Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos

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Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
Wilderness Hotel Nangu & Igloos
30 November 2020

Nangu is a perfect mix of high-quality Lappish hospitality and truly remote Arctic wilderness. With its exclusive landscape, spectacular views and fun activities, Nangu is an extraordinary holiday destination.

Discover the region above the Arctic Circle and witness the awesome spectacle of the Northern Lights in this unforgettable place. We here in Wilderness Hotel Nangu will make sure your Arctic experience is one to remember.

Lake Inari Aurora Hut

The most extraordinary luxury camping. Lake Inari Aurora Hut offers you a once-in a life time premium accommodation. This unique accommodation welcomes you closer to the authentic outdoor experience than ever before – without leaving any trace of human influence to the surrounding nature.

This eco hut is located on the iconic Lake Inari, only few hundred meters from the resort’s main building. The hut has a double bed with a view to the Northern sky.

This luxury camping accommodation offers dry toilet inside the hut. There is no shower or running water in the hut but we offer sauna and shower facilities in the main building.

Aurora Log Cabin

Witness the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed. With stunning log walls and windows facing the northern sky, this is the most unique accommodation to stay. Each cabin has a double bed, bathroom and a shower.

Restaurant and bar

Our restaurant offers traditional Lappish cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. Step into our cozy restaurant with traditional log walls and a menu filled with delicacies inspired by Lappish cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. The restaurant also has full selection of alcoholic beverages.

Cross-Country Skiing

Learn this traditional Finnish winter sport on a relaxing skiing trip. We will get to know the skis, how to cope with them and learn some useful techniques. This skiing tryout is all about learning something new: once you get the hang of it, it will be the nicest sport you have ever done.

Don’t be afraid to fall over, as the soft snow will help you land safely. We will be skiing over the frozen Lake Inari, admiring the beautiful scenery with no hurry, stopping to take pictures and enjoy warm drinks on the way.

Private Aurora Sledge safari

What a perfect way to search for the Northern Lights with your love one! This heated Aurora Sledge is designed for searching the Northern Lights while keeping you warm inside. During this private safari you’re driven around Lake Inari to find the best Aurora viewing points.

If the Northern Lights appear, the guide will stop driving and you can go outside to watch and photograph the show. If you are looking for something special on your holiday, this might be it! There is also the possibility to have a longer tour with dinner by the open fire.

Husky and Reindeer Day

Ride a husky sledge and meet reindeer -that is the way to enjoy the Lappish nature! To kick off the day, you will be transferred to the husky farm.

On the Husky farm, you will be taught how to handle the sled before heading out for a ride, the huskies pulling your sled through the beautiful winter scenery, passing through the frozen Lake Inari.

The dogs’ excitement is infectious and as the animals fall silent on the trail, you will realize that this is the only way to see Lapland. All husky safaris run so that one guest is mushing and the other one is sitting in the sleigh. Positions will be changed halfway.

During the day you will also meet reindeer. This will give you an insight to the way of life in the North. The reindeer welcomes you and you will be invited to the reindeer enclosure.

The guide will tell you more about the Sámi culture and the life of a reindeer. You will get the chance to feed the reindeer – the curious animals might even come up and eat out of your hand! During the day we will also enjoy a taste full lunch.


Snowshoeing trip on frozen Lake Inari and its surroundings. On this trek, we will be exploring the varied terrains around Wilderness Hotel Nangu on foot: from the frozen surface of Lake Inari to the enchanting forest and hills rising from the shoreline.

We will trek through this winter wonderland enjoying the silence. During the trip, the guide will share interesting stories and information about Finnish nature and animals.

On the way, we will stop to enjoy lunch and warm drinks by the open fire. This trip is perfect for photographers and nature lovers, as snowshoeing is a true eco-activity!

Aurora Snowshoeing

Experience the surrounding nature and Aurora Borealis on foot. Snowshoeing on the frozen Lake Inari during the night is an adventure of its own.

We will wander on the lake and the surrounding wilderness, until finally reaching the camp spot, where we will sit back and enjoy warm drinks while gazing at the sky, waiting for the northern lights to show up.

Explore Snowmobiling

Experience snowmobiling through the beautiful Lappish scenery. Snowmobiling is the best way to truly explore the wilderness.

After a snowmobiling lesson and safety instructions, we will head off on a snowmobiling adventure that will take us over the wilderness, forests and frozen lakes and untouched wilderness surrounding it.

During the day, we will enjoy camp lunch by the open fire and warm drinks to keep us warm. Is there any better way to spend a winter day?

Aurora Camp

Discover the Northern Lights from the comfort of a sledge. This program takes you Aurora hunting on the amazing Lake Inari. You will be comfortably seated in a sledge that is pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.

This way you can enjoy the northern sky all the way to the camp place. While observing the night sky, we will enjoy the blazing campfire with hot drinks and each other’s company. The atmosphere by the campfire is an experience in itself.

Lake Inari is one of the best places in the world for aurora viewing, as our Aurora Camps are located far away from any artificial lights. With a bit of luck, we might get to enjoy this unique light phenomenon.

Gentle snowshoeing

Relaxing snowshoeing in snowy Nangu forests and lakes. If you prefer a nice gentle walk in a beautiful snowy surrounding, this is the tour for you.

We will equip you with snowshoes (and poles if preferred) and head for a nice little walk in the surroundings of the hotel. Along the way, our guide will share interesting stories and information about the Finnish nature.

Snowmobile Tryout

Experience snowmobiling safely. This tour is perfect for those who have never tried snowmobiling before. First you will get familiar with the snowmobile, have full safety instructions and a driving lesson. Once everyone feels comfortable with the machine, we will head out for a small journey in the nearby surroundings.

Aurora Snowmobiling

Hunting Northern Lights on a snowmobile? I’m in! On this snowmobiling tour, you will head to Lake Inari in search of northern lights, looking for the best spots to view the open night sky.

Driving distance depends on the weather conditions – if the sky looks promising, we will make more stops to admire the northern lights that will hopefully appear for us.

Ice Fishing Trip to Wilderness Lake

Try your hand at ice fishing on Wilderness Lake. Hop on a snowmobile sleigh and head out for a calming day trip full of ice fishing and magnificent sceneries. We will take you to the best spots for catching some fish, camp there and test our luck.

During the day, we will enjoy warm drinks and have lunch by the open fire – if we’re lucky, it will be fresh fish we caught ourselves! If you wish to take a day to relax like the locals do, this is the way to do it!

How do I get there?

Nangu is easy to reach whether you are arriving with air or land transportation. If you wish to use air transportation, we recommend to take a flight to Ivalo Airport. The flight between Helsinki and Ivalo is approximately 1,5 hours.

During Winter Season (December – March) airways such Finnair and Norwegian operate daily between Helsinki and Ivalo. Finnair operates weekly between Helsinki and Ivalo all year around.

Transfer from Ivalo Airport to Nangu takes approximately 30 minutes. We arrange transportation services between Ivalo Airport and Nangu. Airport transfers are included in all our readymade packages.

If you wish to use land transportation, we recommend to take a train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and then a public bus from Rovaniemi to Ivalo.

The train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi takes about 12 hours and the bus from Rovaniemi to Ivalo about 4 hours. You can check the train schedules from www.vr.fi and the bus schedule from www.matkahuolto.fi.

Website: www.nelli.fi
Rooms: 22
Price: from 339 EUR per night


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