Northern Lights Village Levi

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Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
Northern Lights Village Levi - Finland
24 February 2022

The Northern Lights Village provides a unique opportunity to experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of Lapland at close range, without sacrificing comfort.

Northern Lights Village was born in 2016, in association of CEO Markku Inkilä and his wife, Susanna Inkilä. They’ve been running the resort with incredible success over the past few years, having recently been acknowledged as ‘Achievers’ by the prestigious commerce-oriented Finnish publication ‘Kauppalehti’.

Markku is a highly experienced programme organiser and a passionate Northern Lights photographer. His photos have been published in The Sunday Times, the Telegraph, and on hundreds of websites around the world.

Susanna is in charge of Sales & Marketing, whilst also being the creative planner behind the resort’s decoration. The Northern Lights Village has gone from strength to strength in numerous aspects and will be launching a second resort in Levi, in 2019.

People behind Northern Lights Village have organised atmospheric nature activities and aurora expeditions for more than 20 years. Their specialty is the hunting and photographing of the Northern Lights. All guides are experienced photographers who can help guests take the best possible photos of the Northern Lights.

Personalised, warm and consistently exceptional service – We keep your choice in staying with us in very high regard and are committed to exceeding the expectations you have set for us.

Integrity, respect and embracing differences – We value each individual’s insight and see this as key for a sustained collective growth of our company. Our employees take centre stage as our most valuable resource.

Energy is generated sustainably with geothermal heat pumps which take advantage of moderate temperatures in the ground to efficiently generate heat in the winter and sink heat in the summer. We appreciate the resources’ nature offers us, and we treat our animals and environment with the utmost respect.

Aurora Cabins
The Aurora Cabins at the Northern Lights Village are a magical way to experience the wintry star-filled sky and the Northern Lights, while lying comfortably in the warm bed.

The laser-heated glass-roof opens up into the northern sky, directly above the bed. All the activities in the Northern Lights Village begin in the yard outside and the restaurant Kota is only a stone’s throw away.

The services at the center of Saariselkä, such as the store, the spa, and restaurants are only a 350 meter walk away while on the other side, the cabins are lined by uninhabited fells and forests.

Keep Your Glass-Roof Clear of Snow, with the Tap of a Button and Enjoy the Best View of the Sky

Make Phone Calls, Request Housekeeping, Review Your Itinerary & Bill – All from the In-Cabin Tablet

Surf the Web with Up To 200Mbps and No Data Limit – At No Extra Cost

Hot Water Supply is Limited to 10–15 Minutes at a Time, in Intervals of 30 Minutes

For After Shower, with Our Delightful Set of Toiletries

Tea & Coffee is Complimentary – You May Also Purchase Items from the Minibar

Both Bed Settings Are Available, Please Requested Your Preferred One in Advance

We serve mouth-watering local flavors and special delicacies from Lapland and the Barents Sea regions. Our Buffet Lapland Restaurant is situated in the Northern Lights Village resort, just 350 meters from Saariselkä center. We welcome our overnight guests, as well as everybody staying elsewhere in Saariselkä.

Aurora Camp on the Border (4h)

“It is hard to imagine a more spectacular sight than the Northern Lights – except to see the Northern Lights reflected on the surface of a flowing river”

Take a seat on the bus and enjoy the nocturnal landscape of Lapland. We drive through the silent village of Ivalo and the tiny Nellim, on the winding road toward the slumbering border of our enormous neighbour Russia.

From the border, we drive to our Aurora camp, in Virtaniemi. We will make a fire in our Lappish teepee and wait for the Northern Lights to flare up.

We may also head towards the Paatsjoki river bridge, where the river flowing freely and rapidly towards Russia, reflecting the red and green flames of the Northern Lights covering the skies, and the snow-covered trees is a sight to be seen. An experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Aurora Hunting by Snowmobile (3h)

Take a snowmobile through the nocturnal snow-covered forest, far away from the residential areas and their light pollution, up the slopes of the silent snowy fells.

Up in the fell, we warm up by the fire under the starry sky and wait with an evening snack and hot drinks. Are you the one who sees the first flare of the Northern Lights? Compose your photos to include the Northern Lights, the snow-covered conifers, and the fells or just let the unforgettable sights enchant you.

Our snowmobiles are new, extremely easy to use, and safe. If you wish, you can also hop into the sleigh towed by the guide and focus on enjoying the experience with all of your senses.

Snowmobile & Ice Fishing (4h)

Drill a hole through the thick ice, bait the hook, and see if you can catch a perch or a whitefish from the secluded, ice-covered wilderness lake.

The snowmobile safari takes you through the remote, uninhabited forests and over the windy fells, past the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, until we reach the small wilderness lake.

At the lake, we will try our luck at fishing and build a fire to enjoy a delicious meal. Along the way, we stop to take photos of the most beautiful sights of our trip. All snowmobile safaris include an introduction to safe handling and riding as well as an experienced guide.

Husky Safari (20km)

Driving a team of huskies over the white, shimmering fells is an experience that is almost mandatory during a trip to Lapland. The eager dogs run at full speed and the sled glides effortlessly over the snowdrifts with the skids hissing softly.

The lead dog turns to look at you at a crossroads – right of left? Mush! The husky safari starts in front of an Aurora hut and takes you on a fast-paced trip over the untouched snow of the forests of Levi.

This is an experience that you will never forget! Note: We have two-people sleighs. Each sleigh is ridden by one of the guests.

Searching for Santa (3h)

Searching for Santa is a set of playful, unforgettable Christmas experiences for the young and the young at heart, set in Northern Lights Village. Santa’s little helper Elf will meet you and other participating families and be your guide for the day. The day starts with gingerbread baking at the elves’ turf house kitchen.

After the cookie moment, the Elf will take you to meet Santa’s flying reindeer. Unfortunately, the reindeer only fly on Christmas night, but you get to take a (short) ride on the reindeer-drawn sleigh through the snowy forest instead.

Then, it is time to go searching for Santa’s secret cabin. The Snowmobile-Elf will take your family on a heated sleigh ride into the forest. If you can find the cabin, Santa will most likely welcome your family in for a private chat and offer a symbolical gift.

Day Trip to Nellim (6h)

“The atmosphere in the Holy Trinity church is an inimitable combination of the log cabins of Lapland, the ornate luxury of eastern churches, the closeness of nature, and silent sanctity.”

Explore the meeting point of the eastern, western, and northern cultures in the tiny village of Nellim, next to the enormity of Russia, in the heart of the land of Sámi.

The bus will take you comfortably to the northernmost border crossing between Finland and Russia. We will spend a moment at the border station and continue to the Paatsjoki River Bridge that crosses over the unfrozen river and provides a view directly into Russia.

We will also explore the Holy Trinity church at Nellim, where the log walls and the beautiful icons transform the shrine into a unique work of art, exhibiting the centuries-old Orthodox history of the Skolt Sámi people.

Rooms: 40
Price: from 469 EUR per night


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