Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid

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Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Valladolid, Castilla Leon - Spain
17 October 2021

It is the time for sensory luxury and global experiences. Something that causes a captivating environment and space to behold; the aroma of the vineyards, of the pure air, of a delicious dish; the absence of noise, that is, silence or simply a delicate melody; pure flavors in the mouth and wines that excite; the touch of dreamy sheets, that of skin, smooth and soft, after a visit to the spa.

The luxury of a sunset. All this, and much more, happens at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine.

Tranquility and peace appear at every sunrise from each of the rooms of our 5-star hotel. A total of 27 double rooms and 3 suites, located in the old monastery inn, with privileged views of our sea of ​​vines, a dream place in the heart of the Douro Valley.

Much more than a hotel, within the walls of our 12th century monastery, guests can also enjoy services such as the outdoor pool with a team of butlers, which will make their stay much more pleasant. In addition, throughout the year, they also have at their disposal the gym equipped with the latest technology and the yoga room.

In the old inn, the 27 double rooms and 3 suites at LeDomaine have been carefully restored and endowed with a unique style, according to the requirements of a 5-star hotel with all the services that you would expect to find in a luxury hotel and, as proof of this, the complete stewardship service.

Eight of the double rooms are located in the building of the old Abbey Stables, which have direct access to the Wellness & Spa LeDomaine Sanctuary. From each of the rooms you can contemplate the beauty of the vineyards that surround the abbey.

Master Suite
Master Suite, designed for your maximum comfort and with wonderful views of the Abadía Retuerta vineyards.

It consists of a double room with a King Size bed (2.00 x 2.00 m.), Living room, dressing room, toilet and Carrara marble bathroom, with separate shower and bathtub. Soundproofed room with oak wood floors, stucco walls and custom designed walnut wood furniture.

Junior Suite
Junior Suite, designed for your maximum comfort and with wonderful views of the Abadía Retuerta vineyards. It consists of a double room with a King Size bed.  With canopy, hallway, bedroom and bathroom in Carrara marble, with separate shower and bathtub.

Classic Double Room
Classic double room, with queen size bed, Designed for your maximum comfort and with wonderful views of the Abadía Retuerta vineyards.

A gastronomic experience
A different gastronomic experience, in a place full of history and that remains in the memory as an unforgettable memory. Five gastronomic experiences presented in five exceptional settings, where gastronomy lovers will enjoy a journey through the traditional and contemporary culture of the area.

At the helm of the kitchens of all the spaces, is the head chef, Marc Segarra, who has trained in restaurants of great prestige and international influence, working with the best chefs with a Michelin star in Spain.

Segarra bases its culinary proposal on a game with which it achieves the perfect combination between the typical ingredients of the area and the most innovative creative techniques.

The Refectorio
The Refectorio restaurant, awarded a Michelin star since 2014, relies on the products and producers of the area to present a gastronomic proposal that follows current contemporary creative lines. In addition, it has 2 Repsol Guide Suns.

In 2020 it achieves its first Green star . An icon of a green five-leaf clover represents this recognition also granted to other outstanding restaurants on the national scene. This is a distinction that Michelin awards to those restaurants that are committed to sustainability and apply responsible practices with the environment.

The location of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine, in the heart of the Douro Valley, allows you to take advantage of its environment of great culinary wealth to create a coherent and varied proposal, always with an eye on excellence.

Wine bar
A restaurant with a more informal style and à la carte, which offers a creative vision of the Spanish culinary tradition, closely linked to an extraordinary product and the wines of the winery.

With capacity for up to 24 people, this cozy restaurant is located above La Cueva, where the oenological jewels of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine reside.

Garden Restaurant
During the summer months, Jardín del Claustro is one of the main stars of LeDomaine’s breakfasts and dinners.

A unique experience in a unique setting: an outdoor terrace full of history, a place where the monks who inhabited the abbey were inspired and where it is now possible to enjoy a first-rate gastronomic proposal.

Pool Bar
The Pool Bar, a true oasis by the pool. Ideal to enjoy a light but sophisticated snack outdoors, or to taste a cuisine prepared on the barbecue grill.

A corner with views of the vineyards, where it is also possible to discover new flavors and sensations with the signature menu of its cocktails, in which the wine from the prestigious winery is the protagonist.

Terroir Bar
An essential stop for lovers of unique experiences. A new gastronomic concept inspired by the land, to understand the place where its vineyards are born and settle, hence ‘Calicata’ was born.

An outdoor terrace in a unique setting, surrounded by the beauty of the vineyards and on the banks of the River Duero. A complicit nod to tradition, crafts, gastronomy and nature that revolves around local produce, including the Abadía Retuerta orchard.

An ideal destination for gourmets and lovers of wine tourism, away from the city and noise, where you can enjoy and experience a first-class culinary experience that has the unmistakable stamp of our Chef with a Michelin Star, Marc Segarra.

A subtle gastronomic proposal, complementary to the two great restaurants of the hotel: Refectorio and Vinoteca and with a traditional and avant-garde background that rescues the flavors of the land of Castilla y León.

All this in the company of the wines of the winery and also together with different proposals from other regions.

Our Sanctuary is a place of peace and tranquility, of disconnection from the outside world and connection with oneself, of retreat and silence.

We combine the environment, art, history and nature with a wide range of exclusive treatments, a holistic perspective and a great human team, which provide unforgettable experiences.

Sommelier Spa Experience
The Sommelier Spa Experience unites the world of wine with well-being, combining Abadía Retuerta wines with the healing properties of aromatherapy. It is inspired by traditional Tibetan medicine and its elements: wind, fire and water and earth.

After enjoying a tasting of three wines and three essential oil blends, the limbic system reacts to the aromas, providing information to your Sommelier Spa that will allow you to design a tailor-made experience, according to your needs and your mood.

A unique space
The Sanctuary is a temple of well-being where you will discover that everything has been thought out in detail. You will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a sustainable building, full of natural light and connected with nature and art.

The construction constituted an engineering marvel by creating a naturally sustainable Wellness & Spa Center, under the old Stables of more than 1,000 square meters, in order not to break the aesthetics of the historic environment.

Large entries of light naturally illuminate the space, thus creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. To supply heat and energy to the Sanctuary, the thermal energy of natural origin is used.

The quality of the water in Santuario is unique in the world. Abadía Retuerta obtains its own water from a well that is 120 meters deep.

Spa Suite
The ideal refuge for a special celebration or to enjoy a romantic retreat with your partner.

Enjoy maximum privacy and the exclusive facilities of our Spa Suite “Special Selection” of 80 square meters, equipped with a full dressing room, Sauna, Steam bath, Jacuzzi, Experience Showers and Relaxation Zone with magnificent views of our interior garden .

Indoor pool
Our indoor pool area is a spacious space full of natural light, ideal for swimming or simply enjoying the peace and tranquility of the environment.

Outdoor pool
Enjoying a bath with views of a Romanesque Abbey is possible at LeDomaine, in a unique setting, surrounded by the Douro Valley vineyards.

Yoga room
Space dedicated to the practice of Yoga, Mindfulness or Sound Therapies, with a privileged location and presided over by a Thai Buddha from the 16th century who gives it a certain spirituality. Book one of our wellness experiences

Our gym, open 24 hours a day, offers you the latest technology in training machines. Enlist the services of a personal trainer or go about your daily routines freely.

At the Sanctuary we understand Wellness as a concept that encompasses complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. If we are aware of our body, mind, energy and environment, we will be able to adopt a healthy and beneficial lifestyle at all levels.

Tibetan bowls
One of the most holistic experiences that this temple of well-being offers. A comprehensive experience that focuses on relaxation and balance of body and mind. Tibetan bowls favor the restoration of the natural frequency of each cell and stimulate brain waves, inducing a deep state of relaxation.

In addition to breaking energy blockages and introducing new energy. Sound can balance and restore inner peace, as silence does, especially in a space devoted to well-being such as the Sanctuary.

Millennial technique that helps us focus on being fully aware of what we are feeling and experiencing in the present moment. Mindfulness practice includes breathing methods, guided meditation, and other exercises that allow you to relax your body and mind and help reduce stress.

Events and Incentives
The hotel has a business center with four meeting rooms equipped with the most advanced technology, natural light and Premium WIFI connection (300MB).

A destination where you can organize tailor-made events and incentives in a unique environment, surrounded by nature, where you can escape from routine and enjoy moments of leisure, relaxation and pleasure.

Special celebrations
The elegance of its spaces, its impeccable level of service and its personal stamp make Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine the ideal setting to host the most special celebrations. The team of professionals designs each event according to the tastes and preferences of the client.

The Hotel’s main restaurant, which is offered exclusively for groups during the lunch service. The imposing stone walls and vaults, the natural light entrances and the fresco “La Sagrada cena”, dating from 1670, are surprising.

In the Refectory you can enjoy the menus for special celebrations, or, on request, taste a gastronomic menu.

Private lounge
Living room with abundant natural light and magnificent views of the sea vineyards, where you can enjoy a cultural, wine and gastronomic offer of the highest level on the banks of the Douro River.

The ideal setting for your event in a Romanesque Church dating from 1146. Celebrate your exclusive event, enlivened with live music and surprise your guests, enjoying an idyllic atmosphere.

Exclusive hotel
Experience a different side of Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine by booking the hotel exclusively, and enjoy with total privacy this first-rate experiential destination in the heart of the Douro Valley.

The extensive experience and the creative and organizational capacity that characterize the Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine team, all this together with the beauty of the enclave in which it is located, create the perfect setting to celebrate unique and memorable events.

A unique experience that you will not forget
Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine offers you many exclusive and unique experiences. Simple pleasures, connection with the earth, respect for things well done and a sober elegance in every detail. These experiences are private and always guided by a team in constant training.

Yoga & Vineyards
Connect to disconnect, through a yoga session among vineyards, in the heart of Ribera del Duero. The activity may be gentler or more dynamic and include practices such as Yoga Nidra and Pranayama.

Mycological experience
At Abadía Retuerta we offer you the possibility of becoming a true mushroom “hunter”. In a farm with 700 hectares, and with the help of one of the best experts in mycology in Castilla y León, you will be able to discover the great variety of fungi in the area, their main characteristics.

Enogastronomic Experience at Calicata Terroir Bar
Complete your visit to Abadía Retuerta with a lunch in Calicata, where you can enjoy a gastronomic proposal whose protagonists are all our regional products with the touch of chef Marc Segarra.

The farm. Discovering our natural heritage and the terroir: Circuit in a 4×4 vehicle visiting the farm and its viewpoints to learn about the flora and fauna. The wine. The force of gravity: Visit to the Production room and Barrel room.

The tasting. Discovering wine: Commented tasting of three wines: Special Selection and two exclusive Pago wines. Lunch in Calicata. Enjoying the Calicata Menu: During lunch, enjoy Abadía Retuerta wines and wines from friendly wineries.

Picnic on e-bike
Vineyards, lagoons, forests and ancient trees are some of the jewels of nature, which you can enjoy on one of our “Fat-Bike” electric bicycles. The Experience will culminate with a well-deserved aperitif in one of the corners of Abadía Retuerta.

The farm. Discovering our natural heritage and the terroir: Electric bike1 circuit visiting the farm and its viewpoints.

Country aperitif. A stop along the way: During the walk through the farm we will make a stop to taste an aperitif based on products from our region, accompanied by one of the Abadía Retuerta wines.

The wine. The force of gravity: Visit to the Production room and Barrel room. The tasting at the end of the trip: Commented tasting of three wines: Special Selection and two exclusive Pago wines.

Exclusive Retuerta
Discover a different way of approaching the world of wine, flying over the Abadía Retuerta vineyards, the Duero River and its pine forests. At dawn, with the first lights, getting on a hot air balloon and taking off is an unusual experience, enjoying the Castilian landscape, from a bird’s eye view.

Meeting at dawn in the take-off area: they will be able to see the assembly of the balloon and even collaborate on it.

Landing and country aperitif: One of the most exciting and fun moments is landing. Once on land, in the middle of nature, an aperitif with products from our land will be offered, toasting with one of the Abadía Retuerta wines.

Lavender Experience
With flowering, the perfect time comes to live an unforgettable experience, while we walk the lavender paths and discover the flora and fauna of Abadía Retuerta. Collecting lavender. The alembics: Manual collection of the lavender flowers for the subsequent extraction of the essences, in a traditional alembic.

The farm. Discovering our natural heritage and the vineyard: Walking tour of the farm visiting the vineyard. The wine. The force of gravity: Visit to the Production room and Barrel room.

The tasting and its pairing: Commented tasting of three wines: Abadía Retuerta Selección Especial and two of the exclusive Pago wines, accompanied by a selection of artisan products from our region, to regain strength after the field day.

The end of the trip. Lavender essences: Aromatic experience with essential oils extracted from the collection.

Website: www.abadia-retuerta.com
Rooms: 30
Price: from 472 EUR per night


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