Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji

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Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji
29 August 2023

Matangi Private Island Resort is situated on its own 240-acre island paradise in the North-East part of the Fiji group of islands. Our unique island paradise has been in our family since 1878 when an adventurous ancestor who sailed on a schooner from Sydney during the ‘Great Fiji Rush of 1870’ purchased the island in 1878.

After farming the island as a small coconut plantation until 1986, Flora Douglas, whose great grandfather had purchased Matangi island in 1878, and her husband Noel Douglas began on their journey to develop Matangi into one of Fiji’s premier island resorts.

With lowland rainforest and beaches right at your doorstep, Matangi island’s natural splendour is breathtaking. The island’s verdant vegetation is home to many native bird species, including the Orange Dove (Chrysoenas victor) and the Fiji Parrot Finch (Erythrura pealii). A large colony of Fruit Bats can also be found in Horseshoe Bay.

These impressive large flying creatures are often sighted at dusk when they come out in search of fruit found amongst the island’s lush vegetation. A smaller variety of bat that feed on insect at night can be found in caves at the entrance to Horseshoe Bay on the northern side of the island.

The island’s natural coastal path and volcanic ridge-top trail allows you to explore the island on foot. The ridge top hiking trail offers you the opportunity to view the whole island from higher vantage points. Amongst the many interesting native flora, you will find Cycad Palms, living fossils that are an endangered plant species, on Matangi’s rocky ridge-top.

Guided walks and hikes offer you the opportunity to learn of the many and varied uses that the native Fijians have for the plants found in the rain forest from medicines to food, and materials for the construction of their traditional homes called ‘bures’. Once a former working plantation, the island is also home to mountain goats, cattle, horses, pigs and wild fowl.

The island’s underwater world is just as stunning as above water. The pristine fringing reefs that surround Matangi are teeming with marine life. Exceptional seascapes filled with varied examples of tropical marine life, including hard and soft corals, butterfly fish, angelfish, damselfish, anthias, moray eels, parrotfish, wrasses, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays.

Our daily, guided complimentary snorkeling excursions allow you to explore these amazing reef systems to your hearts content. The island’s manicured gardens in the Resort area are filled with many varieties of interesting and colourful tropical plants that grow profusely in the fertile volcanic soils and favourable climate.

A variety of fruit trees including papaya, avocado, banana, mango, lime and soursop provide the Resort’s kitchen with an assortment of organically grown fruit. The Resort’s own Aquaponics garden also provides a variety of organically grown fresh vegetables.

Surrounded by lush tropical foliage, offering ultimate privacy, and yet only steps from the beach, our three split-level Treehouses are unique to Matangi Island. Featured on the Travel Channel’s segment ‘Tremendous Treehouses’, they are popular with honeymooners and couples escaping for romance. Enjoy the view from your own secluded verandah.

Matangi Private Island Resort’s split-level treehouses are popular with couples looking for the ultimate privacy. These 850-square-foot accommodations sit just a few steps from the beach and come equipped with air conditioning, plus many unique features.

Cool off in the outdoor lava rock shower, soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi, take in expansive water views from the spacious sun deck, snooze on the king-sized daybed, and savor a fresh supply of cookies daily

Beachfront accommodation in Fiji. Hand-crafted by local Fijian craftsmen using wood, bamboo, lava rock and coconut palm thatch, our five Beachfront Bures have been carefully designed to achieve a harmonious balance between nature and contemporary elegance – located only steps from the beach.

Matangi Private Island Resort’s beachfront bures are popular with couples looking for private and luxury accommodation. These beautiful bures sit just a few steps from the beach and come equipped with air conditioning, plus many unique features. Cool off in the outdoor lava rock shower or take in the expansive water views from private deck.

Traditional Fijian in design with bamboo walls and coconut palm thatched roofs, our three Oceanview Bures provide simplistic island flavour with all the modern luxuries that Matangi Private Island Resort Fiji has to offer.

Matangi Private Island Resort & Spa is an intimate adults-only resort and tropical haven for honeymooners as well as nature and adventure lovers alike. A series of hiking trails maintained by the resort allows visitors to explore native flora and fauna while meditating upon the island’s natural serenity.

Meals are served in our magnificent “Vale-Ni-Kana” Dining Room. Built only metres from our pristine beach, this stunning complex boasts 270-degree views of the ocean and our exquisitely landscaped tropical gardens.

At Matangi Private Island Resort our cuisine is largely influenced by our tropical surroundings, Fijian heritage and the unique flavours of the South Pacific. Every effort is made by our team of local chefs to blend tropical Fijian foods including tapioca, taro, breadfruit, Fijian spinach, coconut, fresh fish, and seafood.

A traditional Fijian feast called a ‘Lovo’ where food is cooked underground in a earth-oven is offered once a week, weather permitting. Our gourmet dining combines an array of fresh fish and seafood caught by local fishermen, imported meats, salads, locally grown vegetables, tropical fruit from surrounding gardens, freshly baked breads and sumptuous desserts.

Our daily menus are planned using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Vegetarian options are offered in our daily menu, and special dietary needs are happily catered to. To complement our Fiji gourmet dining, a large selection of world-class Australian and New Zealand wines and French Champagnes are available.

Our beverage list also includes tropical inspired cocktails, rums, beer and an extensive selection of fine spirits from around the world. For the ultimate romantic evening, we recommend our Romance Package which includes a private candlelit dinner for two in a romantic location.

Our Special Menu for your romantic evening includes a bottle of one of our fine house wines. During your evening meal, our Matangi Serenaders will keep you entertained with old South Seas melodies and Fijian favourites. Traditional Fijian dancing known as a meke is offered once a week.

Our Ocean Spa situated on the water’s edge offers two couples treatment rooms, one with Vichy styled tropical rain shower and a lounge and over-water deck perfect for some rest and relaxation after your treatments.

For centuries Pacific Islanders have known about the therapeutic benefits the ocean has to offer and the hydrating and healing properties of virgin coconut oil. Bush herbs, wild flowers and oils extracted from exotic nuts revered for their healing properties found their place in the daily grooming and beauty regimes of men and women through out the Pacific Islands.

Only a sacred few possessed the special gift of massage believed to pass through the bloodlines of only those regarded as natural healers. Our treatments intertwine traditional Fijian massage and authentically crafted Fijian therapeutic rituals with today’s purest products and proven techniques to offer you a unique Fijian spa experience.

“I simply drifted away to the reef. Again experiencing yesterday’s turtles and pristine corals, as I drifted by. “Heavenly” was the first word that came to mind during a Earth Sea Salt Scrub at the new seaside Matangi Spa! My massage therapist Ursula is nothing short of amazing!

Slightly out of character for the middle of a massage, I found myself praying in thanks for this amazing experience. An oil massage, a salt scrub, then over to the custom carved mahogany shower table, and back to the massage table once again for more massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent of the Algologie product line. It’s a French product made from a base of seaweed.”

Celebrate your love at Matangi Island. A tropical private island paradise in Fiji that inspires romance. Enjoy your wedding in Fiji with an intimate beach ceremony and sand beneath your feet. With tropical palm fronds overhead, and the crystal blue South Pacific ocean before you, what could be more perfect than your Fiji wedding day on a private island in Fiji?

The exotic allure of the South Seas, has attracted many lovers to our island shores. Our private island’s remote location, natural beauty, and the friendliness of our people, makes Matangi Private Island Resort the perfect Fiji honeymoon destination.

Accommodating a maximum of 12 couples only, our small boutique island resort specialises in intimate honeymoons, weddings and special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday. If you are celebrating a special occasion, please ensure to let us know so that we can arrange a fitting celebration for you.

While our daily activities are designed to give you the opportunity to explore our 240-acre island paradise, couples can do many of the activities on their own such as kayaking and hiking around the island, or enjoying a private picnic for two in our very special Horseshoe Bay.

Listed in the book ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’ by Patricia Schultz, Horseshoe Bay offers seclusion in the most romantic tropical surroundings for a private picnic. A lovers paradise, Horseshoe Bay offers a private beach with its own lagoon of aqua marine, where the diversity of coral and reef fish create an amazing kalediscope of colour.

Matangi is the most centrally located of all Fiji’s northern island resorts to the exceptional scuba diving Fiji sites that Fiji is famous for. Within a 20-mile radius of Matangi Island are countless dive sites including the world famous Great White Wall and Noel’s Wall.

To ensure the best diving experience, dive sites are chosen according to daily tidal movements and prevailing weather conditions.Matangi Private Island Resort is proud to be a member of the PADI International Resort Association.

Our stunning tropical setting, lush rainforest interior, white sand beaches and pristine coral reefs provide the perfect back-drop for many activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, cultural village tours, and excursions to waterfalls and a pearl farm on neighbouring islands.

A variety of complimentary and paid activities is available for you to explore our unique 240-acre private island paradise and our beautiful surroundings.

Listed in ‘1,000 Places To See Before You Die’ by Patricia Schultz, Horseshoe Bay is situated on the untouched western coast of Matangi island and is only accessible by boat. Picnic in your waterfront beach Bure, surrounded by lush tropical foliage and the most picturesque turquoise ocean views.

The fringing reefs that surround Matangi are truly pristine and teeming with marine life. To ensure that you experience the best snorkeling available, we offer guided complimentary snorkeling excursions daily to these fringing reefs taking into account the day’s tidal movements and prevailing weather conditions.

Experience exceptional seascapes filled with varied examples of tropical marine life, including hard and soft corals, butterfly fish, angelfish, damselfish, anthias, moray eels, parrotfish, wrasses, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays.

Slice through our warm turquoise waters with an easy stroke from your paddle as you glide over untouched fringing reef, abundant marine life and take in the rugged volcanic beauty of Matangi’s landscape. Single and double kayaks are available for your use during your stay.

Our south-East trade-winds, which prevail during our winter months (May to November) make sailing a great delight. Feel the warm tropical sun on your face and the wind in your hair; let the prevailing South East trade-winds fill your sail and embark on your private nautical adventure.

Stand-up paddle boarding is not only a great way to stay in shape while on your vacation, it is also a fun way to explore Matangi’s stunning coastline. Stand-up paddle boards are available for your use during your stay.

Hand-line fishing is the most common form of fishing in the islands. A small hand real with 30lb line is used for fish up to 5lbs. Coral Trout, Trevally, Barracuda and Reef Snapper are the most commonly fish caught with hand-lines.

The immediate sea area extending 328 yards (300 metres) from high mark is protected. Fishing and harvesting of marine resources is not permitted in this area.

Owing to the topography of the seabed off Matangi and neighbouring islands; remarkable fighting fish like Giant Trevally, Yellowfin, Dogtooth, Skipjack and Wahoo are plentiful. Light tackle sport fishing boat charters are available. Deep sea game fishing is not available at Matangi island. Saltwater fly fishing is available but anglers are required to bring their own gear.

With lowland rain forest and beaches right at your doorstep, Matangi island’s natural splendour is breathtaking. The island’s verdant vegetation is home to many native bird species, including the Orange Dove (Chrysoenas victor) and Fiji Parrot Finch (Erythrura pealii).

A natural path will take you up to a classic view of Horseshoe Bay; this trek takes approximately one hour. You can also take a morning saunter along the coast route to watch the sun spill over the ocean at dawn. Both trails afford extraordinary views of vegetation and fauna found on Matangi island.

Join the Activities Crew in the afternoons for a fun game of volleyball ‘island-style’. Our fun afternoon volleyball games offer you the opportunity to interact with our staff and other guests. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or sideline fan, you are sure to have a “net” gain of fun!

Join us for a one-of-a-kind tour that will acquaint you with Taveuni’s abundant natural environment. Situated in the 15,000 hectare Bouma National Heritage Park, the guided 3-hour return hike starts out with a ten minute walk to the first waterfall and then continues to a series of switchbacks past gorgeous panoramic views to the second falls.

Occasionally you must cross over a creek but there is a rope to help navigate the rocks. The trek up to the second falls entails some serious grades but it is not strenuous and an individual in good health will have no problem. Swimming in these pristine surroundings is simply epic!

After your hike enjoy a packed lunch beneath an open canyon amid different species of Fijian flora and fauna. Minimum four persons required.

If you are looking for a bit of adventure that’s definitely off the beaten track, then look no further! This tour is a 4-hour return walk down the scenic Lavena coastline, along a well maintained trail, several rest stops with benches and picnic table strategically placed in the shade; ending with two incredible waterfalls.

Along the way you can enjoy the various coastal habitats, sand beaches, rocky shores, and estuarine mangroves. There are no roads that go to where the coastal trail leads; in fact the only other way to explore the far south-eastern side of Taveuni is by boat!

Taveuni Island is the third largest island in Fiji with a total land area of approximately 168 square miles and with a population of 20,000 residents. Known as the “Garden Island of Fiji” because of its rich volcanic soil and abundant flora and fauna, Taveuni offers a variety of attractions.

Our Taveuni Day Tour takes you to some of the island’s main attractions including the Tavoro Waterfalls, 180° Meridien, Waitavala Waterslide, Wairiki Catholic Mission and Naqara Town Centre. Minimum 4 persons required for this tour.

Visit Taveuni Island’s only Pearl Farm situated in the pristine Wailoa Lagoon on the windward side of the island. This 90-minute tour includes a presentation from owner Claude Prevost as well as a guided snorkeling tour of the lagoon. Loose pearls and pearl jewellery is available for sale. Minimum 4 persons required for this tour.

Visit a Fijian village on the neighbouring island of Qamea and slip into our Fijian way of life. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and observe everyday village life. During the school terms, we also visit the village school.

Though sometimes shy; the school children are always curious and are happy to chat with you. Our village tour is offered once a week. A small contribution from you of FJ$25 per person is required to go towards the village community fund.

The Christian religion was established in Fiji in 1838. Along with the Fijian chiefly system, the Church forms a key part of Fiji’s social structure.

Fijian church services are renowned for their harmonious song. Interested guests are invited to Togo Village on the neighbouring island of Qamea, for either their Catholic or Methodist Services, which are held in the Fijian language.

Our weekly informal cooking demonstration is a fun way for our chefs to share their culinary skills on cooking Fijian style with the freshest ingredients sourced locally. Discover the secret to preparing the best coconut lime ceviche (kokoda – pronounced ko-kon-da), a favourite dish served at every special menu event.

Sample some of our favourite local dishes including coconut prawn curry cooked in freshly squeezed coconut milk, hand-made roti flatbread and condiments made with seasonal fruits including coconut, papaya and pineapple.

Bush medicine is still very much a part of Fijian life today and is widely practiced in the homes of many Fijian families. Our gardens and native bush are filled with plants rich in medicinal value offering cures for a wide variety of ailments including high blood pressure, aches and pains, skin irritations and boils. Join the activities crew on their weekly medicine talk which includes demonstrations on how to collect and prepare bush medicine.

Once a week our Activities Crew hosts a yaqona session. Kava, also known as yaqona, is an infusion prepared from the root of Piper methysticum, a type of pepper plant.

It is extremely important in Fijian culture and in the old days was used ceremonially by chiefs and priests only. Today, kava is a part of daily life; not only in Fijian villages but across the many races in Fiji. It is used for welcoming, bonding and for traditional story-telling sessions.

Once a week our Activities Crew hosts a unique Coconut Show. For at least 4,000 years, the Coconut Tree and its Fronds have been a useful and important staple for Pacific Cultures. This special tree is known to have many uses, from it roots to its tips (leaves), from culinary to non-culinary. In fact, in the South Pacific, it is considered as the “Tree of Life”!

Tapa (traditional bark cloth) and hand woven pandanus mats play a key role in Fijian society. No traditional Fijian ceremony takes place without them. While tapa is still kept strictly for more formal occasions, hand woven pandanus mats are commonly used in Fijian households for floor covering.

In Fijian village life, the task of creating these crafts rests with the village women. We are fortunate to have the women of Togo village visit us once a week to demonstrate how to make tapa, hand woven pandanus mats and other Fijian crafts.

Once a week we host a ‘make’ evening where the art of song and dance is used to tell stories and legends of the old Fijian days. The make is performed by both men and women dancers who are supported by a large group of musicians and singers.

Rooms: 12
Price: from 907 EUR per night


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