Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo

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Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
Narbona Wine Lodge Carmelo - Uruguay
7 December 2022

Narbona Wine Lodge hotel boutique offers 5 exclusive rooms where its detailed originality shows an Antique decoration with modern equipment, reaching the welfare and joy of those who stay in.

Distributed in 3 rooms overlooking the winery and 2 rooms overlooking the vineyards. Stylish shelter combining comfort, amusement, fields and vineyards, ensuring peace and rest in plenitude. All the rooms have King size beds, balcony and private terrace, ideal to relax enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese board of our own production.

The restaurant, opened to the whole public de Carmelo, Colonia, Uruguay, has three exclusive lounges, the Private one with a salamander, a primary one and a specially themed for business meetings or large families.

A large ancient wooden bar, inherited from the old warehouse, extends along the main hall and the typical wall made of bottles of Narbona Restaurants separating the private. Within the private, an important chamber stands where most of our prized cheeses brought from the tambo mature.

The ideal place for moving a hundred years ago enjoying the comfort of today. During the day you can make use of the tables located in the gallery under the wisteria, surrounded by nature whereas at night you can do with landscape illuminated by candlelight, becoming a cozy romantic atmosphere and at the same time very elegant.

Restaurant Narbonne in Punta del Este, Uruguay, counts with the international point of refined essence that the maritime camp area of La Barra Esteña requires.

A gastronomic experience that transcends thanks to its surprising corners perfumed by the sea air and fields, providing natural and tasty freshness to the best Mediterranean countryside style. Surrounded by vineyards, has a cellar where you can also enjoy private dining.

An old dream of the conceptual objective of unique wines and personality in an estancia on the shores of the River Plate More quality than quantity, applied in varieties better adapted to the region with Tannat as a champion. An enterprise with makers of experiences.

Our wine cellar has an area of 50 hectares located in the hull of the original farm dating from 1909 where Juan de Narbona founded one of the first wineries in the country. Faithful to the tradition in 1990 the hull is recycled, in 1998 the planting of vineyards began and in 2010 the construction of a new wine cellar began in the original hull for exclusive manufacture of premium wines.

We also have small extensions of fruit trees coexisting with vineyards intended for the production of jams and syrups. And the production of cookies, cheeses, dry pasta and olive oil.In our cellar all senses are activated to live a unique sensory experience, tasting and smells are an essential part of our task.

Today we have about 15 hectares essentially Tannat, but we also have Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Viognier y Syrah. For us the balance is the key to success therefore constant study of the varieties and their foliar behavior, ground hugging, are the premises. The plants are treated as individuals and work with low yields per hectare to achieve our quality objectives.

Harvesting is done by hand and harvest begins in early February and runs until mid-March. The grapes are transported to the winery in boxes of 16 kgs and makes an initial manual selection on the sorting table where those clusters that are in good health conditions are chosen and maturity.

A second selection at this time is performed in grain vibratory tape to ensure the highest quality sought. After this process the grains are deposited in stainless steel tanks and French oak fuderes cooling jacket to control the temperature of the work to ferment going there for 10-15 days and skins.

After alcoholic fermentation the wine is separated from the solid parts (pomace) and deposited directly into the barrels for maturation for at least 18 months before bottling. (time in barrel is decided by wine tasting and analysis).

We also do our own production staple and once the process is carried marc distillation to the area where it is the still. In the still we get to lay up to 1000 kg. of pomace. This turns on and reaches a temperature of 130 °C.

Once the pomace reaches its boiling point it begins to release alcohol in vapor form.The alembic through a coil is connected to a steel tank which continually circulates the water that makes alcohol vapor flowing through the condensing coil and obtain staple.

Originally from 1909. Next to the museum where cachilas are observed, know the old methods of vinication with cement containers where ancestral development by gravity is highlighted.

It has an old Wood stove, next to a large wooden table, where we conduct tastings and private dinners. The decoration of old traditions with hanging hams, cheeses maturing and barrels where lie some of our wines in development.

Surrounded by fudres of French oak and suitable for modern winemaking, but in a place that preserves an old style and artisan feeling. You enter through an imposing plate gate with points of boats, wide stairs made of old iron.

Adobe walls inside, coated with limestone showing sea shells fossils extracted from the area. Round iron lamps coated by burlap with much originality. Dim light according to the requirements of the place.

Inside The New Cava, a large wooden table awaits you with an infinite wall of bottles. Two luxurious but balanced livings with the rustic atmosphere generates preppy. On its walls rests our large reservesUnfold, mostly French oak barrels and other American oak where our wines are maturing.

With a magnificent view to the front lines of our 15 hectares of vineyards. You can take a break during the day in our Colonial Patio, fully vintage acclimated, where you can see the windows and doors kept from the old navy and enjoy a glass of wine watching the best sunset view.

Large table boards, under a roof of vines that change color depending on the season. Next to a water fountain, you also find small marble and iron tables, for having tea.

The Lounge is located next to the reception, next to the colonial yard. The guests can make use of it to hear good music, reading, or just relaxing by the fireplace. They can also enjoy one of our distillates (cognac and honey grappa) with a tasty imported habano.

The same is next to the pool and gym. Surrounded by gardens and lots of nature, there you can enjoy a beautiful sunset behind the vineyards, lying in their comfortable cushions, where our own wines are served from Narbona old bar.

The specialty of the products from our store stands out in the variety of cheeses, dulce de leche, yogurt and ice cream, jam, preserved food, among others. Recipes applied with excellence creates a well-defined identity over the years and generations. The taste is also demonstrated in containers with distinction, referring to the best of the past.

Our challenge is much greater, we want our guests to enjoy a nique experience and therefore accompany your accommodation with various internal activities or outdoor, air immersed in an environment of vineyards, native trees, pine and coast of Uruguay River within Uruguayan countryside.

A tour through the Lodge from the hand of our Guest Relations. The tour consists on meeting every corner of Narbona Wine Lodge so you can enjoy from another point of view our establishment.

You may use the private beach in Puerto Camacho. Here you can find palapas, suitably equipped to enjoy one of the most incredible coastal sundown.

The restaurant “Basta Pedro”, located in Puerto Camacho, offers joy to live a classic dining experience Uruguayan kitchen, where you can enjoy a delicious Uruguayan goat or some delicious pizzas baked on a clay oven.

Located at the right side of the old building of the Lodge, facing the vineyards and surrounded by gardens. The pool is outdoors and is equipped with lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels and outdoor shower. This is one of the best places where you can enjoy a glass of wine Narbona.

We have available last generation Trek bikes. We invite you to visit our circuit of 15 acres of vineyard.

Our gym has available belt treadmill and bicycle, as well as variety of weights. It is available in the pool area.

Located inside the Lounge and overlooking the Colonial Patio, you will be able to find there general interest books, board games and movies to enjoy in your room.

A tour through the Old and New cellar by the hand of our winemaker. When finished, it will take place a tasting of three wines Narbona, accompanied by a variety of cheeses from our selection. It will be held in La Antigua Cava.

A surrounding through the old and the new cellar by the hand of our winemaker. When finished, it will take place a tasting of four wines Narbona, accompanied by different tapas made by our own chef. It will take place at the new Cellar.

Encourage yourself to a relaxing time in touch with nature and in the middle of the vineyards. Enjoy an exquisite camp basket filled by our artisan cheeses, sandwiches, fruits, jam and the Narbona’s wine that you prefer.

We invite you to live an unique experience in our lodge. You will feel like part of our wine cellar and you will be able to prepare your own wine from several samples that our enologist will provide you. Then you will be able to take your own wine made that same day with you and share it with your friends and family once back home.

You will learn the secrets of this spirituous beverage and you will be able to prepare one according to your wishes. Be part of the process with the alembic next to our enologist and prepare in the lab the mixture of virgin grappa and honey.

For your convenience, we have different daily schedules in which you can enjoy a magnificent horse guided walk of about 50 minutes, accompanied by our experienced gauchos. As in past times, but with nowadays comfort, you have the opportunity to travel through the area in an old carriage led by horses.

Camacho Port has exclusive boats to travel along the river enjoying the nature and peace that characterizes the area. Enjoy the sunset cruise seeing the sundown over the Rio de la Plata.

In case you enjoy adventurous sports, here you have the chance of practicing it traveling through the stream “Las víboras” and exploring some of the islands of the Carmelo surroundings with the kayaks and canoes that are offered by Camacho Port.

Tour through the city of Colonia del Sacramento enjoying the scenery, history and culture of a typical Rioplatense city.

If you wish to fly, take this aerial trip through the area by helicopter with our pilot. You will be able to see the zero point where the Rio de la Plata River and the Uruguay River join, fly over the vineyards and pine forest. Live in person another way of meeting Carmelo from the air.

Carmelo Golf is destined to be the number one golf course in South America, this magnificent 18 holes professional golf court, par 72, already has fan players, who do not stop commenting about its natural beauty and challenging design. Among numerous large lakes, wetlands and native trees, everything is designed to create the most perfect and memorable sport experience.

Rooms: 5
Price: from 301 EUR per night


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