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Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort
5 March 2021

Emerging from 11 acres of lush tropical wilderness, Japamala’s wooden chalets, hillside sarangs and beachside villas mirror the serenity of their surroundings in their design and décor.

Designed and built around the resort’s natural landscape each of the rooms which we prefer to call ‘Sarangs’, or ‘Nests’ in Malay, are unique in layout. Our philosophy of preserving nature in every sense of the word has inspired this very concept of their ‘rustic-luxe’ design.

Simple elegance balances comfort and convenience, and all of the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, DVD players, cable Television, mini bars and Espresso machines. Within selected rooms, private plunge pools and wooden sun decks add a touch of indulgence.

During the ten-year process of creating Japamala, we ensured that the plants, animals and land had been disturbed as little as possible. It has always been our goal to build around nature – to respect and preserve the inherent beauty of this destination, and to coexist with all who dwell here.

Great care has been taken to minimize any environmental impact. No rocks were moved and no trees were cut down. As a result no two Villas are the same and each is unique – taking on the character of the land upon which it is built.

The ‘rustic yet luxurious’ design that runs throughout all our rooms at Japamala, stems from our owners’ deep love and respect for mother nature. The timber, which is the material used most in Japamala, has been salvaged from old ‘kampung’ (village in Malay) houses throughout the country.

The liberal use of bamboo and other natural materials in all our interior and exterior designs are sourced and bought from the Orang Asli, which are the indigenous tribes in Malaysia.

This essence of borrowing from nature and blending it with polished cement and tall glass windows, create the ideal look that is quintessentially ‘Japamala’. All wooden fixtures are handmade by the resort’s own craftsmen on the island.

The fusion of styles, marrying fabric used in the ornamentation and upholstery of furniture, imparts and air of soft, island-chic living.

Monsoon Season

Please be informed that the East Coast Rainy Season in Malaysia is between November and February, when frequent rains are punctuated by intermittent sunshine. Nevertheless, Japamala Boat Service will still be available during this period, unless until situation does not permit.

Due to choppy sea conditions, Japamala Resort’s will not be held liable should both Japamala boat and Public ferry not be able to transfer any of our guests, a choice of either staying at our Kuala Lumpur or Singapore property will be extended.

Arrangement for refund of private boat will be made. Please be advise that if any stays during the Malaysian monsoon season are cancelled or unused due to disruption of the ferry services or other transport services, no refunds will be made for the bookings of rooms.

Should you book your transfer with the public ferry, please note that Japamala Resort will not be held liable for any refunds in the event they cancel their services to the island.

Tamarind Tioman

The sister restaurant of the highly-acclaimed Tamarind Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Tamarind Tioman is set against the luxuriant rainforest. Stone-carved Buddha statues adorn the wide dining space that exudes an air of Asian elegance.

Relish a selection of delicious Thai cuisine, crafted from recipes that are hand-picked by our chefs. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A selection of Western breakfast favourites is also available.

Il Tempio

The latest addition to a collection of gastronomic destinations, Il Tempio offers an array of hearty Italian fare and heartwarming creations that are reminiscent of Italian family dinners.

From its signature pastas to succulent cuts of meat, the menu is paired with a selection of fine wines to create the ultimate epicurean indulgence.

Located in one of the resort’s most iconic spots, enjoy a unique experience some 100 metres away from the beachfront. Built over the waters and fitted with overhanging pavilions, sip and savour our range of creative beverages and refreshing cocktails, best enjoyed whilst watching the sunset.

Designed to create a memorable sensory and visual experience, the Samadhi Spa harvests the wellness of the mind and body to restore and rejuvenate.

Be it a pedicure in a natural cave, a massage amidst the treetops or a soak in the hot tub perched atop a cliff, every treatment is tailored to slowly peel away the stress and frustrations of everyday life.

The Samadhi Spa uses products that are created with 100% natural ingredients, as well as botanical extracts in their purest form. Emphasis is placed on the spa’s choice of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

These pure essential oils not only invigorate one’s emotional state but also offer tremendous healing power to the body in the cellular level.

Samadhi Boutique
Our boutique carries a range of house-brand Samadhi Spa products, silver & handmade jewellery, and unique Asian antiques. An array of resort merchandise and clothing, ranging from bathrobes to casual beach pants and sarongs, that are made exclusively for Japamala are also available.

Tioman and its archipelago form a large marine park. Within its turquoise sea is a stunning array of aquatic life, colourful underwater gardens and coral-festooned walls and pinnacles.

JAPAMALA is affiliated with Tioman Dive Centre and NDL SMB Tioman, and separate charges apply for transfer arrangements.

We offer a variety of boat excursions to nearby islands, bays and villages that can be customized to suit your time and wishes. A Tioman Island day cruise gives guests the opportunity to catch sight of its scenic waterfalls, villages and snorkeling sites.

Short trips to nearby Coral Island, Monkey Bay or Renggis Island offer a stunning day of snorkeling amid the local sea life and lunch on the beach. We also offer excursions to Mukut Village to catch sight of Tioman Island’s iconic twin peaks, including a 45-minutes trek to a breathtaking waterfall.

There are also fishing trips further out to sea for guests to try their hand at using hand lines, a traditional fishing method.

Enjoy a 45-minute guided trek through the 150-million-year-old rainforest from Japamala to Genting Village.

Don’t miss Tioman Island’s famous romantic sunsets. A 10-minute walk from the centre of our resort brings you to an elevated vantage point to enjoy the view in all its glory.

Sit back while we serve you cocktails, wine, Champagne or drinks of your choice to accompany the special moment. There is also another stunning sunset spot on our beach where we may arrange the same set up for guests.

Tioman Island remains the most unspoilt island on east coast of Malaysia. The island and its archipelago forms a large marine park – a tropical paradise reputed for its under-developed, well preserved state of island charm.

While its shores showcase quaint villages, quiet white beaches and remarkable jungle trails through a 150-million-year old rainforest, its turquoise sea incarnates stunning aquatic life and colourful underwater gardens with coral-festooned walls and pinnacles.

The ancient rainforest sets the vastly green backdrop of the entire island. The spectacular mountainous ridge, framed and surrounded by huge granite boulders, caves and cliffs, and bejewled with waterfalls, rivers and streams, is home to Tioman’s incredibly rich tropical flora and fauna, as well as wildlife unique to the island itself.

An intriguing local legend tells the tale of a dragon princess who, en route from China to Singapore, found nirvana amidst the crystal clear waters of her surroundings. Captivated by its ravishing beauty, she then transformed her body into the island itself.

The wild beauty of Tioman Island is as inspiring as its fantastical legends, and the island beckons with adventures from the South China Sea, from mystical shipwrecks to sensational sunsets.

To enter Tioman Island, a Marine Conservation Fee of RM30 nett per person is applicable. The Fee needs to be paid in cash directly to the local authorities at the Mersing Jetty. The fees go towards a trust fund, which is used to manage and conserve the island.

We offer land transfers and private car transfers between Mersing Jetty, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Japamala Resort is located about two hours away from Mersing jetty by public ferry.

Your experience begins even before you arrive at Japamala. Enjoy a mid-morning coffee stop enroute to Mersing or a scenic picnic with a wine and cheese basket on your way back.

If you are returning to Kuala Lumpur, you can look forward to a stop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Malacca for a dose of history and heritage. Guests returning to Singapore will have the option of stopping at brand factory outlets in Johor for a spot of shopping.


An overland transfer from Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur to Mersing is available at RM1,150 nett per couple per way. A maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 child per vehicle.


An overland transfer from Villa Samadhi Singapore to Mersing is available at SGD395 nett per couple per way. A maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 child per vehicle.


Private boat transfer (12 seater speedboat) is available exclusively for Japamala Resort guests – minimum of 2 persons. This takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to reach Japamala jetty.

There is only one departure time from both Mersing and Japamala as boat depends on high tide to get into Mersing. This transfer cost RM530 nett per person for two way.

Resort boat transfer are not obligatory and there are local boat taxis available at the jetty. We would like advise our guests that these local boats they may not have licences and insurance coverage, and the resort does not assume any responsibility if guests wish to use this mode of transfer.

At any time should there be cancellation of ferry / speedboat service from Mersing, hence causing a situation of being stranded at point of departure to Tioman. Japamala Resort shall not be held responsible for such predicament therefore will not refund any payment made earlier for booking of rooms.

Tioman is a relatively undeveloped island – getting around is done mostly by trekking or by sea taxi. Japamala Resort has its own boat which is available for hire on an hourly or per day.

There is a rough road between Tekek and Juara – on the East side of the Island – local operators will drive you there for approximately RM37 one way.

For guests who wish to extend their stay or proceed to other destinations within Malaysia, optional mainland tours and holiday packages can also be arranged on your behalf.

Website: www.japamalaresorts.com
Rooms: 15
Price: from 205 EUR per night


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