Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

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Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador
Hotel Angermeyer Waterfront In, Galapagos - Ecuador

Explore the best of Galapagos from the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn and discover the enchantment of the islands with comfort, privacy and splendid amenities.

Let all your worries disappear beyond the blue ocean and begin an exciting adventure of clear waters, breathtaking sunsets and glorious beaches, enjoy the town from our spacious rooms and signature suites, designed to provide our guests with natural light and soft tones to create a clean aesthetic.

Our welcoming spaces are perfect to appreciate the moments you share with friends and family when you travel, a place to truly rest after a day of exploration at the Galapagos Islands.

The decor invites you to unwind and take time to admire all the nature that surrounds you as each room evokes the breeziness of the beach, an island mood to start fresh adventures far away from the routine.

We offer our guests various accommodation options, standard rooms, superior rooms and suites, which usually have a view of the ocean or the hotel’s garden. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot-water showers, and feature fans, air conditioning, tv, minibar, and other amenities.

All rooms are smoke-free. Wifi is available throughout the hotel and we provide laundry service, airport transfers, assistance with tours and more, just ask our staff. A remarkable variety of delicious breakfast is included when you book with us, which you can enjoy at La Isla Grill, our local gourmet restaurant.

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is situated on one of Puerto Ayora’s most historic grounds. Until 2003 the home of Gus Angermeyer sat here. He was among the earliest settlers on the island of Santa Cruz. Having left Germany in the early 1930´s, he and his brothers set on an adventure bound for the Galapagos islands.

Charles Darwin’s descriptions and tales from whalers and other adventurers about these unique bounty islands, inspired their dream of a life in harmony with nature and their surroundings. And the Galapagos islands would prove to be everything they had dreamed of – and then some.

When arriving in the Galapagos islands in the mid 1930´s there were only a few already living here – among them some Germans, Norwegians and Ecuadorians. They settled on the island of Santa Cruz, and in the following years the three brothers who would remain in the islands married and had families of their own.

Some families settled in the highlands where they would grow crops, vegetables and fruits in the more fertile soil, while others – among them the Angermeyers – settled around the bay area where they would build boats for fishing. The three brothers and their families all settled around the area later known as “Angermeyer Point”.

For obvious reasons their homes were built from the natural resources available, mainly lava rocks and wood. Many of these structures are still standing today and are a main part of the atmosphere in the area.

One of the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn’s central structures is Gus Angermeyer’s “cave” – now serving as the hotel reception and café. This legendary site was Gus’ sanctuary, where he would read the works of Shakespeare and Einstein and tell about his amazing adventures to those who were fortunate enough to get invited.

Our aim has been to capture as much of Gus’ spirit as possible – meaning to live in tranquility and harmony with nature and our surroundings.

In our one of a kind suites you can enjoy balconies with direct ocean views, all comfortably furnished with a cozy space for taking in the beauty of the waterfront at Puerto Ayora. Relax and unwind surrounded by majestic sceneries in a suite designed to meet all your needs. Suites can be accommodated as single, double or triple.

The superior rooms offer direct ocean and garden views, with amazing balconies facing the waterfront. Wake up every morning with the sounds of the ocean and enjoy Galapagos from these wonderful rooms, furnished to provide you with a privileged point of view to rejoice with the awe-inspiring scenery. Rooms are available as single, double or triple options.

On Santa Cruz island you’ll find many places to enjoy local delicacies but you don’t have to go far from the hotel to delight yourself with a truly delicious gastronomic experience.

Right at the patio of the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn our guests can enjoy the wide variety of extraordinary dishes of La Isla Grill, a remarkable restaurant, with stellar customer service; a wonderful place for enjoying spectacular views and feeling the breeze while tasting delicious signature dishes.

Isla Grill Restaurant offers an unrivaled view to the beauty of the islands, it’s furnished in a contemporary style with clean lines, culminating in a familiar, comfortable and pleasant space. At Isla Grill you can enjoy a great selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood and fish to savory tender meat.

The expertise of this restaurant at combining grilled flavors with a touch of Midori Pub is evident.  Delicious fresh breakfasts are provided each morning by the food experts of Isla Grill, you will get to choose from a fine selection of options from a breakfast menu.

Be amazed at the seafood flavors of the mouth-watering fresh dishes of Isla Grill Restaurant, like Gus Octopus, Ceviche Midori, Grilled Tuna, Churrasquito or Galapago´s Style Lobster.

The culinary masters of Isla Grill are ready to surprise your palate with appetizers, ceviches, salads, land grill, seafood grill, desserts and more, always using fresh and organic local ingredients to support the local community. All dietary preferences and needs can be catered.

Join the charming atmosphere of Santa Cruz at the restaurant’s bar with a complete variety of national, imported and artisanal beers and colorful and delicious cocktails to relax by the ocean and share formidable moments with family and friends.

Our glorious signature cocktails are a delight as well, like the Tortuga Bay, Whisky Ginger or the Punta Estrada. Dare to try our spiced handcrafted sangria. A top quality of liquors and a worthy wine list are available to compliment your special occasions.

At the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn we are happy to create memorable moments and celebrate special occasions. Birthdays, tasting events, marriage proposals, romantic surprises, candlelit dinner at our private deck, you name it, we are experts in ambiance, our sea view confirms it.

The hotel and the restaurant can tailor experiences according to your needs. From a private work dinner to an elegant wedding, we can help you create unforgettable events on our beautiful waterfront.

Galapagos Islands are a vast archipelago with many fascinating places to visit, some close by from Santa Cruz Island and others further away. Time genuinely flies by when you’re having fun traveling and when you’re exploring all there is to see and experience in this world-class destination.

We’ve tailored these itineraries and packages to offer our guests a way to get the most out of their visit but also enjoy relaxing and discovering the wonders of the island at their own pace.

Subject to availability, the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can assist you with a customized itinerary and special packages for longer visits to the islands, which may include a pre or post cruise extension, diving expeditions and daily yacht tours so you can explore the archipelago by sea and then rest after all the adventuring in our hotel from where you can enjoy sandy beaches, delicious seafood and the charming nightlife of Santa Cruz Island.

Galapagos is a vast archipelago with multiple activities available to enjoy the beauty of this National Park. Many attractions of the islands can be visited directly from our hotel, a perfect base to explore incredible highlights on Santa Cruz Island and beyond.

You´ll be able to get to some great local places just by walking a little, as the Inn is located near centric attractions. Others may be accessible only by a car ride, sailing, or if you dare, even by diving in the turquoise ocean waters of Galapagos.

The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn’s unrivaled location allows our guests to visit some spectacular spots of Santa Cruz Island by walking, although sometimes a short water taxi ride may be needed to access specific places.

Beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters for swimming, snorkeling and even surfing and paddleboarding among other magnificent activities and tours are available within walking distance of our hotel.

A great close by place to visit is the Charles Darwin Research Station, here you’ll learn about the Galapagos Islands origins and observe giant Galapagos tortoises and other species. You can also visit native gardens and a public library.

This important Research Station has worked for decades to provide scientific knowledge to ensure the conservation and restoration of the Galapagos Islands. Next to the station you’ll find a beautiful beach where marine iguanas usually sunbathe. The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour of the Research Station, ask our staff for more information.

Las grietas, meaning “The Cracks”, is a volcanic fracture in which saltwater and freshwater mix to create a marvelous ecosistem with natural pools to swim and snorkel among tropical fish. Bathe in crystalline and calm waters surrounded by giant rocks and discover all the beauty of this lovely formation.

You can jump off to the water or enjoy the marked trails of the site. This unique and beautiful place is a great spot for watching a variety of birds. The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn can offer you a guided tour of Las Grietas, ask our staff for more information.

Playa de los Alemanes or German Beach is one of the most famous attractions of Santa Cruz Island, known for its crystalline turquoise calmed waters and white sand. This rather small but very popular beach, is easy to access and allows visitors to swim, snorkel, kayak and observe the Galapagos Islands fauna from a privileged place.

This natural public beach is protected by mangroves, when you visit this or any beach, please remember to keep hydrated, apply sunscreen and never leave any trash residues behind.

Another beautiful and easy to access Galapagos beach is The Station Beach. You’ll find this gorgeous place on your way to the Charles Darwin Station. This lovely beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and birdwatching.

Sunsets are breathtaking and the atmosphere on the beach is relaxed. At Playa de la Estación sea lions, marine iguanas and other incredible species are often seen enjoying the sun along the volcanic rocks and white sand at the shore of the beach.

If you’re a fan of fresh fish and would like to explore the daily community life of Puerto Ayora you’ll enjoy a visit to the local fish market. You can get there by taking the route along the bay of Puerto Ayora, where you’ll find souvenir shops and other attractions.

At the fish market you’ll get a glimpse of the lively morning routine of the fishermen and buy the catch of the day for a really fresh lunch. Nevertheless, probably the most amusing aspect of the fish market is the spectacle of pelicans and sea lions waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal some food. The best time to visit this unique place is early in the morning.

Although many of the Santa Cruz island’s popular activities are close by the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, there are other unique places that will require some light traveling as they are a little further away from the hotel. Explore all of the terrains of Santa Cruz Island and discover incredible natural formations, volcano craters, pristine beaches and more.

If you’d like to explore the highlands of Puerto Ayora you can’t miss Rancho Primicias, a wonderful reserve famous for its giant Galapagos tortoises that can be seen wild and free, roaming carelessly in their natural habitat.

Walk among these iconic tortoises and experience an up close look at the emblem animal of the archipelago. To get to this great place you’ll need to take a 30 minute ride to the highlands of the island, a trip that´ll be worth the wait.

Definitely the world of the Galapagos Islands never ceases to amaze, around Santa Cruz Islands you can visit multiple stunning natural formations, but perhaps the most peculiar ones are the Lava Tunnels. These enormous geological wonders were formed by volcanic eruptions and are considered a labyrinth of complex passageways that connect underground.

The atmosphere inside the tunnels is silent and cool and you can really hear the echo of your voice in these long volcanic rock tunnels where once lava passed through, millions of years ago while the islands of this wonderful archipelago were forming.

The Twin Craters, or Los Gemelos are astonishing formations located in the highest lands of the island. They’re two big depressions on the land, separated only by a road.

These impressive holes were formed by volcanic eruptions, many even say they’re remnant craters of ancient volcanoes. On this spectacular landscape you can hike, explore and watch an incredible variety of Galapagos birds.

El Trapiche is a surprising place to visit, this is a complete farm where delicious organic crops are cultivated. Coffee, sugar cane, tomatoes and more, grow in these fertile lands where they’re also processed for consumption. Visitors can enjoy all the stages of fascinating, old timey and artisanal ways of processing products like “aguardiente” liquor or ground coffee.

The name of the place makes reference to the name of an artisanal machine used to extract the juice out of sugar cane. On this educational and entertaining tour you can purchase the farm’s products, such as coffee and sugar cane liquor.

This whole beach is considered a National Park in itself, right on the eastern side of the island, you’ll find this captivating beach where a great variety of wildlife can often be seen and there`s nothing but nature around you.

The turquoise water of the sea is perfect for snorkeling, swimming or just enjoying a relaxing day. If you’re looking for a less crowded place to sunbathe or take a walk this is the right place. There’s a trail on this beach for encountering flamingos in a nearby lagoon. Kayaking is also popular at this secluded site.

At the eastern side of the highlands of Santa Cruz Island you’ll find the Cerro Mesa Galapagos Ecological Reserve, a remarkable viewpoint where you can take extraordinary landscape pictures, hike and enjoy birdwatching surrounded by the native forest of this side of the island.

This exceptional place offers camping sites to spend the night under the stars, a visit to the biggest sinkhole of the island and adequate gear and bicycle equipment to explore the area. Cerro Mesa is located at close distance from the Garrapateros beach, a joint visit is possible.

Another great place to visit in our beloved Santa Cruz Island is El Chato II, a big ranch on the highlands where giant tortoises live and roam free while visitors walk among nature.

This reserve is a great place for bird watchers also, there are multiple species of birds around the area. Due to the size of the place a guide is recommended when visiting this attraction although you can find trails to discover tortoises along the way.

Tortuga Bay is a beach to fall in love with, its white fine sands melt in your hands, you’ve never seen such distinct sand. Many visitors of the Galapagos Islands state that this is their favorite beach in the archipelago, and it’s no wonder why, kilometers of a white sandy beach with ponds filled with tropical fish, wildlife sightings and pristine turquoise waters make this beach an absolute must.

A trail must be followed by foot to reach this paradisiac beach, it’s the perfect place for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and even surfing!

It’s hard to visit the Galapagos Islands and resist the urge to explore beyond what your feet allow, you’ll want to dive into the clear waters around you and just see more. Each island of this archipelago is unique and features different species and landscapes.

When you stay at the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn at Santa Cruz Island you can book a one day escapade to some of the awesome nearby islands and discover even more of the beauty of Galapagos. Taking a sailing tour for a day is a great way to explore beyond the sea and then, after all the adventuring, return to the commodities of our hotel.

At these popular tours you’ll hike, meet incredible wildlife and snorkel, lunch will be served aboard the yacht. Most yachts have a capacity of maximum sixteen passengers and early booking is needed if you’d like to enjoy this sailing experience, as it’s a shared service with limited availability. We have carefully designed great expedition programs for you to choose from.

The one day excursion to Bartolome Island begins in the Itabaca Channel, you’ll enjoy a beautiful two hour long ocean ride till you reach this central island with fantastic scenery. Bartolome Island formed over an extinguished volcano and around the isle it’s possible to see other remarkable volcanic formations in multiple colors like red, orange, green and black.

A spectacle for all visitors. The famous Pinnacle Rock is one of the main attractions of this island, a place where Galapagos penguins can be seen. At this stunning snorkeling site you may also meet marine tortoises and many tropical fish.

Another popular Day Tour is a visit to Santa Fe Island, a dazzling volcanic terrain formed by millennial eruptions. This is an ideal site for trekking and snorkeling, so if you’re a fan of adventure traveling, you’ll enjoy Santa Fe Island.

Land iguanas and sea lions will welcome you, along with blue footed boobies, Darwin’s finches and more. Wildlife is everywhere you look, enjoying the sun and the waves of this paradise land. This tour could last around eight hours, so be prepared for a long day exploring the sea of this magnificent archipelago.

North Seymour Island was raised from the bottom of the ocean after the intense seismic activities that took place thousands of years ago, when the archipelago was forming.

This almost flat landed island provides marvelous wildlife encounters, get ready to be greeted by Galapagos sea lions and some of the most iconic Galapagos birds like blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds.

The island is home of the endemic land iguana, as well as the only marine iguana in the world. On this excursion for the day you’ll get to sail and explore for about eight hours, lunch will be served aboard the yacht.

South Plaza Island is one of the smallest islands of Galapagos but yet it has the largest land iguana population of the area. The island possesses big cactus forests and it’s always visited by sea lions and blue footed boobies.

This One Day tour will take you to the shores of the astounding South Plaza Island where the clear, turquoise waters of the ocean oppose the red tones of the land for an astonishing landscape. Around the isle wildlife is abundant and you may meet special and unique species such as land and marine iguanas, pelicans, alligators and a great variety of birds.

If you’re up to even more adventures at sea, diving is the next step for exploring the wonders of Galapagos Islands. Discover a whole new world diving into Galapagos underwater ecosystem and meet the most amazing ocean life, explore beneath the waves and swim among the unique creatures of this magic archipelago.

Just imagine diving in this aquatic paradise of 76,448 square miles of protected marine habitat, exploring the incredible Galapagos Islands underwater, is to enjoy truly immaculate native marine life and share the ocean with beautiful astonishing creatures like sharks, rays, turtles and more, at their natural habitat.

Scuba Diving is another popular activity on the archipelago so booking in advance is needed to secure a spot on these special shared tours. There are multiple options for great diving, either at open sea or at shallow waters, diving sites are ranked according to difficulty, whether you’re a beginner or a professional diver, there’s a place for you to join the underwater life for the adventure of a lifetime.

At Angermeyer Waterfront Inn we can tailor make the ideal package for you, including accommodation as well as a few days of diving and some other excursions in the islands; you may also combine some days of diving either before or after a cruise.

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