Palazzo Presta Gallipoli

Europe Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
Palazzo Presta Gallipoli, Puglia - Italy
21 September 2022

The home of a globetrotter is the world and the world is at home in Palazzo Presta. Sea view resort in the splendid Gallipoli, in Salento, Palazzo Presta is conceived as a boutique hotel and has comfortable rooms and widespread facilities that are truly lgbtq friendly and for all the needs of singles, couples, groups and families.

Palazzo Presta reserves a discreet and professional welcome to its globetrotters, perfectly in tune with the elegance in deco style. The gourmet restaurant, the cocktail bar on the terrace, the bookshop with its secrets to discover, the bike tours and all the experiences offered complete the experience and make it unforgettable.

Palazzo Presta, the home of globetrotters: an intense and complete travel experience, to discover a unique place in the world for holidays, adventure, honeymoon.

From the ancient entrance portico to the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Gallipoli, passing through the ten international rooms, Palazzo Presta is a boutique hotel whose rooms are each an invitation to travel.

Cross the Silk Road and arrive in the mysterious East? Or sail the seven seas and land at the antipodes? Which objects best tell the American dream? European avant-garde of design or rice paper of Japanese rooms? Whatever the answer, choose “luxury, quiet, voluptuousness”.

Restaurant “Lazzaro & Caterina”
We like to imagine that the doctor Giovanni Presta got the inspiration for his famous treatise on the “way of extracting oil” when he tasted the simple and tasty dishes his parents prepared for him.

The restaurant is dedicated to them, Lazzaro and Caterina, which awaits you on the ground floor of Palazzo Presta with the same Mediterranean spirit.

In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, Lazzaro & Caterina is among the best gourmet restaurants in Salento. Traditional Salento dishes revisited in an impeccable way are offered.

Placed with taste and with the desire to surprise eyes and palates, the dishes of Lazzaro and Caterina invite you to come back often to taste the seasonal proposals and the evergreens.

Let yourself be guided by our menu: taste the gourmet dishes and our reinterpretations, the exquisite pizzeria, our desserts and our vegetarian proposals. Discover the selection of high quality cocktails and wines.

The Lazzaro & Caterina restaurant is also available for private events, has a private area where you can enjoy a cigar and also a room dedicated to karaoke where you can awaken the spirit of a globetrotter and vocalizations.

Laurus Cocktail Bar
Taste is not just about the thirst for conquest, but also about the palate. Traveling knowledge also passes through the throat.

New sensations smoothly touch the lips or leave a decisive mark. Skilled hands masterfully prepare cocktails that don’t need to learn languages ​​to introduce themselves: every sip is a step beyond a new frontier.

The sea view rooftop bar of Palazzo Presta meets the brilliant art of bartender Marco Fabbiano, owner of Laurus Cocktail Experience, appreciated and awarded cocktail bar in Lecce both nationally and internationally.

Terrazza Laurus is a unique experience: the beauty of Gallipoli from above, at its best, meets the comfort of the luxury boutique hotel Palazzo Presta and all the skill, reliability and pioneering audacity of Laurus Experience.

Live the experience of Terrazza Laurus sipping your favorite cocktail, savoring delicious aperitifs or treating yourself to a perfectly baked pizza.

Libreria Del Mare
On the ground floor, with an independent entrance, Palazzo Presta houses the Libreria del Mare. Here you can find publications from local publishers, books that tell the dream of a territory like Salento.

Books to be enjoyed as if they were goblets of good wine, they tell the stories and, like the sea, they guard its treasures. To be found by touching the right points.

Health is a state of complete harmony between body, mind and spirit. Put yourself in the hands of our beauty & wellness experts: you can choose between a beauty treatment, a massage or a private yoga lesson at sunset. Yoga and wellness experience dedicated to Palazzo Presta, a boutique hotel in Gallipoli

The discovery of a people passes through its flavors and aromas. Our chef will guide you along a journey through the Salento culinary tradition. He brings home a bit of our land by discovering the original recipes of our peninsula. Show cooking and typical Salento cooking lessons in Gallipoli for Palazzo Presta

“Artists and poets continue to find the meaning of life in a glass of wine”. A visit to the local wineries will make your stay in Puglia even more authentic, for a few hours you will be among the vineyards to taste local wines and delicacies. Wine tasting in Salento with Palazzo Presta Experience

Bike tour to discover the most iconic places of Salento and those less known and equally amazing. It is also possible to participate in the bike tours with your own bicycle.

You can take advantage of a standard Palazzo Presta service, arriving at the structure with your own bicycle and parking it safe and guarded.
Bike rental cycling tours gallipoli salento

Admire the coasts of Salento directly from the sea. Treat yourself to an unforgettable day on a boat along the Ionian coast, between the unspoiled nature of the coves, the sunsets that turn pink and the infinite shades of our waters.

Rooms: 13
Price: from 160 EUR per night


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