Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice

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Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice - Italy
27 August 2023

Just a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square, past the famous golden-vaulted Basilica, two calli lead to the 4-star Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venezia, which throughout its history was home to as many as three Doges. Here, in the heart of 16th-century Venice, in the most famous and ancient sestiere, our luxury hotel is based, with concierge of the highest caliber.

The noble residence Ruzzini Palace Hotel has the charm and atmosphere of the ancient Venice, combined with the best services and comforts of an elegant 4-star hotel, with the sumptuous common areas of the Piano Nobile and various types of suites, with historic frescoes or contemporary designs, overlooking the canal or the beautiful Campo di Santa Maria Formosa.

Guests of Ruzzini Palace Hotel have the privilege of experiencing a setting that celebrates the aristocratic period of Venice, enhanced by modern luxury and charme. The common areas, reception, lobby, bar, breakfast lounge, blend eloquently with the welcoming environment of the residence lounge where guests may escape during their free time into an oasis of tranquility.

Hotel Ruzzini Palace is housed within an ancient historical residence that once belonged to one of the most prominent Venetian families. During the era of the Serenissima Republic, they inhabited the historic residence for a long period in seamless continuity.

The hotel overlooks campo Santa Maria Formosa on one side, and rio del Paradiso on the other, and still maintains a water entrance, which once was the main entry. The hotel’s present day design was entrusted to the architect Bartolomeo Manopola, whose Venetian works includes the marble façade of the clock overlooking the Ducal Palace courtyard.

Built during the late XVI century and early XVII century, Palazzo Loredan Ruzzini Priuli, as it was originally named, allowed the building to embody a dualistic expression as it transitioned from the renaissance to the baroque period.

The rio del Paradiso façade dates back to the 1500s while the façade overlooking the campo preludes the Baroque period. The palazzo belongs to the architectural heritage of Venice, overseen by the Superintendence, for its historical and artistic value.

The current refurbishment recaptures the building’s original design and detailing, like the large portego (the lounge that stretches along the entire side wing of the residence), the exposed beams, Venetian-style floors, and, above all, once again proudly showcases the paintings by Gregorio Lazzarini (1655 – 1730).

The teacher of Giambattista Tiepolo, Lazzarini’s frescoes depicting mythological scenes, “Juno’s Chariot” and “Zephyr and Flora”, that today grace the Royal Suite of the Ruzzini Palace, were commissioned to the artist by Carlo Ruzzini, the 113th Doge of Venice.

Ruzzini Palace Hotel is superbly located in campo Santa Maria Formosa, at the very heart of the historic center of Venice. As one of the 4 star hotels of Venice, it boasts an enviable position, with the best of Venice conveniently located within easy walking distance.

Upon setting foot outside the hotel’s door, you’ll be surrounded by a myriad of the famed historical and artistic jewels of Venice, including: campo Santa Maria Formosa with its picturesque campi; one of the most breathtaking of Venice, along with the Santa Maria Formosa Cathedral, a 16th century architectural masterpiece by Codussi, whose interiors are lined with numerous Venetian works of art.

Within a short walk, Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge will beckon you, whilst the lively lanes of the sestiere di Castello allow you to savor an authentic Venice like a local.

At the Ruzzini Palace Hotel we offer 28 rooms, junior suites and suites with a refined and sumptuous style. When staying in these elegant rooms, with their opulent lines and bold colours, one breathes in true Venetian tradition.

Art history is material, and no longer just memory. The comforts and services are of a superior level, the best among those usually offered by 4-star hotels in Venice. Your holiday will be the most vivid dream.

The rooms overlook Campo Santa Maria Formosa and Rio del Paradiso: the windows become animated pictures of the most authentic Venice. The furnishings are original and embellished with elements of contemporary style and refined design: exposed beams and Venetian floors, fascinating 16th-century frescoes.

Among the design hotels in Venice, the Ruzzini Palace stands out for its spacious rooms, suitable for those travelling with their families and for guests who prefer comfort and luxury in wonderful suites.

Born under the sign of art, and deeply imbued with it, the Royal Suite is not named so by pure chance: the frescoes by Lazzarini (master of none other than Giambattista Tiepolo, a famous painter of 18th-century Venice) stand out in front of our gaze.

It is a trompe-l’œil effect in full swing: a celestial vault seems to unfold in the ceiling of the Ruzzini Palace, allowing glimpses of figures from Greek mythology. Moreover, this is the only suite to overlook Campo Santa Maria Formosa on one side and, on the other, the Rio del Paradiso that flanks the palace.

Bright and elegant, solemn yet refined, it is definitely the pearl of our hotel. Elements that add to its value include a four-poster bed, wide ceilings, and an airy and carefully furnished living room. The Royal Suite is a unique environment within the panorama of 4-star hotels in Venice.

The living room is lit by large windows, which give way to a magnificent balcony overlooking Campo Santa Maria Formosa: the view of the city from this perspective is unique and irresistible.

You can see the church of the same name, the noble palaces framing the campo, the everyday life of Venice – at a time different from the rest of the world. This was the balcony from which Doge Ruzzini used to look out.

The vivid, intense colours, the sumptuous, contemporary furnishings that inhabit the rooms, the sunlight filtering through the precious curtains: everything in this suite speaks of romance and passion.

It is no coincidence that the furnishings were designed by Philippe Starck, an important French designer of the second half of the 20th century. The Formosa Suite is also perfect for those who need to reconcile work and relaxation: the private lounge, in fact, lends itself to meeting these needs.

The Suite del Paradiso owes its name to the elegant balcony that is reflected in the canal of the same name: looking out, the palaces seem to rise from the water as if by magic.

It is certainly one of the most fascinating perspectives of Venice, and allows you to experience its profound uniqueness, so admired and dreamed of all over the world. Venice was born from water like the Venus of Greek mythology.

The décor is Renaissance and solemn, lit by splendid Murano blown glass chandeliers, its colours elegant and warm. The atmosphere, palpable, is that of the ancient Venetian patrician residences: you breathe it in at the top of your lungs, you touch it with your fingertips, you jealously preserve it in your memories.

Everything is enriched with the most modern comforts, because luxury must combine elegance with comfort. The Suite del Paradiso will allow you to relive the Venice of the past, the golden and glorious Serenissima, in all its splendour.

Pull back the curtains, open the large windows and allow yourself to be inebriated by the morning glow: in front of you, Venice, in all its highest splendour, which seems to live a life unknown to other cities.

When you travel, you don’t just enter an unseen environment as a spectator, you inhabit it. And our Junior Suites Panoramic View allow you to experience full, unforgettable emotions in the city of beauty par excellence, of balance.

From the sumptuous four-poster beds you can glimpse the richly decorated ceiling: the feeling is that of living in a bygone era, which only here can still manifest itself with the same vigour.

Contemporary details blend perfectly with the traditional Venetian style, while providing all the luxurious comforts for a dream holiday. All Junior Suites Panoramic View overlook Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

They boast a splendid view of Campo Santa Maria Formosa or the Rio del Paradiso through their large, bright windows. Venetian style embraces contemporary design, giving these rooms elegance and character. The atmosphere is enriched with luxurious details and all the necessary comforts to give you an impeccable experience. Rooms ranging from 20 to 25 sqm.

Dreaming of getting married in Venice? Marriage is your “great day” par excellence: it happens once in a lifetime and you deserve to live it as you’ve always dreamed it. The Ruzzini Palace Hotel offers you the chance to celebrate your wedding in the heart of Venice, in the house of an ancient Venetian family, in the most romantic setting ever: Venice.

The palace is the ancient residence of the Doge Ruzzini, the Venetian ambassador to the main European courts. Two facades decorate the look in itself sumptuous, a renaissance one overlooking Rio del Paradiso, and a late Renaissance one overlooking Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Beyond them, the palace hosts two noble floors.

Going up the staircase, you’ll find yourself surrounded by eighteenth-century decorations and original frescoes of the masters of Venetian painting. You will enjoy the light that filters through the large windows of both the facades.

This is what distinguishes Ruzzini Palace from any other wedding location in Venice. Discretion, privacy, and intimacy are the guarantee to live an exclusively dedicated marriage, built according to your desire, surrounded by the luxury and comfort, with the chance to have the building reserved for you and your guests.

Our wedding specialists are ready to advise and support you in your style choices, while your guests will be followed and pampered with a program designed for them: the wedding shall become an indelible memory for all beloved ones.

In addition to the large hall overlooking the water and Campo Santa Maria Formosa, the bride and groom will have access to large frescoed rooms such as the bridal suite, for the preparation of the bride and the groom suite, for the preparation of the groom.

Below the gentle look of art and love, the bridal chamber for the wedding night offers a comfortable king-size bed and the view of the original frescoed ceiling by Lazzarini. Internationally renowned chefs will take care of the reception, and of course, they will design and create the menu just for you. You can also have the entire building reserved.

For those visiting a Venice hotel for business purposes, you have at your disposal an elegant meeting room which can comfortably accommodate from 16 to 20 clients around the boardroom table, ideal for business meetings.

The boardroom is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, large flat screen television with DVD reader, video conferencing services and an overhead projector. The Concierge and a myriad amenities expected from the prestigious 4 star hotels of Venice will ensure that the guests of Ruzzini Palace will enjoy an unforgettable stay in Venice.

The spacious reception hall on the main floor of the Ruzzini Palace Hotel, along with its XVIII century decor and double façade overlooking rio del Paradiso and campo Santa Maria Formosa, is the ideal setting for gala events.

Whereas during the Venetian festivities of the Regata, Redentore and Carnival, the Ruzzini Palace becomes the venue of Venetian artists performing classical music concerts, canovacci and theatrical comedies.

Rooms: 28
Price: from 258 EUR per night


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