. The team led by our Executive Chef, Roxana Anghel, will make sure to provide you with the most intense culinary emotions.

Bistro Continental
As a centrally located restaurant in Bucharest, Bistro Continental is waiting for you with an elegant atmosphere and with a series of dishes meant to transform your lunch into a special experience.

If you decide to have lunch or dinner at Bistro Continental, enter directly from Victoriei Avenue and let yourself be carried into a new culinary journey around the world.

The menu comprises a selection of the best dishes from the international cuisine. This savoury experience is completed by modern culinary tendencies well rooted in traditional cuisine.

Victoria Club
Located downtown, overlooking Victoriei Avenue, this hotel bar is offering relaxing moments, silence and inspiration. Victoria Club is the place where you will discover another chapter of Grand Hotel Continental.

The elegant tailor furnish, specific to the hotel, combines leather Chesterfield sofas and classical mahogany furniture. This is a hotel bar where you can enjoy the traditional five o’clock tea and some of our delicious snacks.

Continental Pastry Shop
We take pride in the great history and tradition of a pastry shop on Victoriei Avenue. Our own laboratories are the place where our skilled bakers create pastry products, sweets and cakes.

We are well known for our famous chocolate or vanilla eclair, white chocolate and raspberry mousse, chocolate and salted caramel pies but also chocolate pralines.

However, we pride ourselves with our Roche Cake, made after the original recipe. So if you’re looking for a cake shop or a pastry shop in Bucharest, this is the place to quench your sweet tooth.

Corporate Events in Bucharest
Grand Hotel Bucharest is the perfect place for organising your corporate events in Bucharest. Various conference halls, our creative staff ready to advise you and our years of experience of working with numerous companies represent our business card.

At Grand Hotel Bucharest you can opt for one of the six conference halls ready to host corporate events, each of them having an elegant design, especially created for this type of events.

All events halls at Grand Hotel Bucharest include all necessary facilities: WiFi, video projector, multimedia screen and flipchart. In addition to that, we can provide, on request, simultaneous interpretation, audio-video system, voting system or stage lights.

Grand Hotel Bucharest understands the importance of a successful corporate event and knows how to properly integrate the clients’ needs in order to impress your guest and offer them the best possible treatment.

Business Meetings in Bucharest
Whether it is a dinner or a lunch business meeting, Grand Hotel Continental provides you with an elegant centrally located venue. The private ambiance, the sophisticated dishes menu along with the impeccable service represents the ingredients of a successful business meeting.

A successful business meeting might be the key to succeed in your business. Every meeting is important for your business and our staff will make sure to cover all aspects so that your guests receive the best possible treatment.

For a successful business meeting, we provide a menu that includes sophisticated dishes, cooked under the close coordination of our chef, Roxana Anghel.

Private Events
Grand Hotel Continental represents the perfect option for private events in Bucharest, no matter the occasion. Our experience as event planners defines us and we are well aware that a private event holds a certain sentimental importance.

This is why we will make sure that your event will represent an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a wedding, a baptism or a birthday party, we will see to make it a memorable one.

Dedicated menus for each type of private party are tailor-made by Chef Roxana Anghel, who will make sure that the dishes have a unique signature to the liking of all attendees.

If you’re in a search for the perfect location for a wedding or a baptism party, we recommend Concerto Fine Dining. However, if you would like to surprise your friends with a birthday party, Bistro Continental is the perfect choice.

Regardless the choice, at Grand Hotel Continental you will find the best event planner in Bucharest, so, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Wedding in Bucharest
With a history of more than 100 years of organising bohemian banquets and exceptional soirees, Concerto Restaurant is waiting for you in a setting long thought to be gone, in an ambiance full of “bon ton” that you won’t find anywhere else.

Concerto Restaurant is an exceptional wedding venue where the dishes are carefully crafted by our chef and served using fine porcelain and silverware.

Among our delicacies you will find the shrimp cocktail, smoked duck and salmon escalope. Everything is completed with an ambiance full of elegance and history, a five star service and flawless setup.

The restaurants’ wine selection meets the highest standards meaning you can enjoy the finest Romanian wines as well as exotic wines from France, Italy, Portugal or Uruguay.

Piano and violin arrangements perfectly complement your wedding scene creating an unforgettable memory for you as well as for your guests. In addition to that, if you decide to have your wedding on a Sunday we’re ready to offer you a special discount.

By partnering with Grand Hotel Continental, not only will you impress your guests, but you will make an event that will fill the first page of the family album for generations to come.

The Palace of Parliament Bucharest
The Palace of Parliament, or House of the People as it was called in the communist regime, is one of the most magnificent buildings in the world, with an area of 330,000 square meters and more than 3,000 rooms. Built in the 1980s, it is the second largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon.

The Palace of Parliament is spectacular both from the outside and the inside and is decorated with luxurious furniture, mosaics in special colors, massive wooden doors, imposing sculptures, marble staircases and crystal lamps and chandeliers.

The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest has a historical significance because it was built during the communist period, representing its symbol today.

Precisely because of this, after the end of the regime, the Romanians wanted to demolish the building to make way for a new beginning. The building remained in the same place, rising definitely over Bucharest.

The Romanian Athenaeum
The Romanian Athenaeum is one of the largest architectural jewels of Europe. It is known as a temple of art as it has hosted over the time events of great artistic value.

The cultural institution has had a tumultuous history, being at one step of being ruined, but fortunataly being saved by the well know campaign ” A penny for the Athenaeum”.

The Romanian Athenaeum was a place where history was written, the best examples being the onset debut of George Enescu in 1898, that hosted here the concert that brought him international success.

The hall of the Athenaeum hosted all of the best conductors and soloists of the twentieth century”. A few mentions are: Erich Kleiber, Sergiu Celibidache, Ionel Perlea, Herbert von Karajan, Dinu Lipatti, Arthur Rubinstein, Pablo Casals, Yehudi Menuhin.

Today , the building is the headquarters of the Philharmonic “George Enescu”. If visiting Bucharest, attending at one of the concerts held at the Athenaeum will make your stay one that will be remembered.

The Victoriei Avenue
In the past, the Victoriei Avenue was named the Mogosoaia Bridge, being a road flooring a muddy field. The road was built so the prince can go from city to his palace, at Mogosoaia. The Victoriei Avenue name as we know it today dates from 1878 and evokes an victorious episode of the War of Independence.

The large boulevard is right in the city center and represents the main road of Bucharest, with a length of 2,700 meters.

By foot, a walk on this boulevard can be a wonder. You can admire significant cultural edifices and monuments including the National Museum of Romanian History, National Military Circle, Romanian Athenaeum, Central University Library, and the Cantacuzino Palace Palace Ştirbei.

The building that houses the Grand Hotel Continental is also located on Calea Victoriei, built in 1886 in the German Renaissance style. In addition to the historical buildings that are located on the Victoriei Avenue, there are countless shops of luxury brands.

It is fascinating to watch the buildings on one side and on the other side stores, lights, and people wandering, just like yourself. The Victoriei Avenue is a manifestation of life at its highest odds, wearing conspicuous imprint of the past, which has made his way to our present times.

Rooms: 59
Price: from 91 EUR per night


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