Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris

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Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
Hotel Dupond-Smith Paris - France
10 February 2022

A little-known patronym conceals eight bedrooms and suites. The password for this unique, luxuriously appointed hotel is: confidentiality. The hushed feel of a select club carefully shielded from inquisitive outsiders.

A model of intimate refinement where guests know that they can enjoy complete discretion and one of today’s greatest luxuries: choosing to be incognito. For Dupond-Smith is the ultimate secret, known only to insiders.

Those in the know mention it only in quiet whispers, in the presence of like-minded connoisseurs of true luxury – luxury that states its case without ostentation, and stands out from the rest without ever drawing attention to itself.

At Hôtel Dupond-Smith, when it comes to in-room service, your wish is our desire. Our massage and beauty care specialists come to you, as do our personal trainers who provide tailor-made keep-fit or exercise sessions.

What better way to enjoy your stay to the full, in the utmost refinement, than sipping champagne from our selection on your balcony, or ordering a delicious breakfast, served all day. Time is a luxury to be savoured in the privacy and comfort of your own room.

In the heart of the most exclusive part of the Marais, you will experience two different facets of Paris: one steeped in history, the other resolutely contemporary.

Hôtel Dupond-Smith is located in the vicinity of over 120 private mansions dating back to the 16th and 17th century and just waiting to be discovered by visitors who happen upon a hidden courtyard or garden while out on a stroll.

Since the 80s, the Marais – Paris’s equivalent of New York’s “Village” – has nurtured a truly aesthetic and artistic spirit. The area is best visited on foot, to take in the cultural heritage of rare treasures, on the one hand, and avant-garde style dedicated to early adopters, on the other.

Getting away from it all by dropping into a contemporary art gallery or two (or three), or wandering from the Hunting Museum to the Photography Museum, while you’re out on a shopping spree, is part of the Marais art of living. A truly inspiring way of life, for Sunday outings too.

This pen name is an emblem of rebellion, Hollywood style. The “alias men” who put their “names” to a prolific body of film work and at the same time disown it.

Away from the spotlights, discontented writers who refuse to see their names listed in the credits would be happy to unwind in this room appointed with mineralised-effect wood features. . Azure touches recall the clear blue Californian sky.

Patinated gold, silky smooth velvet and glorious light create a feeling of luxury and blissful warmth. A glamorous refuge, ideal for writing a script of one’s own.

If you’ve a taste for the unexpected, then this is the room for you. Prosper Mérimée’s antics and hoaxes have earned him a special place in 19th-century French literature. Admittedly, behind the name L’Estrange, this member of the French Academy gives away clues to suggest the ruse he used to pass himself off as the purported translator of the no less fictitious writer Clara Gazul… another of his many pen names.

The room’s charismatic feel, which mirrors elegance of this dandyesque figure is created by selected fabrics with elegant motifs and patterns, including a lavallière bow, damasked coral, bronze and golden geometric designs which lead on to a contemporary contrast of immaculate porcelain wave patterns.

The chic elegance of the place ingeniously turns enchantment into an element of surprise. The L’Estrange room beckons guests to steal away, high up, to their balcony hideout overlooking the street, rooftops and life in the Marais – to enjoy being near to and yet so far away from it all.

The name of the room is an anagram of Honoré, which the writer Balzac used to sign his youthful works. Literature lovers will look to identify the signs of literary genius in these writings penned between 1822 and 1827.

There are no scribblings or crossings-out on the wallpaper in this room: it is an empty page, which unfolds like a flourish of origami sculptures on the walls in graphic style.

As a counterpoint, these are punctuated by hints of orange, wooden panelling and willow-green velvet hangings, which set the mood for vivid reverie. The room is appointed with a balcony and enjoys a small courtyard garden, for complete privacy.

Of Saint John Perse’s many pseudonyms, we have chosen Saint Léger Léger for this suite, – a name destined for the height of discreet elegance. Its rigorous geometric forms take in a tangram puzzle of taupe-coloured leather in an elegant atmosphere of charcoal velvet.

A row of suspension lights – in the form of cages open wide to the power of the imagination – enhance the contemporary poetic feel of the place.

This light-filled suite, with double exposure, on both the Rue des Guillemites and Rue Sainte-Croix-de- la-Bretonnerie, holds the key to a secret balcony overlooking the courtyard – ideal for getting away from it all.

Since King Edward III’s reign, the name John Doe has been used for people who cannot be identified. Whoever you may be, you can be whoever you want.

Enjoy the exquisite pleasure of slipping incognito into this suite which covers your tracks and blurs the boundaries between 16th-century Epicureanism, mother-of-pearl, pixel-effect graphics, luscious woodwork and raw concrete.

A silky silhouette casts mysterious shadows here, with a radically minimalistic metallic echo there, while elsewhere opalescent velvet envelopes light fittings redolent of the “sweet” Fifties.

A dream journey that takes in refinement at its most serene and mystifying, with a sheer, gentle, heady view over the rooftops of Paris as its only compass bearing.

To ensure you enjoy your stay to the full, in complete privacy, Hôtel Dupond-Smith offers a variety of breakfast menus, served in your room from 7 am. This service is available all day at your convenience. Breakfast is also served in the ground-floor lounge during the same hours.

Hôtel Dupond-Smith has arranged for the services of a qualified masseur, who will set up a massage table in your room. Enjoy personalised treatments to get over jet lag, or to relax your back and legs, using a range of Mon Masseur natural wellness products. Ask US to make an appointment for you.

The minibar in your room offers a selection of mineral waters, non-alcoholic sparkling and still drinks, champagne, red and white wines, and beer as well as a selection of snacks. If you would like any beverages or snacks not on the menu, please contact us.

A selection of teas and herbal teas from Kusmi Tea are available in your room free of charge: Throughout the day Teas – BB Detox, a blend of maté, green tea and rooibos, flavoured with a subtle hint of grapefruit. – Earl Grey, Chinese black tea, flavoured with bergamot, Chinese lemon grown in Sicily.

Evening Herbal teas – Verveine-Menthe poivrée, a relaxing verbena an peppermint herbal tea, for enjoying after meals – Camomille, a soothing herbal tea with chamomile flowers.

Rooms: 8
Price: from 365 EUR per night


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