Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort

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Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives
Athuruga Diamonds Island Resort - Maldives

Diamonds Athuruga Beach and Water Villas offers luxurious accommodation and outstanding levels of service. The resort is secluded and tranquil, providing optimum privacy in unspoiled surroundings perfect for diving, water sports or pure sun worship.

With stunning view of the ocean, enjoy your private deck veranda with direct access to the beach in one of our Beach Bungalows or delight yourself in one of our newly built exclusive Water Villas raised over the pristine waters of the shallow lagoon with colorful house reefs.

Kick off your shoes and unwind at Diamonds Athuruga Beach & Water Villas- your piece of paradise in the magical world of Maldives.

40 Beach Bungalows, 7 Junior Suite 21 Water Villas and 2 Two Bedroom Water Villas occupy the exclusive Diamonds Athuruga Beach & Water Villas. The inimitable elegant Italian décor offers our guests every comfort, guaranteeing an exclusive stay in an oasis of calm tranquillity.

Located in an exclusive position at the end of the pier, the “Two bedroom Villas” feature 2 double rooms which overlook a large secluded terrace with Jacuzzis and direct access to the ocean.

The rooms enjoy a large living area, tastefully decorated with elegant furniture, a four poster bed, a comfortable sofa and corner bar, contemporary Italian lighting and beautiful parquet floors. Room personalization is available for this room category.

21 Water Villas enjoy a large private terrace with direct access to the ocean. All of the rooms enjoy a large living area, tastefully decorated with elegant furniture, a four poster bed, a comfortable sofa and corner bar, contemporary Italian lighting and beautiful parquet floors.

Located right directly on the beach and looking out at the beautiful Indian Ocean, the elegantly decorated 7 Beach Junior Suites offer a separate lounge area, an expatriate sofa bed, outdoor showers and a large private veranda with armchairs, tables and sun loungers.

The Maakeyn Restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner offers a buffet with choices to satisfy every palate. Located next to the beach and overlooking the turquoise ocean, main buffet restaurant is offering a sumptuous buffet with an incredible variety of authentic Italian delicacies, fresh grilled fish, and savory Asian dishes.

Cate from an open kitchen and wood fire barbecue grill, integrated into the buffet counters, are customized and served at the best time to enjoy. The dinner buffet is featuring a different theme every night, catering our guest the best food around the world in one restaurant. All-inclusive beverage, fresh fruit and homemade ice-cream are also served here.

The best of fusion cuisine and European and Asian tradition for an exclusive culinary experience. A luxury, innovative and superior yet relaxing all-inclusive a la carte restaurant offering a fusion cuisine, where modern European, local and Asian ingredients are combined in an explosion of flavors.

Enjoy a spectacular sunset while sipping a classy cocktail before a romantic dinner. From Christmas to Easter, famous chefs from all over Europa from the well-known “Jeunes Restaurateurs” association will be on the island to delight the senses with unique dishes prepared especially for our guests.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated young man, Domenice determined to make others happier by cooking. Realizing his passion for cooking, he started his culinary journey at ALMA kitchen, “international school of Italian Cuisine.”

After school, he began his culinary career at Daniel Restaurant with Chef Daniel Canzing. Hardworking and gifted, he obtained the necessary experience to deal with all kinds of situations very soon. He then had decided to challenge himself, to reach a higher level, and this young talent joined the JRE association for the Maldives project.

After coordinating and cooperating with star chefs who come to the event, he now has a greater understanding of gourmet culinary. He is more than willing to provide our guests a high-level dining experience at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

We invite our guests to share in a starlit dining experience under the palm trees of the tropical garden. A private, distinctive and lively, yet comfortable Maldivian hut offering the traditional authentic Maldivian dishes under the palm tree of the tropical garden.

Our Maldivian chefs are going to prepare the delicacies and present them in a graceful way. To create a traditional ambiance, we invite our guests to wear the traditional Maldivian sarong. Dining experience is available to all of our guests through reservations.

Experience the best of Japanese cuisine with is a unique live cooking experience in the middle of Indian Ocean. A vibrant, unique and engaging, yet delicious Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant offering a memorable live cooking experience.

Set in an exquisite palm-leave-thatched hut, the specialized chef prepares a selection of seafood and meat on the Teppanyaki grill. Our chef is more than happy to tailor make for you a private lunch or dinner at extra costs.

Fish and lobster specialties, on the beach at moonlight. A romantic, exclusive and elaborately prepared, yet unparalleled personalized seafood dining experience offering the opportunity to customize guests’ dining experience.

Special set menus, Lobster meals or Indian Ocean dinners are available at different places to make the dinners extraordinary and remarkable. It can be on the beach, on the water villa terrace or in front of the beach bungalow.

At the Boli Beach Bar, light meals and snacks are served through out the day and so it is a great place to relax and unwind after exploring the magnificent underwater sea life, or for those who want to stay on the beach, sunbathing on the white coral sand. Here our guests can savour the tropical flavours of the Maldives in cocktails created by our skilled bartenders.

A comfortable open air sitting area serving International cocktails, selected spirits, beer, wine, fruit juices and soft drinks. Champagne and premium spirits are also available for an extra charge

Serena Spa is an oasis of peace and tranquillity set in a natural environment, perfect for those wishing to relax, refresh and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Let yourself be pampered during your stay by the welcoming smiles and expert hands of our therapists who use a combination of herbs, oils, spices and flowers.

The Serena Spa experience is the incarnation of an extensive study of the Asian traditions and culture of health and wellbeing. Serena Spa is a sanctuary designed to detach you from the stress of daily life through regenerating therapies.

Our treatments are inspired by the rich heritage of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life, by European concepts such as aromatherapy and by traditional home remedies used throughout Southeast Asia. Massages and treatments combined with a stay deep in the heart of nature will make your stay a journey of regeneration.

A wedding is a unique occasion: enjoy a unique Island and a unique day for your lifetime experience. A fairytale wedding, surrounded by white beaches, palm trees and a crystal clear ocean. Diamonds Athuruga is the perfect place for you, it doesn’t exist a place as special in which being united forever with your soulmate. Weddings in the Maldives have no legal standing.

With over 30 years market experience, the Spherique philosophy is to guarantee our guests a unique and complete shopping experience, thanks to the range of highly exotic beach clothing, much of which are unique locally made items. The Spherique brand is distinguished by the elegance of its products which will make your shopping experience even more special.

Design your customized dress during your stay. Have you ever thought about making a tailored dress in the heart of the Indian Ocean? One of the special services offered at our Maldivian Resort is customized clothes made by our in-house tailor named Kumara.

Guests get to choose from among the available fabrics in the tailor shop and can also choose from the patterns/styles which they find there. Guests can also give specific instructions regarding their preferred dress/trousers/shorts/jumpsuit/kaftan, and these will be sewn by Kumara.

In travelling in search of new countries you will find the continent inside you. The Maldives archipelago is composed of 26 coral atolls, each one of which contains within it nearly 2000 small islands of white sand and dense tropical vegetation. The Maldives are the ideal destination for diving, nature, relaxation and water sports enthusiasts.

The Maldives are the ideal destination not only for diving enthusiasts but for anyone seeking a relaxing journey immersed in unspoilt nature. In fact, the beauty arises directly from the natural scenery, where the blue of the ocean contrasts effectively with the white sand and the green lagoons which form around the reef.

The Maldives archipelago is composed of 26 coral atolls, each of which contain nearly 2,000 small islands covered in white sand and dense tropical vegetation. These are magnificent pearls studded in the Indian Ocean and must be explored and experienced at least once in a lifetime!

When visiting the capital, consider paying a visit to the beautiful seventeenth century coral stone in Malé. The nearby Islamic centre, capped with a huge golden dome, can also be visited outside of prayer times. There are more than 20 mosques scattered around the capital.

The interesting collection of artefacts including the Sultan’s thrones and sceptres at the Malé National Museum is well worth a visit. It is located in the Sultan’s park, the town’s main green area.

The Maldives are an incontestable leading destination for the underwater world and here you can experience extraordinary emotions. No matter how many times you come and go, each time feels like the first: new experiences, new encounters, new discoveries.

In the Maldives you can see turtles, stingrays, manta rays, eagle rays, grey sharks, hammerheads and even whale sharks, as well as huge humphead wrasse, schools of barracuda, tuna, trevally and a multitude of small reef fish, angelfish, triggerfish, clownfish and brightly coloured anemones, surgeon fish and nudibranchs!

For many diving enthusiasts, seeing the whale shark, one of the largest fish in the world, is the most exciting moment and is not to be missed. Naturally there is no shortage of different types of coral.

There are resident marine biologists on the Athuruga and Thudufushi Islands who accompany our guests as they discover the island’s flora and fauna. As such, marine enthusiasts can increase their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity during their stay.

Discover the fishing islands a short distance away from Athuruga and Thudufushi for a truly Maldivian experience. Discover their ways of life and the places and traditions which characterise these small islands inhabited by native people.

Fishing in the waters of the Maldives is an unforgettable experience for experienced and novice fishers. The diverse Indian Ocean offers a wide variety of fish species such as tuna, snapper, common dolphinfish, stone bass, amberjack, rainbow runner, barracuda and trevally.

In addition to these there are also many ocean species such as marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi and wahoo, which will add an extra element to your fishing. Fishers can test themselves with deep sea or night time fishing.

Athuruga is a small green island encircled by a ring of white sand in the Ari atoll. The IDive Diving Centre’s qualified instructors are at your disposal to help you fully enjoy the charm of your surroundings. The instructors will accompany you on your boat excursions to discover the coral reef.

The centre also runs courses for beginners and experienced divers as part of an all inclusive package which includes equipment and access to the expertise and experience of our instructors.

The island of Athuruga offers the possibility to experience many different sports and activities. In particular, the location is ideal for water activities such as scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing, not forgetting the many other activities organized on the mainland for our guests. Don’t miss out on the excursions, particularly special is the one to the local fishermen’s island.

Enjoy all the different activities organised every day. Let the Maldivian wind fill your windsurf’s sail or get underwater to admire the amazing island’s sea life while snorkelling.

A scientific approach to discover the Maldives from another perspective! There is a resident marine biologist on the island to answer any questions from guests who wish to learn more about the subject. In particular, programmed events include:

  • Biology evenings which explain interesting facts about the maldivian coral reefs and its threats
  • Weekly workshops focused on special topics such as mantas feeding techniques, corals development, using special plankton net and stereo microscope to discover the micro-world and much more
  • Weekly special events involving environmental actions to discover the life of a maldivian island
  • Weekly guided snorkeling excursions

These are the species which can be viewed around the island of Athuruga:

Angelfish: One of the most common fish of the Maldivian barrier reefs, they can be easily recognised thanks to their gaudy colours. The emperor angelfish and the royal angelfish are two of the most common in the area. It is interesting that young emperor angelfish sport a different colouring to the adult fish.

Clownfish: One of the most famous fish of the Maldives, it lives in harmony with the sea anemones, hiding among its tentacles. Each anemone hosts a harem of clownfish, made up of numerous males and a single dominate female. Clownfish are able to change gender; they are born male and once they reach a certain size become female.

Batfish: Naturally curious and completely harmless, batfish elegantly approach the flippers of snorkelers and divers. The young fish have a completely different body shape reminiscent of a leaf transported by the current, to confuse predators and aid survival.

Parrotfish: So-called because their mouth is reminiscent of a parrot’s beak. In fact it uses its robust beak to scrape algae from the surface of the corals, producing a characteristic sound. After sunset it resides in clefts, producing a bubble of mucus which hides it from nocturnal predators.

Surgeonfish: An eye-catching and brightly coloured group of fish, surgeonfish are important for the marine ecosystem as they feed on the algae which cover the corals. They are called surgeonfish because both sides of the tail fin’s base are covered with a sharp bony spine like a scalpel.

Table acropora corals: A genus of coral shaped like a table which can be found everywhere in the shallow waters of the reef. It provides shelter to a great number of barrier reef fish.

Brain coral: So-called because of its shape similar to a human brain.

Mushroom coral: A solitary coral, at night it extends its numerous tentacles to feed on plankton. An interesting fact is that this coral can use its tentacles to move.

Manta ray: A majestic sea creature, it seems to fly elegantly through the water. One of the most enjoyable and moving experiences in the Maldives. It can have a wingspan of 4 metres.

Whale Shark: The gentle giant of the Maldives, it is possible to swim next to one of these creatures in complete safety. The typical speckled coloration allows each individual to be recognised. To the south of the Ari atoll there is a nursery area where numerous young whale sharks between 4 and 8 metres long congregate.

Hawksbill turtle: Among the corals of the barrier reef it is possible to spot numerous sea turtles, intent on eating sponge and small sea anemones. Every now and then they can also be admired as they come to the surface to breathe.

For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it. Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The Maldives are a unique and extremely charming place, in particular because of one of the protagonists of its ocean, the coral.

It is mainly thanks to this fundamental component of the oceans if guests of our resort can enjoy the incredible beauty of the reef. Its vital importance to the reef’s life is the reason why Diamonds Thudufushi decided to promote the “Coral Conservation Project”. The project’s main objective is to preserve the coral reefs and to create and encourage a responsible kind of tourism.

Working with EcoIslanders, local environmental consulting agency, marine biologists resident on the Islands, who since long have been involved into explaining and describing the uniqueness of the reef to our guests on every ride, took part in a special training aimed at the conservation and regeneration of the reef.

Thanks to this project, which has begun in may 2015, each guest has the opportunity to adopt a frame (iron structure covered with sand) which, in addition to the coral, will also have a label with its name on it. Back home, the guest will receive via e-mail photographs and information about the frame that they have sponsored every 3 months.

The purchase of the frame is 150 USD and will give a real help to the nature of the place, in a unique way. An important project whose objective is to make the Maldives even more attractive and to help the future of coral reefs.

If so, Diamonds Athuruga and its reef is the right place to be! The reefs host several marine turtles which you will find both snorkeling and diving. Our marine biologists will provide all the information you need to discover and admire these great creatures, plus few tips on how to find them! Always respecting the proper code of conduct!

Our marine biologists actively collaborate with one of the most important research project in the Maldives: The Olive Ridley Project. The Olive Ridley Project aims to study the marine turtles using a simple technique, by snapping a picture.

The photo identification allow the researchers to study the migratory habits as well as the health status of each individual. Marine turtles have an individual pattern which works like our fingerprints. Ask our marine biologists on how to be involved and snap a picture of your encounter with the marine turtles!

In addition, the project is focused on the reduction of the extremely dangerous “ghost net”. If you never heard about it click on this link and check the web site of the project, or ask our marine biologists on the island!

On the south area of Ari Atoll the conditions are perfect to attract one of the giant of the ocean: the whale shark. The area is specifically located in a 100km aerial way from west to east on the outer reef of Ari Atoll. Here, the whale sharks find their comfortable condition just below the surface.

‘The BIG FISH Network’ is an online citizen-science platform developed by the founders of Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) to establish a regional monitoring network of wildlife tour guides to increase awareness and stewardship of whale sharks in the Maldives.

The MWSRP is a registered charity that carries out whale shark research and fosters community focused conservation initiatives in the Maldives. Our Marine Biologists are involved in the collection of data for the MWSRP through ‘The BIG FISH Network’. Ask them to be involved, bring your underwater camera!

During your stay in Athuruga or Thudufushi you will have the opportunity to try to look for this gentle giant. The experience is simply amazing. Our biologists will inform you about the biology of the whale shark and you will learn a lot about these interesting animals.

The Maldives Marine Lab Diary is a series of short videos showing curiosities about the organisms that you can see snorkelling or diving around the maldivian coral reef.

The videos are produced by our biologists. They collect images and videos during the snorkelling excursion and during the exiting dives following the IDive Team. The Videos are produced under the scientific supervision of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

Rooms: 70
Price: from 1.691 EUR per night


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