Jean Michel Cousteau Resort

Fiji Islands Oceania
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
Jean Michel Cousteau Resort - Fiji Islands
30 November 2021

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is our award-winning luxurious island vacation destination in the South Pacific.

Guests discover the truly amazing resort experience — focusing on rest and relaxation, authentic cuisine and culture, and exploring the incredible secrets of nature and the local environment.

Our great variety of unique interactive activities, lifestyle-enriching experiences and attractions make this Fiji’s Best Family Resort in addition to a Romantic Luxury vacation for couples.

Anyone with a sense of adventure and the desire to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet will love Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort was built on the site of a former coconut plantation, the lush 17-acre property features 25 luxuriously appointed bures set on the shores of beautiful Savusavu Bay, with views of the coral reefs and the mountains beyond; a quintessential South Pacific setting.

The accommodations are very well appointed with many luxurious touches including deluxe king beds, over-sized bathrooms, and private decks, perfectly designed for both couples and families.

Rates include all meals, non-alcoholic beverages, round-trip ground transportation to/from Savusavu Airport, WiFi, Bula Club for Kids – a complimentary award-winning child care / educational program, and a seemingly never-ending array of exciting resort activities and excursions.

Rivalling the most coveted accommodations in the South Pacific. This luxury villa redefines indoor/outdoor living in a tropical paradise.

Experience this private retreat within its walled garden and expansive decks. It boasts a private infinity pool, a master suite with sunken tub and jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor showers, a separate living room with en-suite in its own bure (which can be used as a comfortable second bedroom) and so much more.

Special amenities include: a bottle of sparkling or still wine on arrival, one 60-minute Bobo massage treatment per person and a cocktail per adult with Hors d’Oeuvres each evening. Maximum capacity: 5 people.

Celebrate your romance surrounded by the utmost secluded tropical luxury. This one-of-a-kind bure features its own private spa tub on the upper deck outside the master bedroom.

It’s an oasis in its own private garden and romantics will enjoy the spectacular view of Savusavu Bay and beyond. The sunsets… you will have to see for yourself. Maximum capacity 2 adults.

These secluded, split-level ocean view bures are designed for either a very special romantic get-away or as a spacious retreat for a family. These bures are designed with a half wall between the upper & lower levels.

The upper level with a King bed and balcony includes a separate sleeping area for couples whilst the lower level affords ample living space, or sleeping accommodations for children. Furthermore, they offer split-level decks, chaise lounges, hammocks and more.

Each Point Reef Bure offers a spectacular view of Savusavu Bay with the mountains in the distance and the sunsets are unimaginable.

The Oceanfront Bures, with blissful views of Savusavu Bay are just steps away from the beach. There is a split-level deck, outdoor seating with relaxing chairs and chaises lounges, and an inviting hammock to complete the picture.

These beachfront bures have a luxurious king bed and a day-bed, perfect for either a couple, or a family with up to two children. A rollaway bed can be provided for a second child.

These spacious Gardenview Bures are surrounded by luxuriant tropical foliage with exotic flowers, affording privacy. They each have a deck, a relaxing chair hammock and outdoor seating with lounge chairs.

Each Gardenview Bure has a luxurious king bed and a day-bed, making these bures ideal for either a couple, or a family with up to two children. A rollaway bed can be provided for a second child.

Discover the many culinary delights created by our Executive Chef, Raymond Lee. Chef Lee sources fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local area and other regions of Fiji. He also grows many herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers in our Organic Garden on the resort’s grounds.

His creations are principally Fijian but are influenced by his Asian heritage and his international travels that have afforded him a broad repertoire. The result is a wonderfully eclectic array of dishes that will become one of the many highlights of your stay. Paradise has never tasted so good…

Dining on the shore of Savusavu Bay is a truly unique experience. The combination of exotic culinary offerings, the extensive, eclectic wine list, and the spectacular views over the water and the mountains beyond make it second to none. We find that couples and families feel most at ease in different parts of the dining room.

To accommodate these preferences we have created separate areas but, at the same time, everyone shares the same stunning views of Savusavu Bay in the daytime and the magically illuminated pool and the long pier stretching into the bay at night.

A favourite of many of our guests is to reserve the pier or one of our secluded beach-side dining decks for a private dining experience.

For a special occasion during your stay, dining under the stars overlooking the waters of Savusavu Bay in the company of a loved one, or the whole family is unforgettable. One of our staff will be dedicated to serving only you that night. A spectacular dining experience not to be missed…

The traditional Fijian “Lovo” feast is a remarkable festive event celebrated every week at the resort. The principal delicacies are prepared in a fire pit with hot embers covered with banana leaves.

This slow cooking method is the key to the tender traditional dishes which have been prepared countless times over the centuries. The recipes are handed down generation to generation.

The whole feast is meticulously orchestrated by Executive Chef, Raymond Lee and presented in a tantalizing buffet guaranteed to excite the most discerning of palates. The Bula Boys, our traditional Fijian guitar group, will serenade you the entire evening with their lilting melodies.

In the evening the Lounge Bar becomes the place to gather. It’s a time to share your day’s experiences with friends, family or perhaps some new friends. A seemingly never-ending selection of cocktail creations are expertly prepared by our friendly staff.

South Pacific massage treatments for the soul. Indulge yourself in a haven of tranquility by the beach.

In the privacy of one of our resort’s beach-side treatment bures you can immerse yourself in a soothing and restorative spa treatment designed to induce harmony and balance the senses. Relax to the gentle sounds of ripples at the water’s edge only a few steps away. Ecstasy in paradise…

In Fiji, yoga takes on a whole new dimension. You’ll experience the serenity of restorative yoga in a pristine setting within sight and sound of the tranquil waters of Savusavu Bay, just steps away.

Complimentary small group yoga sessions are held every morning as the sun rises. Or, you can choose private sessions with one of the resort’s yoga instructors. Whatever your experience level, you’ll feel completely relaxed and renewed and at one with your surroundings.

As an archipelago comprising 330 islands in the central South Pacific, Fiji’s has been both a destination and migratory crossroads for many centuries. Austronesian peoples are believed to have settled here some 3,500 years ago, with Melanesians following a thousand years later.

In the 10th Century, the Tu’i Tonga Empire was established in Tonga, and Fiji came within its sphere of influence.

This brought Polynesian customs and language to Fiji. According to legend, great chief Lutunasobasoba led his people across the seas to Fiji, where Melanesians and Polynesians mixed to create a highly developed society.

In 1643, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman accidentally discovered Fiji; in 1774, English navigators, including Captain James Cook, followed. The first Europeans to land and live among the Fijians were shipwrecked sailors and runaway convicts from the Australian penal settlements.

From 1879 to 1916, Indians came to work the sugar plantations. Many stayed on as independent farmers and businessmen and now comprise nearly half the population. Today, Fiji is a thriving, multi-cultural country, recognized as one of the leading island nations in the South Pacific.

Natural, gracious hospitality is at the core of Fijian culture. At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, the staff represents the epitome of the Fijian lifestyle and its community values, welcoming guests and friends with genuine warmth and friendship.

The Fijian people play guitar and sing at every opportunity. Music seems to be everywhere. In the evenings the traditional Kava Ceremony is practiced by the resort’s musical group. You are always welcome to participate.

Nukubalavu Village (meaning “long beach”) is just two miles to the south of the resort. It is home to many of our staff. Rural villages throughout Fiji form the core the Fijian community structure.

If you visit Nukubalavu you will be welcomed in a way you have never experienced anywhere else. You will witness true Fijian life and enjoy the Meke (dance and singing performance) by the village people. Visits to Nukubalavu are organized for resort guests every week.

Stroll nearby Savusavu, the local town where you’ll find a collection of interesting shops of diverse cultural origins, small restaurants. Here, along the shores of Savusavu Bay, you can also explore the Farmers’ Market brimming over with local produce. Meeting the people of Fiji will be one of your fondest memories.

“A pioneer in eco-tourism, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji was one of the world’s first eco-luxury hotels. All of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s operations and management practices are guided first and foremost by consideration for the environment, and the resort creates an incredible opportunity for travelers to visit, experience and support the region’s efforts to preserve its beauty for generations to come, while enjoying it for themselves.”

The Fijian people have flourished for over three thousand years by living off the natural bounty that surrounds them. Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of conservationists believe our modern society can learn a lot about achieving a sustainable environment from the Fijian’s agricultural and fishing practices.

Our luxury eco friendly resort is dedicated to the preservation of a pristine environment where physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation come naturally.

Since its inception, our luxury eco resort has dedicated itself to taking care of the environment. We’re proud to demonstrate that we can use what Mother Nature has to offer in a sustainable way.

Following the example set long ago by Jean-Michel Cousteau around the world, it is our sincere belief that the holiday experience our guests (adults and children) and the memories they take home are meaningfully enhanced by the knowledge that our eco resort has highly developed sustainability programs in place, coupled with extensive ecological preservation and educational programs provided by the staff to the local community. Our staff is justly proud that they are continuing the legacy.

Explorer. Environmentalist. Educator. Film Producer. For more than four decades, Jean-Michel Cousteau has dedicated himself and his vast experience to communicate to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet.

Since first being “thrown overboard” by his father at the age of seven with newly invented SCUBA gear on his back, Jean-Michel has been exploring the ocean realm.

The son of ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, Jean-Michel has investigated the world’s oceans aboard Calypso and Alcyone for much of his life. Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work.

Ocean Futures Society, a non-profit marine conservation and education organization, serves as a “Voice for the Ocean” by communicating in all media the critical bond between people and the sea and the importance of wise environmental policy.

Jean-Michel serves as an impassioned diplomat for the environment, reaching out to the public through a variety of media. He has produced over 80 films, received the Emmy, the Peabody Award, the 7 d’Or and the Cable Ace Award.

In 1989, he became a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times where his articles appeared in over sixty newspapers worldwide.

Reaching millions of people globally through Ocean Futures Society, Jean-Michel continues to produce environmentally oriented adventure programs and television specials, public service announcements, multi-media programs for schools, web-based marine content, books, magazine articles, newspaper columns and public lectures.

In 2006, Jean-Michel’s initiative to protect the Northwest Hawaiian Islands took him to The White House where he screened his PBS-KQED documentary, Voyage to Kure, for President George W. Bush.

The President was inspired and in June 2006, he declared the 1,200-mile chain of islands a Marine National Monument — at the time; the largest marine protected areas in the world.

As Chairman of the Board and President of Ocean Futures Society, Jean-Michel travels the world, meeting with leaders and policymakers at the grassroots level and at the highest echelons of government and business.

He is dedicated to educating young people, documenting stories of change and hope, and lending his reputation and support to energize alliances for positive change. Jean-Michel Cousteau has both created and been recognized for many “firsts” in a variety of endeavors.

In February 2002, he became the first person to represent the Environment in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Jean-Michel was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Athens Environmental Foundation for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, mandated to design and support projects that will improve the environment in Greece and beyond.

In the first attempt ever to return a captive orca to the wild, in 1999 Jean-Michel merged three non-profit organizations to form Ocean Futures Society to continue research and care for Keiko, the captive killer whale of “Free Willy” film fame.

In working with Keiko, Jean-Michel and his team pioneered both husbandry techniques and scientific research on wild orcas. In 2002, Keiko was returned to the wild and entrusted to the Humane Society for continued long-term care and monitoring.

In another “first,” on Earth Day 1997 Jean-Michel led the first undersea live, interactive, video chat on Microsoft Internet, from the coral reefs of Fiji, celebrating the International Year of the Reef and answering questions from “armchair divers” throughout the world.

In 1998, Jean-Michel participated in a live downlink from the Space Shuttle Columbia to CNN to highlight the International Year of the Ocean, discussing NASA’s contribution to ocean awareness with astronaut and marine biologist, Rick Linnehan.

Jean-Michel has been honored with the Environmental Hero Award, presented to him by then-Vice President Gore at the White House National Oceans Conference in 1998.Jean-Michel also has a long history of innovative design in the field of architecture and the ocean.

Acting on a childhood dream to build cities under the sea, he pursued a degree in architecture from the Paris School of Architecture and remains a member of the Ordre National des Architectes.

Artificial floating islands, schools, and an advanced marine studies center in Marseilles, France, are among his projects. In 1969, he led the transformation of a 100,000 square foot section of the Queen Mary into the Living Sea Museum in Long Beach, California.

He also directed the design and development of the Parc Oceanique Cousteau in Paris, an innovative public attraction to teach visitors about the ocean without displaying any captive animals.

More recently, Jean-Michel has been involved with the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji, an environmentally and culturally oriented family resort, conceived as a model to prove to the business community the economic benefits of environmental concern and design.

In order to expand the impact of ecological tourism, he created the Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre, a flagship dive operation at the eco friendly resort in Fiji. He is currently forming an action partnership to expand this ecologically responsible model to other sites.

In recognition of his many and diverse contributions to learning, Pepperdine University awarded Jean-Michel an Honorary Doctor’s Degree in Humane Letters in 1976. He’s received DEMA’s 1994 Reaching Out Award and the 1995 NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

In 1996, Jean-Michel was awarded the SeaKeepers Award from Showboats International, and the John M. Olguin Marine Environment Award from the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

In 2003, he was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and became a Trustee of the British Virgin Islands National Parks as well as being the first recipient of the Ocean Hero Award from Oceana.

He has also received the Poseidon/Lifetime Achievement Award from Reef Check and been elected to the Global Green Board of Directors. In 2008, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Jules Verne Adventures and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Discover the many snorkeling sites either directly off the pier or a short boat ride away. Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world and due to the waters surrounding the resort being part of a marine reserve, the abundance of marine life is extraordinary.

You can dive at the world-famous Namena marine reserve site and explore the waters surrounding the resort.

These areas offer the largest variety of fish and coral on the planet; seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals, and perfect coral gardens supporting an abundance of spectacular marine life. Not to be missed!

We’re the only resort in Fiji with a Marine Biologist on staff, helping our guests explore and understand the diverse natural wonders to be found at and near the resort. Marine biology is at the heart of our snorkeling program, with daily trips, interpretation and educational endeavours which benefit the local community.

Helping to preserve the coral reefs is high on our list of priorities. Johnny participates in an international program that monitors the health of reefs all around the world. Guests are always welcome to join Johnny whenever he conducts assessments on the reefs surrounding the resort.

Find Nemo
Snorkel at the world-famous Namena marine reserve site and explore the waters surrounding the resort. These areas offer the largest variety of fish and coral on the planet; seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals, and perfect coral gardens supporting an abundance of spectacular marine life.

Meet Locals
Local knowledge: meet local guides who are passionate about the ocean, reefs and the marine environment. Our ethic at the JeanMichel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is to take as little from the environment as possible, to give back as much as we can and to respect others with whom we share this place.

Environmental Education
Legendary Jacques Cousteau said: “We protect what we love”. He referred to the world’s oceans. Jean-Michel himself, an inspiring and tireless environmental hero and educator, was inspired to teach the world’s future decision makers to enact a generational change. This makes up part of the resort’s ethos.

Cultural Immersion
In the remote Northern Islands, Fijian culture remains as testimony to a proud three-thousand-year legacy of lineage. Fragile by nature, cultural protection is integral. Guests enjoy integrated influences.


The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is proud of its Marine Biologist & Naturalist, Johnny Singh. It is the only resort in Fiji with a Marine Biologist on staff.

You will see him helping our guests explore and understand the diverse natural wonders to be found at and near the resort. He is constantly involved in educational endeavours to enrich the guests’ experience and which benefit the local community.


Helping to preserve the coral reefs is high on our list of priorities. Johnny participates in an international program that monitors the health of reefs all around the world. Guests are always welcome to join Johnny whenever he conducts assessments on the reefs surrounding the resort.

From Fiji to the Bahamas, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien embark on a voyage to discover the ocean as never seen before and learn more about the threats that put our ocean at risk.

Thanks to new breakthrough filming techniques in 3D, millions of viewers will literally dive into a new and virtually unknown underwater world without ever getting wet!

Located on Fiji’s lush Vanua Levu Island, the eco-luxe Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has access to some of the best dive sites in the world, including the world-renowned Namena Reef – which teems with some of the most diverse varieties of fish and coral found anywhere on the planet.

Beginners can become certified to dive over the course of 3 days at the property’s Cousteau Dive Center, which draws on the pioneering experience of both Jean-Michel and his father, Jacques. Once guests have received adequate personalized instruction, they can suit up and head down below the sparkling blue water.

This is your opportunity to experience the underwater world of Jean-Michel Cousteau close up. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre is a full-service facility offering a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for certified divers and beginners.

You can dive on the world-famous Namena marine reserve sites and explore the waters surrounding the resort which offer the largest variety of fish and coral on the planet; seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-colored soft corals, and perfect coral gardens supporting an abundance of spectacular marine life. Not to be missed!

We offer a wide range of PADI dive courses with experienced instructors who have logged thousands of hours underwater. If you have a desire to improve your diving skills and increase your affinity with the underwater world, talk to us about tailoring an education program to suit your needs.

This certification helps you get, and keep, your fins wet. The best part is learning to use your mask, fins and snorkel so you don’t miss a moment of underwater action. The course provides basic information on skin diving equipment, dive science, the environment, problem management and safe skin diving practices.

In-water training includes various techniques for donning and adjusting equipment, entering the water, checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives.

Have you been wondering what it’s like to breathe underwater? With a PADI Discover Scuba¨ Diving Experience, you can try scuba diving.

Our instructor will spend some time with you explaining the basic principles of scuba diving and give you an overview of your scuba gear. Once you feel comfortable, your instructor will take you in the pool to teach you basic scuba skills.

If you enjoy the resort course, you can go with your instructor for 2 short discovery dives up to 40 feet / 12 metres.

The PADI Open Water course is the beginner course and all you need in order to become a certified diver. The PADI course is the most popular diver program in the world, usually taking 4 to 5 days. This is your ticket to a lifetime of exciting underwater exploration. Virtually anyone can learn to scuba dive, from age 10 to 80.

The Advanced Open Water course may be taken by certified PADI Open Water divers (or individuals with an equivalent qualification) 15 years of age or older. This course is the next step in increasing your knowledge and developing your skills to make your diving even safer and more enjoyable.

This course is field based so there is minimal theory. The course consists of 5 dives made up of two core (required) dives and three elective (instructor or student choice) dives. It runs over 2 consecutive days and includes diving from our boats.

This course prepares you how to deal with minor and major dive emergencies using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios, you can put your knowledge and skills to the test.

This course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you’ll fine-tune your dive skills, like perfecting the effortless hover, and refine your rescue skills so you can anticipate and easily solve common problems.

You’ll gain dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities in order to become a role model to divers everywhere.

If you have taken all your theory modules and confined sessions, you can complete the last four (or two) dives of your Open Water Course with us.

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba diving course, and it’s easy to see why. Scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no-decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive scuba dives.

Choose from many specialty courses and really improve your skills! You can choose from courses such as, Deep Diver (Explore the wonders of the deep. Learn techniques for diving in the deeper ranges of 18-30 metres / 60-100 feet), Night Diver (Learn about night dive planning, equipment and navigation.

Plus, see a whole new cast of critters that comes out at night), Underwater Naturalist (This one day course will not only develop your personal conservation and preservation ethics but it will also teach you to appreciate and study the enormous variety of fauna and various fish species that Fiji has to offer).

A combination of snorkeling and SCUBA! Kids 8 to 10 years old can put their face in the water and breathe through a regulator all while wearing a life jacket. A great way to get your ‘fins’ wet.

A great way to introduce children (8 to 10 years old) to scuba diving in a pool less than six feet deep. Kids can join in the family fun of scuba diving or even start a trend! Children should be comfortable in the water, but they don’t have to be expert swimmers. With youngsters in mind, the maximum depth is only 2 metres/ 6 feet.


On set days each week there are five complimentary off-site excursions (*) and some other Fiji adventure tours at moderate prices. From hiking through a tropical rainforest to kayaking down a river, discover boundless opportunities for fun and adventure in Fiji.


An afternoon of authentic Fijian culture. Meet the Village Chief and enjoy traditional dance performances.


Experience hiking through a tropical rainforest and discover a hidden waterfall. Take a refreshing dip in a natural fresh-water jungle pool.


Explore the mangroves nearby the resort in Savusavu Bay with our resident marine biologist. Plant mangrove seedlings to assist us in reducing our environmental footprint and discover the amazing coastal ecosystem of the tropics.


Visit the nearby town of Savusavu and explore the colorful local market. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Saturday morning, the traditional shopping day of the Fijian people.


Families will particularly enjoy this activity on Friday afternoons. Kids will be invited to join children of their own age at a local primary school and participate in class for a short time to make a new friend and a pen-pal.


Enjoy kayaking down a picturesque river in the lush hinterland of Vanua Levu Island. We also offer a guided kayaking tour for our guests, where you’ll explore the beautiful coral, flora and fauna of Savusavu Bay.


Take a guided tour of the incredible J.Hunter Pearl Farm in Savusavu Bay, a short distance from the resort. You’ll see where the gem-quality pearls come from and all about the science behind them… a truly unique experience.

Be prepared to be amazed at the beauty and variety of the natural plant species at this certified botanical garden just minutes from the resort. Among many other specimens you will see one of the most varied collections of palm species in this hemisphere.


Discover boundless opportunities for fun and adventure for adults and children. From beach sports to traditional Fijian rituals to the truly amazing world that awaits under the water. With our wide range of family-friendly activities, you and the kids will never be short of things to do!


Marvel at the color, beauty and diversity of the extraordinary underwater world in Savusavu Bay. See a multitude of tropical marine life from the comfort of our glass bottom boat. Prepare to be amazed…


Go trolling in Savusavu Bay for Tuna, Mahimahi, Walu, Wahoo or Marlin. 3-hour, half-day or full-day tours are available.

Sit with one of the elders and learn about the ancient myths and legends that have become part of the folklore for over more than 3,000 years of history.

Walk on the reef flats at low tide with our Marine Biologist to discover more about the fascinating coral reef ecosystem.


Our staff is always available for a friendly battle on the court.


Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while you leisurely explore the shoreline of Savusavu Bay.

Nothing but you, the powdery sand between your toes and the gentle sound of the rippling ocean. Enjoy a specially prepared picnic for two on your own private island. Linger for a while and prepare to be amazed by the tropical sunset.

Join the Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Masters for a seemingly endless choice of spectacular dive sites in and around Savusavu Bay. The Namena Marine Reserve is considered to be one of the world’s top dive sites. A once in a lifetime opportunity…

Enjoy the freedom of endless exploration along the shoreline of Savusavu Bay in a kayak.

Join some of the staff for a pick-up game.


Explore the mangroves along the shoreline with our Marine Biologist, Johnny Singh. Plant a mangrove seedling. Discover the amazing coastal ecosystem of the Fiji Islands.

Join one of the elders for a stroll on the grounds and discover the many traditional medicines contained in the indigenous plants that have been used for thousands of years in Fiji. You will be surprised…

Discover the many snorkeling sites either directly off the pier or a short boat ride away. Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world and due to the waters surrounding the resort being part of a marine reserve, the abundance of marine life is extraordinary.

Let the gentle trade winds take you on a journey to discover Savusavu Bay on one of our Hobie Cat sail boats.

Rooms: 25
Price: from 1.374 EUR per night


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