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Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
Las Lagunas Guatemala
3 June 2022

I have always been in love with Peten, ever since I came for the first time back in 1950 when I was only 23 years old, it was love at first sight.

By then, Peten was an extensive jungle of hundreds of square kilometers, from the beginning of Sarstun River in the southeast border with Belize, to the northeast border with Mexico. The forest was so thick, full of fine wood trees that the sun barely penetrated the grounds.

The trees were so big, full of exotic birds and a great variety of local animals, surrounded by great rivers, most of them navigable and in which you could observe all sorts of fish, crocodiles and snakes, a true paradise.

The roads, if you could call them that, were only paths where some animals went through and most of the trips were done through the rivers with canoes that measured up to 30 meters and that could easily carry 300 quintals of products, mainly corn.

You could barely spot a house every once in a while and you were greeted with great joy and offered food and beverages from the region. They had this alcoholic beverage that consisted of fermented fruits and it was called “chumpiate”, which you had to drink carefully because it easily made you very happy.

It was a virgin, unexploited jungle. There was another jungle where many trees had been cut and it was a lot smaller, there were also the savannas, wide prairies with low grass and jungle islands (suchés) that served as refugees for the deer, wild boars, tapirs, jaguars, pumas and many other smaller animals like agouty pacas, cotuzas, tayras and otters, among others.

You could spot and observe before sunrise an immense variety of birds that filled the jungle with their wonderful sounds. It was incredibly beautiful to watch the musters of endemic ocelated turkeys with their colorful feathers reflecting the sun rays.

During the chewing gum boom, it was very nice to talk to the chicleros who extracted the gum from the sapodilla trees. They told wonderful stories of the region and stories about small elves that appeared to them in the jungle. The sad part is that most of this is disappearing without anyone doing anything to stop it.

As years have gone by, roads where built, all types of vehicles and machinery came in and even the Fydep was created by the government to promote colonization, providing great advantages for the acquisition of lands and promoting the agricultural and livestock development without any proper legislation to defend and protect the local flora and fauna and causing the extinction of many species.

This is so sad especially when you can see that in other countries like Canada, USA, Kenya and most of the European countries they have such a strict legislation to protect all this.

In our country there is no proper legislation and if there is, no one respects it and we can see that in clear examples like the forest fires that have become more common each year and the deforestation of most of the virgin forest.

And I want to say it clear that I am not opposing to progress and development, I am in favor of that but I think this development should be organized, controlled and sustainable and everyone should be aware of their social responsibility.

Some years ago, with the curiosity that has always characterized me, I came upon this land and all the memories of what made me fall in love with Peten since the first time I saw it came immediately back to me.

I was captivated by the lush jungle, beautiful lagoons, savanna and ancient oak forests that were so unique and dazzling and I wanted to own it. Nevertheless, for legal reasons, it was impossible for me to buy it and four years had to go by until I had the opportunity to acquire it.

My intention, of course, was not to own it for agricultural or livestock use since its beauty was so overwhelming my main desire was to protect it and share it with all the nature lovers that would appreciate its incredible value and beauty, just like me.

That is how the idea of creating the hotel started. I have travelled all over the world and I wanted people from all over to be able to appreciate this marvelous place and at the same time receive first class service and all the comfort but maintaining and preserving the natural beauties and the feeling of being in the middle of the jungle.

Pretending, among other things, to protect the local flora and fauna, I created the nature reserve with different local species rescued by organizations like Arcas and Conap with the intention of contributing to their preservation and offering a safe place for them to live.

The idea was to create something like the parks in Africa where animals are in their natural habitat, with structures that become a part of the surroundings causing the least impact and with this show people from all over the world our beautiful and diverse Guatemala and especially Peten.

This is how Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel emerged, which I am certain will leave great memories and experiences in all those who visit us.

Waterfront Suite
Overlooking the peaceful Quexil Lagoon, the waterfront suites are best enjoyed with your loved ones. Cherish the romantic views of sunrise and sunset from your deck over the water.

Connected by high rise paths, these 12 suites were built to offer privacy and comfort in a one bedroom bungalow offering cascade shower bathroom, a deck with Jacuzzi, satellite TV, smartphone with Android system and internet, mini bar, air conditioning, and safe.

The deck overlooking the lagoon and the Monkey Island is perfect to enjoy the Jacuzzi while admiring the breathtaking sunrise or sunset in the middle of the tropical rainforest with the sounds of nature cherishing your visit.

Master Suite
Positioned at a privileged high elevation, the hotel offers 4 Master Suites designed to blend perfectly with the jungle. Located in a tranquil hideaway, these suites embrace a spacious bedroom, secluded deck with a Jacuzzi overlooking the jungle and lagoon.

The 80 square meter bungalow will make you feel like if you were on a bird´s nest. The suite includes satellite TV, iPod dock, cascade shower, 420 thread count Egyptian cotton linen, feather duvet, security box, mini-bar, smartphone with Android system and internet, as well as air conditioning for your comfort.

We offer room service so that you can enjoy any of our delicious dishes in the privacy of your deck, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the sounds of the wildlife.

Las Lagunas offers you an international cuisine in which you can enjoy our unique dishes or cocktails. Our chef will spoil you with one of his specialties. Using the freshest ingredients from local suppliers, he combines his international expertise with the best local ingredients to delight your senses.

Our Shultun restaurant offers a spectacular view of the lagoon combining a sophisticated atmosphere with a selection of exquisite local flavors. The bar menu will complete your experience by offering you a selection of carefully chosen wines to match your dishes and a variety of spirits from the best brands.

An ideal place for sun lovers, the pool bar offers delicious snacks and tropical drinks to complement your experience in the pool.

It is the perfect place to relax, chat and enjoy with family and friends after a day of adventure through the tropical jungle. You can enjoy delicious food and exotic cocktails while watching a game or just enjoying the wonderful views.

A variety of full body techniques that combine aromatherapy and reflexology to revitalize the entire body and provide physical and emotional well-being, eliminating body tension, muscle aches and improving circulation.

According to the need and your skin type we have different types of products and masks to detoxify, offer deep cleansing, relaxation and visible wellness to your skin. Let our specialist recommend the proper treatment for you.

A relaxing and regenerative practice, focused on relieving pain after a long day at work. Perfect for travelers experiencing stress from lifting heavy suitcases, long bus or plane trips, and long walks.

This class is a gentle, mindful sequence that induces deep relaxation, focusing on the health of your core neck, back, shoulders, and hips. You will focus on your body and your breathing, aligning the physical and mental through stationary practice or gentle movements for extended periods of time.

By exponentially increasing the fluidity, elasticity and durability throughout your body, you are thereby promoting the stamina and vitality of an active day.

The property has 5 lagoons and the largest is called Laguna Quexil. In this lagoon we have two islands and in one of them we raise and take care of monkeys. Every morning we prepare fresh fruits and vegetables to feed them.

We offer a unique boat tour to visit the Monkey Island. You will be able to watch them come down from the top of the trees to eat their food and you may even get a chance to feed them. They are really charming and friendly. We can tailor your tour with your choice of food and drinks.

Guatemala offers more than 700 unique species of birds in their natural habitat. Due to its diverse climate, with more than 300 microclimates and more than 30% of its lands are protected areas, bird watching can be enjoyed in any of the 7 regions of the country.

We explore 3 different sites in the Petén rainforest, where we will cover as many species for professional and amateur bird watchers. This tour can be tailored for specific bird watching to add to your private collection.

We can organize an excursion with one of the local bird specialists trained by the Audubon Society. You can start at any time you prefer, but the sooner the better.

The tour will take place throughout the entire property composed of three different ecosystems: tropical jungle, subtropical jungle and savanna, in which you can observe different types of birds.

You will need special equipment: preferably long pants, comfortable hiking shoes, binoculars and a camera if you want to take photos.

In the morning they move to the largest Mayan archaeological site of the classical period, it has 4000 structures, one of them the highest in the ancient Americas. It was declared by UNESCO as a cultural and natural heritage of humanity in 1979.

You will visit the Great Plaza, Temple I, II, III and IV, the “Lost World” astronomical observation complex and other minor buildings. 85% of the walk is under the shade of the jungle. At the desired time they will have lunch at “El Mesón” Restaurant inside the park.

Yaxha and Topoxté
It leaves in the morning at the time you want and heads to the third largest archaeological site in Guatemala (after Tikal and El Mirador), impressive for the large number of structures close to each other, many of them built more than 15 centuries ago.

You will visit the Temple of the Red Hands, various ceremonial roads, the ball court, the pyramid of sacrifices, and more. You will be transferred by boat to Topoxté, a seasonal island in Lake Yax-ha, used for 3 millennia as a royal cemetery.

Finally, 6 centuries ago a group of mysterious Mayans settled there who built miniature structures as if they were dwarves. There are many chances to see spider monkeys and howler monkeys. At the desired time you will have lunch at the “Portal de Yax-ha” Restaurant.

It departs in the morning at the desired time to drive south from Petén to the “La Pasión” river, which was previously very important for trade between the ancient Mayan cities. You will take a boat to reach the archaeological site “Ceibal”, a Mayan city abandoned more than a millennium ago, now covered by a lush tropical jungle.

At this site, you can still see the best-preserved portraits of the Mayan world of rulers carved in stone, so well preserved that you can see the space between each tooth of the rulers. 90% of the walk is in the shade of the forest. You will bring a box lunch to eat when you return to the boat.

Peten itza
In the morning he will take you to the Concordia Park dock to take a boat to visit the Petencito Biological Park, which is a place where you can find many local animals that have been confiscated from the predators of poachers.

In the park you can see jaguars, crocodiles, deer, parrots, macaws, coatis, to name a few. Then we take you by boat to El Mirador del Rey Canek which is located at the top of an archaeological site called “Tayasal” and from there you can admire all of Lake Petén Itzá and its islands.

The Mirador del Rey Canek has the best view to photograph the island of Flores. After that, we will visit Actun Kan caves in Flores, where you will see stalactites and stalagmites. Then we take you to the island of Flores, which is the capital of the state of Petén, where you get a guided tour of the place.

The island is now a very colorful city with colonial and Caribbean architecture, but before the arrival of the Spanish it was the capital of the Mayan Itzá group and also the last Mayan capital conquered. 13:30 You can have lunch at the restaurant of your choice. 14:45 Free time to explore the island or do some shopping.

It leaves in the morning and moves to the northern part of Petén, in the heart of the Mayan Biosphere to visit the ruins where the first war of conquest occurred in the Mayan region. In this archaeological site you will also visit the most representative astronomical observatory of the Classic Period.

During the walk you can admire an existing community of mestizos and indigenous people who learned to live with the forest using only renewable products. 70% of the walk is in the shade of the forest. At the desired time you will have lunch at the Restaurant “El Mesón” in Tikal.

We leave in the morning heading to the southeast of Petén, where you will take a boat to go down the mystical Petexbatun stream to the lake of the same name where there is a lot of wildlife including crocodiles and many fish.

At the end of the lake is the impressive Mayan site of Aguateca, which was built in the late classical period when there were many wars.

The city is located between a natural cliff and a geological fault, which gave the city a defensive position and a view of the area; They also built defensive walls that made the place a fortress.

During the walk you will see impressive stelae between the jungle paths and you can also hear the song of the birds and the howl of the monkeys. 90% of the walk is in the shade of the forest. You will bring a box lunch to eat at the desired time.

The Blue Crater
The wildlife refuge called El Pucté is located in Las Cruces, Petén. It houses a series of springs and streams of crystalline water, including a large stream called Pucté or Blue Crater.

Most of this natural water source is navy blue and turquoise and the water is so clear that you can see the underwater garden that hides below. The Blue Crater owes its name to the shape of a crater with shallow angles and a deep center, reaching up to 5 meters.

We offer a tour in which you will leave in the morning to drive for an hour and a half until you reach Sayaxche and from there you will take a boat and drive for two hours until you reach Blue Crater where you will enjoy its crystal clear waters, flora, fauna and enjoy a picnic style lunch in the middle of nature.

Spiritual Tour
Get closer to the mystery of the Mayan origin with the tour to the Tecolote Caves in San Benito, Petén. Get closer to the mystery of the Mayan origin with the tour to the Tecolote Caves in San Benito, Petén where you can experience the veneration and legacy of an ancient culture, guided by a Mayan priest.

Upon reaching the caves, a Mayan ceremony is performed to connect spiritually with the ancestors, the ceremony can be healing, to generate good vibes or union; it all depends on the request of the group.

If you want it can be based on the Mayan Calendar, this needs to be planned well in advance. Experience a spiritual recovery to nature.

Rooms: 19
Price: from 308 EUR per night


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