Six Senses Yao Noi

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Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
Six Senses Yao Noi, Phuket - Thailand
19 June 2022

Phang Nga Bay has to be one of the world’s most spectacular seascapes and it sets the stage for your magical stay at our Koh Yao Noi hotel.

Just 45 minutes from Phuket, this Six Senses island resort in Thailand is as close to nature’s luxury as you can be. Here, we’re not just green, but every shade of blue and we’re ready and waiting for you. It’s Thailand reimagined.

Villas are enveloped in tropical greenery and complete with a private swimming pool for your ultimate hideaway. If you do venture out, your GEM is on hand to make every activity (or inactivity) a reality.

You’ve seen the Bond movie, now experience the real thing. The surreal backdrop to your Thailand island resort holiday includes fantastical limestone pinnacles rising from the bay, adding to your sense of adventure.

Six Senses Thailand destination in Yao Noi is set on a tropical island on the awe-inspiring Phang Nga Bay. Natural vegetation and lush landscaping. Total privacy between each elevated villa.

Your own pool and GEM (Guest Experience Maker). That’s the setting sorted … simply add your sense of adventure and let the story unfold.

Spacious private pool villas in Thailand
“Stilted and thatched” sets the mood for all-pool villas and suites that perch like plush treehouses within tropical greenery.

Choose dramatic bay or romantic forest views and from one to four bedrooms. All the creature comforts, the soul-soothing spa and your personal GEM (Guest Experience Maker) make this a vacation with uplifting discoveries at every turn.

The Ocean Retreat Three-Bedroom
An extension of The Ocean Retreat overlooking the iconic limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay, this three-bedroom option features a connecting one-bedroom Ocean Deluxe Pool Villa.

With panoramic views overlooking Phang Nga Bay and direct access to the beach, the resort’s only three-bedroom villa combines its signature The Ocean Retreat with a connecting Ocean Deluxe Pool Villa.

Featuring a spacious living room and expansive infinity pool with sun deck, plus an additional infinity pool in the connecting villa, this villa is perfect for larger families.

The View
For a perfect romantic escape, The View is the perfect setting, featuring beautiful ocean panoramas and complete privacy.

An incredible view that is all yours. Sweeping 360-degree vistas of lush tropical landscapes and out to breathtaking Phang Nga Bay with its legendary limestone karsts provide the ultimate backdrop.

Your vast one-bedroom villa feels exceptionally spacious with double-height vaulted ceilings and expansive windows revealing breathtaking panoramas at every turn.

A generous infinity-edge pool with netting hammock-like extensions, plus a large terrace offer total privacy for sunning, while the pool shack stands ready to complete the scene with do-it-yourself cocktails of the day.

Your in-villa dining experience reaches new levels with a sunken entertaining area and a private cinema, giving no reason to venture from the privacy of the villa.

Beachfront Pool Villa Suite
This villa has a large garden leading directly onto the beach, a private pool and stunning views out to Phang Nga Bay. Not only does this Thailand beach villa offer beautiful views out to Phang Nga Bay, it also has a large garden leading from the private infinity-edge pool directly onto the beach.

The spacious duplex layout has an entrance on the upper level, which opens onto a decked area and bedroom with open bathroom and shower. Stairs lead down to a separate sitting room (which can be converted into a second bedroom for two persons) and en-suite bathroom on the lower pool level.

Ocean Pool Villa
The beauty of Phang Nga Bay stretches before you from Six Senses Thailand resort, to be enjoyed also from your private infinity-edge pool and generous terrace while simply relaxing.

Six Senses Ocean Pool Villa in Thailand offers very generous personal space with wonderful views towards Phang Nga Bay and its unique limestone karsts. It has a private infinity-edge pool with a pool deck with sun loungers and an outside dining area.

Home-grown ingredients packed with flavor. Six Senses Koh Yao Noi restaurants offer seasonal fine dining that pays homage to Thailand’s food culture.

A sprinkle of international influence here and there. Embark on a culinary journey of the nutritious and delicious, from light lunches to degustation dinners and the intimate Chef’s Table.

Evening dinner venue
This main dining area is on the lower level with several private dining pavilions and the Chef’s Table above. Enjoy cooking classes, wine evenings and degustation dinners. And choose culinary options that won’t derail your wellness program.

Treat your palate to a burst of flavors from an authentic Thai menu, prepared using the freshest ingredients from our organic garden and farm including eggs, mushrooms, herbs and fruits.

Chef’s table
From Walter’s Favorite to Viki’s Curry Club, we assure you a spoon-licking-good-time at the Chef’s table. As entertaining as it is delicious, you’ll be introduced to locally sourced produce through our chefs’ latest creations, served with a dash of their culinary sense of humor.

Cooking class
Enhance your sense of sight, smell and taste while learning to cook some of your favorite Thai dishes. The two-and-a-half hour class starts with a visit through the herb gardens located around the Dining Room followed by a cooking demonstration where you’ll have a hands-on experience, preparing your lunch.

Chill out and relaxation bar
Sit back on suspended day beds and let the music take you away. Order a snack from our Asian and Western tapas menu. Celebrate with a cocktail or two – how about the aptly named Jardin d’Eden or Summer Kiss?

A high point for destination-dining
This is literally our most exclusive top table. Dip your toes into the pool and let your daydreams carry you right over the edge into Phang Nga Bay. Join in the communal joy during our full moon dinners or make private arrangements for a sunrise breakfast shared by just the two of you.

Wine and cheese tasting
Meet the men in red, our sommelier, Khun Sabu and indulge in his selection of cheese and wine that may just surprise your taste palates. With four cheese selections, the pairing goes with red, white, sparkling and dessert wine.

Egg-actly the freshest way to start your day
Your organic breakfast eggs could not be any fresher than when you have gathered them yourself from the farm. Then your breakfast chef will serve them up just the way you like.

Homemade goodness
​The bakery serves homemade ice creams all day with 24 different flavors to choose from including Jackfruit, Basil Lime, and Almond Milk for the adventurous among you.

James Bond dinner
Catch our favorite Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun over dinner, featuring Chef Ton’s famous Thai dishes. Set in the Phang Nga bay area close to Koh Yao Noi at what is now called “James Bond Island”, the classic 007 installation stars Roger Moore and Brit Ekland. Now would you prefer your martini shaken or stirred?

Olive oil tasting
Have a taste of olive oils from the award-winning Castillo de Canena, one of the best olive oil estates in the world. From Spain, we then go to Italy and France to compare notes and let you decide what tickles your fancy.

Time to spa-aah
​Refresh and rejuvenate at the Six Senses Yao Noi Spa village in Thailand, which has a Thai-inspired long house and individual treatment salas set in the tropical hillside.

Let your senses rebalance as you’re transported through memorable journeys and traditional healing practices that incorporate the elements of earth, water, fire and air.

Smart tech that’s all about you
We don’t follow fads. This is about combining our smart tech (and super smart experts!) with what we know about you to personalize a spa treatment or design a program to your particular needs (and your desire to stay horizontal or incorporate some get up and go).

Wellness Screening
This non-invasive analysis measures your key biomarkers and helps our experts understand what your body really needs. It’s simple, it’s quick and the readings along with a discussion about your lifestyle are used in design of a treatment or a bespoke multi-day program specific to your needs.

Thai Herbal Massage
A full body massage using warm poultices which contain plai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass. These are applied to specific pressure points, using gentle and rolling movements, to condition skin and induce a sense of well-being.

Anti-Aging Facial
​This anti-aging facial improves elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and repairs sun-damaged skin. Originating from northern Thailand, it uses natural silk cocoons that contain 12 amino acids to firm and tone the skin.

Coconut Body Scrub
​​Get ready to reveal a healthy-looking glow with softer and smoother skin. This all-natural body scrub combines freshly grated coconut with finely crushed coconut shell and turmeric.

Wellness & Spa experts
​Experience a layered approach to wellness. Simply relax or go deeper and say hello to a whole new you. Skilled therapists and visiting practitioners guide you towards optimum well-being in step with your wellness goals.

Boost Your Immunity
This one-day spa takeover is a great immunity reboot if you’re feeling sluggish, sniffly or fatigued from a stressful few months or long-haul flight.

Commit to a day of no news or social media and just focus on yourself. Today is your day. Stress shuts down the immune system and therefore everything that promotes relaxation is helpful to strengthen immunity.

From breath work and yoga in the sun to nutritious food and microgreens, personal training session, hot and cold experiences, treatments and journaling, we’ve got everything your immune cells need to function at their best.

We can also help you identify specific issues through our screening and sleep tracker so we can guide you on how best to overcome them.

Mind Your Brain
Your brain is involved in everything you do. Its health is vital to how you feel, think, age, perform, love, learn and share. We are all very quick to download the latest software upgrades to our devices but how often do we deliberately consider how we can help our brain serve us better for longer?

This one-day program helps you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through ancient practices from yoga and meditation and modern biohacks including brain games, developmental drawings and binaural beats.

Your brain is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of nearly 60 percent fat so eating the right foods and good fats allows it to perform at its best.

We’ll help you stimulate, and kick start the brain in the morning, share activities that are proven to improve brain function and send you home with some tips to take back into everyday life. Keep curious, keep expanding and keep developing your own OS!

Love Your Heart
“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit”. Khalil Gibran. Love is a force of nature. However much we may want to, we cannot command, demand, or take away love. But you can invite love in.

By listening to your intuition and wisdom that lies within your heart, you can train and heighten your compassion, awareness and consciousness and feel a much more powerful connection with mother nature and our earth.

This is a day of reflection, letting go of old baggage, setting a new purpose and learning how to connect with your heart and true purpose to find greater zest for life and meaning.

If you can’t find time in a hectic home life to improve stamina, tone up or address specific movement related concerns, this program is for you. It focuses on movement, blending high and low intensity training with recovery treatments, meditation and sleep.

Do you find it hard to get to sleep or sleep through the night, or do you often wake up feeling groggy and unrefreshed?

We have all the resources you need to combine advice from our Sleep Doctor with the many benefits of yoga nidra and meditation, relaxing treatments and amenities, wellness therapies, nutrition advice and low intensity training.

This program is ideal if you need to improve sleep patterns; restore energy levels; de-stress; establish a sustainable sleep routine; feel better equipped to face daily challenges; or pave the way to a healthier and happier life.

Eliminate toxins, improve digestion, boost the immune system and clear your mind. Our non-invasive yogic cleanse helps your body detox in a safe, controlled manner, combined with low intensity training, detoxifying therapies and mind-body practices.

This program is ideal if you want to rid yourself of built up toxins or shake off fatigue that has taken up a regular spot in your daily life.

It’s also worth considering if you find yourself lacking enthusiasm; you’re suffering from symptoms such as bloating, constipation and dull skin; or you simply want to give your digestive system a break and clean out clogged up organs in a natural way.

Discover Yoga
Immerse yourself in a daily practice of hatha yoga to maintain body and mind balance. Relieve stress, tension and muscle stiffness, and keep the body strong, centered, powerful and flexible, while learning to quiet the mind.

This program is ideal for complete yoga novices looking for an alternative and enjoyable body and mind practice who wish to develop an understanding of how the body engages in each posture and enhance the body’s natural intuition. The program can be adapted to more seasoned yoga practitioners.

Exchange wedding vows and wows
Toast love, laughter and happily ever after against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful natural scenery anywhere in the world.

We can be creative with the ambience, either inside or using the landscaping we’re blessed with. Due to the intimate design of our property, we can accommodate a Thailand wedding of up to 36 guests plus the Bride and the Groom.

Where business unusual thrives
For creative souls, a meeting of minds, or an idea that might one day go on to change the world. Six Senses Yao Noi is about as far away from the corporate humdrum as it gets. We can be creative with the venue: indoor huddles, outdoor presentations or light-bulb moments that happen while you’re two miles offshore.

Memorable times together
Adventures at our Thailand family resort in Yao Noi are designed to create memories. We can plan a host of activities from the purely playful to cultural excursions that even the most hard-to-win-over teen will find fascinating.

From mountain biking as a family to the many water activities that are suitable for almost all ages, let us do the planning for you.

Let the island take you under its spell
Oh the things you can do! From the get up and go to the fully horizontal. Just choosing your leisure possibilities is an activity in itself. On land or in the water, we can even design Thailand excursions and events around your own ideas.

Reconnect With Nature
Start this adventure-packed day with a 30 minute Sunrise Reflection over the limestone karsts, followed by a guided kayak along the beach, turning the rocky point and entering the mouth of mangrove. Ride the tide and connect with the natural sounds and landscape.

You will also have a chance to meet the brood and learn about sustainable living with our happy farm animals. And then it’s time to get your hands dirty and build a Hornbill’s nest. Engrave it with your name so the team can update you when it gets its first tenant.

Have you worked up an appetite yet? After a quick harvest in the Mushroom Hut and organic garden, let’s get cooking! Learn how to cook from scratch using the harvested and local sourced produce.

Phang Nga and James Bond Island
Set sail for the site immortalized by the peerless Roger Moore in “The Man with the Golden Gun” and channel your inner secret agent. Not a movie buff?

Let us show you prehistoric cave paintings, the floating fishing village of Koh Panyi (complete with a floating football pitch) and a sampling of the many interesting grottos and lagoons comprising Panak Island.

Castaway Excursions
Choose your favorite time of day for your castaway experience. Early morning and the world is yours with a sunrise breakfast cruise.

Sail to a secluded island for a barbecue lunch prepared by your personal chef. Or enjoy the ultimate, intimate sundowner as the sun dips over the horizon viewed from your private island. Just don’t forget to order the bubbles.

Krabi Four-Island Region
Discover the popular four islands of Thailand’s celebrated Krabi Province and take a stroll down the famous sand bar that connects them. There’s a startling world of marine beauty. You’ll observe fish and coral in the crystal clear waters just off the beach. Splash around in the warm waters and let the gentle sea relax you.

Discover the Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi is one of the Andaman Sea’s most famous destinations. Marvel at Viking Cave, feed the curious inhabitants of Monkey Beach, stroll the bustling streets of Phi Phi Don, and snorkel at Bamboo Island.

Lunch at a local Phi Phi Don restaurant or choose a resort picnic menu and a lovely beach setting. Your guide will lead you on a final snorkeling adventure at a coral garden on your way back.

Discover Yao Noi
Circumnavigate the island of Yao Noi and explore deserted islands with fine white sandy beaches. Learn about the island’s local fish farm economy, visit coconut farms and rubber tree plantations. This is Koh Yao Noi at its finest.

Nature’s Bike Trail of Pure Serenity
This guided bike voyage takes you off the main roads to paths less traveled on the island. You will enjoy a scenic and tranquil tour of an assortment of the island’s well-kept secrets.

Mounted on trekking bikes, you’ll cruise along secluded side roads adorned with arching rubber trees, grazing water buffalo and stunning vistas of the sea. On the journeys, you will observe local plantation workers harvesting rubber by hand, the original method for such production.

Closer to the beach, observe Islanders tinkering with what is the pride and joy for many, the longtail boat. A signature aspect of marine life in Thailand and a most romantic option for touring the myriad islands adjacent to our resort, the longtail boat is inextricably linked to island locals and their humble, noncommercial way of life.

At low tide our journey continues to a small island only 1,640 feet (500 meters) from the Yao Noi coast. That means if the tide is right we will cycle to a different island. Trek through the sand and observe wild oysters on the rocks – this unique paradise is only 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from the resort.

Following an invigorating 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) ride, continue to the renowned Haad Yao Beach. Shaded and secluded, this Yao Noi must-do is only accessible by bicycle or on foot. We highly recommend sharing this journey with a guide as it is the surest way to see the untouched side of Thai island life.

Visit a Rubber Tree Plantation
The south of Thailand is renowned for its rubber production and Six Senses Yao Noi was actually built on an abandoned rubber tree plantation.

Locals still cultivate the trees by hand cutting and collecting the rubber in coconut shells tied to the trunks. Your experienced guide takes you to see how the rubber is collected, rolled into sheets then left to naturally dry along bamboo poles.

Mangrove Walk
Below the Living Room lies a unique feature of Six Senses Yao Noi – the mangrove walk. Take a stroll and spot red mangrove trees, cork trees and Nipa palm trees.

Observe the mudskipper fish and keep an eye out for our resident giant monitor lizards often seen relaxing in the trees. These creatures are awe-inspiring but harmless and will scurry into hiding when disturbed.

Fish and Lobster Farm Visit
Visit a local floating fish farm by classic longtail boat and select your own fresh catch for our chefs to prepare back at the resort. You may enjoy your fresh catch cooked just the way you like it in the Living Room, Dining Room, or even as a barbecue dinner in the comfort of your own villa.

Waterski, Wakeboard and Doughnut
Looking for a boost of adrenaline after all the rest and relaxation? We have a lot of kit here suitable for both first timers and seasoned pros.

With water skis, a wakeboard or a doughnut, fun is guaranteed. Our watersports team can suit you up and run you through the basics or master more advanced techniques. We also loan out mono-skis to more adept athletes.

Our location on the leeward side of the island results in gentle winds that enable youto practice this exciting activity in relative safety. Our watersports instructors offer private lessons, whether finding your balance or honing your technique. We have a variety of sail sizes available for all skill levels and wind speeds.

Colorful Diving Days
Marvel at the vibrant marine communities of the Andaman’s underwater life. Our dive masters know the surrounding areas very well and will guide you to amazing depths.

Whether you seek a recreational outing or a certified course, dive with us and witness some of the most spectacular reefs and rock formations of Southeast Asia. The colors will remain with you long after you come up for air.

We have both single and double kayaks available for you to glide past the inspirational limestone karsts of Phang Nha Bay or along the calm channels of Tha Lane and Lam Tang. Or try out the awe-inspiring full moon experience as the bioluminescent plankton guide you through the waters at night.

Local Island Hopping Tour
Beyond Six Senses Yao Noi lies Pa Koh, a sparsely traveled region with multiple uninhabited islands and true natural beauty.

Travel by longboat then switch to your kayak for a Robinson Crusoe-style adventure as you brave the caves of Koh Roi. Your hosts will be delighted to help plan this once in a lifetime aquatic adventure and offer a wide menu of exciting experiences to choose from.

Private Yacht Charter
Total privacy. Complete freedom. Undiscovered natural beauty. Adventure and fun. Six Senses Yao Noi’s experienced crew will plan and cater for every aspect of your trip so that you’ll enjoy an unforgettable tailored experience.

We’ve chosen some spectacular Andaman destinations, or choose to explored discover your perfect secluded beach.

Secluded Beach Picnic
Our Deli has a complete range of home baked breads, imported charcuterie and cheeses, freshly squeezed juices, our own energized Yao Noi water and many Thai specialties to include in a hamper to take to any location you wish to explore.

Picnic in your villa, on our beach, a tuk tuk excursion around the island or a trip to any secluded island you wish.

Organic Chicken Farm
Because happy chickens lay the tastiest eggs, we give our feathered friends the five-star treatment including a soundtrack of soft jazz music for their relaxation. You can also collect some eggs to enjoy at breakfast the following morning. Your GEM is happy to arrange the visit. Sustainability has never tasted so good.

Mushroom Hut
Mushrooms are grown in a very different process to most others produce. Our mushroom hut is a unique feature of our resort and guests are welcome to visit it anytime and learn exactly how we grow those mushrooms. You can also have a nibble and tipple while you are there.

Rooms: 56
Price: from 500 EUR per night


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