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Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
Nihi Sumba - Indonesia
18 August 2021

This is not an escape from everyday life. It is the return to a life well lived. Where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. A place to connect with something larger than oneself. A haven for the adventurer, for the wanderer.

The endlessly passionate and curious. Arrive with an open heart and leave changed forever. This is a vacation with a purpose. A destination with meaning. This is NIHI Sumba.

A rare and fascinating tale that began when Sumba’s ancestors, the ‘Marapu,’ landed on its secluded beach centuries ago.

Beliefs about their powers vary, but the Marapu spirit has remained a benevolent force on the island, protecting the way of life and attracting custodians whom honor and carry forth the heritage and stories of the Sumbanese people, past and present.

The same beach attracted Claude and Petra Graves in 1988, in search of the perfect wave. From this adventure emerged a vision to create a resort that would preserve and share the breathtaking beauty of Sumba with those who would truly appreciate it.

The beach of Nihiwatu, meaning “mortar stone,” was named by early settlers for its isolated rock formation along the tide. The Graves aptly called the resort Nihiwatu for its surrounding legacy.

By 2012, stories of the unregulated freedom and beauty of Nihi reached renowned brand-building American entrepreneur Christopher Burch, who was told Claude was looking for help to expand the resort.

Burch called on a friend from New York’s The Carlyle Hotel—South African-born hotelier James McBride, who was President of YTL Hotels in Singapore at the time—to visit Sumba. Later that year, Burch’s trip with his three sons proved to be a milestone, as he acquired NIHI in partnership with McBride.

The acquisition enabled substantial investment with the single priority to evolve Nihi into one of the best resorts in the world, an example of a sustainable operation in harmony with the environment and the Sumbanese people.

Travel + Leisure readers globally have voted NIHI as the number one hotel in the world, in all categories, for 2016 & 2017 World’s Best Awards.

Where you stay on vacation is more than just a hotel room. It is an experience. A new way of living.

Every detail in our rooms – crisp white bed linens on our signature canopy beds, handmade chocolate in the mini bar, sweeping panoramic views of the Indian ocean – is designed to make you feel both at home yet completely transported.

Villa Rahasia
Indonesian for “secret,” the “Rahasia” villa offers a playground of privacy atop the resort’s coveted Spa Safari.

The award-winning Nihi Sumba resort, a fifty-minute flight from Bali, has added yet another layer of romance to its collection of private accommodations, transforming its stand-alone “honeymoon villa” at the nearby Spa Safari™ Nihioka into an all-inclusive upgrade of secluded allure and flirtatious detail on the Edge Of Wildness™.

The only villa situated within the Spa Safari’s boundaries of rolling rice fields and cliff top views, Rahasia allows guests to feel as if they have an entire resort unto themselves.

With unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean, a symphony of crashing waves, a plunge pool, several private bales for dining or spa treatments, bush-cooked meals over an open fire, colorful sunsets, and plenty of nearby hiking, Villa Rahasia is a lover’s paradise.

Raja Mandaka Estate
Take a moment. Draw a deep breath into your lungs. Open your eyes and pull back the curtains of your bedroom. Miles and miles of blue ocean stretching in all directions. Your new home is Mandaka. The owner’s six-villa estate and the crown jewel of NIHI Sumba. Give in to absolute luxury. You belong here.

The main house features a freestanding master bedroom with a lap pool and cold plunge pool, a full second bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a library, living room, an indoor dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The vast outdoor entertaining space includes a deck, dining, daybeds, and a covered lounge. It offers the most exquisite view of the coast, with the feeling that you can step out onto the ocean.

The 3 two-story, one-bedroom villas (Raja Marangga Duplex and Raja Kanatar) are dotted behind the main Raja Mandaka residence on a gentle slope. Sumbanese architecture is infused throughout, including each entry level with a partially covered deck, living room, bathroom, and outdoor lounge.

The downstairs family room provides an extra sleeping space for up to two children, or to relax, watch a movie, or work. The upstairs bedroom opens to a treetop platform and outdoor shower.

Nestled under the trees in a cottage like setting, Raja Lamba’s one-bedroom villa combines the luxury of the expansive estate with its own secluded corner of the property overlooking Nihi’s coveted surf wave.

A private path leads directly down to the Boat House for water activities, socializing, and sunset cocktails. Ideal for those traveling alone and can also be rented out as a guest bedroom for friends and family of those staying in Raja Mandaka.

One Bedroom Villas
Where you stay on vacation is more than just a hotel room. It is an experience. A new way of living.

Every detail in our rooms – crisp white bed linens on our signature canopy beds, handmade chocolate in the mini bar, sweeping panoramic views of the Indian ocean – is designed to make you feel both at home yet completely transported.

Dining punctuates the day. It brings on the morning and closes out the night. It gives meaning to each hour. As such we’ve taken great care designing the dining experience for our guests. Our menus are crafted to recall local flavors and far flung tastes, using fresh produce from our on site organic garden.

Local fish is caught and brought up daily from our shores to be prepared in a new way every night. Toast is always cooked over an open fire, never in a toaster. We invite you to experience the details that make NIHI Sumba Island a singular culinary experience.

Ombak Restaurant
The hub of dining activity is the main, sandy-floored Ombak (meaning wave front) restaurant and bar lounge. Ombak, an exquisitely crafted open-air restaurant, serves a la carte breakfast and dinner daily in a relaxed convivial atmosphere. During the week we create special dining experiences including spectacular BBQs.

The large outside deck, cantilevered over the ocean, offers relaxed lounge seating and a spectacular private dining experience, The Nest, perched on the crest of the ocean, is perfect for a romantic dinner or an intimate group meal.

Nio Beach Club & Pool
Just bare footsteps from the sea, the Nio Beach Club offers open-aired pavilions serving the highest quality of fresh ingredients for lunch: whether it is a fish just caught from sea, delicious vegetables and legumes from our three abundant organic gardens, items from the grill, daily rotisserie, or freshly made pizzas from our wood fired clay oven, the Chef and his team will satiate your appetite with delicious, healthy dishes.

Visit Kaboku for an intimate meal of fresh caught seafood, Omakase style. Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you”.

Watch our sushi chefs prepare a seven-course menu for you including an assortment of catch-of-the-day, against a backdrop of brilliant sunsets and a roaring beach fire.

The chic structure captures a high-end Japanese sushi bar environment, while surrounded by our signature open-air resort ambience. Limited to six people per seating, the restaurant is open five nights a week, with advance reservations. Try the sake and wine pairing with your meal.

Our newest culinary offering, Mex’Ikan is a waterfront tapas bar serving tacos, ceviche, pepitas arepas, and much more with a premium selection of Mezcals, piscos and tequilas.

A daily menu created with natural and fresh ingredients picked from our organic garden and a catch of the day from the ocean makes it a popular choice for a late lunch or a casual dinner.

Well Being
Perched above the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean, our award-winning Spa Safari™ Nihioka is an experience not to be missed. We offer a range of endless treatments from sea salt scrubs and mud wraps to coconut water hair washes and signature NIHI massages, from sun-up to sundown.

Our Yoga Pavilion offers breathtaking 360-degree views atop the ridge of the resort, with an open-air platform for private or group lessons. Throughout the resort, you will find many places that support meditation and a connection to oneself.

Allow yourself to let go as the healing hands of our Sumbanese Spa team take you on a therapeutic journey where your mind and body transcend, assisted by the healing blends of pure essential oils in combination with gentle nurturing and energy work.

Perched above the crashing waves of the Indian ocean, our Boathouse Spa is an experience not to be missed. We offer a range of treatments from manicures and pedicures to our signature NIHI massage that can be enjoyed on site as well as in the privacy of your own room or any one of our picturesque spa bales that punctuate the property.

With a passion for bringing the best elements of nature for healing & relaxing journeys, Nihioka Spa offers a curated collection of indulgent experiences designed to deliver results and nurture you inside and out.

Each of our journeys is preluded with sea salt foot soak and scrub that cleanse your energy and prepare to your rejuvenation experience.

Specialized massage techniques combined with the caring hands of our well-trained therapist deliver relaxing and rebalancing benefits. Explore our unique selection of massages that combine authentic manual therapies and pure essential oils to boost circulation and wellbeing.

Body Treatments
These intense and indulgent treatments blend local, natural ingredients that calm and nourish skin, providing great relief from rough skin texture and sun damage. These treatments will restore your body, mind, and spirit in total harmony.

Enhancement & Facial
For the ultimate wellness care, add specialty add-ons to any treatments or delight your senses and enhance your natural beauty with our signature facial created for your specific skin needs.

Kids’ Spa-tacular
Bond with your precious ones while enjoying a unique face and body spa experience created just for kids, such as: Cacao & Brown Sugar Scrub; Cool Kids Aloe Wrap; Comfort Massage or Dazzling Facial.

Yoga and wellness is an integral part of the NIHI Sumba experience. The design of our yoga pavilion reflects just that: a breathtaking platform set atop a cliff side ridge offers sweeping views of Nihiwatu Beach on the Indian Ocean.

The schedule created by NIHI’s Resident Yoga Teacher caters to all levels, honouring limitations while also elevating each student their highest potential through an integrated journey of body, mind, and spirit.

Complimentary group classes are offered daily on the hilltop pavilion including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation. Private bookings are also available in the privacy of guests villas or one of the awe-inspiring locations around the island.

Hatha Yoga
A gentler class than the Vinyasa Flow classes, Hatha Yoga consists of dynamic Yoga postures that will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility and increase concentration & inner calm. Learn correct alignment, conscious breathing, work with possible injuries, relax, and enjoy!

Vinyasa Flow
A strong and energetic flow class, this style of Yoga links breath and movement through a creative, flowing sequence of Yoga postures. Expect to sweat and leave feeling invigorated, refreshed, and inspired. Modifications are given for different levels. All levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a Taoist form of Yoga that targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. Instructed at a gentle, soothing pace, floor postures are held for longer periods of time (3-5min) to facilitate deeper opening. The long holds create space for mindfulness and connection within.

Katonah® Vinyasa
A style of Vinyasa Flow that blends with Nevine Michaan’s Katonah Yoga. Classes emphasize archetypal geometry, Taoism, imagination, and metaphor, to bring the individual into alignment with the self. Learn how the body is designed to fit itself and find more freedom in your practice.

Restorative Yoga
Replenish your body, mind and soul with a deeply relaxing restorative yoga practice. Find stillness in deep yet subtle stretches and relaxing music. Most poses are on the floor supported by props such as blocks and bolsters. Release and let go.

Kundalini Yoga
Reach a higher state of consciousness and well-being through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Feel your energy rise through powerful yogic kriyas, breath-work exercises, deep meditations, and mantra.

Every class is different, varying from energized to deeply relaxing, and always drawing you inward toward self-realization and understanding. The unique experience of Kundalini Yoga is open to all levels.

Moon Yoga
Part of the magic of Sumba is syncing with the rhythms of nature. Twice a month, on the day of the New Moon and the Full Moon, indulge in a lunar yoga class with our Resident Yoga Teacher.

These Slow Flow classes focus on setting intentions, manifesting, letting go of old energies, and practicing gratitude. All levels are welcome.

Meditation & Breath-Work
Find connection with your inner universe through the breath and meditation. Learn simple techniques for sustaining single pointed concentration, clearing the mind and deepening your consciousness.

Meditation promotes relaxation, blood flow, a sense of total well-being, and steady mindedness. Breath-work or Pranayama modulates the nervous system and creates a sense of inner alignment and balance.

Sumba Warrior
Join our Resident Yoga Teacher and members of our Sumbanese staff for a special community class on the hilltop pavilion. This creative spin on traditional yoga postures will allow you to truly embody the Sumbanese Warrior, connect with our local people, and have a lot of fun giving back to the Sumba Foundation!

Private Lessons
Enjoy a serene practice and personalized yoga session at your own leisure. Each class is tailored to suit your individual requirements, and can take place at our Yoga Pavilion or in your private villa. No experience necessary, and all levels welcome.

Special Workshops
Deepen your yoga and meditation practice through our seasonal special workshops. Topics may include Inversion Practice, Breathwork Techniques, Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Somatic Meditation – and beyond.

Check the schedule upon your arrival for these targeted yoga experiences, designed to elevate and enhance your practice.

Spa Safari™ Nihioka
Tailored to indulge each one of your senses, the Spa Safari™ Nihioka is a one of a kind experience not to be missed. The day begins just after sunrise with a 90-minute optional trek through rolling hills, expansive rice fields, and a traditional Sumbanese village.

After the trek, cold towels and fresh coconut await you before arriving at your dining area cantilevered over a private natural cove, where a full breakfast is served. After breakfast your spa therapist will show you to your private cliffside Bale (bah-lay).

Once settled, you may choose to enjoy a swim in the ocean or simply dive right in to your selection of treatments, which range from body wraps and scrubs to 90-minute massages and an organic facial. Ultimately the day is centered on you: your wants and your needs at whatever pace truly allows you to unwind.

Guests are driven in open-air vehicles back to the resort as the sun sets, having experienced both adventure and serenity in equal measure. Guests with previous riding experience can also choose to ride a horse to Nihioka for an additional charge.

We have hosted some incredible weddings at NIHI, initiating a union of adventure for newlywed couples. No matter how simple or nuanced your taste, the magic of Sumba creates an extraordinary setting that can’t be beat.

Our team can accommodate the most intimate affair, or support a resort-wide takeover. We’ve even orchestrated an impromptu ceremony for enamored guests when the mood struck.

Sumba weddings are loaded with culture. Whether you choose to marry on our long stretch of beach, in the mystical rain forest, or clifftop above the ocean, exotic romance is captured by the colorful ceremony of local tradition.

Village priests will lead the ceremony, which includes cultural beliefs such as chewing local Betel nut, a marriage ritual symbolizing the sealing of the union, similar to the exchanging of rings.

Other features such as Sumbanese wedding garments, an animal sacrifice, a ceremonial march of horses or water buffalo, fire dancers, and more may be incorporated for an authentic, and euphoric, Sumbanese celebration.

We can welcome up to 80 adults in 43 rooms. Please inquire about shared/group villas and space for children.

Let us help you build your dream itinerary. Whether that includes surf lessons at coconut cove alongside world class instructors or hikes into local villages, we are here to create bespoke experiences that cater to your passions and interests.

Go Bespoke
Staying true to our promise of an off-script vacation, we offer you an open itinerary to build your own adventure. We create personalized excursions to unique destinations around Sumba designed to suit your own interests and requests.

Whether it’s bird watching in the deep of the jungle or swimming in the crystal clear waters of Weekuri lake after enjoying a delightful picnic menu of your choosing, our guides will make sure that your tailor-made excursion is an unforgettable one.

Sea Experiences
The Indian Ocean’s underwater sea life is dynamic and intense, yet inspires stillness and harmony. Discover it’s exotic energy and beautiful wildlife with any one of our individual activities, or a tailored package for water enthusiasts.

NIHI Sumba has earned a reputation for one of the world’s most coveted waves. Known as “God’s Left” or often “Occy’s Left” (after Australian surfer Mark Occhilupo), the wave is popular for its character.

Even for the most experienced surfer it presents a challenge because it is so sensitive to different conditions: tides, size, strength, and direction.

Catching a good ride isn’t as easy as it looks, but once you’ve made the right pick, the reward is a two to three hundred meter long and often thrilling ride down the line through sections of ripple walls and heaving barrels.

Novice and first-time surfers can still get their feet wet with lessons on Nihiwatu beach, depending on the swell. Calmer waters can often be found at nearby Coconut Cove, where surfers can spend half a day with breakfast or lunch and do some light surfing, then be driven back to the resort.

The wave has been a popular one for avid, recreational, and professional surfers for decades. As our resort has grown, so has the popularity of our wave. To maintain a surfing experience that is unparalleled in the world, we limit the wave to ten registered surfers per day.

It is essential to reserve your slot (maximum 1 per Villa and according to availability) at the time of your trip confirmation to avoid disappointment. Surf slots can only be reserved by accomplished surfers.

Beginner surfers need not book a surf slot, as surf lessons are booked to secure the services of a Nihi Sumba Island Waterman & Surf Instructor. For beginner and intermediate surfers, there are fantastic neighboring waves that can be travelled to by boat, or car, at an additional charge.

Surf Lesson

Let our watermen teach you how to surf the world-class waves of Nihi Sumba. Calmer waters can often be found at nearby Coconut Cove, where surfers can spend half a day with breakfast or lunch and do some light surfing, then be driven back to the resort.

However, the location of surf lessons depends on the season, weather conditions, and available surf slots. In the popular high season, we recommend booking a surf slot together with a surf lesson for those who want to tackle Occy’s Left.

For safety reasons, our instructors may decide to reschedule or cancel lessons. We will accommodate groups of no more than four people who want to share their time and instruction on the wave together.

Kite Surfing
In addition to surfing, we now offer another adrenaline fix on our world class waves! From beginner to advanced levels, depending on the wind conditions and direction, you can launch from our resort-front beach and kitesurf along our 2.5km coastline.

Beginners will learn with training kites, and there are beautiful, calm, deserted beaches a short drive away where the conditions are ideal.

Hydrofoil Surfing
“Foiling” is an action sport that has gained in popularity, allowing surfers a continuous ride when they don’t want to wait to be propelled out of the water by the perfect wave.

A hydrofoil (or rudder) attaches to the bottom of the board, lifting it as much as three feet out of the water and creating the sensation that one is flying over the ocean. Foiling can also help generate speed while kiteboarding or windsurfing, though experience in those sports first is required.

Fishing & Spearfishing
For those who are up to the challenge of fishing the Indonesian Archipelago, our Boathouse team can guide anglers from amateurs to enthusiasts on unique and unparalleled fishing on remote waters.

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of reeling in a big catch from the deep blue and having our chefs serve it up sashimi style or for your evening meal!

Our Indian Ocean-facing coastline features an abundantly rich marine environment, hosting one of the largest concentrations of phytoplankton nutrients in the world.

The summer season blooms, due to strong monsoonal winds that create a huge coastal ocean upwelling, which generously supports the marine ecosystem with a thriving food chain.

Deep sea fishing off of the coast of Nihi produces some impressive catches. Our offshore eco-systems provide an active deep sea fishing excursion for big game enthusiasts.

Plenty of sites that attract underwater sea life enable us to access thrilling fishing adventures, with deep and shallow reefs, pinnacles, mountain bombies, rocky caves, FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) and drop-offs to name a few.

Our boathouse is equipped with the full range of fishing equipment for many techniques including trolling with rapalas, feathers, baited hooks & lures, surface casting lures and poppers, light jigging, and fishing rigs.

Our expert boatmen and local fishermen will locate the most active spots, and assist with prep and line as needed. Set out early in the morning and your catch will be ready for lunch!

For the more intrepid guest, a two-hour spearfishing class combines sport with the awe of the underwater world. If you prefer to relax on the water, enjoy a scenic boat ride with a breakfast or lunchtime troll, then jump in the water for a swim with colorful fish.

Sandalwood Stables
Horses are the soul of Sumba. Nihi’s exceptional equestrian facility, Sandalwood Stables, offers the perfect vacation for horse lovers. Our resident horse whisperer, Carol Sharpe, has handpicked an exceptional team of local sport horses ready to carry guests off into the sunset and beyond.

Trail rides include the beach at sunset, a beach-to-bush outing through local villages, select day trips to Rice Island or Spa Safari™ Nihioka (weather permitting), and a visit to neighboring Coconut Cove for a gallop through calm waves.

Sunset and Sunrise Beach Ride
As the sun sets or the day begins, take in the changing hues from the shores of Nihiwatu’s stunning two and a half kilometer beach astride one of the beautiful Sumba horses.

Enjoy a gentle stroll or pick up the pace splashing through the rolling ocean shallows. This is undoubtedly where you will get that amazing hero holiday shot! No riding experience needed.

Swimming with the Horses
When the swell is low and high tide is waning, this is the perfect time to go swimming the horses on Nihiwatu beach. Down at the stables our horsemen will match you up with a horse fitted with a bareback pad for grip and comfort, and lead you down to the water in front of the Boathouse.

The horses love to cool off in the water; it is a wonderful feeling to be on their backs as they wade, splash, and play weightlessly in the ocean. When the swell causes their hooves to leave the ground and they start to swim a little you feel yourself float momentarily above their backs, it’s quite exhilarating!

Survival Apnea
Waterman (surfer & freediver), Augusto spends his year sharing knowledge in the practises of breathing & breath bolding, and healthy living.

Augusto is the Co-founder of Survival Apnea, an education system that shares Surfer´s and Freediver´s insights with the aim to help individuals increase performance in all types of stressful and challenging situations through the development of Self Awareness & Self Control.

Parallel to the above, he is a Head Coach at Wildfitness. Which allows him to share knowledge & skills on how to live a healthy and balanced life, based on the observation of Nature and Human Evolution.

Konda Boat Cruise
This journey is designed for those who wish to combine fishing with some free time. You will leave the resort on one of our boats in the morning to catch your own lunch.

Once the fish are on board, guests are transported to the white sands of Konda Beach, which is protected from the swell, for a fresh fish BBQ and refreshing prosecco. Guests can relax and swim, stand-up paddle board, or snorkel before heading back to the resort.

Stand-up paddling is a fun and easy way to get a great full-body workout while enjoying the ocean and a few waves… a less technical and more manageable effort than surfing! If you also love paddle boarding, don’t miss our Wanukaka River Adventure, a different and refreshing way to explore the island.

The reef in front of NIHI Sumba has a beautiful wall that extends past the channel and is full of colorful coral and marine life. The ideal snorkeling conditions are when the surf is small and preferably at low tide, when the current is not as strong and visibility is better.

When you would like to snorkel, please visit the boathouse or inform the Watermen in advance so that we can prepare the zodiac and snorkel gear. For safety, we schedule a boathouse lifeguard to stand by.

Reserve a jet ski for a spin around the water in the Nihiwatu bay. Our guide will first explain the rules (which include having fun!), and then take you from shore to sea, pointing out the acceptable boundaries for enjoying your freedom with the wind in your hair. Our primary concern is safety for all water sports activities.

Land Experiences
We continue to explore all corners of the island and everything in between to introduce new and exciting excursions to our guests. Sumba is filled with geographical opulence.

Tailor-made itineraries include everything from access to local Stone Age sites and traditional villages to picnics under the majestic Lapopu and Blue waterfalls, and nature trails.

Whether on foot, bike, horse, or via open-air Safari, our fully guided tours are all within an hour from the resort and cater to the slow-pacer or the avid hiker.

Please note that some activities listed here may not be available during certain times of year due to weather conditions. Please check in advance with the team to avoid disappointment.

Sumba Expedition
This excursion has it all! Traditional villages, lush rice fields, and majestic waterfalls. We will start by driving to the nearby area of Wanukaka where we will visit the old village of Weigali (where the monolith representing The Sumba Foundation is located) where you’ll receive an informative introduction to the Marapu way of life.

After perusing some of the village’s arts and crafts, we will drive to Lapopu, a waterfall immersed in the jungle where you will have a chance picnic in front of the turquoise pools.

Blue Waterfall Trek
Stunning vistas as you descend into the Wanukaka Valley are a highlight of this 45-minute drive to Matayangu, the Blue Waterfall.

After parking at the start of the trail, we begin a 1h30 trek led by local guides through the pristine Indonesian National Park to the blue lagoon at the base of the waterfall, where one might spot wildlife such as the long-tailed Macaques, reticulated pythons, the Nusa Tenggara fly catchers, and Citrus Crested Cockatoos.

As the trail emerges from the jungle, the sheer size and scale of the waterfall basin is truly worth the walk. While you soak in your surroundings, guides will set up a picnic for a leisurely snack.

You can spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and swimming in this beautiful setting before trekking back to the vehicle. We recommend packing a sarong, swimsuit, extra shirt, sunscreen, camera, and sturdy shoes.

Wanukaka River Adventure
This is one of our most popular excursions! Float past riverbank village life on a paddle board or in a canoe, with the occasional water buffalo sighting! This scenic adventure through Sumbanese river culture provides a glimpse into everyday living.

It starts with a 30-minute scenic drive that descends through the Wanukaka Valley, and upon reaching the river, guests will receive paddle gear, instructions, and be escorted toward the ocean by guides. The adventure concludes with a picnic snack and panoramic view of rice fields and the beach.

Rice Island Trek & Brunch
This two-hour trek to Nihi’s own “Rice Island” is a diaspora of sights and sounds, starting from the beach, traversing over streams, through rice fields, and along the outskirts of local villages, down through the agricultural heart of Sumba.

Grazing water buffalo, giggling school children, and farmers harvesting their crop offer another very special element of exploring this neighboring valley. Following the two-hour hike, you will be greeted with a picnic overlooking the sprawling rice paddies below.

The return to the resort in an open-air safari vehicle drives through local villages, past schools and a few health clinics supported by our very own The Sumba Foundation. The entire experience provides another glimpse of Sumbanese culture.

Nihioka Trek & Breakfast
Guests depart the resort and trek through the surrounding palm tree forest. A guide will talk you through the changing landscape, local wildlife, and traditional communities and residences before stopping in one Sumbanese village.

After the village, you descend down into Nihioka valley, over freshwater streams and out into the cascading rice paddy fields, leading to panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Nipi Lima, a hand outstretched over the horizon, welcomes guests who wish to send good intentions out into the world.

You will be greeted with cold towels and fresh coconut water before sitting down to a bush-cooked breakfast served in a shaded tree house platform against ancient rocks and perched above the coast’s crashing waves.

After breakfast, stroll along one of the two magnificent and private beache,s and relax at your leisure. When you are ready to return to the resort, one of our open-air safari vehicles will be standing by. Alternatively, lunch can also be arranged here.

Lamboya Highlands Trek
This trek will take you to the remote area of Lamboya, where some of the most isolated and authentic villages are located.

We will drive by car to the top of the Highlands, and after visiting the scenic village of Pakat we’ll slowly traverse by foot down to the riverbed taking in the views of the coast and farmlands along the way.

Following the three-mile trek, we will take a short transfer by car to nearby “Rice Island” an elevated jungle that rises above the rice fields where snacks will be served.

Mountain Biking
Explore Sumba’s rolling hills and lush scenery from one of our mountain bikes. Our guide will show you the untouched beauty of Sumba, including a ride through nearby villages for a glimpse of daily life.

We will help you choose a route according to skill level, tailoring an itinerary that combines a great workout with unmatched sightseeing … from exhilarating downhill rides, to a calm cruise through flat lands.

A platform can be arranged at the boathouse where guests can practice their swing, all while feeding the fish along the reef! The eco-friendly balls are biodegradable and slowly release fish food!

Cultural Experiences
A stay at NIHI combines the ultimate in luxury comforts with the opportunity to authentically immerse oneself into the island’s magnificently preserved ancient culture, to imbibe in local traditions and flavors, and enjoy the rich symphony of Sumba daily life.

You can witness more of the wild and vibrant culture through a visit to the local villages and markets for local arts and crafts, monumental megalithic burial sites, and the exquisite ikat weavings recognized the world over.

Sumba Foundation Tour
We invite you to discover what The Sumba Foundation is doing across the island. The close relationship with the resort and many of our guests has brought health, nourishment, education, and enriched the lives of many indigenous Sumbanese people.

Visit a local water project, a Malaria combating health clinic, or volunteer one morning with the school lunch program. Our prearranged tour will also make a stop at the foundation headquarters, located just outside the gates of NIHI Sumba.

English Teaching
A wonderful volunteer effort for The Sumba Foundation, guests accompany staff to one of the nearby schools where they can contribute to English classes with playful lessons, songs, and games – incredibly rewarding and fun! One must be ready for all of the questions that the children will ask; they tend to be very curious!

Natural Remedies Workshop
Join us for a walk in our organic garden where we will gather the ingredients to prepare time-honored Indonesian plant remedies such as Jamu (a drink from Java influenced by ayurveda), as well asr aloe vera and virgin coconut oil serums for sunburns. After the class you will be able to take your concoctions with you.

Ikat Weaving
Women from nearby villages arrive at NIHI throughout the week to settle in at the Pasar Sumba near the Menara and weave traditional Sumbanese ikats, as well as bracelets, placemats, baskets, boxes, and containers made of pandanus or palm leaves.

If you are interested in learning this ancient art, they would be more than honored to teach you. Please inquire first with the Front Office so that we can make arrangements for you to join them.

Market & Art Shop Tour
Near NIHI Sumba there are boisterous and unique markets where you can see the piles of dried fish, chili peppers, tobacco, and betel nuts that the locals so highly cherish. You are sure to meet some great characters and it’s quite interesting to see the “pasar” and all of the vendors hawking their wares.

A trip through town includes a stop at the local fruit stand, a local Sumbanese antique store, and any other attractions that you might spot in passing.

On Wednesdays you can see a traditional local market at Kabukarudi (Lamboya) and the market at Pededewatu (Rua) on Saturdays for more insight into the everyday lives of the Sumbanese. On the way back we will also stop at one of the local art shops, the perfect chance to acquire gifts and souvenirs.

NIHI Pasola
Engage in local customs that you will not find anywhere else in the world! Our very own skilled Pasola horsemen will present a short demonstration and guide you in their high-adrenaline tradition of throwing spears, while you are dressed in cultural attire.

Once you look the part, from the safety of our equestrian arena you will be mounted bareback on one of our Sumba ponies to try your hand at spear throwing.

We should mention this is a LOT of fun and creates great photo opportunities! Sumbanese ponies have bloodlines from Mongolian and Arab horses that were bought to Sumba as trade for the coveted local Sandalwood and spices.

Though a small breed, Sumbanese ponies are very agile and highly spirited, making them ideal horses for racing, the dominant sport of the island. This has earned Sumba a reputation for the fastest and most sought-after ponies in Indonesia.

Culinary Experiences
We may be far away, but the culinary selection in our kitchen is vast. Our menus reflect the many traditions – old and new, east and west – that make up the diversity of Indonesia.

Depending on your appetite, you can try the flavors that set our corner of the world apart, or fall back on familiar cuisines. We offer classes for those who want to take a taste of Sumba home with him, and change up our dining weekly with themed meals, and always include the fresh catches of the day!

Mixology Class
Led by our head bartender, this class will equip you with the art of the cocktail (and mocktail!). Two each are chosen from our guest favorites, using ingredients from our organic garden.

Indonesian Cooking Class
Take a culinary journey through Indonesia starting with a tour of our organic gardens to learn about the local herbs and spices used in traditional Indonesian cuisine. Then, put it all to use in the kitchen cooking some of NIHI’s popular Indonesian dishes.

Japanese Cooking Class
The ideal experience after a successful day of fishing, learn how to fillet a fish and prepare sushi under the supervision of our Kaboku Restaurant chef! Other dishes include miso soup and Sakizuke.

Chris And Charly’s Chocolate Factory
After a short introduction about the story of the factory and how cocoa beans are processed, kids and adults are given an apron to start making their own creations. Bars are made with milk or dark chocolate with the choice of a variety of toppings, then refrigerated and delivered to rooms during turndown service.

We are delighted to introduce a new dynamic to the NIHI Sumba experience. NIHI Sumba has partnered with Aqua Blu Expeditions to extend our luxury guest experience onto the waters of the Indonesian archipelago.

Visit pristine nature & stunning locations. Go truly “off-grid” and visit virtually untouched areas of extreme natural beauty without having to compromise on luxury.

Land And Sea Of Indonesia
NIHI and Aqua Blu take you to an unparalleled exploration of Indonesia’s most pristine islands in 2020. Departing from Bali and exploring some of the most remote locations in the Indonesian Archipelago, your voyage with Aqua Blu will culminate at NIHI Sumba for a once in a lifetime adventure.

Spend a 4-night nautical adventure exploring the northern coastline of Sumbawa and the famed Komodo National Parks, then unwind for 3 magical nights at NIHI Sumba resort.

NIHI Sumba and Aqua Blu have carefully curated a 7 night private charter itinerary from Bali to Sumba. Starting from $195,660 based on 7 nights (4 nights on board Aqua Blu and 3 nights at Nihi Sumba). NOTE: The premium selection of NIHI Sumba’s villas included in this package are Raja Mendaka Estate, Puncak Villa, Mamole Tree House and 2x Kanatar.

Day 1
Benoa (Bali)
Your journey will begin in Bali with a warm welcome on board Aqua Blu and cruise to Moyo Island as the sun sets.

Day 2
Moyo Island
Moyo Island is a remote hilly island with a handful of fishing villages. Discover wildlife en route to a spectacular waterfall at the center of the island, dive and snorkel the shallow Angel Reefs for an unforgettable experience. Overnight sail east towards the Komodo National Park.

Day 3
Batu Moncho Bay & Gili Lawa
Enjoy spectacular sunrise and breakfast with Sangeang volcano as the backdrop and arrive at Batu Moncho Bay, a remote haven for snorkelers and divers.

In the afternoon discover Gili Lawa, a world-famous spot for drift snorkelling and diving. Large pelagics fish are very common as well as manta rays, giant trevallies and big schools of barracuda.

Day 4
Padar & Horseshoe Bay
Morning hike up the savannah hill of Padar for iconic views of the sunrise over Flores. During breakfast, sail through a spectacular sea passage to arrive in Horseshoe Bay, a dramatic curvature of land that is the remains of an ancient volcano caldera.

Visit sea eagles and Komodo dragons’ favorite haunts aboard Aqua Blu’s skiffs or choose to dive or swim in the pristine waters offboard. In the late afternoon, sail for Sumba island.and big schools of barracuda.

Day 5
Waikelo (Sumba)
Disembark at Waikelo (Sumba) anchorage for the onward journey to NIHI Sumba in a signature open air safari vehicle. Enjoy flexible time at NIHI Sumba whether it is swimming with horses, participating in yoga and meditation classes, or stand up paddling down the Wanukaka river.

Day 6
NIHI Sumba
Rest and relax in stunning eco-luxury while taking advantage of your bespoke activity of choice. Join a tour of the Sumba Foundation Projects, go mountain biking in the lush jungles, jump into the crystal clear waters of the Weekuri lake or Blue Waterfall after a customized picnic, or dine underneath stars at the Nest, perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Day 7
NIHI Sumba
Treat yourself at Spa Safari™ Nihioka and lounge the last day at Nio Beach Club, where lunched is served freshly caught from the sea, grilled or baked in wood fired clay ovens, accompanied with produce from the organic gardens.

Day 8
NIHI Sumba
NIHI Sumba Guests will be transferred to Tambolaka Airport in signature open-air safari vehicles.

NIHI Sumba: A second home for you and your family. With jungle wilderness, clear blue ocean, lengthy beach and luxury private family villas the expansive space at NIHI is perfect for families of all ages to safely romp, roam and explore.

From a vast range of organized activities with our team, to quality alone time with just your family, you decide what you and your clan get up to in Sumba.

We aim to delight your child by creating memories that last well beyond your stay with us. Focusing on engaging and immersive experiences that foster respect for the environment, build upon the adventure of travel and develop curiosity for discovery.

Rooms: 27
Price: from 675 EUR per night


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