Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel

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Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka
Kings Pavilion Luxury Hotel Kandy - Sri Lanka

Perfectly placed in the cosy confines of the misty mountains and verdant forestlands, Kings Pavilion Kandy, transports you back to an era of bliss; a time when great kings ruled the central highlands of Sri Lanka!

Bringing you a profound sense of peace with its luxurious offerings, our Kandy hotel, lets you slip into a sense of serenity and lets you enjoy the retreat that you have been longing for all along!

Composed of meticulously crafted accommodation options, sensibly selected amenities, best in class service standards and a host of unique indulgent experiences, we at King’s Pavilion Kandy let you craft memories that you will carry in your hearts for a lifetime!

Wander along the magnificent sites in Kandy that oozes vibrant history and colonial splendour. Listen to the voices echoing through the walls of the ancient buildings and traverse the land that once flourished as a proud kingdom in the emerald isle of Sri Lanka.

Nestled in the heart of the once mighty Kandyan Kingdom, Kings Pavilion is perfectly placed to offer you the best that the hill capital has to offer. A haven of tranquillity overlooking the breathtaking Hunnasgiriya Mountain, our centrally located hotel in Kandy is only 1.5 km from the bustling town centre.

This means that we are just minutes away not only from Kandy Town’s main train and bus stations, but premier retail venues, dining hotspots and cultural attractions as well. Exploring Kandy has never been so easy!

Our story begins in Aniwatta, one of the city’s most exclusive residential locales, which offers a sense of seclusion while also being within easy reach of Kandy town. It was here that a corporate bungalow was established set amidst breathtaking vistas of the area.

It is this very bungalow that has been transformed by Kings Pavilion, preserving its traditional rustic charm and infusing touches of luxurious elegance. All this, seamlessly blend with unobstructed mountain panoramas of Knuckles on one side and Hanthana on the other.

At our luxury hotel in Kandy, we provide guests a chance to truly appreciate this natural heritage; there are over 50 endemic trees in and around the property and a fascinating array of wildlife including several species of birds, that let you appreciate the true wonder of nature.

Our well trained and professional staff take care of your every need, as we recreate for you the grandeur enjoyed by 17th century kings of Sri Lanka. Kings Pavilion is where you can experience discreet, personalised service and genuine hospitality; it is a place for those who deserve to be treated like royalty.

Wake up to soft sunlight that falls in through the full length glass windows while a cool Kandyan breeze wafts in. Enjoy your morning tea or coffee in the spacious balcony that allows for panoramic views and bask in tastefully appointed furnishings, fit for a king.

Enjoy magical views from the lavish bathroom and take in the minimalistic settings accentuated by rustic luxury that was the trademark of the Kandyan kings. We ensure that each day of your stay at our hotel in Kandy will make you feel like a journey back in time.

A sanctuary in the mountains, the suites at our luxury hotel in Kandy epitomise a royal abode where style and sophistication go hand in hand. Teak wood interiors compliment antique furnishings, seamlessly blending with modern conveniences and luxurious old world charm.

Our butler service ensures your every need is taken care of, while a Jacuzzi allows for more personal pampering. Surrounded by panoramic mountain vistas, the spacious balcony is the perfect place to be inspired by nature or fall in love all over again with that special someone.

A stay at our Kanda Uda Rata Queen’s Suite will simply take your breath away! Pamper yourself like royalty in a Jacuzzi or spend a relaxing evening reading your favourite book, surrounded by enchanting views of the Knuckles and Hanthana mountains.

The ideal escape in this ancient hillside kingdom, our Junior Suites create a sense of seclusion amidst true serenity. Distinctive décor and antique furniture that mirror the luxurious ethos of Kandyan royalty combine perfectly with contemporary comforts.

Cherish each moment you spend at our boutique hotel in Kandy; unwind in your very own Jacuzzi, take in lush green views framed against full-length glass doors or step onto the balcony, and be awed by vistas of mountains seemingly lost in time.

A stay at our Dumbara Suite is for those who prefer to keep to traditional roots yet enjoy modern day comforts. From a spacious ensuite bathroom to a charming private garden, guests are guaranteed a relaxing home away from home feeling.

Ideal for those seeking a unique getaway, no two rooms at Kings Pavilion are the same. The Yatinuwara Suite offers excellent views from its private balcony and is an ideal spot to spend the evening in solitude reading your favourite book.

With natural landscapes carpeted in rich emerald colours and mountains in the distance, our Deluxe Rooms provide a private hideaway in the hills. Traditional Kandyan style furnishings merge with luxurious modernity to create a royal living space that is truly unique amongst Kandy luxury hotels.

Curl up in bed and watch the world go slowly by, make use of free in-room Wi-Fi to share your adventures with family and friends or just unwind on the balcony, soaking up awe-inspiring vistas of Sri Lanka’s last great kingdom.

Wake up to magnificent green vistas at the Kotmale Room, offering a spacious, contemporary abode paired with elegance. Take in captivating views of surrounding mountains from your private balcony and enjoy a getaway ideal for honeymooners or a small family.

Dine like royalty during your visit to our restaurant in Kandy. We serve traditional Sri Lankan creations and the finest cuisines from around the globe. Select from a range of premium wines or sip your favourite cocktail or mocktail as you take in enchanting views.

Treat your palates to authentic Sri Lankan dishes such as the “kollu curry” and “navaratne curry”. The latter as the name suggests, is prepared using nine types of vegetables, fruits and nuts and is served upon request. Our spacious restaurant also offers breathtaking vistas of the Hunnasgiriya Mountain.

Open from as early as 06:30am to 10:30pm, it is an ideal place for locals and foreigners alike to indulge in a feast of a lifetime. Our staff is ever ready to prepare a mouth watering dish you want to sample, while theme nights are a must try at the restaurant. Signature dishes:

  • Kings Pavilion Secret Cheese & Apple Salad
  • Seafood Kingdom
  • Kings Pavilion Mix Grill Special

Take a refreshing dip in our infinity pool, built on the edge of a hill; while feasting your eyes on the majestic views of the city from our boutique hotel in Kandy.

With the idea of privacy in mind, the pool at Kings Pavilion was designed to ensure guests can enjoy the quiet atmosphere while being surrounded by nature’s regal beauty. Our private spa and sauna includes modern treatments designed to ease your tensions away. Indulge in our range of royal treatments that are fit for a king and queen.

Sri Lanka is a land enriched with a deep history and a love for its past. The hill city of Kandy, in particular, is a little gem from the past that still stands the test of time. While in Kandy, rest assured that you will find a myriad of activities to do and places to visit, that will leave you in awe and amazement at Sri Lanka’s beautiful landscapes and rich history.

There are plenty of Kandy attractions close to our hotel, such as the famous and most revered Sri Dalada Maligawa as well as the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens amongst many others.

Sri Dalada Maligawa, or more commonly known as The Temple of the Tooth, is located in the heart of the Kandy town and is the most revered temple in the country, attracting worshippers and other visitors from around the world.

Sri Dalada Maligawa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the main things to see in Kandy. The temple is known for holding a tooth relic from Lord Buddha, which is paraded through the streets of Kandy in a grand parade known as “Esala Perahera” during the months of July and August.

The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens located 5 km west of Kandy city, is the largest in the country and is close to the longest river in Sri Lanka, known as the Mahaweli River. The Royal Botanical Gardens were created in 1371 after King Wickramabahu III ascended the throne and kept court at Peradeniya.

The Gardens, one of the more popular attractions in Kandy, were believed to have once been reserved for the sole use of the Royal Family. The Peradeniya Gardens are home to approximately 4000 plant species– ranging from orchids to medicinal plants.

The epicentre of the hill capital, Kandy Town is where you can get a real feel of the city’s unique identity. Learn about its rich heritage at the National Museum, enjoy retail therapy at the local markets and the Kandy City Centre mall or discover the distinct flavours of hill country cuisine.

At the heart of the city lies the Kandy Lake encircled by tree-lined paths perfect for a stroll. Kings Pavilion is only around five minutes from this lively hub and we can organise private tours that take you sightseeing in Kandy Town, to all the best spots.

An enchanting forest reserve, Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is steeped in rich history with tales of long ago whispered through the rustling leaves. Nestled near the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, it is a rich storehouse of endemic flora and numerous bird species.

Once a forbidden forest strictly reserved for royalty, this sanctuary is one of the main Kandy tourist attractions for nature lovers offering much to discover; explore ancient pathways lit by sunlight, visit sheltered Buddhist monasteries & in the stillness, enjoy the soft calling of birds.

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