Jk Place Capri

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Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
Jk Place Capri, Campania - Italy
13 March 2022

The comfort of feeling at home, surrounded by precious details has been the key philosophy of J.K. Place Capri, the luxury of discreet elegance and guest service has made this incredible hotel where well-being meets luxury-resort getaway with spectacular coastline experience and inspiration.

Echoing the style and the concept of a luxury house, the interior design are derived by the charm of the elements that can be found by the coastline: the light and the color of the sea, spacious where artful revival of the classical style enhanced by the sunny curtain and the luminous crispy white and navy furnishings, bringing the nautical elegant from the breath-taking and borderless Mediterranean sea to your room.

The J.K.Place is situated on the Island of Capri near the Amalfi Coast. The island is reachable either by hydrofoil, ferry or helicopter. Private boat transfers may also be easily arranged by the hotel’s concierge. The nearest international airport to Capri is Naples Capodichino.

Almost opposite the former Hotel Grotte Bleue, is located the JK Capri, once called Hotel Continental, managed by Giuseppe Maldacena 13th, who had established a company with the brother-in-law Antonio Cimino, seaman married with Maria Maldacena.

The first plant of the Hotel Continental was a private house named Villa Bovaro, which was built before 1878 and turned into a hotel before 1885, as also witnessed by a C.W.

Allers’s picture dated 1891, where the only legible word on the front of the building is “Hotel …”; at that time it belonged to Mario Canale, owner of several real estates all over the island.

The hotel address at the time was “via Bevaro 1” and the building consisted of two floors with 10 rooms on the ground floor and 8 rooms on the first floor. Since its opening under the Maldacena management before 1897 the hotel had accommodated in particular Anglo-Saxon guests.

Giuseppe Maldacena, manager of the hotel, had lived in England for many years and spoke English very well: that’s why the hotel worked also as a sort of tourist information point of the island.

In the 1899 guide the Hotel Continental was exalted as the only first-class hotel with a private path taking to the beach below which, according to the toponymy research carried out in the nineteenth century by Attilio Lembo, was called “Sotto ‘a lucanda”.

During the first period of their stay in Capri the “sisters” Kate (Kathrine) and Saidee Wolcott-Perry, protagonists of the novel Vestal Fire by Compton Mackenzie, lodged in this hotel, which was called “Odyssey” in the same novel.

The rich American girls arrived to Capri in 1897 and later on they had to find a house to settle here; at a very short distance from the hotel there was a small unfinished house and the girls immediately liked it. Then they purchased this house and turned it into one of the most beautiful neo-Moresque villas of the island, called Villa Torricella.

But, when the Wolcott-Perries wanted to move to their new house and take with them the furniture of their rooms at the Continental purchased at their expense, the hotel manager Giuseppe Maldacena didn’t agree with them and so a legal action was taken. But why did the Wolcott-Perries furnish the rooms of the Hotel Continental?

According to an advertising postcard of the time, “since February 1st 1897” the Continental, which was the only first-class hotel in Marina Grande, had been authorized to accept the first-class hotel coupons distributed by the Cook agency.

And this is a quite strange advertisement, which openly contradicts what you can deduce from the content of the documents regarding the legal action between the Wolcott-Perries, who arrived to Capri just in 1897, and the hotel manager Maldacena. According to the 1902-1907 guide the Hotel Continental had two managers: Giordini and Maldacena.

The good reputation of the hotel was still unchanged according to the 1910 guide as well, in which the Continental was defined as the most elegant hotel of Marina Grande, and this was also true thanks to the contributions given by the Wolcott-Perries! After the First World War the Hotel Continental was renamed Hotel Métropole.

The building was inherited by Florindo Canale and by his wife Luisa Viva and afterwards it passed to Maria Canale, who had managed the hotel with her husband Antonio Vaccaro since the ’30s.

As far as the accommodation facility of the Continental is concerned, in the period between 1903 and 1906 it consisted of 20 beds, while the Métropole, according to a guide dated 1929, had only 10 rooms.

In the years between 1932 and 1937 there were 10 rooms with 18-20 beds and one common bathroom only, between 1939 and 1940 the hotel had 15 beds, while in 1960 it consisted of 20 rooms.

In the late ’80s, Mr. Salvatore De Angelis, well known hotelier of the Island, during the renovation works carried out at the Hotel Métropole, which has been renamed Hotel Palatium since that period, found some important fragments and archaeological finds dating back to the Roman time.

In fact the building is located on some Roman cisterns and on the first stretch of a road taking to the harbour, always dating back to the Roman period, which lies just below the hotel.

(Courtesy of:Ewa Kawamura Alberghi Storici dell’isola di Capri Una storia dell’ospitalità tra Ottocento e Novecento, Capri, Edizioni La Conchiglia, 2005, pp. 232-235)

Sized 75 sq m (807 sq ft). Light-filled and spacious, the Penthosue Suite is ideal for family as it composed of two double rooms with two separate bathrooms. Has two large deck terraces furnished with sunbeds, table and armchairs, overlooking the Gulf of Naples and the yachting marina.

Sized 45 sq m (485 sq ft). The most exclusive rooms located on the top floor of the villa. The incredible view of these rooms offer an outlook over the blue water of the Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula. Take advantage of the wide deck terrace furnished with sunbeds, table and armchairs to enjoy a romantic dinner.

Sized between 45 and 50 (485 and 538 sq ft). These elegant rooms have a living area furnishes with sofa. Some have four-poster beds and quirky touches such as zebra-print stools. The private balcony, furnished with table and armchairs, has sweeping views of the Gulf of Naples.

Sized between 28 and 38 sq m (300 and 400 sq ft). These spacious rooms are decorated in the same nautical shades of white and blue reflected in other areas of the hotel. The Deluxe rooms have private balcony with table and armchairs where you can enjoy the view of the sea.

Sized 30 sq m (320 sq ft). Decorated in soothing pastel shades, red–coral curtains with touches of aqua green. Enjoy the view of Monte Solaro and the spacious walk-in closet.

A charming restaurant that serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with its large panoramic terrace, for breakfast and all day-dining in a relaxing atmosphere.

A bar, but above all an exclusive location based on a completely different basis of hospitality. A sophisticated ambiance, whether for a glass of wine after a tiring day, or to simply kick back and socialise in this chic atmosphere

We propose our selection of cocktails with the “Chef Display”, from which our Chef accurately and knowingly prepares finger food (slivers of Prosecco-marinated pineapple, chocolate-soaked citrus zest, quail egg canapés, mini sea bream burgers, parmesan cheese perfumed with Martini Dry Vermouth and delicious pecans) that are perfect any time of the day.

The J.K. Spa invites you to enjoy the ultimate wellness experience. This luxurious sanctuary, nestled in the heart of Capri, provides the perfect environment where your experience begins as you leave the world behind and begin your journey to complete relaxation.

Unwind in the steam room or pamper yourself with beauty therapies evolved over centuries. Indulge yourself in the splendor of a bygone era at the J.K. Spa.

Discover Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments and let yourself be transported to a wonderful sensorial world. Benefit from the unique “savoir faire” and experience of a prestigious brand best known for its use of essential oils and plant extracts to create highly effective products of the highest possible quality.

The Sisley Phyto-Aromatic Treatments combine massage rituals from all over the world, created with the respect of local traditions, and the power of aromatherapy, to reunify body and mind.

The Sisley Phyto- AromaticTreatments exist in different versions for face and body, each has its own specific massage technique designed to meet the needs of each skin and its dream answer.

Private personal trainers/hikers are available for individual attention and consultation, and they will be happy to plan and customize a workout regime for you throughout your stay here at J.K. Place, Capri. All the attention and uniqueness of private personal training are also designed for couples or in groups.


Body and respiratory techniques induce relaxation of body and mind. Breathing exercises rejuvenate and calm the mind. These Yoga movements will help start the day with serenity and peace.


Our Pilates classes provide for the execution of traditional and modern exercises on the mat in order to experience the relationship between mind, breathing, postural muscles and center of gravity.


These one-on-one training sessions begin with an individual goal assessment and warm up. The session continues with a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training using the latest techniques with an emphasis on teaching the importance of proper technique and form.


A thru-hike is one of the greatest adventures that Capri has to offer, and is available to anyone who can walk and has the time and desire to discover this beautiful island by foot. Minimum of 1 hour and maximum of full day hiking is offered. Personalize your own adventures footpath with the locations you would like to discover.


Jogging remains one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular capacity, maintain weight control and to manage stress. To do it in a group, on a regular basis, is an excellent way to stay motivated. Explore this beautiful island of Capri while getting in shape.

Located in the magical setting of the island of Capri, the JK Capri’s exceptional design combined with the welcoming atmosphere will ensure a memorable experience.

Capri is not only spectacular by sea, but is also ideal for those who love to walk among nature. Our professional guides are your promise for the best possible visit of our fantastic island. They will take you to Monte Solaro, Villa Jovis, the Sentiero dei Fortini and many other places.

In the center of Capri, just five minutes on foot from the world renowned Piazzetta, you can enjoy an exciting tennis match. You can also organize lessons with an instructor with prior reservation.

Scuba Diving
Leave the shores aboard comfortable boats and spend your day discovering the fascinating underwater sea world of Capri.

For those that do not have a license, but would like to take advantage of their vacation to learn diving, lessons with our qualified instructor allow issue of one that is valid internationally. Then you can dive into the limpid waters to see the white reefs of the island below the surface.

If you have always wondered what it is like to fish in the sea that surrounds the island of Capri, you now have the chance to discover it!

It doesn\’t matter if you are an expert or an absolute beginner, your time fishing in the waters of Capri is guaranteed to be magical! The captain will assist you during the day at sea with suggestions and useful information.

Scooter Rent
Renting a scooter on Capri is a good idea for those that want to get around independently. You can get to Capri and Anacapri for a pleasant drive through typical little roads, the Faro to enjoy an enchanting sunset, or the Blue Grotto.

From April to October, only residential vehicles are allowed to circulate on the island. It is not permitted to embark autos or motorcycles from the mainland.

Boat Tours
In a luxury speedboat or a typical wooden Capri boat called “Gozzo”, explore the Island from the most tempting spots where you can enjoy a memorable swim, bathed in the shimmering light of the sky refracted through the sea.

On board, qualified crew members will show you the several caves of the Island, from the famous Blue Grotto to the less well-known Green Grotto, the Coral Grotto or the spectacular White Grotto.

Capri is not only spectacular by sea, but is also ideal for those who love to walk among nature. Our professional guides are your promise for the best possible visit of our fantastic island. They will take you to Monte Solaro, Villa Jovis, the Sentiero dei Fortini and many other places.

Helicopter tour
The J.K Place offers a series of extraordinary excursions, unforgettable journeys across scenarios of unsurpassed beauty. You will flying over the mouth of Vesuvius, the temples of Pompei, Herculaneum and Paestum, and the cities of Caserta, Salerno and Naples.

The tour continues with the stretch of the Tyrrhenian sea which caresses the Amalfi Coast and the islands of the Bay of Naples.

You will admire from the top the enchanting towns of Positano and Amalfi, the bay of Ieranto and the legendary Faraglioni of Capri. An excursion by helicopter is the most thrilling way to experience one the world\’s most beautiful scenarios.

Pompeii and Herculaneum
Pompeii and Herculaneum can be considered one of the most important testimonies of Roman civilization better preserved. Taking a walk with an expert guide among the ruins, will take you back to 2000 years ago and let you breathe and relive the atmosphere of the ancient life.

Amalfi Coast
On board of our luxury speedboats, enjoy a memorable day admiring from the sea the enchanting villages of the Amalfi Coast. Stop for lunch in one of the typical Restaurants of Nerano, a lovely fishing village, or visit the world famous town of Positano.

Furthermore, appreciate a swim at the “Li Galli” private Island enjoying the spectacular scenario of the Coast.

Unforgettable excursions and mini cruises towards the most enchanting locations of the Blue Island and Amalfi Coast, boat trip around the island to discover all the secrets and marvels of Capri, Night excursion by boat to enjoy a beautiful sunset, Private transfers by motor boat, Helicopter tranfers, Walking tours with specialized guide, Restaurant reservations.

Marina Grande
The big marina is the first landing place on Capri, where public and private boats arrive from the mainland. It is located in the bay on the northern part of the island, right on the Gulf of Naples and consists of two large straights.

Marina Grande is also a seaside resort with an ample beach. The houses lining the harbor still have the ancient structure typical of the fishermen of Capri; with a lower level reserved exclusively for boats.

Marina Piccola
This little marina is one of the most popular places on the island, where you will find the “Scoglio delle Sirene” (Mermaid Reef) that, according to the theories of some historic scholars, was the place in which Homer’s terrible mermaids of his Odyssey were found.

The Faraglioni
When we think of Capri, the first images that come to mind are of the Faraglioni, the three large stack formations of rock. These formations are over 100 meters high and rise from the sea just a few meters from the coast.

Each stack has its own name: the closest and still attached to the island is named Stella (star), the second, separated from the first by a stretch of sea, is named Mezzo (middle), and the third Faraglione goes by the name Fuori (outside) or Scopolo.

The Piazzetta
In truth, this square is called Piazza Umberto I, but since the 1930’s it has been called “la piazzetta”, the little square.

As small as it is, it is the center of island social life, deserving of the nickname “the world’s living room”. It has always been the heart of Capri society, but at one time, it was simply the square where the fish market was held.

This is the place where you can still take peaceful walks along silent streets and squares colored by geraniums and bougainvillea. The pedestrian area is lively with small artisan workshops that cross the historic center of Anacapri.

Blue Grotto
Already known to the ancient Romans, it is thought that the Blue Grotto was a favorite place of the emperor Tiberius. The magic light that illuminates the rocky walls and the crystalline waters of this famous cave will leave you speechless; a spellbinding scenario that makes you feel suspended in the sky.

Villa San Michele
The Swedish physician, Alex Munthe, wanted to build his island home in one of the most scenic spots of Anacapri. It stands out for its imaginative architecture with a succession of medieval mullioned windows that alternate with the classical motifs of Roman capitals.

Its walls frame an enviable collection of finds from the Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian eras collected during the scholar’s many travels and his permanence on the island of Capri.

The Certosa
Situated just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta, the Certosa di San Giacomo is one of the most important historical buildings on the island. Built in 1371, it suffered extensive damage as a result of repeated pirate raids in the sixteenth century.

Restoration lasted until 1636 and, over the years, it has been home to a monastery, a military base, a hospital and a prison. Today, it is a charming location for cultural events.

Via Krupp
This road is named for the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who, when docking his yacht in Marina Piccola to spend his holidays on the island, found it inconvenient to reach his home.

To make it easier for himself, he built this fabulous road, more than one hundred meters above the sea, to connect Marina Piccola to the center of Capri.

Augustus Garden
These gardens have their origin on the property of German steel industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp who, in the early twentieth century, bought this stretch of land to build his home. From then and up until 1918, the gardens carried the name of Krupp.

In 1918, the gardens were renamed the Augustus Gardens, name that has remained to the present day. From the Augustus Gardens, a stunning 180-degree panoramic view of the island of Capri can be enjoyed and, in fact, from there you can see Monte Solaro, the Marina Piccola bay, Via Krupp and the famous Faraglioni.

Website: www.jkcapri.com
Rooms: 22
Price: from 896 EUR per night


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