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Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
Hotel Nolinski Paris - France
10 February 2022

Moments away from the Comédie Française and the Palais Royal gardens, enclosed between layers of history and Haussmann elegance, lies a temple to art and life à la française: the NOLINSKI.

This breathtaking, characterful haven bears the hallmark eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot. A minimalist reception made from Carrara marble. Excellence in respecting our guests. Excellence in hospitality.

In the quiet discretion of its private apartments, this private home safeguards the secrets of the art of living, in a space where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair. Designed for locals and travellers alike.

From bright, luminous rooms and a mineral spa to the Nolinski restaurant and the hushed tones of the cocktails bar, each space is an invitation to let the senses roam and emotions rise. An intimate setting scented with spices and musk, a musical atmosphere and the warm softness of velvet or tweed.

Hues of blue and emerald green, precious materials and custom-made furniture and furnishings intertwine to orchestrate a lyrical and harmonious ensemble. Conviviality served with passion.

The passion of Epicurean experiences and unimaginable dreams, where the art of attention to detail intuitively paves the way for mystery. Visitors wander through a world in which luxurious comforts, works of art and Parisian authenticity coexist.

Distributed over six floors, the intimate charm of single rooms and connecting rooms is an invitation to a haven of peace, with windows overlooking the heart of Paris. Green, raspberry, beige, blue, yellow, and fawn, each private room reveals its own colour scheme to enhance the harmony of greys and waxed concrete.

All share the same comforts and varying volumes of beautiful materials, dimmed wall lamps, mouldings and neoclassical wood panelling, interwoven with a thread of refinement.

A lacquered wardrobe watches over an elegant desk, bearing sculptural and ceramic souvenirs from its travels in faraway lands, alongside the custom-made furniture. A sense of indulgence is created by heavy curtains and plush carpets, creating a promise of well-being. Tastefully done.

Bright, spacious and intimate hideaways. Windows and balconies open out onto the heart of Paris itself. The suites are private apartments characterised by art and discretion.

Salvador, Pablo, Ernest, Gustave and Marie are the names given to these comfortable suites, with hallway, bedroom, bathroom and living room. All embody the same essence: beautiful materials and vintage 70s furniture complete the room to bring it a personalised elegance.

A lacquered wardrobe watches over an elegant desk, bearing sculptural and ceramic souvenirs from its travels in faraway lands, while heavy curtains and plush carpets provide the ultimate indulgent finishing touch to these little Haussmann lofts. Indulge in your favourite shade, be it green, raspberry, beige, blue, yellow or fawn.

Suite Joséphine

The Nolinski’s iconic suite – the Joséphine private apartments dominate the Avenue de l’Opéra from the fifth floor. Offering a breathtaking view from the balcony, beautiful light and majestic volumes, works of art and elegant, custom-made furniture.

It can be elegantly connected to the neighbouring suites and rooms, making half of the floor private. An exceptional, peaceful environment.

Set among décor that subtly mingles Art Deco with a seventies spirit, a nod to the hotel’s 1930s façade, Nolinski Le Restaurant presents a contemporary, sun-drenched cuisine that features fresh and unexpected textures, colors and flavors.

Here, its Chef, Philip Chronopoulos, already the Michelin-starred chef of the Palais-Royal Restaurant, celebrates a unique, cosmopolitan cuisine infused with Mediterranean accents, and the originality of a menu devoted to different worlds: “The world of raw food, spices, and the sea, for cuisine that will never be boring”.

On the menu are mini stewed veal turnovers, burrata cauliflower with pesto, poultry kebab and crispy ravioli. As for dessert, the pâtisserie is invented by Yann Brys, who was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Of Greek origin, Philip Chronopoulos trained at the Ecole Paul Bocuse in Lyon, then joined Alain Passard’s team, and afterwards worked closely with Joël Robuchon. The thirty-three-year-old chef is expanding his territory as he takes the reins of the restaurants at the Nolinski hotels (Paris and Venice).

He is comfortable going off the beaten path. Already Chef at the Michelin-starred Palais-Royal le Restaurant, his signature is his unique culinary identity. Even if the two locations are neighbors, each has its own culinary identity.

The former is focused on fine cuisine, while the latter is devoted to original cuisine from different worlds. “The worlds of raw food, spices, and the sea, for cuisine that will never be boring,” says Philip Chronopoulos. He alters ingredients as little as possible, revealing their textures, scents, flavors, tastes, and colors.

Set in the Jardin du Palais Royal gardens, right in the heart of historic, artistic and creative Paris, the Michelin-starred Palais-Royal Restaurant decorated by Christophe Tollemer, pays homage to its environment.

For the cuisine, Chef Philip Chronopoulos works with flavours, textures and aromas, he offers precise cuisine filled with emotion that replicates all the beauty of nature on your plate. Taking inspiration from the seasons, he creates an interplay of texture and colours, without ever sacrificing taste or indulgence.

At the center of the Grand Salon, in a private, subdued setting, Nolinski hosts a new cocktail bar with a variety of signature cocktails, along with mocktails, housemade infusions, and a light menu designed by Philip Chronopoulos.

The piano in the bar is available for an evening performance, an inspired improvisation, or other “happenings.” After all, spontaneity and freedom are also part of the Nolinski spirit.

Spa Nolinski by La Colline invites you to experience a moment of serenity in an intimate setting in the heart of Paris, where French elegance meets the cutting-edge Treatments and products of the Swiss Riviera.

An experience where the four elements unite: the soft whisper of the water, granite flooring, warm wood panelling, flickering candles all collide in a natural source of cosy well-being.

On the ceiling, a mirror reflects an endless swimming stroke gliding across an abstract landscape. Luxurious Treatments offer you a sensation of well-being. After a session with a personal trainer on-site or in the neighbouring Louvre gardens, a sense of deep serenity takes over.

Breathe. Silence… Experience a gentle return to simplicity. In this new space dedicated to relaxation and serenity, La Colline offers you enchanting experiences that are second to none.

Cutting-edge products – the fruit of extensive research on cellular metabolism – are combined with a sophisticated and authentic atmosphere where an eye for detail is translated into precision of treatment and appreciation for carefully codifed rituals.

The treatments include breathing and stretching in alternating phases, as well as relaxing and firming massages allowing the body and mind to revitalise in complete harmony.

The Swiss origins of this unique space are reflected in its atmosphere of discretion and refinement to ensure an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

A 13th century castle that has evolved with the centuries. Once the residence of the Kings of France under the Ancien Régime, today the Louvre is one of the world’s most prestigious museums. Rubbing shoulders with the Cour Carrée, its famous glass pyramid has reigned over the Cour Napoléon since 1989.

Contrasting with the surrounding classical buildings, this futuristic monument encloses the main entrance. Inside, medieval relics are spread over three wings: Sully, Richelieu and Denon.

A 60,600 m² journey through the ages in eight permanent collections: Oriental, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Paintings, Sculptures, Decorative Arts, Islamic Art and Prints and Drawings from the Middle Ages to 1848.

The majestic Tuileries gardens and fountains greet visitors upon leaving, providing an airy space for joggers and strollers that stretches from the Palais to the Obelisk on Place de la Concorde. A haven of greenery in the heart of the city.

An architectural gem built by the Cardinal Richelieu in 1642, the Palais Royal sits next to the Louvre. Enclosed in a rectangle formed by cut stone buildings, its honorary courtyard has been home to the 3,000 m2 Colonnes de Buren contemporary sculpture since 1986.

A smattering of luxury boutiques await under its arcades, inviting visitors to flit from art works to literary cafés, from fashion to design. In the centre, a garden dotted with lime blossom trees and restaurants hosts pétanque games and little fountains. A well-kept secret

This theatre was christened the ‘Maison de Molière’ and is based on a Latin motto: Simul et Singulis, which translates as ‘Together and Individually’. The stage was thus set for the only French troupe of permanent actors.

Founded under Louis XIV in 1680, this elegant theatre is home to a truly singular atmosphere exuded by its mouldings and dyed pieces. The Salle Richelieu seats 860 spectators, who flock to the theatre to attend the classical concerts, ballets and plays that are performed here every night.

A contemporary repertoire of over 3,000 works. Collectors and visitors are spoilt for choice in the boutiques thanks to a range of quirky gift items, from dining arts and stationery to jewellery, home décor, textiles and specialist books.

Each of the boutiques is a cabinet of curiosities that sparks dialogue and brings browsers together. A high seat of art and timeless opulence.

Rubbing shoulders with glossy department stores and Haussmann apartment buildings, this listed historic monument towers up over its square. The architect Charles Garnier lent it its neoclassical Baroque style in 1875, thus creating one of the city’s two existing opera houses.

Every year, 2,200 art lovers venture behind the marble columns of its façade and under its copper statue-topped dome to attend one of its 350 annual operas and ballets. The majestic, sweeping staircase sets the tone for things to come: drawing rooms and a main foyer decked out in mosaics and Louis XIV mirrors.

A ballroom that dazzles under a monumental chandelier and a dome painted by Chagall. Unforgettable dinners under the rotunda. A feast for the senses, from overtures to intervals, from day to night.

Infused with the spirit of illustrious artists, from the dulcet tones of Maria Callas to Rudolf Noureev’s pirouettes or the craftsmanship of Stravinsky – simply enthralling.

Right Bank. Stretching along 1,800 metres from Les Halles to the Concorde, this famous street skims past the Palais Royal, the Madeleine, the Tuileries garden, the Place Vendôme, and beyond… An Aladdin’s cave of shopping delights.

High fashion boutiques, cutting-edge designers, and renowned perfumers are on-hand to satisfy all your flights of fancy, from gifts to souvenirs. A stone’s throw away from the Elysée Palace.

Rooms: 45
Price: from 477 EUR per night


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