Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel

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Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal
Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel - Portugal

The Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel is surrounded by a green landscape, dominated by vineyards and a leafy forest, where silence reigns. It is a 5-star boutique hotel, in which the surroundings invite you to let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, sounds, colors and serenity of nature.

Located in the parish of Cervães, it integrates one of the most emblematic historic buildings in Vila Verde. It offers a unique link between history, nature, design and sophistication, where the classic and the contemporary merge in an exceptional way.

Located in the heart of Minho, it is just a few km from the main points of interest in the North of the country such as Braga, Barcelos, Guimarães, Peneda Gerês National Park, Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castelo and Esposende. Breathe in, disconnect and let yourself be enveloped by nature.

Here you will find several services that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. At the Wine Bar you can enjoy an informal lunch or have a taste of our delicious wines.

During the day, we invite you to feel nature with a stroll through the vineyards, the woods or a picnic. For those who like a little more activity, a bike ride or a game of tennis will be good suggestions.

The Camellia Spa will provide you with a moment of tranquility and relaxation in the indoor pool and jacuzzi, and with our range of massages and treatments you will renew your energy. The best way to end your day is at the Gomariz Restaurant, where we present you with contemporary Portuguese cuisine harmonized by a wide selection of wines.

The Torre de Gomariz Hotel is inserted in the House of Gomariz, where he lived the Canon of the Cathedral of Braga and accountant of King D. Dinis, Estevão Durão Esteves, in the thirteenth century.

Acquired at the beginning of the 20th century by the family of the present owners, this set of buildings are one of the most interesting medieval and 16th century remains of the noble settlement in the area immediately north of Braga.

The importance of the Casa of Gomariz in the regional context, and the constant references to its status as property linked to the chapel of Santa Luzia of the Cathedral of Braga are indicators that allow to suppose the existence of a primitive noble dwelling.

In the Tower built at the end of the 15th century by D. Pedro da Cunha, stylistic similarities were identified between the tower gargoyles and the Manueline apse of the Cathedral of Braga and the collegiate tower of Guimarães. Although quite ruined before the works that led to this Hotel, were still many elements that allowed to characterize it.

Of square section, stands on four floors differentiated externally by spans that total about 12 meters in height, and the crowning is effected by means of cornice line where rests a crenellated balcony composed of sharp merlons.

At the angles, the jungles and the gargoyles are preserved, which are now cannon-shaped, sometimes with zoomorphic motifs. At the second-to-last level, the window is flanked by two arms stones, one of which is from the Cunha family. The last floor, considered the most noble, is illuminated on all four sides by double windows with a main but torn in a single block.

After the completion of the 16th century renovation, or at the same time, a two-storey longitudinal building was attached to the tower following the symmetrical arrangement of the lower floors of the tower.

The baroque campaign of the monumental complex also included the initiative to build a farmhouse and the construction of a chapel, associated with the property’s gate.

Of rectangular plan, with single nave and main chapel integrated in the body, it is a small temple of main frontage of unique cloth, between powerful pillars-wedges of stonework, in turn surmounted by disproportionate pyramidal pinnacles.

This whole set of medieval constructions has now been the object of complete restoration, which complemented by new and modern buildings gives it back to the Nobility and Impossibility that it had in the past.

Without corridors (except the Tower Suites) our rooms have privileged access to nature. When you wake up and open your bedroom door, it is the sound of nature that will welcome you for another day.

Located in the historic tower, the Tower Suites provide a cosy atmosphere, where you will feel like Kings and Queens. It has a decoration that combines the classic with the modern, providing the comfort that you deserves. Located on the second and third floors, the suite is accessed via a staircase (no elevator).

With 47m2, they are ideal for those who like spacious rooms or for families. Located on the first floor, in the new building, they have plenty of natural light and their balcony offers you a magnificent view over the pool and the vineyards.

They are equipped with modern and designer furniture, air conditioning, LCD TV, wifi, safe, minibar and private bathroom with natural light, equipped with a shower and bathtub.

They are located in the new building and through their huge window, they receive lots of natural light. Located on the ground floor, all rooms have private terraces that allow direct access to the garden and the outdoor pool.

They are equipped with modern and designer furniture, air conditioning, LCD TV, wifi, safe, minibar and private bathroom with natural light, equipped with a shower and bathtub.

Located in the new building, these rooms are next to the garden and the pool, with a balcony or terrace. They are equipped with modern and designer furniture, air conditioning, LCD TV, wifi, safe, minibar, bathroom equipped with a shower.

In a medieval manor, enjoy a regional or modern and contemporary gastronomic experience, in partnership with the most prestigious wine brands, including the Quinta’s own production – Torre de Gomariz. Enjoy the Gomariz Restaurant spread over two modern rooms and a large terrace overlooking the vineyards and a splendid forest.

The classy space and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes the Tower Bar makes it the perfect place for those who want to relax, listen to music or enjoy a cocktail and an aperitif before dinner.

With a venue with a capacity for up to 220 guests, a long garden and a vineyard as a background, it is the perfect place for your event. As modern as it is elegant, it can create perfect memories.

With all the details you have always dreamed of and a delicious menu created by our Chef Marco Gomes, we intend to anticipate and satisfy all your wishes. A professional team with experience in all types of events will be at your side to help you create the best day of your life.

The perfect setting for unforgettable experiences. From birthday parties, corporate dinners and weddings anniversaries. Our experience and attention to detail will help you to create a personalized and original event.

The Camellia Spa is the ideal place for a moment of tranquility and relaxation, which will make you disconnect from your worries and busy day-to-day routine. In addition to the intimate atmosphere and views of the vineyards, the spa offers a heated indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and turkish bath.

Recover energy and vitality in the hands of our therapists. From massages, body treatments and facials, the therapists provide a unique experience taking into account your preferences.

At Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel, we value the satisfaction and well-being of our guests and clients, and our commitment is to guarantee a pleasant and excellent experience.

Because we are located in a rural environment, in the heart of Minho, surrounded by the natural potential provided by our secular vineyards, woods and trees, by the richness of a diversified fauna and flora, we understand that we must protect this environment that welcomes us and ensure a sustainable and efficient management of resources.

People are also a very valuable asset to our company: the people who visit us, the people who work with us directly and indirectly, and those who support local and traditional activities. We respect our guests, our employees, the community in which we operate, and the traditions and customs of our land.

We support the local heritage and traditions, investing in their enhancement and promotion, always trying to have a positive and sustainable impact on the community and territory in which we operate.

In this sense, with the aim of valuing and protecting all human beings, we repudiate any and every discriminatory and exploitative act, namely at the level of minorities, or any other action that puts people’s health and well-being at risk. We despise all practices that disrespect human life and its safety, calling for inclusion and ensuring accessibility for all.

In light of the above, we are committed to opting for the sustainable management of Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel and of our activities, seeking the best alternatives, services and behaviors in order to guarantee a sustainable and socially responsible conduct.

We commit to meet the requirements established in the Biosphere Hotel benchmark, motivating and training our employees and stakeholders in this mission of continuous evolution in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

Rooms: 24
Price: from 115 EUR per night


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