La Bastide de Moustiers

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La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
La Bastide de Moustiers, Provence - France
26 January 2023

La Bastide de Moustiers is a house full of charm situated at the heart of the Alpes de Haute Provence region. Former property of an earthenware master, it offers a splendid view on Moustiers-Sainte-Marie “cliff”.

The main building was restored by local artisans. Alain Ducasse asked designer friend Tonia Peyrot to give the building the special feel that makes it so endearing. Alain Ducasse wanted his inn to be warm and welcoming, and each one of his guest to feel at home.

Filled with a sincere will to please and to share his passion for the terroir, the local land, he personally dedicated himself to its fitting and thought about small details that give a family house its charm: antiques he went himself looking for, picnic baskets to go for a stroll, bicycles to discover the region.

Alain Ducasse entrusted close collaborator Sarah Chailan to look after your happiness and well-being during your stay. It is with great talent and good mood that Sarah enables you to spend the most exquisite moments.

The Chef officiates in the Bastide de Moustiers kitchens with his team. Intimate and refined refuge, La Bastide can be fully privatized in celebration of anniversaries, weddings or intimate gatherings. This charming building offers all the desired atmosphere: the tranquility necessary for a business meal, the friendliness of a friendly lunch or an intimate romantic dinner.

“In 1994, while riding my motorcycle at random on the roads of Provence, I discovered a house standing amidst lavender and olive trees. I made it my anchoring harbour, my home, before deciding to open it to others. It has always had this very special place in my heart, and it still has today…” – Alain Ducasse

Particularly spacious, the Bastidon comprises two rooms – a bedroom and a living room – a bathroom and a dressing room, covering a total area of almost 80 m2. Alain Ducasse and his interior design friend Tonia Peyrot worked together on the décor to give this new suite a charm both chic and traditional.

Beautifully worked raw materials: the wood present both on the walls and in the furniture, the stone that covers the floor and some walls, the marble of the monumental, Louis XV-style mantelpiece that reigns over the living room, or coming from India for the bathroom.

The great oak four-poster bed was created by a Japanese designer. The lovely private garden includes a terrace, fig trees, olive trees, holly oaks, cypresses and the gentle gurgle of an old, Provencal fountain.

Light oak parquet, “Rain forest” marble from India on the walls, Roman shower, double washbasin, old-fashioned bath tub And to perfect your experience – a magnificent view over the valley and hills (south-west facing) and a hidden door at the bottom of the garden giving you direct access to the hotel swimming pool. The Bastidon is adapted for persons with reduced mobility. Happiness has a name: Bastidon!

In the small independent wing situated below the main building, the Suite Olive reveals its assets: a large bed (Queen Size), a lounge, a fireplace and a private balcony where one may enjoy the beautiful view on the park, to which one may access directly from the room.

This suite may communicate with the chamber Abeille. Wooden floor, twin washbasins and bidet. Bathtub. Floor made with tiles of Salernes. West view on the vegetation.

On the first floor, this spacious room decorated with immaculate linen and a beautiful light. To be appreciated as an aesthete, from the large four-poster wooden bed. A bathtub surrounded by Salernes tiles made by local artist Alain Vagh and decorated by l’atelier Soleil. Twin washbasins and bidet. A particularly luminous bathroom.

On the first floor, the Chambre Potiron has a peculiar charm with its bed on a mezzanine and its beautiful view on on the courtyard. Bathtub and double washbasins. Floor made with terra cotta.

Here, the kitchen is open to everyone. Scents come out of the saucepans, the meat roasts in the chimney, commis bustle about and the Chef Adrien de Crignis takes great pleasure in presenting the menu of the day. A Provençale cuisine and menus changing weekly. Respectful and generous, its only aim is to follow the seasons and glorify the products.

Two menus are proposed for lunch and for dinner. Inspired by the Southern terroir, chef Adrien de Crignis prepares each dish as a story to share…

Every morning, our gardener picks up the products of the vegetable garden and brings his filled trays below the kitchen windows. Vegetables, aromatic herbs and fruit then make a quick stay in the chef’s hands… And then, still in their first freshness and barely transformed, invited themselves in the guests’ plates.

Bouillon glacé de cosses de petits pois et févettes ; agneau des Pré-alpes à la cheminée, légumes en beaux morceaux ; pigeonneau de Racan grillé aux ceps de vigne ; cocotte de légumes printaniers cuisinés ensemble à l’huile d’olive de la Bastide.

Hosts can gather around a large table for a family or business lunch. For everyone’s greatest pleasure, the library proposes a collection of books gathered by Alain Ducasse.

The garden of the Bastide de Moustiers surrounds the house. A profusion of delicate flowers and of scented lavenders… a true rapture for nature lovers.

Not far from the house, another treasure invites you to visit: a prolific vegetable garden, our gardener’s pride. It offers the visitor a bounty of scents and colors. The vegetable garden is made up of 5 thematic gardens: the herb garden, the salad garden, the garden of the simple, the root garden and the wild garden.

One may not describe the Garden of the Simple without becoming a poet. The aromas and the wide variety of plants that grow in the garden are an invitation to dreaming: valerian, garden lovage.

The 5 acres of park, punctuated with unusual sculptures, bowers and centuries old olive trees, invites you to long contemplative strolls as well as to more adventurous hikes. How lovely it is to dream away in the pines’ shadow or to stroll in the alleys lined with rosemary in bloom.

Imagine the cicadas shrilling, the view on the hills and on the valley, the pool peeking out from behind the pines… What is more exquisite than taking a dive when the sun reached the zenith or in the cold evening air at dusk?

Taking your time. Enjoying the shadow of the plane trees. Relaxing by the fountain. But also, having something to eat, tasting the garden’s herbal tea or tasting local spirits… Some of the simple pleasures of life make this terrace a place where time just seems to stop!

A subtle mixture of various well-known Asian techniques, such as traditional Chinese medicine and the Indian Ayurveda, the treatment combines traditional know-how and the benefits of natural essential oils for a moment of pure relaxation.

You can have a discussion with Vaea at the beginning of your session in order to tailor your treatment and to establish whether you have any allergies (one treatment each time).

The Bastide team suggests you to discover the beautiful “Gorges du Verdon”, few kilometers from the property. You can visit this staple location on board of a fully electric, silent, and environmental friendly boat nicknamed « L’Estelle » (star in Provençal) paying tribute to the one that twinkles over the village since the 17th century.

Let yourself be guided by your taste buds to discover Provence in its appetizing diversity! The lavender honey, clear and unctuous, has an AOC* (*French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products).

This honey can be tasted in the village, in some dishes, but also in the famous “Biscuits de Moustiers” pastries or even in pint of milk beer… One will discover the different types of cheese along the markets. The gnôle de Provence, the Pastis, the Génépi and some other aperitif liquors made with plants will certainly surprise spirit lovers.

For Alain Ducasse, who loves simple and authentic flavours, using a product from the terroir is something obvious. He only has one demand: quality. Along the seasons, the Chef will make his guests savour exceptional regional food: Beauregard lamb, cheese from Banon, truffle from Riez, Cavaillon melon… And the Sonaio, the homemade cocktail, honours the Amandine ( a local liquor) for an exquisite taste…

Faithful to the southern cuisine precepts, the chef only uses homemade olive oil to cook. It is a mild and fruity oil, made with fully ripe fruits from the Bastide’s olive trees. Extracted in the Aups mill, it will ravish the connoisseurs who will luckily taste it in the restaurant.

Alain Ducasse has chosen for you the objects he likes as well as the best local products, available in the Bastide’s boutique. To remember it or discover…

Settled into a notch at the base of a limestone cliff, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and Castellane open you the doors to the Gorges du Verdon canyons. The village, built like an amphitheater, was named after the monastery founded in the 5th century.

It became an important pilgrimage site in the 11th century. Today, visitors can still see a chain with a silver star suspended high across the valley, which is a famous ex-voto once owned by a knight who had returned unharmed from the crusades. In the Alps of Haute Provence, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, the earthenware capital, welcomes the visitors…

Water is plentiful in Moustiers, combined with the clay soil and nearby woods, it has given birth to a long-standing pottery tradition at the village.

During the reign of Louis XIV, the secret of pure white enamel is said to have been passed down by a monk from Faenza to the Clérissy brothers, this transforming their already successful business into a Manufacture Royale at the service of the court, ultimately responsible for some of the most beautiful ceramic ensembles in the kingdom.

In the early 18th century, Joseph Olerys brought the polychromy techniques back from Spain, later perfectionned by numerous artisans.

Along the river that rises in the Allos pass and flows into the Durance river, the Gorges du Verdon canyons separate the Var from the Alps of Haute Provence. From the Pont du Galetas (Galetas bridge) to lake Sainte-Croix’s mouth, discover an exceptional trail in this breathtaking and majestic preserved site.

Climbing fans may exercise, alone or with a guide, whatever their level may be. The Route des Crêtes brings you to La Palud and its beautiful panoramic viewpoints, you may drive there or for the more sporty people, ride your mountain bike to the top.

Lake Saint Croix and its turquoise water is a true blessing for water sports’ lovers (swimming of course, but also windsurfing, catamaran, rowing and canoeing) but also for those who like to hike or ride mountain bikes. A signposted itinerary leaves the village enables you to reach the lake’s shores and its idyllic beaches.

Backpacking, pony trekking or bike riding: the region of the Verdon is a paradise for nature lovers. We will help you organize all your trips. To make your rides easier, the Bastide de Moustiers is pleased to make mountain bikes available to you; and the most sceptical of you will be able to enjoy electric bikes!

To brighten up your escapades, Alain Ducasse thought of everything: don’t forget to bring our tempting baskets full of specialties from La Bastide, to be savored in a beautiful set .

Rooms: 13
Price: from 263 EUR per night


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