Marari Beach Resort Kerala

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Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
Marari Beach Resort Kerala - India
21 June 2023

The sea-side village experience set on 30 acres with coconut groves, lily ponds, fruit trees and a large organic farm. Our seaside resort, Marari beach in Mararikulam, is a tribute to the fisherfolk of this region who populate its spirit in obvious and subtle ways.

Our guest cottages echo their dwellings in style and character while our cuisine reflects the culinary subtleties of these people whose sensibilities and culture have been influenced by the charms and challenges of the oceans.

The fisherfolk of Mararikulam and their gentle ways of life have been the inspiration for Marari beach. Everything, from our thatched cottages to the upkeep of our property, echoes the simplicity, beauty and harmony that underlie Malabar’s coastal cultures.

Nature and wellness are omnipresent at Marari and oversee all your experiences. The bracing but gentle sun here will touch and tone your skin, holding you in its warm and invigorating embrace as you stroll, swim or sit by the sea. For nature lovers of every shade, know that Marari is a rare showcase of diversity.

Our naturalists will tell you about the complex ecosystems that define the unique ecology of the Malabar coasts. We have cataloged 97 species of butterflies, 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, 10 types of frogs and around 80 species of birds that you will encounter depending on the season.

The cottages at Marari reflect the culture and lifestyle of the fisherman community. Infused with a strongly native aesthetic, the roofs are thatched with coconut leaves. Our bathrooms echo nature, to offer you the experience of bathing under the open skies.

The serene, balmy private pools and sea breeze lull you into deep relaxation. There are three types of rooms at Marari: Garden Villas, Garden Villas with Pool and Deluxe Garden Villas with Private Pool.

The shower and bath amenities in our rooms are kept in pretty reusable earthenware called ‘Bharani’ to make them more appealing as well as to keep out plastic containers for our toiletries. Yet another indication of our progressive move towards reducing waste while bringing you closer to the native and the natural.

Unique floral art on the beds in our cottages, made up by our imaginative housekeeping staff, add a thoughtful touch of vibrant colour to the warm welcome that awaits you.

CGH Earth has been working with Kara, a local ladies support group in Marari, that run a hand weaving centre to produce the traditional cotton bath and face towels reputed for their ease of use and practicality.

The fruits of the ocean form the soul of the Marari cuisine. Fresh fish and crustaceans are rendered into a vast array of delicacies with coconut and spices that constitute our signature taste and flavours. Complement this with fresh produce – fruits and greens – from our own organic gardens and you have menus that are filled with variety and wholesomeness.

The club house at Marari Beach Resort is over 200 years old and the bar situated inside is characterised by Portuguese style interiors. The perfect place to unwind, relax, let your hair down and enjoy the finest wines and spirits on offer.

Offering a selection of beverages and mixed drinks which you may relish at the garden or the coconut grove while you relax. It is also a pizzeria that offers authentic Italian flat-breads along with other comfort food with a bit of an Indian touch to it.

A great place to hang out during the day, or for a sun-downer with good music and occasional live performances. Barbeque night happens twice a week. This restaurant is not operational during the monsoons.

At Chakara Restaurant, you can choose from the best of Indian and continental cuisines at our buffet, serenaded by vast greenery. The menu also explores the cuisines of other fishing communities across the coast of Kerala and Konkan.

Our menu has been curated to offer you an experience of coastal cuisine during the dinner buffet. Guests rave about our Chemeen Manga Curry and Kozhi Kurumulagu roast, which are true jewels from the Kerala cuisine.

Take your pick from the best of Indian and continental cuisines at our buffet, whether it’s a French Beef Bourguignon or some traditional Kozhi Mappas.

Our large Salt-Water swimming pool is always holding out a welcome to you to jump in and swim. More so on a hot day when the urge to cool off can be overpowering. Soak in its clean and clear water to feel refreshed.

Avail of a range of herbal massages and relaxing therapies at our Ayurveda center to restore you to a state of well-being.

The yoga centre at Marari is open daily for sessions guided by experts. You are also welcome to watch and interact with our Ayurveda therapists as they practice their rigorous and complex Kalari Payattu asanas every other day, and learn a few if you will.

Our cottage by the beach side has a small library of books to help you spend a lazy afternoon browsing on a hammock in a coconut grove. You could also repair there with your own book if you need some quiet space for some serious reading aided by the rustling sounds of palm fronds and the crash of ocean waves not far away.

Marari Beach is located in the Alapuzha district in Kerala. The resort is a carefully nurtured biodiversity sanctuary that transcends the typical sun, surf and sand themes of most beach resorts.

Far indeed from the madding crowd and far removed from the wild clamor of trendy hotspots and beach raves, Marari’s leitmotifs are space and silence. 55 acres of mind expanding space is quite literally what you can expect and experience here.

The property is a vast green sprawl punctuated with lotus ponds and whispering coconut groves woven through and highlighted with stone-flagged pathways. A wind-break of palms runs the length of the property. And beyond lies only sand, sea and sky murmuring their secret enchantments to those willing to listen.

The Ayurvedic centre has qualified doctors you can consult, and they’ll be happy to introduce you to this ancient form of no-side-effects medicine. What’s more, therer’s a full range of treatments and traditional Kerala massages on offer. A great way to start your Marari day (or for that matter, finish it).

Did you know that butterflies never fly at night? Or that they live only for a month, so can take generations to move from one field to the next? Spend some time in our butterfly garden and enter a dancing, flitting new realm of nature.

Marari is a nature lover’s paradise and a morning stroll with one of our naturalists in tow is a fine way to introduce yourself to the Malabar coasts unique ecosystem and explore its myriad charms.

Just to give you a taste, you can expect to find 97 species of butterflies, more than 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, and even 10 kinds of frogs. As for the birds, there are too many to even name.

Marari Beach is a seaside resort on the beautiful Arabian Sea on the west coast of India. Our beach with its glistening golden sand and swaying palm trees paints a beautiful memory that keeps you coming back over and over. We do not encourage swimming when the sea is turbulent.

Marari Beach is located on a land strip with the sea on one side and the backwaters on the other. Take a day cruise on the Vembanad lake or over the narrow canals to explore life in the Kuttanad region.

Life in the fishing villages around Marari Beach Resort is both fascinating and endearing. While the men come home with the catch of the day and stories of the sea, the women set up small scale units at home to convert natural resources around them to produce for their daily lives.

It can be a revealing experience to spend some time on your holiday exploring these villages and the ways of life they represent. You can choose to walk or cycle to any of these villages.

Take an early morning walk with our naturalist to the fish-landing harbour to be jolted out of your waking hours. Fresh catch being brought in from the sea, middlemen bargaining for their stock, to a sea of baskets being hurried away inland with the freshest of fish, a visit to the harbour gives every guest the pulse of this small fishing hamlet.

Travel responsibly in a green biosphere on ecologically friendly electric bikes from a village by the sea. Explore the fishing villages and more with Vaan Electric Bicycles, now for hire at Marari Beach Resort.

Rooms: 62
Price: from 191 EUR per night


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