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Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
Aguila de Osa - Costa Rica
4 December 2022

Nestled amidst the jungle-covered hillsides overlooking the tranquil waters of Drake Bay, Aguila de Osa is an exquisite rainforest and marine adventure hotel. Here you will experience life right on the edge of the Osa.

Aguila de Osa is the destination for adventurers from around the world, offering the most convenient access to Corcovado National Park, Caño Island Biological Marine Reserve, and a full array of adventures.

Set against a backdrop of vibrant green rainforest and stunning Pacific shoreline, the hotel sets the highest standards for comfort and quality in this lush, tropical setting. Gracious hospitality, beautifully appointed rooms, and sumptuous regional cuisine provide our guests with one of the most exceptional hotel experiences in Central America.

Inside the spectacular Great Room at Aguila de Osa, we bring the Osa adventure to your palate. Offering a truly distinctive and adventurous Pan-American cuisine, with breathtaking ocean views and a wilderness feel, you won’t find a greater dining experience.

A true rainforest and marine adventure lodge, Aguila de Osa overlooks a panorama of Drake Bay from the mouth of the Agujitas River and is only a short distance from two of Costa Rica’s most precious natural gems, Corcovado National Park and Caño Island biological Marine Reserve.

Surrounded by vibrant jungle, our hotel provides guests with the ultimate ecotourism experience: peaceful luxury and limitless adventure amongst a magnificent natural backdrop.

Aguila de Osa offers its visitors accommodations with exquisitely handcrafted details, gourmet tropical dining in the hotel’s open-air Great Room, gracious hospitality, and the opportunity for even the most intrepid traveler to experience Costa Rica’s finest natural gifts, all while we strive to meet the highest standards of sustainable tourism.

Aguila De Osa Story
It all started when the road to Drake Bay was first built, to bring electricity to the area. Just before the construction project reached Drake Bay, the team went to a farm and cut down first growth trees. As we heard the chainsaws, we called the environmental department, who took 2 days to get here, by which time 85 trees had been felled.

Bradd and two other local hotel owners got together and formed the Corcovado Foundation, who decided to hire a lawyer to find out what was going on with the cutting of trees: they discovered that there were 128 permits to cut forest in the area of the Osa Peninsula; on further investigation, they found that 112 of the 128 were illegally granted by the authorities.

So of the 16 which were left, the hotels bought out 8, leaving only 8 permits to cut trees. These were the last permits given to cut living trees in the Osa.

With the dedication and hard work of Alejandra Monge, who has been the foundation’s Executive Director for 17 years, we were able to get a grant for 3 million dollars which came through the TNC Foundation and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for the hiring of 68 park guards and one forest engineer, a project which ran for more than 5 years.

The guards themselves were hired from the local population, so poachers and illegal woodcutters were turned into environmental protectors. At the end of the funding period, the Government themselves took on the funding of all these guards.

Aguila de Osa is devoted to excellence in sustainable tourism combined with community outreach and eco-friendly hotel operations. Sourcing our food locally (often from our very own coastal farm, La Perla), recycling waste, and conserving water is just a few ways Aguila seeks to minimize its footprint in the Osa.

We work in collaboration with the Greentique Hotels, a recognized leader in sustainable hospitality in Costa Rica and beyond: uniting hospitality groups through passion and commitment to respect, honor, and protect nature.

Master Suite
The Master Suite is a spacious private bungalow offering guests a truly spectacular view of the Drake Bay from its hillside location. Designed in richly textured woods and featuring beautifully crafted regional furniture, its exceptional space and privacy making the Master Suite ideal for couples or families just wanting an exotic rainforest retreat to relax and enjoy time together.

Built for the tropics, the 20-foot ceiling and cross ventilation is designed to maximize air flow. The suite comes a king and queen size bed, large sofa and chair, and walk-in closet. In room amenities include the coffee, mini bar/refrigerator, and toiletries, including hairdryer.

The large bathroom is accentuated with Italian tile, granite counters, and stylish bathroom fixtures. The large shower features with a beautiful view of the bay while showering.

The large private wrap around balcony includes an array of handcrafted outdoor furniture and two hammocks to compliment those relaxing times for kicking back with a good book, enjoying a siesta after an adventurous day in the rainforest, or simply being still as you take in the wonders of this incredible rainforest locale.

Surrounding the suite are gardens of tropical plants and flowers, part of the natural flora that adorn the hotel, providing a sanctuary for the many birds that make Aguila de Osa their home.

Junior Suite
Designed in all hardwoods and built with the tropics in mind, The Junior Suite is a private cabin overlooking Drake Bay. The 18-foot cathedral ceilings, four dormers open the ceiling to the tropical breezes, enhanced by ceiling fans and helps bring the sounds of the rainforest to your room.

Featuring a king size bed, sofa, and oversized chair, the room opens to a private balcony with spectacular views of the bay. The large bathroom is complemented with beautiful Italian tile, granite counter, and high-end bathroom fixtures.

The overhead shower offers a delightfully refreshing cascade of soothing respite from the day’s adventures, as you take in the picturesque view of the bay. The sounds and sights of the rainforest surround you. You are in the Osa and all is good.

Deluxe Rooms
As with all rooms at Aguila de Osa, the Deluxe room features generously appointed interiors with either a single king or two queen size beds, ceiling fans, screened windows on three sides, beautiful bathroom accentuated in Italian tile and granite counter, stylish bathroom fixtures, and the full range of amenities to make your stay truly enjoyable.

From your private terrace you’ll take in some of the best tropical birding as well as some wildlife sighting in the comfort of your hammock or rocking chairs. Cooled by the ocean breezes and immersed in the sounds of the rainforest, you’ve found the perfect balance of comfort and relaxation in a world of exotic adventure.

Inside the spectacular Great Room at Aguila de Osa, we bring the Osa adventure to your plate. Offering a truly distinctive and adventurous Pan-American cuisine, with breathtaking ocean views and a wilderness feel, you won’t find a greater dining experience.

Sourced from the pristine waters and local farms of the Osa Peninsula, take an authentic culinary adventure through the freshest seafood and choice cuts, with unbeatably fresh local produce and organic herbs. Breakfast, lunch, appetizers, and dinner are included for all hotel guests.

Dining at Aguila is a world-class experience in one of the most exotic destinations on the planet. We don’t operate an industrial kitchen, or bulk-cook food.

Chef Dixon’s genius for innovative combinations of local ingredients and regional recipes, coupled with his uncompromising passion for authenticity, makes every meal an exceptional Costa Rican experience in itself. Many of our ingredients are sourced from our very own farm: La Perla.

Sustainable Gastronomy
From our farm on the coast, La Perla, we source fruit and vegetables like papaya, plantains, bananas, cacao, yucca, Mandurian limes, guava fruit and much more, and our on-site hydroponic garden provides many of our herbs and salad ingredients.

Our fresh fish comes from our own boats and from local fisherman, and fruit and produce which we don’t grow ourselves, we source from local farmers. We make the path from the deep, to our dock, to your dish the shortest possible- guaranteeing the very freshest cuisine and flavors!

The Great Room Bar
There are bars in the tropics, and then there’s The Bar in Aguila de Osa’s Great Room. We’ve got a tropical storm of dozens of signature cocktails —from locally-inspired specialties like our Guaro Sour and the Sabor Tico, to The Classics — Mojitos, Margaritas, and fabulous Coladas made from seasonal fruit, or hand-crafted Sangrias to cool you off with the very first sip.

We’re fully stocked with your favorite top-shelf gins, vodkas, 19 brands of Kentucky and Tennessee bourbons, Canadian Whiskey, and premium Scotches, plus aperitifs and liqueurs. Or go local with Costa Rica’s own Cacique and Centenario Rum. Feeling muy bravo? Check out Tequila Corner and sip or shoot any of eight brands of primo tequila!

There’s one more amazing thing at The Bar. After a day adventuring in the jungle or out on the water, one of the best wine lists on the Osa is waiting for you to explore. Brilliant whites and reds from Argentina, Chile, California, and France will pair perfectly with Happy Hour appetizers or with any of the fantastic meals created by Chef Dixon.

Snorkel Caño Island Biological
Snorkel the clear waters of Caño Island Biological Marine Reserve, an Eden of coral and rock formations, filled with schools of vibrant tropical fish. Only 12 nautical miles from Aguila de Osa, Caño Island is a paradise for snorkelers, scuba divers, swimmers, and sunbathers alike!

Our dive masters take snorkelers of all ages and experience levels aboard our 30-foot Island Hopper for some breathtaking adventures in these beautiful waters. Visibility is 30 – 100 feet or more year-round, and the reefs and rocks formations are teeming with exotic sea life. Caño Island is an underwater photographer’s dream and great for families.

There will be two snorkeling immersions with a break on the island to relax catch some sun, and walk the beach. After the second immersion we will head towards the hotel.

For those who would like to hike back to Aguila de Osa, it’s a beautiful walk that allows for you to continue your adventure if you’d like to stop and swim in Rio Claro and continue past many deserted beaches along the way. The walk back takes a hour and half so add on any extra time that you spend swimming or relaxing and will see you back at the hotel.

Caño Island Scuba Diving
Experience Costa Rica’s finest Pacific coastal diving in the clear, cobalt blue waters surrounding Caño Island Biological Marine Reserve. You’ll discover an Eden of brilliantly colored coral and rock formations housing vibrantly colored schools of tropical fish.

Our PADI dive instructors and dive masters take beginners, intermediate, and advanced divers aboard our 30-foot Island Hopper on a voyage of spectacular ocean adventures.

With year-round visibility of 30 –100 feet, and its plethora of exotic sea life, Caño Island is an underwater photographer’s dream. We supply all equipment; so you can avoid gear-related airline extra-weight charges.

Sherwood regulators, Scuba Pro BCD, and O’Neil and Henderson wetsuits are included in the price. If you choose to bring some equipment we suggest your mask and regulator.

Coastal & Deep-Sea
Fishing off the Osa is brilliant – a truly amazing experience that you’ll never forget. The Osa is where you want to fish and Águila de Osa captains are who you want taking you out.

We’ve been fishing these waters for more than 20 years, and over that time Águila’s captains have set four IGFA world fishing records. We’re passionate about this sport and even more passionate about making sure you have an exceptional Costa Rica fishing experience with us.

Mangrove Tour
Cruise down the serene canals of the Terraba –Sierpe Mangroves, the largest mangroves on the Pacific Coast of Central America. This vast and untouched flooded forest, is accessible only by boat. Venture into a beautiful maze of canals as we search for the region’s fascinating wildlife who call this hidden world home.

The mangroves are home to howler, squirrel and capuchin monkeys, as well as sloths, crocodiles, caimans, mangrove Boas, red-eyed tree frogs and river turtles.

There are nearly 100 species of birds, including the endemic Mangrove Hummingbird (found nowhere else on Earth) making this tour a truly exceptional Costa Rica experience – ideal for spotting, photography, and getting up close to the magic of nature.

Whale & Dolphin & Watching
Upon leaving the hotel dock in your quest to encounter humpback or pilot whales you might spot one of the five species of dolphins. Humpbacks come here to give birth and raise their calf until it is strong enough to make it back home to either north or southern hemisphere. If you haven’t seen a whale and its calf, it’s a sight to be seen.

While searching for humpbacks you might get lucky and run into various pods of dolphins, they love riding the wake of the boat and might give you a memorable show flipping and jumping out of the water. It’s just another demonstration nature showing its beauty.

River & Ocean Kayaking
The Agujitas River flows by the hotel to the open ocean which makes ideal for kayaking. Aguila de Osa is fully equipped with one and two-man kayaks that are available all day, either for heading upriver into the rain-forest among the resident animals and tropical birds, or out the river and down the coast past sandy beaches and dark volcanic outcrops.

Corcovado National Park
One of Costa Rica prized jewel is Corcovado National Park and the way nature intended you to see this lowland tropical rainforest, an amazing full day excursion. Venture through primary rainforest, explore a breathtaking waterfall and soak in all of what Corcovado National Park and its beautiful surroundings have to offer.

You don’t want to forget your camera for this experience as you will have the chance to see many diverse animal species, birds, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods pointed out by your Greentique Certified guide.

This rainforest excursion is an unparalleled opportunity to explore the dense primary rainforest adjacent to San Pedrillo, Corcovado National Park’s northernmost ranger station.

From the hotel, you’ll take a 25-minute boat ride along the west coast of the Osa. After the wet landing at the station (our boats go in stern first and drop you a few feet from the beach), you’ll begin your rainforest journey.

During the morning hike, your Greentique Certified guide will point out many of the diverse species along the trail You may see white-faced, spider and howler monkeys, white-lipped peccaries, scarlet macaws, coati, and countless other birds and insects.

The trails are clearly marked and easy to navigate, ascending and descending through the primary rainforest. After the morning hike and a break for lunch, you will have the opportunity to hike to a beautiful waterfall.

Along the way to the falls you will have another chance for your guide to point out more of the bio diverse flora and fauna. The waterfalls offer the perfect opportunity to relax, take a refreshing swim in the cool fresh water, and take some magnificent pictures of this beautiful area.

After some time at the falls, you will return to the ranger station to catch the boat back to the hotel, and on the way, if you’re lucky, you may have the chance to see humpback whales or dolphins breaching and spinning in the ocean.

Bird Watching
With more than 350 species residing in the region. Our expert guides will help you spot rare and endemic species, making this quick two-hour tour a twitcher’s dream and perfect for travelers wanting a low-impact trip in search of some of the Osa Peninsula’s most magnificent birds.

This tour is flexible and can be modified to meet your specific needs or interests. It’s best to consult our guides if you are interested in a particular bird species, as some can be observed more easily at specific times of day.

Horseback Riding
Ride along beaches, through rainforest, and along lush hilltops with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. This tour is currently unavailable. Keep checking back here or call us for more information. On your way to thundering waterfalls hidden deep in the forest. Connect with the local flora and fauna like never before.

You’ll head upriver on horseback, and then inland through the forest, reaching a secluded waterfall, where you can take a swim and check out the view, before having the run of a whole beach as the sun dips in the late afternoon. Whether you’re an expert horseback rider or just a beginner, this tour is a fantastic way to spend a few hours of your stay on the Osa.

Canopy Zipline Tour
Unleash your adventurous spirit as you soar through the rainforest treetops on our Canopy Zipline Tour. Traverse across the rainforest forest across 13 elevated platforms, some with spans of up to 400 meters (1,312 ft.) apart! This Canopy Tour is one of the longest in Costa Rica.

Departing from the Great Room, you will meet your transport to Los Planes. Once there, you will be outfitted with all the necessary gear and briefed on how to use the equipment to ensure a safe and exciting experience high in the canopy.

Night Tours
Venture into the dramatic world which awakens after sundown. With so many rainforest inhabitants being nocturnal, a night walk makes you part of the jungle’s transformation as myriad exotic creatures start their ‘day’.

Lead by our resident naturalist guides, we offer visitors this unique peek at the rainforest, through private trails located on our property. Your guide will explain the intricacies of this complex ecosystem and some of the distinctive characteristics – sounds, sights, and smells – of its nocturnal residents.

Throughout the tour, your guide will reveal interesting facts about rainforest reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids which can be observed. Commonly sighted are moths, frogs, sleeping birds, opossums, owls, and other species of animal life which live in the docile (the middle) part of the canopy.

There are several hiking trails in the area which may be used, but much depends on the weather and the trails’ conditions at the time: the trails are well-maintained, and easy to follow, so this is an ideal tour for those looking for low-impact adventure.  A flashlight will be supplied as your primary light source for your walk through the rainforest; the evening tour begins shortly after dinner.

Rooms: 13
Price: from 391 EUR per night


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