Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio

America Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay
6 August 2020

Bahia Vik José Ignacio is the vision of a natural and contemporary retreat that embraces beach living with a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors inspired by art and Vik luxury. Living in the dunes on the Mansa beach you can fully embrace the spirit of José Ignacio by tumbling out of bed onto your terrace and the beach beyond for a morning swim.


Celebrating the ambiance of its chic locale, Bahia Vik José Ignacio consists of fifteen uniquely designed bungalows tucked into the sandy beach dunes, with one central building with 10 suites around which retreat living revolves. This main building, built of beautiful Uruguayan grey slate, is defined by open architecture and flowing spaces, encouraging conviviality among Bahia Vik guests.

Upon entering the retreat’s main building through garden walls, guests enjoy views to the Southern Atlantic Ocean through the spacious reception area, into the verdant open-air central patio and finally through the living room. To one side of the patio is the game room and a small boutique offering Vik curated items such as Uruguayan art and local crafts.

Crossing the sun-filled courtyard, an expansive double living room and dining room look out onto four deep, stunning dark stone swimming pools set in the beach dunes, surrounded by al fresco lounging and dining areas. The main building has ten large unique suites, all with private terraces and most with broad sweeping views of the dunes, beach and ocean.

A distinct feature of Bahia Vik Josè Ignacio is its collection of beautiful beachfront bungalows. Two bungalows house five-bedroom suites, one with three suites, one with four suites and eleven contain two bedrooms with their own living rooms. Each of these private beachfront spaces has a separate and distinctively designed bathroom for each suite.

​Each bungalow features distinct exteriors, art-filled interiors and a unique design scheme. Tucked into the breezy José Ignacio beach dunes, the designs intentionally blend the interior and exterior to encourage maximum enjoyment of nature.

Natural dunes covered in swaying beach grasses and other local flora divide the bungalows from one another, providing privacy for all bungalow guests.


Bahia Vik has been designed for travelers seeking a unique and unrivaled seaside experience. Guests may partake in a wide range of activities, from the country and ranch pursuits to the leisure activities of a beach-side destination, through access to amenities at Bahia Vik and its two sister properties.

Horseback riding, surfing, polo lessons, kite-boarding, cycling, golf, tennis and canoeing are only a few of the many activities enjoyed at the beautiful José Ignacio Vik Retreats and in the José Ignacio area.

To unwind and indulge, guests relax by one of Bahia Vik’s four large stunning pools, enjoy a spa treatment, swim in the waves of the bay, sit on a terrace to read a book or enjoy the evening bonfires in the dunes in front of the Main Building.

​Bahia Vik offers an exceptional Experience Concierge program for the enjoyment of all guests. Authorities on the region, Experience Concierges provide guests of the property the opportunity to see Uruguay through the eyes of a sophisticated native.

From local artists´ ateliers offering exclusive access to Vik Retreats guests, to private wildlife tours with a local naturalist, Experience Concierges offer insider views and behind -the-scenes access to the idyllic locale’s most sought-after locations.

Bahia Vik guests are encouraged to consult an Experience Concierge in advance of their visit to create unique itineraries that showcase the area’s most interesting destinations, from the surrounding Uruguayan countryside to José Ignacio, Punta del Este and beyond.


ZODIACO ~ Dining amenities at Bahia Vik highlight the surrounding terroir through use of locally-grown and produced ingredients and a continued emphasis on authentic Uruguayan cuisine.

Dining on the expansive outdoor terrace, by one of the pools, in the open-air patio or dining room are all options enjoyed by our guests. The menu includes fresh fish and seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables and home- made breads and pastries all prepared by the property’s talented chef.

Of course, meals will be enhanced by the exceptional VIK wine produced and bottled at Bahia Vik’s sister vineyard property, VIK in Millahue, Chile.

LA SUSANA ~ Next door to Bahia Vik is Vik’s beachfront restaurant, La Susana, where guests can spend the day enjoying the beach from a sun lounge while sipping on a Christiania Caipiroska.

When the mood suits, guests can stroll up to the cool outdoor beach bar or restaurant for a leisurely lunch including the freshest fish, meat and vegetables all locally sourced and prepared with passion by Chef Santiago Inzaurralde and Executive Chef Marcelo Betancourt.

For the ultimately dining experience, complement the meal with VIK wine. In late afternoon, guests often wander back to the beach, cozying up in a traditional Uruguayan handmade woolen poncho to take in the José Ignacio sunset, described as the best on the planet.

The La Susana experience continues into the sunset each day with music and a chill and fun atmosphere creating an authentic and entertaining and unparalleled South American vibe.

Rooms: 10
Price: from 478 EUR per night


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